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  1. 0-9 each at half-time. Lively match, Galway were 6-2 up at one stage but we took over completely at midfield and were 9-7 up heading into injury time but then coughed up two soft frees, both converted. All to play for in the second half.

  2. Wow! The TG4 commentators are very pro-Galway! Tá Gaeilge i Maigh Eo freisin, lads!

    Also that rossie ref two VERY soft frees to Galway just before HT.

    Galway started the game very brightly but from midway Mayo took over and kicked some very good scores. Some decent players there.

  3. It’s a good Mayo team. Galway good too. Regardless of result some good talent there

  4. Christ Almighty what sort a rock this this ref appear from under. The man is beyond unless. Awful decisions in the last 10 minutes against Mayo.

    Some fine young footballers on show.

  5. What a match. 15-15 at end of normal time. Looked like Ethan Henry had won it for us with a ’45 deep in stoppage time but Culhane then levelled it to force extra-time. Dramatic stuff, nothing between the two teams.

  6. We should have had this in the bag I think. Great game of football. Come on Mayo.

  7. Great game! Mayo are good enough. Dominated most of that game and had chances to close it out. Galway defensive set-up at minor level too… have they no shame!!!!

  8. 1-17 to 0-17 down at half-time in extra-time. Galway penalty goal the difference. Frustrating as we’re the stronger team. Galway youngsters need no lessons from the Seniors either on rolling out the shawl!

  9. One hell of a game. What a great punch of young lads. Wow. The start of a great w’end.

  10. Fantastic win, to keep the heads up after going a goal down in extra time. Should have won by more. Dominated Galway in extra time.

  11. Well done to Mayo tonight. Hopefully it will be our turn for the 1 pt win tomorrow.

  12. Christ .. Great win .. Super football and clever by Mayo to slow down Galway in the last few mins

  13. Yyyeesss. Ref did his best there at the end. Great game Great win. Thank God thatt run of results is over. Not today sham not today:-)

  14. What a great match, what a great win. Every last a credit to the Red and Green.

  15. Oh my God but that was frickin savwge.. fair play to tg4 and Willie for putting up the link. Really enjoyed that.. well done mayo minors and the management. Yes

  16. What a game, some ballsy team. That Henry rad in midfield is a superb player

  17. Well done Mayo. Two very equal teams but I thought we edged it skillwise. Galway had bigger lads.

    If nothing else it was long overdue.

  18. Looking at your comment Willie Joe I really need to do some work on my yyyyesssses

  19. If the ref could have kicked that last free over himself he would have !!!!!
    They took about a minute to take it and then went short
    Should have been blown up then

    Great the weekend with a win

  20. What an absolute dinger of a match, never say die attitude of these young Mayo lads.

  21. Two very very good minor teams. Galway more physical but I think Mayo had the better footballers. One of the most enjoyable minir games I have watched in a long long time.

  22. What a fantastic win. The spell has been broken. Superb effort by all involved. What a lift they have given to us as we head for Limerick.

  23. Not today sham, not today!!!! Hon Mayo! Brilliant win, a very enjoyable game of football. Hard luck to Galway. We march on.

  24. Cheers for putting that link up WJ, really enjoyed watching that.
    Great game of football between two good teams.

    Feels good to break that hold Galway had over us at underage, a win tomorrow will put the seal on the perfect weekend.
    We seem to be written off by most. Perfect, that’s the way we like it. Expecting a huge performance from us tomorrow.

  25. Great game – some fabulous fielding. Tomo Culhane on standby for tomorrow – lol. Galway now play the Leinster champions.. would be a greay AI final..

  26. The mini famine is over in Connacht – what a result and what an advert for football in the West – it was a tremendous game of football with great skills on show from both sides. I hope this result can inspire our seniors tomorrow. The ref definitely did his best to even it up there at the end with all that injury time and soft free but hey Mayo had to dig deep and we pulled it out of the bag. Thrilled to bits.

  27. Amazing young lads. Never gave up. Soo proud.such character after the galway penalty. Just exactly what we needed.

  28. Unreal!!!!!!! What a game!. Great to see matches on in Tuam. Brilliant win.

  29. Well done u17 good night’s work. Strong midfielder in Ethan Henry. And he makes 45’s look easy by banging over 3 of them. He was joined at midfield by no.12 Dylan Thornton from Ballina who was immense all evening. Some serious talent coming through that’s for sure. This one was overdue.

  30. Willie Joe . This was brilliant ! Thank you so much for putting it on here. Words are insufficient to describe what you do but nevertheless , THANK YOU .

    Also , these minors represent the emerging new Mayo soul ( led by our seniors ) of never , ever say die. Just uplifting stuff . Well done minors. And then some !

  31. Brilliant result.
    Fair play to our young lads.
    Football alive and well in Mayo.

    Hon Mayo.

  32. What a game!. I thought we were in for a thrashing from the way we started, Galway leading 6 points to 2 and were far more organized than us. We then sorted ourselves out and I thought we would sneak it at the end of normal time but Galway managed somehow to contrive a draw. Missed a bit of the first half of extra time but we certainly finished the stronger though the scoreboard did not reflect that. Galway can have no complaints, they were handed a lot of opportunities. They have some fine players too, I’d feel some sympathy for their number 8 (McLoughlin I think) who was outstanding and is a great fielder but he did give away a stonewall penalty to bring us back into it. That lad Seano and King (no. 3) are both great ballers.

    Was very impressed with our own bunch, Henry, Moran, Hegarty were all excellent. I think Walsh was well marshaled/targeted after his 4 goal escapade against Sligo but he did win the penalty.

    Here’s hoping we can do the same tomorrow evening. Would be nice to make it a clean sweep and restore order in the province with wins for the Ladies, Seniors and under 20s in the coming days.

  33. Is football dying in Nort Mayo? Just 4 players from Ballina featuring this evening for minors.

  34. The Mayo minors now go on to the All-Ireland series. Does anyone know who they could potentially meet next?

  35. Fantastic win for under 17 Mayo team, Connacht Champions, that was a great game of football, great skill, courage, guts & a will to win , never giving up, proud of the lads, they were brilliant. Same again Tomorrow evening. Up MAYO

  36. @liamontherunsince51 minors play Leinster losers either Dublin or Kildare .galway play Leinster winners.

  37. Wouldn’t say that Vaaldam. County teams can be deceptive with spread of clubs. E.g. my own club knockmore in minor div 1 league and summer league finals in mext few weeks and also topping their group in u16 A championship that contain Westport and Castkebar yet have no county representatives.
    Quirk of system/selection process….

  38. Delighted with that win. I was very impressed with their attitude and workrate in the second period of extra time. They put their bodies on the line several times.
    We were the better team but Tomo Cullinane for Galway was massive especially in the opening half and was responsible for keeping them in the game.

  39. Really was a great game – fine reward for being sensible and staying in before an airport trip tomorrow morning! Agree with the comments on the use of the shawl, but fair play that Galway team had some handy players as well. Their midfielder McLaughlin showed great fielding. Fantastic showing by our lads (especially after previous doom and gloom re our underage levels) – nice to one of the list!

  40. Culhane looked like a man amongst boys; the size and width of him. Galway mcloughlin was huge for them too. Very big lads for u17!!

    Thought we had plenty of natural ballers who looked at ease in possession.

    I was surprised with Galway playing blanket degebcw at start of 2nd half. It did work in many ways but still unusual at u17. Remember these are still boys.

    But great for morale in Mayo and this Mayo minor team showed relentless spirit and plenty of skill.

    Some lads who did very well v sligo were quiet tonight. That’s the way it goes at underage.

    Very important that these lads keep feet on the ground. If they are in your local club don’t hype them up!!!

  41. Well done minors. First game that they experienced in the campaign to date where they had to come from behind to grind out a win. Some achievement to win the Connacht title after finishing 3rd in the round robin. Some really tenacious footballers on that team and a long overdue minor title.

  42. Great gusty win when they looked dead and buried in extra time.
    No county beats Mayo 16 times in a row !!!

  43. If Culhane is playing for Galway shouldn’t lads like Rob Finnerty and Evan Murphy be with Mayo??!!

  44. Never get too carried away with a minor who is bigger than the rest , could go either way for a big buck . I like the cut of that Walsh lad

  45. Whats Culhanes background Mayonaze?

    Great win. I had a good feeling at half time in ET when all the galway lads were down getting massages and it cut to the mayo players and they were in what i would call an agressive huddle

  46. North Mayo football, not dead. Ballina storming to underage wins. Was very surprised Knockmore beat them in the féile though.

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