LGFA Championship draw made

Photo: Mayo LGFA

The draw was made yesterday evening for this year’s LGFA Championship, with separate picks made for the Senior, Intermediate and Junior competitions.

The LGFA often tend to be more progressive in their thinking than their counterparts in the GAA. Faced with the need to rejig their Championships due to Covid-19, they opted to jettison the provincial competition element and move straight to a round-robin stage.

In the Senior competition – comprising twelve counties – there are four groups of three teams with the winners of each group qualifying for the All-Ireland semi-final. We’re one of the seeded teams at Senior level, along with defending champions Dublin, Galway and Cork.

We were drawn last night in Group 4, along with Ulster duo Armagh and Tyrone. Should we make it through this group we’ll face the Group 3 winners – almost certainly Dublin – in the All-Ireland semi-final.

Dates, times and venues for the group matches will be confirmed in due course.

Full details on last night’s draw are here.

2 thoughts on “LGFA Championship draw made

  1. Hi.
    I wish all our young sports persons every success and pray they all keep safe.
    I think the GAA has lost all common sense
    Why risk the lives of our young people in a pointless exercise in order to have a silly All Ireland final a week before Christmas in who knows what weather conditions with added danger for travel for teams and spectators.
    This deadly virus has not gone away and will surely threaten and potentially take young lives of our cherished players.
    Why would anyone want to take such deadly risks?
    Why not leave it until it is proven to be safe.
    Surely money is not going to see lives put at risk.

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