LIVE: Claremorris v O’Donovan Rossa

It’s All-Ireland final day for the women footballer of Claremorris, who take on O’Donovan Rossa of Cork this afternoon in the LGFA Junior final. The game throws in at Parnell Park at 2pm.

The LGFA did say earlier in the week that the final would be live streamed on YouTube and I was planning to embed the feed here for ease of viewing. It’s not showing on YouTube, however, so if you’re not going and want to watch it, you’ll need to do so on Facebook, which I’m not able to embed on the blog. The Facebook live stream will be available here.

I’m taking the short stroll up the road to Parnell Park myself and I’ll have a match report up on the blog afterwards. There will also be a Final Whistle pod on the game available on Patreon this evening so club members should stay tuned for that.

The very best of luck to Claremorris as they shoot for glory today.

13 thoughts on “LIVE: Claremorris v O’Donovan Rossa

  1. Best of luck to the Claremorris team today, hopefully it stays dry, rain’s not due to reach dublin till around 4 o’clock. Up against a Cork team so it won’t be easy. Great to see a Mayo legend, Billy Fitzpatrick, involved with the team.

  2. Absolutely gutted for Claremorris. Really should have won this. What a brave team though. Doesn’t seem right to me that the keeper takes a kick out from the wrong place and allowed to take it again and waste more time.

  3. Commiserations to Claremorris, I thought their large pick and panel would help get them over line, but unfortunately not to be today.

  4. Absolutely heroic from Claremorris. Consider nearly 10 of the starting team are supposed to go into school in the morning, nothing but huge respect for their effort.
    They’ll be back.
    Ref was terrible, but missed 2 13m frees in an All Ireland Final.
    Hopefully a turning point for Claremorris, a town with a lot of underage success in both codes but today I think everyone was focused on one thing: Claremorris.
    Need to drive on from here

  5. Mayo teams and finals never ends well. But apart from that hard luck to the girls they werent far away and did well to get to the final and were genuinely unlucky to lose.

  6. I didn’t think the ref was to bad at all, the last call on the kickout was dodgy alright, but I wouldn’t be familiar enough with rules of LGFA to know if was right or wrong call.
    Young team, with huge selection with two adult teams and very strong underage base so will likely drive on and be serious contenders for intermediate next year.

  7. Tough defeat for Claremorris to take, having battled so hard. The second goal was a killer.

    I chatted with Billy and Alana Fitzpatrick as well as Rebecca Kean afterwards for the Final Whistle pod which will be up on Patreon a bit later.

  8. Gizmobobs. It was the correct decision but he should have stopped the clock. If the keeper had repeated the mistake it would be a throw up. In men’s games it would have been a throw up straight away.

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