LIVE: All-Ireland MFC quarter-final

Below is the live stream to this afternoon’s All-Ireland MFC quarter-final between Mayo and Dublin, which throws in at Pearse Park in Longford at 3pm.

The live stream will also stay up for the Galway/Dublin All-Ireland U20 semi-final and the Galway/Kildare All-Ireland MFC quarter-final which take at the Longford venue today. The live stream is provided over YouTube courtesy of TG4 in association with Electric Ireland.

Best of luck to Tomás Morley and his team today. Up Mayo.

49 thoughts on “LIVE: All-Ireland MFC quarter-final

  1. WJ, your selfless service to Mayo Gaa is wonderful.

    I’m looking forward to watching the 2 minor matches, and of course the u-20 match Galway v Dublin. Just in case supporters have forgotten, the Limerick v Kilkenny semi-final starts at 4:00 – hopefully Limerick will do the biz..

    Every gaa follower has their favourite type of player. To me, Paul Walsh has the sweetest left peg I’ve seen for a while. Indeed, the full forward line inc. Ray Walsh and Irwin is very potent.

    A lot of talk about AOS performance. People forget the gruelling series if ganes he’s played abd for a player of his suze it was obvious he wanted to pace himself in second half. He is a leader, so for influence alone, it would have been foolhardy to take the gamble of substituting him last week. I expect Mayo to be well up for the Donegal challenge and with a bit of luck to edge it.

    Sean Burke should be made do 100 lines..
    “I mustn’t suspect non-Mayo contributors of ulterior motives”..

  2. Top Scorers from Play in the Mayo GAA Division 1 League and not one of them on the County panel.

    Darren McHale Knockmore 4-11

    Aidan Orme Knockmore 2-16

    Colm Moran Westport 2-14

    James Shaughnessy Claremorris 2-10

    Kuba Callaghan Ballaghadareen 2-10

  3. good luck to the cats this evening, hope they go all the way. coady the best hurling manager ever

  4. Great performance by the ladies, and in particular in the second half, strong ff line and look well coached.

  5. Alfie Morrison the new Chris Barrett, great service Willie Joe!

    great start moving the the ball really well and nice variety in their play

  6. The ref in Longford is terrible. Dublin constantly bodychecking our guys and getting clean away

  7. Great game of free flowing football, Mayo have a big side. Forwards are linking up nicely Ballina connection on the left with Thornton and Irwin and castle bars Mylett and Walsh on the right. Thornton for me is putting in a great shift tracking back has a good engine on him. Ray Walsh looks more of a full back than a full forward, Heneghan not starting must be injury related was a big lost. Need to tighten up at the back Morrison is a no nonsense defender which i like, Like the look of Keane as well. Aidan Cosgrove made a couple of good runs early on. Over all happy with the display we are kick passing the ball nicely instead of soloing into trouble. Our U20s should have copied this play book .

  8. What a goal by Ethan Henry…looks a serious player…this is one hell of a minor team.

  9. Not sure what they are feeding them Mayo Gael boys Keane and Henry, 2 of the best goals I’ve seen from a Mayo team, we are in trouble defensively. Not sure why Morrison was taken off, Dempsey got turned inside out just before that.

  10. Yessssssssssssss! Caught the last ten minutes on the live stream. Jesus but these lads have some guts. They pulled the Galway win out of the fire and had to do the same again today when the Dubs overhauled them late on. Cracking win – first time the Minors have made the AISF since 2014.

  11. Crazy match. Not often you will concede 2-19 and still win by 2 points. Mayo good 1st half but not great 2nd half just thankful that two goals came on the break when Dublin were on top. With Cork or Monaghan to play Mayo have a great chance to reach the AI final now

  12. It’s more stressful watching our minors than the seniors! Paul Walsh flicking the ball up off the ground on our goal line in the last second, Jesus Christ.

    Great win all the same. What are the chances of our seniors getting to the semi-final and making it a double header in Croker?

  13. Shattered after that game and the women earlier. Amazing. All I can say is fair play to the two teams. You are brilliant and so exciting to watch. Mayoforever…nerves and all.

  14. Hi All,
    Many congratulations to all the Mayo team and their families and supporters. A great game and good honest football…best of luck to the Mayo boys in their next match….now U 20s v Galway say a prayer folks….between the excitement and the heat I ll probably melt.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  15. Thankyou for the link Willie Joe
    What a game of football.
    The future looks bright for this Mayo team.
    Owen Mchale was brilliant, reminds me of a young Lee Keegan.
    I hope they go all the way.

  16. James Carr: “yep that should goal against galway will be goal of the season”

    Ruairi Keane: “hold my beer”


  17. Mayo kinda switched off and let Dublin right back into it but you kinda knew they would dig it out again.. crazy stuff but great entertainment. These guys will relish Croake Park. Who are likely to be playing next?

  18. Fuck me Mayo never make it easy.
    Great achievement for us.
    Despite all their money we can still beat them. They should win every title with all their advantages.
    The Dublin Gourmet food company have one less run to do now…..ah well..

  19. Pheeeeewh.
    Christ that was exciting. Great to get past Dublin and in to the AI semi.
    Some performance.
    Some goal by No 6.
    Mighty mighty win.
    Go on yea good things.

  20. Always good to beat the dubs but they lost also to kildare so not Leinster’s best team.

    Well done to the lads but can’t be conceding 2-19 again!!!

  21. Ha ha and true Pat and supermacs.
    Great game. Bloody hell what a team. So much talent and guts. But the pick up on his goal line at the end……..what a moment. It sums up that team. Fearless.

  22. Quickly watched the last 10 minutes on the stream. Any team that scores 5 goals should win but the ref was woeful bad where do they get these lads from.

  23. Agree Wideball! What will they be like when they are seniors?! Brilliant heart attack match esp in last 20 mins.

  24. Well done to Mayo lads. What a game!!
    Now that’s a gaelic football game at it’s best.
    Great courage and resilience shown.
    And congrats to Mayo ladies too.
    Great w’end for our county.
    Long it may continue. Thank you all.

  25. Well done to the minors great display and held their nerve to win. Don’t like singling guys out but Paul Walsh and the no. 9 midfielder are some players loads of talent in Mayo they just need to be mined and nurtered. The future is bright even Seán Burke will have to admit that. Only pulling your leg Seán. Well done to the ladies as well

  26. Well done Mayo, exciting game of football. Seven goals scored. Any team that score 5 goals even if it is only at minor level has to be admired.. Future is bright in the west.

  27. Fantastic game. Well done our lads. Point though, Dublin did do very well to comeback and they are only young lads…some of ye here with dig comments at da dubs really need to Get o we it and stop moaning…Up Mayo

  28. Unreal game. Fair play to them, jesus they love goals!. Ethan Henry top class.

  29. Great result for the minors and their management. Was caught up with club duties so couldn’t travel but was told by a few who were in Longford that our noisy neighbours to the south were vigorously in support of Dublin during our game. Anyone here able to confirm same? If true then their U20 result today is poetic justice.

  30. Great minor team, reminds me a lot of the’14 team. Why go for points when you can score goals like that. Serious talent at back,middle & front. Mayo abu`.

  31. Ya Supermac, I was thinking the same thing. What a goal.
    Still, we had an eight maybe nine points lead at about 40min and even at that I think Dublin may have went ahead at some stage?
    Anyway, them young bucks won’t be too worried about all that tonight and the best of luck to them, well done one and all.

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