Let’s win, win and win again today

Right, today’s the day and what a day too, as the county has – for what must be the first time ever – three separate teams contesting All-Ireland series matches on the same day.

All eyes will be on Croke Park later on but the first Mayo team to take the field today will be the juniors who square up to Lancashire in their All-Ireland semi-finalĀ over in Manchester, with that one starting at 2.30pm. Then, a half an hour later, the minors will be taking on defending All-Ireland champions Tipperary in their All-Ireland quarter-final, with the seniors following suit against Down two hours after that.

It’s very difficult to know how the day will go for James Horan and the lads. We’re favourites going into it but that doesn’t mean we’ll still be standing coming out of it and we all know that a misfiring performance is likely to end our interest in this year’s championship. We equally know that if the team plays like it can then a place in the semi-final beckons. That’s not a very profound piece of analysis, I know, but with the throw-in now only hours away, the time for such rumination is well over.

If the poll that’s been running here on the site is correct – 85% of you think we’ll do it – then we could have a day to enjoy (heavy downpours and, possibly, the odd thunderclap or two notwithstanding) at HQ. Here’s hoping that this is the case and that the lads do the business in style.

Indeed, there’s no point in half measures at this stage so let’s get out there and win all three of today’s contests. Best of luck to all involved. Up Mayo!

3 thoughts on “Let’s win, win and win again today

  1. The best of luck to our three teams in action today. Style or no syle, just get the win!
    And for those traveling to HQ, fair play to yee. Enjoy and safe journey!

  2. Win, win and win again we did. Should have been one of our best days. And yet, seeing Andy stretchered off like that, I just can’t get excited about it.

    Maybe just maybe it’s not too serious – but it looked like it was. The last thing either Andy or any Mayo supporter needed to happen.

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