Liam McHale confirmed as manager of Mayo ladies team

Photo: Irish Independent

After an overly protracted and, at times, chaotic appointment process, Liam McHale was last night confirmed by the Mayo LGFA County Board as the new manager of the Mayo women’s Senior football team. A report by Oisín McGovern for the Mayo News on the conclusion of the management appointment process is here.

The Ballina native – who has been appointed for a three-year term – takes over from Michael Moyles, who stepped down following the county’s exit from this year’s Championship and who led the team to the All-Ireland semi-final in each of his three years in charge. Joining the new manager’s backroom team are former Mayo players Dermot Flanagan and Kenneth Mortimer.

The best of luck to Liam and his colleagues as they embark on their new roles with the Mayo ladies team.

37 thoughts on “Liam McHale confirmed as manager of Mayo ladies team

  1. An unusual move from McHale but nonetheless I wish him luck with the ladies senior squad, we should want all the Mayo sides to do well, helping to drive interest and participation in our games in Co. Mayo. Hopefully he can help steer what has been a rebuilding phase in the last number of years.

    One wonders if we do anything other than “chaotic appointment processes” in our fair county. One seldom sees the same level of press coverage of managerial elections in the serial All-Ireland winning counties like Kerry, Dublin and Kilkenny, IMO.

  2. wish him well, hope he is a one man show and does things his way , better than the mens management team with a dozen men talking and no one making decisions when the game is crying out for some changes of personal or game plan, but nothing happening on line.

  3. Culmore,people were complaining that James Horan did not consult with his management team,there is no one man management teams,I don’t believe that their ever was

  4. Good appointment for Mayo ladies football.
    Micheal Moyles did a fantastic job do big boots to fill .Fair play to him for applying for the job . Kenneth Mortimer as good addition to the backroom team .
    It’s such a pity that so many of our top ladies are plying their trade in Australia but nobody could blame them for taking up the opportunity.

  5. @My Ball..for Ireland . it is such a pity that so many of our top ladies are plying their trade in Australia, they could easily be living in with their parents in Ireland or paying rack rents to vulture funds or landlords. No doubt they love their, counties, their country, their families and miss them in far away Oz. Nobody can blame them .

  6. Best of luck to Liam. Quickly back into action after leaving the men’s set up. I would reckon it’s difficult for managers of ladies football team. Lots of the better players in Australia being paid for playing. Not a huge amount between the top teams in this country so with a bit of decent luck Mayo could find themselves in an All Ireland final next Autumn .

  7. The LGFA management appointment process gets an airing along with a number of other issues on our latest podcast show, which went up on Patreon earlier this evening. Mike hosts it and he’s joined on it by podcast regulars Ger Flanagan and Stephen Drake.

  8. Leantimes, it’s a lifestyle choice as opposed to financial one they are choosing. After the big pay rise ladies in AFL started to receive this year their average wage will rise to $82,000 by 2027, up from the $46,000 they on this year.

    According to Forbes magazine the average salary in Australia is around $90,000 currently. If you or eye went to Oz or any other country and were only earning over 1/2 the average National wage we wouldn’t be living like kings. We’d be balled in together like students having the craic if we could.

  9. @Gizmobobs…It’s allot more than the Women would get playing for Mayo. On the other hand I’m sure playing for Mayo for some of our men, isn’t exactly unrewarding financially..Ditto managing Mayo /backroom team. More luck to them. Even with the big pay rise for the women in the AFL I wouldn’t actually be tempted to go to Oz myself and try my hand ..A few things against me..I would need a sex change..I would need to be allot younger.. and I would need to be a good footballer. …Who knows what I might come back as if there is such a thing as reincarnation. I might be great?..If your heading yourself Gizmo bobs, best of luck..we can look out for you on TG4 on Saturdays.

  10. True leantimes, but the equivalent of a salary of €29,000 Euro salary (about 6k over the minimum wage here) wouldn’t be for me personally. Sure you could get half that here for managing a junior Club 🙂

  11. Good luck to Liam McHale in his new post.

    Women are paid very badly in their Professional Sports, Aussie Rules ( I watch this from time to time, it’s a good standard ), Premiership football etc.

  12. Best of Luck Liam. Be great to see the ladies hit the heights again and regain the Brendan Martin Cup as they did with much success in the late nineties and 2000’s

  13. It’s hard on the players Bate the Blanket, as every bit as much work put in as male counterparts.
    Hard to see that gap closing anytime soon as it’s an entertainment business salaries will tie back to revenue generated and attendances are still miles off the males equivalent.

  14. Unfortunately – with the odd exception- their is no interest among the general public in watching ladies sport. Hence its hard to see where the money will come from to generate equality. Look at the crowds that attend ladies Gaelic football county games here – it’s pathetic. A Connaugh final in ladies football for example Galway v Mayo would hardly get 1,000 people at it. The all Ireland semifinals the same. Irish ladies rugby team the same – tiny crowds attending.

  15. That’s it in a nutshell sadly Southmayo Exile, was sad to see the most successful womens national team since the Hockey team of 2018, in our soccer team not even selling out Tallaght stadium a few shorth Months after returning from the world cup.

  16. Best of luck to mchale I’d say he will do a great job..felt bad for him having to quit from the men’s senior team really brings up the questions again regards how this management team will go think they will bounce back next year for sure .. but I’d be cautious to.

    Best of luck to mchale he’ll do a great job I’m sure !

  17. Sorry @willie joe want trying to change my name there !

    Honestly think this makes us look bad I don’t blame mchale at all for leaving obviously sounded like it wasn’t going great for him in mcstays team ..but like I just wonder if this happened in any other county what would the media be saying.

    But sure I’ve full faith in the players as always and still think mcstay is the man for the job but when mcstay making the main calls..

    Anyway mchake will do a great job with the ladies I’m sure! Sorry for the double post!

  18. McHale should have walked after he was regected.
    Spell’s of desperation for a job to me.
    Has he a job?

  19. @Jr …not sure what Liam works at …always thought he was with the ESB but nothing on Wikipedia

  20. Size 5, no this is his first ladies gig I think.
    Liam used to work in Charles River, but think he’s full time GAA coach for quite a while. I could be wrong….

  21. There could be more on Regan’s stag than on MacHale park.
    Probably for best he’s away, Fulham look out of their depth.

  22. First 20 minutes of that game were disgusting. Ballina showed a bit of quality in the last 10 and that will do for now. Poor Fulham would be a junior club in Mayo at most. As for the other clubs left in Connaught, I don’t think Corofin or St Brigits will be to worried with what their seeing.

  23. @Green&red ballina have scored 2/12 and still disgusting play ? Yes not great but teams never play their best against poor teams if ballina put up their game even more tonight poor Fulham would be absolutely hammered.

  24. Clare – I referred to the first 20 minutes of football as being disgusting. It was 0-3 to 0-1 with 3 of the points coming from frees. Does it sound familiar to a club game a few weeks back? The basic handling errors were brutal.

    I would hope ballina would be scoring a minimum of 2-7 against a team that wouldn’t survive intermediate football in mayo. Ive nothing against ballina, I watch what’s in front of me and it wasn’t impressive at all.

    What do you mean by “teams never play their best against poor teams”? That sounds like a mayo cultural soundbite.

  25. @Green& red yes that’s a fair point .

    What I meant about teams not playing their best against poor teams is that you always put your best forward for the top teams as the top teams make you play at your best… and maybe go a bit flat against the weaker teams it’s just a fact.

  26. Ballina will need to improve a lot or corofin will absolute steamrole them, they badly needed ohora and Thornton to be fit to have any chance.

  27. Ballina not up to Corofins standard. However, to pick out a positive, Conor McStay was outstanding. He is a crucial component in linking play – every good ball went through him at least once. Something that goes unnoticed by a lot of people.

  28. I don’t know if ballina will beat corofin bit sure I’ll cheer them on ha

    @Liam yeah totally agree cobor mcstay is a good player just not quite there yet for county level in my view hut he was great tonight

  29. Liam, it did today but there was no real pressure on. Still gave away ball several times against very poor opposition. He’s a very good club player but for me he lacks the strength for inter-county. In his league appearances last year he was turned over or unable to pull his man down to kill the play, which led to crucial opposition scores.

  30. MacHale has zero Ladies football experience so that will be new to him. Also, I hope he has plenty of help coming on board with him both logisitically and financially because he will get neither from the county board. I am surprised that he put his name is as he could have gotten far better “resourced” jobs in the mens game. What little hair he has left will be gone once he realises what he’s working with at county board level. The botched appointment process is a sign of things to come.
    Here’s hoping he doesn’t decide to run roughshod over the championship next season, as Moyles did this year. By his insistence it resulted in the championship being played off over consecutive weekends, from start to finish, in 5 weeks. That was a great advertisement for the marquee competition!
    Best of luck to MacHale

  31. Pebblesmeller I am led to believe there is a Ballina based backer in the background, when McHale didn’t pull out of contest after the shambles of a process, they must be promising good resources… 🙂

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