LIVE: Mayo v Cork, All-Ireland MFC quarter-final

Better late than never: here, with apologies for the delay and with thanks to TG4 who are providing the live stream on their YouTube channel, from Cusack Park in Ennis is live coverage of today’s All-Ireland MFC quarter-final between our lads and Cork.

It’s already half-time in Ennis and we’re up by 2-8 to 0-3 so it’s looking good. Up Mayo.

47 thoughts on “LIVE: Mayo v Cork, All-Ireland MFC quarter-final

  1. watching the minors onTG4 Utube, playing some great football very easy to watch compared to senior football with all the slow build up and back passing. Plenty of kick passes all going forward and young McDonald a delight to watch. Well done to management of that team ,have them playing proper Gaelic Football.

  2. There is nothin been done at underage in Mayo……….sack the County Board

  3. That’s a decent team. Cork were poor but plenty footballers on the team, willing to take on the opposition and defensively very impressive. There are 4 good teams left so step up required for the next day but congratulations on a great win today.

  4. Great performance from the minors. Some nice prospects on that team. Kobe is outstanding.

  5. Best performance i have seen from any Mayo team at any grade. The work rate and support for each other unreal. Congratulations to management and players for putting style back into Mayo football.

  6. Can see plenty to work on.give the ball to the man in a better position.
    Well done lads.

  7. Big gap between the teams and the final margin could and should have been more. Bigger challenge awaits next against Armagh who look strong.

  8. Rarely get enthused these days about Mayo football but that was such a boost. That team are a breath of fresh air. Gave no breathing room to Cork defensively and were electric going forward with heads up, quick foot passing. There may be tougher challenges ahead but if they continue to work hard and exercise those skills then they’ll have a chance against anyone.

  9. Well done to the minors they looked very impressive but a bit of caution required as kerry beat cork by 15pts in the munster final. .

  10. Great stuff today from the minors, lovely football credit to the management team.

    imagine Rochford and McStay training these lads, sucking the life out of them.

  11. The thing I liked most (watching on the small screen) was that if they lost possession in attack there was no

    standing , looking at each other. Jumped back up and tracked back at full tilt. That`s something I would say

    that was schooled into them.

  12. @Daveslad ah jeez it’s always a worry isn’t it. I can’t blame the guys for taking up the opportunity but we’ve lost such stars to them though I think kobe Mcdonald will want to follow his Dad’s footsteps in the green & red & stay.

  13. I actually can’t comprehend how those leeches from the afl are accommodated by the gaa, given seats at games, etc.
    If young lads want to go abroad to play a different sport, then good look to them.
    The GAA can’t compete with a paid sport but it doesn’t need to facilitate the removal of our talent.

  14. Well if Kobe doesn’t prefer to stay on and play for Mayo with his blood/family etc then we may as well chuck it in

    On his performance, he mixed the sublime with mediocre. Some lovely movement and scores but some very poor shots too

    Overall a solid workman like Mayo performance against a shockingly poor Cork side. Impossible to read into it

  15. @Tommy+Joe agree I’d run them out. AFL has cost us All Irelands. Pearse Hanley was a gigantic loss and I’d be very disappointed if Mullin doesn’t return in the next 3 years. I honestly don’t get the mindset of lads leaving especially when Sam is a really achievable prospect. Anyway… just going over old ground

  16. They actually agreed with me, when I suggested that their sport is boring as hell.

  17. @Mayonaze yeah your spot on there about kobe Mcdonald.

    Was really dissapointed when mullin left but I think after the way he lost his brother in that awful crash made his mind up for him I think he wanted a total change and to many memories around for him.

    Not sure how he’s going over there does he get much game time..

    Kobe Mcdonald is a future star in the making. The image of his dad to I think

  18. @Claremorris 1951 totally agree they are such an exciting team only young but gives us hope fair play to them and management I love to listen to management in interviews after to they should be proud of themselves tonight!

  19. Great display by the minors but I would cool the jets. Kerry absolutely annihilated roscommon who caused us plenty of it in the connacht final. It is great be be in the semi final against Armagh. Great few weeks of football coming up.

  20. God some of the posters here need to get a grip, been critical of a 16 year old lad , is it any wonder that they would want to leave .

  21. Surprised the rossies produced such a non competitive display, They are better than that but no where near as organised as they were in Connacht final and made Kerry look better than they were with loads of room and time on the ball to cause damage, I think Derry will beat Kerry next. Armagh v Mayo a real 50/50 game

  22. @Jimbo ah sure we are cool. Kerry where always going to cannulate the rossies.

    It’s great to be excited a young mayo team plenry to look forward to armagh will be tough but great we have a young team into a semi the future is bright!

  23. *annihilate great to be excited about attacking play and guys not being afraid to shoot long distance. Sorry for double post!

  24. By my reckoning the Crossmolina contingent supplied 3-10 of the 3-14. That’s some scoring. I wonder will they bother with a minor championship in Mayo at all this year.

  25. There’s a bunch of lads that appear to be enjoying their football. Credit to management for that. Also very pleasing on the eye to supporters.
    Well done lads and continue to enjoy your football, wherever it takes you,it takes you.
    No pressure.

  26. Clare.
    How did you expect that Kerry were always going to annihilate Roscommon????

  27. @clare Rossies have beaten Kerry before at underage level including All Ireland final in 2006 and semi final 2017. The way they set themselves up meant they got the beating they did today.

  28. Baz Ham. But wouldn’t Oisin, Kobe and Dylan make a great halfback line for the seniors in future. As someone said HaHa.

  29. @Mayomagic fair enough maybe it’s my inner rossies v mayo coming into play here ha

  30. David Heaney is as unflappable in his manager role as he was in his playing days. Always enjoy his interviews. Himself, McDonald and Rielly seem to be a well balanced set up.

  31. The best result yesterday was the Kerry one. Will keep the lads feet firmly on the ground.

    Big credit to our lads who played really well by all accounts. Hopefully we can go all the way but there seems to be a very good set of forwards coming through. Vital that they are managed correctly and that external pressure (media and fans) don’t go to far.

    Big credit to Tom Reilly, David Heaney and co on the job they are doing.

  32. Great round of club league games yesterday.
    Balla’s 18 year old Oisin Cronin with an outstanding 1-4 from play against Garrymore, including a stunning goal to level things up late on.

  33. What was the team that played yesterday. Think all those match reports that have teams listed are different

  34. Jeez Clare,take an oul breath now and again.
    Well done to the U17’s.All so gifted and enjoying their football.

  35. @Lucero: Glancing at the reports, the Independant got the closest with just the typo on Joe Forry’s name out of place.

    Team as originally named with 2 changes, Barry Langan coming in for Harry McHale (planned tactical) and a late change (tweaked a muscle during the warm-up) with Joe Forry coming in for Evan Walsh (I’d forgive any of the slips leaving Evan in the starting line-up as he was meant to be there right up until the last moment). Great performance from Joe given his moment’s notice of coming in that could so easily rattle or throw off a lad at that grade.

    Nathan Roddy, Conor Coghill, Tom Hession, Daithi Butler, David Hurley, Mark Noonan, Mark Sheerin, Josh Moyles, Owen Loughney, Barry Langan, Kobe McDonald, Dylan Flynn, Joe Forry, Oisin Deane, Andrew Quinn.

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