LGFA team to play Dublin named

Graphic: Granuaile4Mayo

The Mayo women’s team to play Dublin in Saturday’s LGFA NFL Division 1 semi-final at the Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, was named a short while ago. That game throws in at 5.15pm on Saturday and here’s the team we’ve named to start in it:

Mayo (LGFA NFL Division 1 semi-final v Dublin, 12/6/2021): Laura Brennan (Hollymount); Saoirse Lally (Westport), Clodagh McManamon (Burrishoole, captain), Orla Conlon (Castlebar Mitchels); Eilis Ronayne (Davitts), Tamara O’Connor (Cill Chomain), Kathryn Sullivan (Castlebar Mitchels); Fiona Doherty (Moy Davitts), Sinead Cafferkey (Kilmovee Shamrocks); Niamh Kelly (Moy Davitts), Fiona McHale (Carnacon), Grace Kelly (Moy Davitts); Maria Reilly (Kiltane), Shauna Howley (Knockmore), Rachel Kearns (MacHale Rovers).

So it’s five changes from the side that started the last day against Westmeath. In come Paula Brennan in goals, as well as Saoirse Lally, Orla Conlon, Sinead Cafferkey and Fiona McHale. Out go Aisling Tarpey, Amy Halligan, Ciara Whyte, Tara Needham and Amy Dowling.

Saturday evening’s game is being streamed live by TG4 on its YouTube channel and I hope to embed the feed here on the blog as well. The best of luck to Michael Moyles and his team for this important game.

15 thoughts on “LGFA team to play Dublin named

  1. 12 clubs is brilliant.. Bodes well for the future..
    Best of luck to team and management

  2. 12 clubs is brilliant, as you say, My Ball. Still it it questions why there is such an apparent lack of interest in LGFA judging by comments on this site. Which I have been harping on about in my recent posts here. Were Dayna Finn and Sarah Rowe fit and available you might be increasing the twelve to fourteen.

  3. I think it’s Laura Brennan WJ.
    Yes there is a lack of interest and I don’t really know why. The pick up rule and the hooter are definitely two things I’d love the mens game to look at. However I find it strange that it’s supposed to be a non contact game yet I saw more contact in the recent dublin cork game than many mens games I’ve watched this year.

  4. Thanks, Ah now, you are, of course, correct. I’ve sorted it in the post now. Too much speed doing that last night while the second Covid jab was percolating inside me!

  5. My gripe with the present ladies game is fussy refeering., which is a real turn-off. Alot of what I see being deemed fouls are mere footballing incidents – part and parcel of players competing for the ball.
    I would have thought that its discriminatory deeming physical contact unacceptable in the ladies game but acceptable in the mens’
    Over the years the skill, nous and fitness of players has been transformed so let them go shoulder to shoulder.
    Best of luck to the Mayo ladies tomorrow.

  6. The tackle is more disciplined in the lgfa . Would agree with allowing shoulder to shoulder contact..Problem I see at club ladies football is alot of the referees obviously ref both mens and ladies and the rules around the tackle vary from ref to ref ..
    Expect Mayo to be competitive against the Dubs. Great game for them and hopefully will have a full panel to pick from come championship. Management team need time to bed in .

  7. It’s just fantastic to see players from so many different clubs, they will inspire so many more young kids. Its great

  8. We’ll never see the hooter in the mens game cause it cuts out the” one more chance to level the game “.. Good luck to all involved it would be great to get a boost of beating the dubs coming into championship

  9. Best wishes to the ladies team tomorrow. A great place to test all these young players. A great place to find out what’s needed at this level.

  10. Best of luck to the ladies, this is a seriously talented bunch. Both their athleticism and skill levels are at massively high levels. Looking forward to watching this one and regardless of victory or defeat, I think their progress so far this year and the leadership they seem to have all over the field suggests to me that they are going to have a right good cut at the championship.

  11. Mayo Exile,
    The Ladies make the rules for the Ladies game so it cannot be discriminatory having different rules on the tackle or anything else. Same for Camogie where until recently there was a huge difference in rules of hurling and camogie. There still is a big difference but there were big changes in camogie rules driven by the players in the last year or two. It’s not like the GAA where the hurling people complain about football people making the rules for hurling.
    Yes, I agree that the Ladies football has become a lot more physical in recent years but deliberate physical contact is still ruled out. I do think that the ladies game is better without deliberate confrontation / shoulder charge. Concentration is on the ball and skill.

  12. Team named. I see hession and brickinden back, boland, mchale and Bryan Walsh named.

  13. Best of luck to our mighty footballers tomorrow. Hope they give it a good rattle and show no fear… just enjoy playing your own game. It’s a fit and super talented bunch of players. Great to see the mix of clubs involved. New management appears to be getting best possible team together. Well done and good luck to this amazing group. Maigheo abú.

  14. Best of luck to the girls 12 clubs is fantastic . A bit surprised that there is only one from Carnacon but don’t know enough about the girls in Mayo to be able to comment on this.Anyway give it your best.Its a tough assignment but we are all behind you Maigh Eo abu

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