Let’s win them both today

Mayo flagI’ll be pointing the car westwards in under an hour so this is not the time for any wordy thoughts about the day that lies ahead.  We all know how big today’s senior final is, not least because of the one-in-three chance of having to face Kerry next Saturday in the qualifiers should we lose.  But now isn’t the time to be thinking about the consequences of defeat and it’s not the time for words either.  It’s time for action and, in my case, that means transporting myself to Salthill in time to see most (hopefully all) of the minor final and then the big one afterwards.

It’s not that I’m being greedy, like, but it’d be great to see both Mayo teams claim provincial titles today and here’s hoping that this is what they’ll do.  I’ll be back with what I hope will be a hoarse-sounding, ecstatic post-match audio piece from Pearse Stadium and then, once I complete the round-trip, the match report.

Let’s get to it.  Come on the Green and Red!

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