LIVE: Lahardane MacHales v Listowel Emmets

TG4 are streaming this afternoon’s All-Ireland Junior club football semi-final between Lahardane MacHales and Kerry’s Listowel Emmets. I’ve embedded the YouTube stream below for anyone who wants to watch it from here.

Throw-in at O’Connor Park in Tullamore is 1pm today. The very best of luck to Lahardane in this afternoon’s game.

38 thoughts on “LIVE: Lahardane MacHales v Listowel Emmets

  1. Could be a long day for Lahardane. It’s all one way traffic so far, they are 11 points down after 23 minutes.

  2. (Sorry about the above. My so called Kerry friend thought it was funny to hijack my phone.

  3. Back to the game. It really was disappointing but in any other county Listowel would have had to be intermediate. The lopsided Kerry ser up gives unfair advantage to their junior and intermediate champions. Hard luck Lahardane.

  4. Hard luck to lahardane.

    Agree with you @JoeG it is a very unfair system that kerry have as you said in any other county they would have had to have been an intermediate team.

  5. They make them different in Kerry born winners 9 times out of ten a Kerry team will beat a Mayo team. Hard luck Lahardane keep at it thats all you can do

  6. I now think Counties should walk out of All Ireland Intermediate and Junior champiomships next season till the Kerry club structure is corrected.Its a load of bollox at this stage.Only 8 Senior teams and it one of the strongest Gaelic Football Counties in Ireland if not the best.They cant win any All Irelands at Senior Level in the club game yet are cleaning up at Inter and Junior.
    I have lost all respect for the All Ireland Intermediate and Junior Finals with the Kerry problem.

  7. And that stat isn’t true either kerry teams beating us 9 /10 times cause we beat them twice this year. Mayo teams have had a better record against kerry teams recently but the kerry club system is totally unfair and that’s just a fact.

  8. Maybe we should change our club system? It’s not a level playing field but then again what is?

  9. It is true Clare the mentality in Kerry is different and I guarantee you they always expect to beat a Mayo team they suffer from a superiority complex in fairness 9 times out of 10 Kerry have beaten and in a lot of cases hammered Mayo in the matches that really matter im talking 1981 all Ireland semi final 97 all Ireland final 04 all ireland final 06 all ireland final 05 quarter final I could go on….

  10. @Glorydays well I’d much rather our mentality( as in I mean we respect every team we play) they have absolutely no respect for mayo teams if they always expect to beat us and I’ve witnessed this at matches in Croker so many times from their fans the kerry supporters literally have ZERO respect for us which I find ridiculous..

    At least the dubs do have respect for us as we have been the team the past decade to come close to them they do respect us ( even if they slaug us ha)

    At least we come back every year and give it our best and we also respect every team we play to.

  11. The only currency that counts in Kerry is all Ireland titles – whether it is underage, club or senior. I don’t know what the stat is but I would think for every all Ireland we have won – Kerry have won at least 9.
    Kerry football is at a completely different level to here in Mayo and indeed most counties.
    As Glorydays said the games that count are the big knockout championship games in Croke Park and sadly they have beaten us comfortable in most of these big games in Croke Park – with the very odd exception.

  12. The Kerry championship structure is currently under review.

    We should have more senior clubs probably 12 as opposed to 8.

    Having said that kicking 1point in a half of football is not great and I wouldn’t be inclined to blame the club structures in Kerry for that.

    Our structures pre dates both the junior and intermediate all ireland club championship.

    Each county is entitled to run a championship as they see fit ours was designed to enhance the county team and its certainly done that.

    However the introduction of development squads and now the split season has meant our championships including divisional teams need to be reviewed.

    However and here’s the point – Mayo or any other county can run their championships as they see fit and if its ultimate design is to benefit the county team then Kerry haven’t got it too wrong.

  13. West Kerry Kerry are to be applauded for running their club championship the way they do. Mayo should do similar

  14. I remember being at the quarters in 22

    And then going we are actuality doing quite well here

    Then afterwards kerry people saying they wouldn’t beat the dubs cause they didn’t hammer us in quarters like they did in league final we were actually decent enough but just couldn’t kick on in 2nd half and if thats not disrespect to think they wouldn’t hammer us like they did in league final then I don’t know what is.

    Yes 8 points loss was crap but for them to say that they were surprised they wouldn’t beat us by more is dis respect.

    And disagree kerry football is not at a totally different level to mayo football at all. We need to change our mentality eveyikne thought we would be hammered out the gate down in killarney last year..

    Antqwy hard luck lahardane you’ll come again next year I’m sure!

    And I feel bad for lahardane today not cause I’m a mayo girl but because the kerry team today shod have been intermidiate in any other county it would have been end of kerry people can make all their exsucrs they like but it’s a totally unfair system and we all know it.

  15. @Clare …I’d much rather we had a mentality like Kerry. Winners. Our mentality is very suspect. Like our our goalkeeper exclaiming, after a dismal all Ireland performance that Mayo supporters should feel “privileged”. This still baffles me. Or look at the article by Antony Hennigan in the Western People – it’s something that’s long overdue highlighting. We treat our teams like champions, we call players legends, we build up our club players and teams like they are heroes. But the vast majority are not winners. Until we win Sam (again) we’ll not really earn any respect and tbh after fucking up so many times we probably need a few All Irelands. Yeah, we’ll lose the run of ourselves if we win one, and rightfully so, but we need to be far more mentally tough.

    The team in ‘21 shouldn’t have been let back across the Shannon! It was an embarrassment.

  16. Or to be exact that we should appreciate our privileged position a bit more. I remember reading it at the time and if steam could come if my ears like in the cartoons, then it would have! I don’t know about you others but I’ve walked out of Croke Park after 12 All Ireland Finals and not had any win. I’ve watched another loss on the tv. It’s feckn torture. There’s no other county in Ireland who have gone through what we have.

  17. @Mayonaze if you think the team from 21 shouldn’t have been allowed back across the shoon well I feel sad for you.

    These guys go out for free they are not even paid to go but so many sacrifices into gaa that we wouldn’t even know about.

    I think 21 broke us all.

    I remember mayo lining out in 21 and commentators going there’s a very very nervous young oiisin mullin doing walk alongside huge older Tyrone players.

    Wasn’t our day but by God do our guys never give up and I for one certainly would never call any mayo gaa player an embaressment it’s only a game at the end of the day and I’m sure no one feels worse about 21 then the guys themselves.

  18. @mayonaze I do agree with you though that we need a few all Ireland to gain respect but how many counties don’t even get to a final? Simeof my mates are like I know it must be awful for you guys in mayo but my God we would have loved some of those finals even if we lost.

    21 was the worst and I still remember the tears rolling down my face but my God I would never say the team of 21 was an embsressment and that they shouldn’t have been allowed back across the Shannon…..

    Sorry for double post!

  19. The 2021 all ireland final performance was a thundering disgrace . This airy fairy tone we have to use nowadays to stay within PC is used far too often in Mayo when it comes to football . There is nothing more important to a large portion of Mayo people than gaelic football but the idolising of failure is a negative on our part and i put myself in there too .

    There is plenty to be positive moving forward in the years ahead but im not sure the present management team have what it takes to drive it over the line , i hope im so wrong and have to eat my words but to me project Mayo needs a serious character to take the players out of this comfort zone that has become a part of mayo since i can remember .

  20. Looking on kerry point of view from today’s match saw quite a few from kerry saying they even said the system in kerry might be unfair so something needs to change from kerry’s system.

    Hard luck lahardane hold your heads up high not the end of the world you will come again!

  21. I think I’d agree yew_tree. Feels a bit daft forcing a structure we spent the last few months complaining about on Kerry.

    Maybe focus first about getting our own house in order.

    Club semi finals and finals in the Dome?
    If we are playing them in October and November would we get better quality football?

    And would anyone know if there is scope to improve the TV coverage from the Dome? Seems like they are currently quite limited in this regard.

  22. I think we need to leverage our passion for the sport in Mayo much better.

    We want a more entertaining and enjoyable game for everyone, and we should look to build one in Mayo.

    We could make Mayo like the Premier League; the most entertaining and best presented club game in the country.

  23. I think we all have to accept that the performance of the management and the team in general was extremely poor.They never looked like they believed they could win it that day.The management seemed to be taken by surprise that canavan and mcshane came on with no obvious plan in how to deal with them and Claire can I just say there is no point in saying that Galway and other counties can’t be making excuses while constantly doing just that for mayo .Oisin mullin wasn’t any younger than darragh canavan to my knowledge and Tommy conroy is back playing for mayo for nearly a year now .players of his age don’t take years to recover from cruciate injuries theese days .I would agree with Sean Burke that there are question marks over our current management team after the fiasco of last year’s championship

  24. Frost T, the dome lacks the height and space to do much around additional TV coverage.
    Playing on astro is also not replicant of playing on grass. The pitch inside the dome is also on small side.

    Wouldn’t stand to players having to revert back to grass for games following county championship.

  25. The recent interviews with Ryan and Jordan on 2021 have been revealing. They’ve both mentioned how the 2020 final hadn’t properly prepared them for the noise in ’21.

    We possibly shouldn’t discount how emotional the 2023 League Final was for the group, in particular after ’22’s Kerry games at HQ.
    And so it’s probably not surprising we weren’t able to rouse ourselves for the Rossies a week later. (Possibly a mistake not to make a raft of changes).

    That lead to a week holiday, and a weekend training camp. And the week after that we found out we’d be facing Kerry.
    And this was possibly the toughest possible challenge, but the League game had given us the confidence to know we could beat them; the ideal run in, and weather lead to our best performance in years.

    And again this is a big emotional win for the group; and of the all the teams who played for Sam, Louth at home is probably the least interesting; drab performance (more changes?)

    On to Cork, and it’s a better showing, Tommy nets, we’re home and hosed….. Cork storm back and we’re caught threading water.

    A collapse for the ages, but we’re still in it…. Draw Galway away, and it must have felt like the world was against us, but we refocused well enough to grind our way through that.

    Massive victory, into the draw for the quarters…. Draw Dublin.
    And we’d gotten enough confidence from the Galway game and the year to date to really give a good account of ourselves first half…. but second half we don’t have the energy, and everything seems to catch up with us all at the same time.

    And Dublin roll on to win another All Ireland… And it feels like we landed on that one damn snake, in snakes and ladders, that brings you from in sight of the finishing line all the way back to where you started. ?

  26. Still thinking about 21 All Ireland and it’s not good for the soul. We were poor in the final but the over the top reaction to beating Dublin ( from supporters not players) was astonishing. We have never had issues with performing well in semi finals and that fantastic Dublin team was in decline. We performed so poorly in the first half but showed great character in the last 15 minutes and did really well in extra time. The final was an ambush waiting to happen but so few could see it coming. In all honesty who would you trust more on A I final day. Tyrone or Mayo. We played ok in first half, missed penalty early in second half and lost our way. That Mayo team wasn’t a patch on the 2016 – 2017 vintage but our hopes had been raised by our semi final victory and when we didn’t perform well enough to win the final the knives were out. Unfortunately we have gone backwards since and I would be seriously (and pleasantly) surprised if we were to grace an All Ireland final day in the next few years. We will be competitive and capable of a big scalp now and again but I feel we lack the consistency and the top level talent to get over or indeed close to the line in the short term.

  27. @Gizmobobs – Thanks for the info on the Dome.

    I understand the argument that it doesn’t help our club teams moving further into the Provincial and All Ireland series, but the point is to do what is best for Mayo football in general.

    And TG4 would likely be very interested in showing matches at that time of year which they know won’t be ruined by the weather.

    And also; it wouldn’t be inconceivable to play all the Connacht Club championship games in the Dome either.

  28. I believe the Dome can only be used if all games in a competition are held there. Having said that I agree TG4 would appreciate airing games from the Dome in poor weather and give a break to the unfortunate guy who has to keep wiping rain drops off the lens!

  29. The dome can only hold a couple of thousand supporters – far less than required for county final.

  30. @1985 I never made exsuce for mayo? I literally just said oisin mullin looked nervous and he did that’s hardly an exsuce I always say if we played badly we didn’t deserve to win and I don’t make exsuces for mayo or constantly make exsuces as you say I do and I didn’t even mention Galway in this post so strange your bringing that up.

  31. Clare didn’t mean any offence but if you look back on your posts you have referenced Galway and Kerry making excuses for losing to us last year.we are both mayo people and very definitely on the same side when it comes to mayo football but we have to be honest with ourselves.we haven’t been all Ireland contenders for the last two years if you take the total results in championship in that saying that your optimism is to be commended .but we have a lot of on field issues to be resolved this year if we are to be considered contenders

  32. @clare ‘something needs to change in kerry system’
    The most successful county in ireland? They won’t be changing anything. Their junior/ intermediate players get seen playing against senior players in the club championship and that’s how players like Galvin got noticed. Granted as someone above said it lessons their chance of senior club success but I don’t think they are too bothered.
    I think a system like kerrys would be good to give players a chance to be seen playing against senior teams.

  33. @1985 no worries.

    Yeah I know I mentioned that about Galway & kerry but they did both make exsuces to loosing to us.

    We didn’t deserve to win in 21 we played badly and I’m certainly not making exsuces for that or for last year either was our worst exit in championship in I don’t know how long and management last year were poor so I do think that mcstay and Co will be under pressure this year to prove that they are right for the job we shall have to wait and see..

    We certainly haven’t been serious contenders the last 2 years I agree with you there.

    And thanks I do think we will come back stronger this year here’s hoping anyway!

  34. @Moose79 so you don’t think that the match yesterday was a total waste of time?

    Totally unfair any other county that kerry team would have been intermediate end of.

  35. Those kerry lads won’t be judged on yesterday. They’ll be judged on how they play with and against senior players. We should do the same. It works.

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