LIVE: Galway v Sligo, Connacht U17 Championship

Here, courtesy of TG4 on YouTube, is the live stream for this evening’s Connacht U17 Championship semi-final between Galway and Sligo. The match gets underway at 7pm this evening and TG4’s live stream from St Jarlath’s Park in Tuam starts at 6.55pm.

The winners of this evening’s semi-final play Mayo in the Connacht U17 final on Monday, 6th June.

45 thoughts on “LIVE: Galway v Sligo, Connacht U17 Championship

  1. Thanks WJ … TG4 is brilliant station for both men and ladies football.
    Interesting Poll here would be …
    Who would people like to see win between Galway and Roscommon on Sunday…??
    Would be interesting and possibly a bit of craic .
    Appreciate it may not be possible

  2. @myball

    I think Galway have a higher ceiling if they go on a winning streak, however, if they lose i think their confidence will be knocked big time.

    Roscommon might win Connacht but i cant see them doing much outside of it.

    Therefore, and on the basis of the above id rather see Roscommon win haha.

    Ah no best of luck to both teams, its been a great rivalry the last few years.

  3. Galway 1-10 to 1-4 up on Sligo at HT in the U17 match. Sligo are game and have a good bit of power around the middle but Galway are much stronger up top and are getting their scores far easier. They look to have their mojo back and will be a tough proposition against our lads in the final.

  4. The Sligo defense looked well off the pace. System not providing any cover and badly losing a few too many 1v1s. The restarts hurting them badly all half too, long or short.

    Disappointed with Sligo up front. A couple of shocking misses from good players not under pressure. That said Rooney had a decent chance at a goal when he went in around the end line and was being fouled and if they’d taken a couple of the very poor misses we’d have a very tight scoreboard.

    Looking more like Sligo dropping performance rather than Galway raising theirs considerably… But those things tend to go hand in hand so hard to know which side is more responsible.

    Crossing fingers Sligo raise a bit of a comeback but more in hope than expectation. Poor half of footie, not the exciting clash I was expecting.

  5. Sligo not a patch on the Minor team from last year. Galway margin of victory will depend on how ruthless they are until the final whistle.

    I’m still expecting Mayo to beat Galway again or be it a more competitive game. A pity John Prenty isn’t allowing the final to double up with the Monaghan game.

  6. Sligo getting an asses bating, great to see a Galway team in free flow.

  7. As routine of victory for Galway and they eased off midway through the 2nd half. Should be a good final with both doing well in the All-Ireland series. Sligo and Roscommon have fallen back at this grade on recent years so much so it made Leitrim look half decent.

    @Seanie CH Galway and Roscommon are very simliar with the same ceilings. I’d say All-Ireland semi final at best.

  8. Number 5 for Galway was impressive. They will be hard to beat around the middle of the field.

  9. Galway won’t be as bad as last time we played them. I don’t agree with the format though. Galway have been beaten twice and yet are back around again to play Mayo in the Connacht final.

  10. People on here have been praising Jack o Connor for been open and giving injury updates re the Kerry players. Yet three days ago he didnt mention the small fact that David Clifford would not be available for the Munster final tomorrow because of injury.
    I heard over a week ago from a friend in Kerry that he had picked up an injury and was unlikely to play in Munster final.

  11. Don’t think there’s any doubt Galway deserve to be in the connacht final @yew tree. 2 convincing wins over Sligo and hammered Roscommon too. I think the round robin format works well at underage and something similar should be done at u20 level IMO.

  12. I still think that the round robin system is better as it gives all teams more games. If any squad trains very hard for a number of months and then get knocked out in the first round, it must be very frustrating after all that effort. That’s my opinion on it.

  13. Can anybody / somebody put a list together of the following,
    Available players for the Monaghan game.
    Injured players.

    This game might be the last this year.

  14. Mayo88 – that’s what we’ve been trying to do for weeks now! The reality is we’re not going to know that ahead of the day itself.

  15. I think the Round Robin or the groups is the way to go myself. Some difference between the Leinster hurling and football championships this year. Even the Munster hurling. Waterford and Dublin gone and in reality they have no excuse. This is the time of year for county players to be playing games and supporters travelling.

  16. That so right, Big Mike. The time for round robin matches is right at the start, funnelling into the knockout stage. Next year’s structure at Senior level – like the Super-8 bolt-on that went before it – is a total mess by comparison, with the group stages kicking in too late in the process. We’re not done with structural reform yet, I reckon.

  17. Anyone who remembers being brought to intercountry games back in the 70s or 80s will remember one of the elders bought a match programme going in and then we found out what players made the teams. It could be littered with A.N.othersof course,so not much the wiser till the game started. The tannoy (if any) was unaudible of course so you had to ask around to see could anyone identify the new men in.
    And often times A.N.other was man of the match. So it added to match day excitement… With regards injuries /availability it has that feel about it again.

  18. Are you doing a preview of connacht final WJ . Should still be biggest game of year in connacht even if not for much longer. Winners have a good opportunity to really progress maybe even to AL final. I think Galway will be really up for it and should have enough.

  19. I am not, Lahanman – I’m all done with the Connacht SFC of 2022! Seriously, though, I’ve too many other things on this weekend and I’m hours on the road tomorrow so I won’t even get to catch the game.

  20. Pat Spillane on RTE TV,.. comparing Offaly defeat of a Kerry Team going for 5 in Row in 1982 All Ireland final, to the possibility of Limerick beating Kerry in Killarney this evening.. Offaly in 1982 may have been underdogs but as the previous years All Ireland final and the semifinal of the previous year before that as well shown, Offaly were well capable of challenging Kerry…The only team in Ireland that would have had a chance. I don’t think Limerick have a snowballs chance in Hell (or even a snowballs chance in Sunny Killarney this evening) as Micheal O’Hehir would have said back in those days of yore…(Of course Killarney and it’s picturesque surroundings is much more like Heaven).. And the Treaty supporter’s can appreciate the beautiful Vista and dream of yet more Hurling glory!.. Andy Moran’s equally Lovely Lietrim going well at half versus the men from the Glorious Glens of Antrim at half time in the Tailtain Cup…OK Bord Failte ye can send me my commission now.

  21. Can’t believe Spillane said that.That was a serious Offaly team.
    Martin Furlong had 3 all Ireland medals or at least he did by 5.30 that afternoon.They have an unreal record in GAA dual County with wins in both codes.

  22. Kerry will probably win this handy enough but they are definitely not as clinical up front without D Clifford, keeping him fit will decide where Sam ends up in July.

  23. Nice to see that the new football format has done away with the one sided, inhuman, football hammerings. Wink wink.

    With 48 minutes gone in the Munster match Limerick trail by only 17 points

  24. Kildare are useless and are getting destroyed by the Dubs. Kerry will be worried.

  25. Of course, in the Leinster final, Dublin lead by just 16 points after 26 minutes.

  26. After today’s Leinster Football the moment, a reinvigorated and less predictable and much adapted Dublin (playing in once again neutral Croke Park) 5.06..Kildare 0.05, on 31 Minutes … just wondering will we have new favorites for Sam Maguire as Dublin saunter to a 12 in a Row Leinster Championship victory, and 17 out of the last 18 Leinster Titles!

  27. Dubs will certainly cause mayhem for an untested Kerry defence if they meet. Kildare are very poor though so I suppose Dublin may not get a test until the QF maybe against Northern oposition. Same goes for Kerry who are good but will come in cold to the QF maybe against Mayo who knows.

  28. Aside from yet another nail in the coffin for the provincial championships, it’s hard to see Mayo getting anywhere close to the top 2 this year. Hopefully we can get some momentum going in the qualifiers and maybe the month-long layoffs will affect the provincial winners. The blue giant has reawakened. Unless the Dubs are generous enough to take the foot off the pedal there could be another three goals at least

  29. Pat Spillane must be reading my post’s..’Dublin can now be Heaven’.. after me saying Killarney!

  30. It might sound like treason but a narrow defeat to Monaghan might be better to us in the long run than us to come up against Dublin or Kerry this year they have the potential to do serious damage to us as we are weakend by injury. That said tho we will probably make the quarter finals

  31. I agree @Glorydays, a Mayo team hampered by 4, 5 or 6 injured team starters could get a bad beating in the latter games, I think we all know this.

  32. championship doesnt feel like championship at all and its all over in what 7/8 weeks time .

  33. I think a lot of people thought/think Kerry would walk the championship this year. I think the Dubs are going to be ready for them. Yes, Kildare were no great shakes today, but they are a better team than Limerick or Cork, and they wilted badly today in the face of the onslaught. Dublin still have huge quality in that squad and they seem to have improved a good bit in terms of cohesion, organisation and adaptability since the league.

  34. I agree Sean.I just don’t like this format.All Ireland was always about 3rd Sunday in September what was the advantage of rushing it through when for all but 4 Counties the championship was always over in July and most young club players want to go to America to play or just go on holiday in Summer and club county finals will end up in November anyway.Change for no good reason other than just for the sake of change itself

  35. When was the championship ever any good while there were still 16 teams left in it, never.

    It was actually worse because you had the odd strag from Division 3 or even 4 still knocking about.

    Yes, Mayo are in the last chance saloon, but so are 11 others out of the last 16 including Dublin and Kerry, lose their next game and they’re out.

    Had it not been for the additions to the injury list I still say that this route for this particular Mayo team at this moment in time was the most preferable from a strategic viewpoint.

    But the reality unfortunately is that we are as far away as ever from winning an All-Ireland regardless of how far we progress so from that sense the injuries are immaterial apart from the personal suffering to the individual players who we all wish make a speedy recovery.

  36. Everyone giving out about the provincial championships again, but Kildare are a good team. Definitely one of the top 9 or 10 nationally. Limerick are now in the top 16 based on league standings.

    There’s no championship format that will stop Dublin and Kerry playing these teams at some point.

  37. Top 16 means nothing when you really only have a handful of teams with a chance of even reaching the All-Ireland and even less with any real hope of winning it.

    If you’re ranked 16th then you may as well be ranked 32nd as far as winning an All-Ireland is concerned, it isn’t going to happen.

    It’s a no mans land, at least the teams in Div 3 and 4 have a chance of winning the Tailtean Cup.

    Of course there is a format to stop these mismatches, we already have it in the league and that’s why the league is a great competition, what there isn’t is a willingness to change radically.

  38. So@ Wideball and believe me I am not picking on you at all.

    You say.

    “There’s no championship format that will stop Dublin and Kerry playing these teams at some point”.

    If that’s the case, then what was the point in changing the format in the first place ?.

    Provincial corridors mean that certain teams are destined to meet ” meat if you like ” .

    The question is,

    In a knockout competition, should a teams next game be easier than the game that they played two rounds previously ?

    It seems that no matter how the football championship is set up, then we are destined to see one sided hidings dished out.

    Currently we have a tailteann cup, and these cup teams were weeded out so that we are left with the teams who can possibly beat, or match each other on any given Sunday.

    If that’s not the case, then why was the competition format touched in the first place
    It’s a bit Irish saying we changed the format because there were one sided games and then saying, there are always going to be one sided games eventhough we changed the format.

    Are we still not left with teams who are dishing out hidings to other teams, and these some of these winning teams are still financed out the yazoo, and still given home field advantage.

    What’s the name of the game Jack.

    Fool the followers, and when they wake up, fool them again.

    Football is still as yazooed as it was 10 years ago, 3 years ago and will still be as yazooed in 5 years time.

    Tailteann cups were competitions formed to fool idiots from asking real questions,


    How come some counties are entitled to 30 times more funding than other counties


    How come some counties are still allowed to play all their games at home ?

    Every step forward is another giant kick up the hole.

  39. Viper – Dublin and Kildare were in the same league this year and will be next year too. So I don’t see how you can avoid them dishing out a few hammerings.

    Revellino – not sure what your point is. There was no change of format to the provincial championships this year. Next year they will basically be pre season tournaments so I suppose the hope is Dublin/Kerry won’t take them as seriously.

  40. @Wide Ball, I agree slightly regards to Kildare and as Peter Keane would say “sure there was nothing in it if you took the goals out”.

    But there can be a huge gulf in class even within a division, I mean next year Louth and Limerick will be in the same division as Dublin and Kildare and we know right away that there is a gulf in quality there.

    Possibly the only real solution is three grades, Senior, Intermediate and Junior but the truth is that the majority of teams are in the latter two.

    But at least in a system like that every team has a chance of winning an All-Ireland at some level.

    What is the point of even watching the likes of Kerry v Limerick, when you already know what the result will be, wasted time that you’ll never get back.

  41. Division 1 teams contest the All Ireland in two groups of 4. The 1-2 and 7-8 placed in one group and 3-6 placed finishers in tge other. The winner of the Tailteann cup playing off with 8th placed team in Division 1 for a place in All Ireland series which follows open draw knock out Tailteann. 3 games with top 2 in each group followed by semis and final. Tie the league and championship into one and do away with provincials.

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