LGFA League semi-final fixed for 19th March

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Fixture details for the LGFA NFL Division One semi-finals were confirmed earlier on today. The two semi-final ties will be played as a double-header at St Tiernach’s Park in Clones on Saturday, 19th March.

The Donegal/Dublin game throws in at 1pm that afternoon, with the Mayo match against Meath getting underway at 3pm. Both semi-finals will be shown live on TG4.

Some of you may have realised by now that the date for this LGFA double-header is the same one that the men are in League action against Tyrone at Healy Park. That game throws in at the Omagh venue at 5.45pm.

Clones is roughly an hour’s drive from Omagh so it obviously wouldn’t be feasible for supporters to take in both matches on the one trip. This is a pity, as yet again a Mayo LGFA match has been pitted directly against a men’s game, forcing supporters to choose one or the other, which, in practice, means most will opt for the men’s match.

If the fixtures in Clones were reversed – with the Mayo/Meath game on at 1pm – then supporters of the Green and Red would, if they wanted, be able to make both games. This wouldn’t affect the other three counties either, as Meath’s men don’t play until the following day (they’re away to Clare), while Dublin and Donegal are set to face off at Croke Park on Sunday too.

There’s been much talk of late about integration between the GAA, the LGFA and the Camogie Association, a move that makes sense at so many levels. If that ever does come about, then you’d have to hope that idiotic and hugely annoying fixture clashes like this will become a thing of the past.

One thought on “LGFA League semi-final fixed for 19th March

  1. Thanks WJ. In my house there is interest in both games and you’re right, this really is an annoying fixture mess. I can’t see why representations can’t be made from those in the ladies game in Mayo and someone from our Co board to HQ about changing the times..there’s plenty of time to do this as we’re still 8/9 days away from that date..

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