LGFA and Minor opposition confirmed

Two provincial finals played in Ulster today confirmed Mayo’s next opponents in both the LGFA Senior football Championship and the Minor football Championship.

The LGFA Ulster Championship was won today by Donegal, who beat Armagh in the final at Owenbeg by 1-10 to 0-9. The result was a bit of a surprise and it means that Armagh will be in our group, along with Laois, in the upcoming round-robin stage of the Championship.

The Ulster MFC final was also on today and, like its Senior equivalent, it took a penalty shootout to decide who left with the silverware. This provincial decider was played at the Athletic Grounds, Armagh, today and it finished level after extra-time on a scoreline of 3-9 for Monaghan to 1-15 for Derry. Derry won the shootout 4-2, and this means it’s Monaghan we’ll be facing in the All-Ireland quarter-final the weekend after next (date, time and venue to be confirmed).

11 thoughts on “LGFA and Minor opposition confirmed

  1. Monaghan reached the final by beating Tyrone on penalties in the semi final.

  2. Imagine Armagh lost by underestimate opposition. Which means Mayo need to play better than they did against Galway to beat them. As now Armagh have a point to prove. Monaghan have loads of heart, and I was expecting Derry to blow them out of water, and leave us playing a demoralising team. That not the case, they fancy there chances as well

  3. I think all or almost all the minor team are in final year U17.
    Personally I think it’s a good thing towards player development. If you play an u16 then likely an U17 misses out on representing their county or starting or coming on as a sub.

  4. Nothing easy for either team from now on .
    Best of luck to them both .
    Listened to the Louth v Cork game on the radio yesterday. Both teams sound strong at midfield and dangerous forwards that will need minding.
    I’d imagine Mickey Harte will go very defensive, bit like the Rossies did against us .
    I was really looking for to the Dubs v Roscommon game all week but ended up watching the hurling!!
    Awful game to watch but that’s the way The Rossies are setting up now , difficult to play against and even more difficult to watch .

  5. I stopped watching the Ros Dublin game after the very first extended possession with the scores 0-0 and switched to the hurling.
    Just not a contest in terms of entertainment value.

  6. I found watching soccer, an hard watch for years, but football getting same way as far as I can see. While I think Mayo bring an x-factor, for years, by there own brand of maddness . Even they can, go into a phases in games that you could make a sandwich and come back and they be in same position, doing same thing. For Mayo to win it, we need to have our own brand of hard running/ off the shoulder / kick passing from the off. And go into containment mode in second half, if like Kerry game

  7. I think the last time we played monaghan in a monor quarter final , It was held in longford..I belive it was 2008

  8. It was also Monaghan in the semi in our AI winning year ’14??. Gave them a drubbing I seem to remember.

  9. I’ve never seen Galway supporters this way , they’re nervous and uncomfortable with being tipped by all n sundry to win Sam , they keep deflecting to try convince people Mayo are just as likely . I don’t think they’re a shoe in at all but look the most likely I’d agree with the likes of Peter canavan that they’d beat Mayo in a final . Look it will take a good team to stop this big party in tuam on 31st July but still a fair bit to go all the same .

    Minor game is in carrick next sat , 5:15 pm . Let’s get a crowd over , poor gasuns miss out since the traditional curtain raiser to senior game has been done away with

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