Limited number of tickets on sale at MacHale Park

This has already been highlighted in the comments but just to confirm that Mayo GAA have announced that a limited number of tickets will go on general sale at MacHale Park from 11am to 1pm today – full details here.

The tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis so if you’re still stuck and you really want to go better get your skates on ASAP. Because when they’re gone they’re definitely gone.


41 thoughts on “Limited number of tickets on sale at MacHale Park

  1. Again one ticket wanted. Can collect anywhere late this evening or better still in tuam at the u-17 game this evening. Sorry WJ but getting desperate now.

  2. This match has the feel of an AI final what with the frenzied volume of comments and he ‘demand’ for tickets.

    Midfield will be key tomorrow. Whilst DOC did well in the second half last week it was against a tiring team. When we played them 2 years ago they actually won midfield (Feely doing the damage). I’m not sure Keegan is a midfielder (he was more effective when going to HB last week).

    We cannot ignore the loss that TP and SOS are and our season will be largely determined by how we cope in the ‘middle eight’.

    We need to see more from COC also in general play as he can be ‘quiet’ from open play. Would like to see loftus start with AM coming on with 25 minutes to go (he’s 34 now don’t forget).

  3. This might sound crazy, considering the last 3 days !!
    I bought two for Croke Park last Monday at lunch time.
    When I got the email on Wednesday from that the double header was off and offering two for Newbridge ,, I jumped on them that minute.
    Went to a different computer ( new IP address ) , I then bought two more !!!
    Family and friends are sorted in Cong
    so now i have two tickets for Newbridge tomorrow ,, happy to meet there

    Willie Joe,, you are a legend !

  4. Any word on injuries clearing up? Will Brendan Harrisson or Donal Vaughan be available for selection? Need some backup in that middle third. It will be really warm tomorrow eveni g and fellas will be jaded towards the end.

  5. Andy Moran has scored from play in every one of the last 18 championship matches, the last time he failed to score was against Kildare 23 months ago.

  6. Looking forward to this evening’s game in Tuam. Hope to see a good crowd and a great game.. Ill be the Rusyic Vaults after the game if any Mayo lads want to buy me a drink !!

  7. King Cong if those tickets are still available I can meet you in Newbridge tomorrow

  8. So lets concentrate on the game tomorrow evening and see what we have to face.
    Mayo should concentrate on their goalkeepers kick out ,put pressure on him before he kicks the ball
    Cillian out in the half forward line,where he is lethal.
    Aiden covering back mopping up everything and Keith Higgins running of him for the pass
    and running at the Kildare backs, get fouled and easy frees for Cillian to put over

  9. What is the story with the minors progressing tonight. Would i be right in saying that if mayo beat galway, and roscommon dont beat sligo by a cricket score, then mayo will go through? Is the points difference in the table 14 points?

  10. Dave, its Leitrim that Sligo are playing tonight, not Roscommon. Not that you would know there is a game on at all here in Sligo, the Sligo County Board have a lot to learn about the promotion of their teams.

  11. Kildare GAA is now having to apologise to their supporters for the scarcity of tickets and their explanation is not going down very well so it seems. The fact that it’s a home game and Mayo is entitled to nearly two-thirds of the 8200 tickets available is a bit hard to take.

  12. Glasagusdhearg and King Cong – just mailed both of you there to put you in touch, as an alternative to posting a mobile number here. I can let the post up with the number if you want but, you know, GDPR and all that!

    PS All – same goes for anyone else who’s trying to sort a ticket. Just note, though, that I’m going to be on the road pretty much the whole day tomorrow ahead of the game (I’ve got to do the Dublin-Newbridge trip tomorrow via Connemara) so this service won’t extend beyond tonight. Also just note that posting comments with mobile numbers (i.e. just as ordinary digits) will go up as normal but if you post an email address the WordPress system recognises this as a link and boots into into moderation.

  13. If that ticket exchange somehow falls thorough can I be next in line? Myself and the old man desperate for a ticket. 0871814355 is the number if anyone has a spare please get in touch. Can meet in newbridge or Dublin

  14. Thanks for that Willie Joe I’m impressed by their big flags at matches it’s all helps

  15. Backdoorsam, twould be like comparing the Peoples Front of Judea to the Judean Peoples Front

  16. MayoMcHale, I don’t have one ounce of pity for them. Firstly, where have they been the past 2 years? Certainly not filling their ground, that’s for sure. Secondly, they want their bread buttered on both sides now, home venue in a ground that can’t hold us all but still want general admission tickets to be available to them to get in? Thirdly, and this has me really pissed, the general narrative being put out by Kildare supporters that we somehow have the hump with the game being in Newbridge and that we wanted the game in Croker! A lot of shit on Twitter digging at us saying we expect air conditioned terraces etc etc and that we don’t like roughing it in Newbridge! The irony is, neither do they if their attendance figures are anything to go by.
    I really hope we do a proper job on them. Getting sick of listening to their shit to be honest.

  17. I saw all that, Pebblesmeller – it was all tiresome in the extreme as well as hugely insulting to our supporters. They’re in no position to claim any high ground about attending matches. The total attendance at Owenbeg for the Derry game was just 2,698 (the bulk, one assumes, comprising home supporters – report with attendance figure here) while a total of 6,000 approx (report here) attended the Longford game, where, again, you’d expect most of them would have been home fans.

  18. Fair play Willie Joe, you had a busy week!!! Won’t make this one due to work commitments but will find myself around Ballindine when it’s due to kick off, anyone know the best spot to watch the match in Ballindine?

  19. The folly of the whole debacle is coming home to bite them. With national schools closing this week the decision has deprived families in both Kildare and Mayo from enjoying a cracking double header of entertainment in comfortable surrounds of croke park. Very sad.

  20. Hi Backdoorsam and Mayo in Tipp ,
    Speaking on behalf of Club 51 I have to say we fully support the Mayo Independent supporters club and wish them the very best ! They are doing a mighty job to increase the colour and the noise.

  21. Gaa must be seriously pissed of with Kildare this week.Their hurling manager has been on the warpath for the last few days as well, three bones to pick, they will be no meat left for the rest of us at

  22. Thanks ROGER MILLA, keep up the good work yourselves. MISC was only really set up to be a bit of fun and to add an extra splash or two of colour to Mayo games, nothing else really. The name sounds more ‘official’ than it probably should be. Safe travel to all heading to Kildare tomorrow. Up Mayo!

  23. We didn’t mind roughing it when we outnumbered them five to one in the league earlier this year. And five to one is being very generous indeed.

  24. I’ll add to Roger’s point. The People’s Front of Judea absolutely hated the Judean People’s Front!

    Not so with Club 51 and MISC – a great bunch of lads!

  25. Fully agree with you “ontheditch”, cutting off the nose to spite the face comes to mind. Was looking forward to a big double header in the sunshine in Croker, Where else would one want to be this weather Hotel booked to stay over, now cancelled, and instead will be sizzling in the car for six or seven hours and standing in the intense heat for two to three more while arriving home well after midnight. Mayo fans have equally good reason to be annoyed as Kildare fans denied access are. It is noteworthy that Kildare County Board apologised publicly to their own fans for the outcome, but no mention of Mayo fans f—ed up by their actions ! Sure we’re only Mayo anyway.

  26. Yes a Kildare family could be in croke park within an hour and a mayo family 4 maybe 5 hours but families would have travelled. And home again on the same night. Kildare by their actions have deprived families from four counties an evening to remember in croke park. It is selfish small minded thinking is beyond belief… As you say cutting of their nose to spite their face. It would serve them better to develop a plan with the GAA to put in place a proper stadium for their county…

  27. Yew Plains Drifter, there are only 3 pubs left in Ballindine, used to be 8 or 9, Hennigans is the best place to go, the other 2 pubs didnt have Sky the last time I tried to watch a game whe there.

  28. We are going to have to move on about the Venue… I am still of the opinion that the Venue is not up to standard… I hope it’s a bit cooler at 7pm in Newbridge… But health and safety, under a burning sun, with, 7,800 out of the 8,200 available place’s, just standing….All fan’s including Kildare fan’s come in all shapes and sizes and ages… The forecast was very well known when the decisions were made.. Bring Sun Cream and Water and (even tough my heart goes out to the Publicans in Newbridge).. My advice is not to indulge in alcohol before any match held in such hot conditions.. A pint of beer will actually make you more thirsty, because your body uses more water to expell the alcohol!..
    Spare a taught for the Footballers and Fans of Leitrim /Monaghan and Cavan /Tyrone who the CCC have in their wisdom decided these match’s will throw in at 2.30pm and 3.30pm respectively… And they would have you believe that they are concerned about health and safety!

  29. Excellent point Leantimes about the throw in times. Health and Safety is a broad brush that can cover anything.

  30. I can’t believe the throw in times. We are not used to such heat in this country so it is not right. Walking in it is tough enough.

  31. 21 degrees in Leixlip now. Was 25 at 7pm. Supposed to be a few degrees cooler tomorrow.

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