LIVE: Mayo v Galway U20

Here, courtesy of TG4 Sport via YouTube, is the live stream from the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence in Bekan of the Connacht U20 Football Championship preliminary round meeting of Mayo and Galway. Throw-in is 7pm this evening and the live stream is set to commence at 6.55pm.

To watch the live stream from here on the blog all you need to do is click on the player below.

Podcast club members should also note that Mike and Rob will be recording a Final Whistle pod reviewing the game as soon as it’s over and that will then be online and available to listen on Patreon soon after.

51 thoughts on “LIVE: Mayo v Galway U20

  1. Anyone going to the match care to share here asto who wins toss and playing with wind in first half. Expect wind to have huge bearing on this and be worth 5 points + especially with open nature of pitches in bekan. Looking to have a bet before throw in on game and want to do whoever wins the toss to lead half time and full time.

  2. If Galway play with the wind James, and Mayo play with the ball then Mayo should win it.

    Good luck with your bet.

  3. Yes willie Joe many thanks for this platform . Let’s hope for a win tonight to lift Sundays gloom

  4. howling wind both teams as expected struggling to play any decent football in those conditions.

  5. The wind is making the game very difficult for both teams, mayo though have the breeze in the second half.

  6. That was pretty painful to watch and I feel sorry for both sets of players. Impossible to play football in conditions like that. Still Mayo in a nice position at half time if they can kick a couple of long range scores in second half

  7. 0-2 each half-time. Crazy conditions. We have the wind in the second half but it’s not blowing straight down towards Coogue! More like diagonally in our favour.

  8. Dreadful spectacle. The wind is crazy strong across the pitch. Actually feel sorry for the lads trying to play football in that.

  9. Game should have been pushed back until tomorrow evening. Wind has been forecast for a couple of days so they had time to arrange it. Not fair for young lads to play such a big game in a storm

  10. GBXI, because people would then complain about there being limited capacity indoors and they weren’t able to get a ticket.

    You can please some of the people some of the time, but you cant please…..

  11. It really is a disgrace the players have to play in them conditions and a huge dome for exact occasion in the back ground, obviously the reason being only 600 can fit in the dome while 3,000 can fit outside and they couldn’t change it with tickets bought reeks of pure disrespect for all the players , how Galway hafnt shoot from all angles is mind boggling it’s seems there coached into passing around to not lose possession it’s really hard to watch I hope we shoot from all angles in second half that’s a bloody storm

  12. Wind is terrible but surely Mayo will use it in the second half not like Galway. If this is how GAA is being coached now it’s sad for the game. Every time Mayo got a free they went backways. No wonder young lads prefer to play soccer. I’m a GAA man but young fellas reckon there is no skill in GAA. The first thing a kid learned in my day was donkey and the hand pass is just an extension of it. What skill is in that. Depressing.

  13. @paddyjoejohntom that’s a disgraceful decision in that case. The game comes before the spectators. This game should be borderline called. Connacht council look like idiots with their brand new, expensive dome in the background while the players struggle to fist pass it 3 metres against a gale.

  14. Had to turn it off lads. Jesus that’s dire stuff in what looks like a storm.

  15. Christ if this is the future of Gaelic football and this is what’s been coached well god help us all , conditions near unplayable granted but Jesus this hand passing crack is horrific to watch

  16. @tenaciousyew all the handpassing is completely down to the conditions. Ball is like a bar of soap.

  17. Lads lassies surely you understand that game was all about the conditions, why it wasn’t played inside I’ll never understand. A win against Galway in knockout championship should always be welcomed , people are never bloody happy . Well done team and management, stronger bucks .

  18. Not one for the purists was it. Very very hard work watching that. Let’s hope the next day the lads get to express themselves a bit more

  19. Great to win against Galway however hard to give a proper judgement on either side in those weather conditions.

  20. Despite the conditions Mayo looked decent. But i agree with other posters it should never have gone ahead. Dont think you could fault them for over indulging in handppassing. Well done to tg4 and the man with the bit of tissue. The sound effects made it look like a horror movie…

  21. Only in Ireland and the Gaa would you spend millions on a dome in the West of Ireland and then ask young fellas to play in a storm outside it…
    Disgraceful.. and terrible to watch.

  22. The conditions were one thing, but the team was 100% ingrained towards playing last year’s awful shovel ball.
    There was a cross field Gael, but it was angled favouring one direction.
    No attempt at playing kickpasses downfield from central positions.
    Shovel, shovel, shovel shaping the body immediately to execute a handpass, mostly backwards and sideways without even checking what’s happening ahead of you.
    Frank Irwin right footer taking frees from the right with a cross field breeze meaning his outside of the right would spin way off. Cian McHale is a better freeraker than Frank Irwin and wasn’t offered a free and onky played in fur one shot the 45 mins he was on.
    Conditions I will allow, but this team has gone way, way backwards since 2019 minors. No nuance, no kickpassing attack.

  23. Sam Callinan was very good so composed on the ball, now i can see why he is involved with Mayo seniors while still in school.

  24. One thing is mayo are very strong defensively, the spine of ruairi keane, Sam callinan and then donnacha mchugh playing a defensive midfield role galway didn’t get a inch, hopefully next week we will see more of the attacking flair in better playing conditions.

  25. I hope James Horan will not select any of our U 20 players for the game versus Galway. I think this team has the potential to be all-ireland U 20 CHAMPIONS in 2022.

  26. Fair play to you WJ for providing the link and making everything handy for us to watch. The conditions were dreadful and it must have been brutal to play in. I am sure we would have been raging if our lads had trained for months to get one match in those conditions and then lost. No doubt that is how many in Galway must justifiably feel right now. BUT I would take a narrow win in a brutal game over Galway any day over losing a high scoring classic encounter against them. Hard to judge how good we are but at least we will get another chance to see them.

  27. Shocking stuff but that victory tonight over Galway is such an important result for us. We desperately need to get back to claiming Connacht titles again at this grade so hopefully this team can kick on now and not fall into the same trap as last year.

  28. Sean Burke,I don’t always agree with you,but you are one hundred percent correct with that comment,we are never happy this evening was not an evening for football give these lads a chance,we will play in better conditions that is the time to judge them

  29. I see we play Leitrim next Wednesday 13th April and then the winner of that plays either Roscommon or Sligo in the final on Wednesday 20th April.

  30. I’ll take that, great to win, always good to beat Galway, hopefully kick on now. We need a Conn u20 title.

  31. Mike finnerty just explained on the podcast why it couldnt be played in the dome as per competition rules , rules are rules but thats such a nonsense , surely the idea of an inside arena is to use it when conditions are shite outside .

  32. Where would connacht final be played if we were to beat Leitrim ? Ros and sligo options if anyone has that info please.

  33. Well done Mayo under 20s, conditions were brutal but they kept it very tight in defence bar one lapse near the end, good stuff.

  34. Sean – Connachtr GAA are saying on their website that the U20 provincial final is on at the Centre of Excellence in a fortnight’s time. I think I’ll be in the west, based no more than five miles away, then.

  35. @ sean burke i assume if it was Roscommon v Mayo it would be in hyde park as last year we played them in mchale park. Not sure about where it would be played if its Sligo in the Final.

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