LIVE: Mayo v Leitrim U20

Here, courtesy of TG4 via YouTube, is the live stream for this evening’s Connacht U20 football Championship semi-final between Mayo and Leitrim. Throw-in at Páirc Seán MacDiarmada in Carrick-on-Shannon is 6.30pm this evening.

To watch the game, just click on the embedded player below.

If you’re a club member on Patreon, don’t forget that Ger Flanagan and I will be doing a Final Whistle podcast once the match is over and that’ll be online on Patreon soon afterwards. I’ll also be back here with a match report later on tonight.

Best of luck to the lads this evening. Up Mayo.

41 thoughts on “LIVE: Mayo v Leitrim U20

  1. Hopefully Callinan is fine, looks like the handpassing will be how the team plays. Can’t see today’s match being an issue, but I’d imagine Roscommon could be tough this year again.

  2. Roscommon have to get over Sligo first, currently 1-7 each at half time.

    Callinan looks to have pulled a hamstring he was going well.

  3. Mayo 0-8 to 0-3 up at half-time. Only black spot is Sam Callinan going off injured – he intercepted a ball and was charging forward when he fell, no-one else near him. Hard to see what the story was but hopefully he’s okay. Niall Treacy on for him for the second half.

  4. Leitrim might have limited talent but they are playing all the football in this game.

  5. Really dont understand the gameplan there , it looked so disjointed and weak as piss going forward. Really well done to leitrim though what a trojan effort .

  6. Survived just about, the talent gap just about saved us. Fair play to Leitrim played great football in the last 15 minutes and died with their boots on. Sligo in the final and I must have a look at their match but if they more talented than Leitrim I would say they will definitely fancy their chances against our crude set up.

  7. Phew! That was too close for comfort. We ran the bench a tad too early there – Leitrim outscored us by 2-5 to 0-1 from the 45th minute onwards.

  8. On this performance I can’t see this team progressing sideways and backwards hand passing is sleep inducing dross surely we can do better

  9. Not sure what to make of that game, thought it was a measured controlled performance to a point but with Leitrims lack of a threat in their final third that we would run out easy enough winners. Better than a point win but lessons to be learned

  10. Feking hell that was squeaky bum stuff we did the exact same thing last week against Galway pretty much stopped playing with ten to go won’t be good enough against a tidy looking Sligo outfit and callinan probably out aswell

  11. Folks, in the last ten minutes of that game I was able to count the Mayo kicks from play on one hand and all of them were backward kicks. I stand corrected….but it’s a hard watch!

  12. last 15 minutes was dreadful stuff by Mayo, no real interest in going forward lazy passing and defending.
    Poor finish in both games we have played.

  13. Folks if this is what football has come to then God help us. Soon nobody will want to see it. Hand pass after hand pass after hand pass. Mayo would only have themselves to blame if they were caught at the end. Only 1 kick pass into the forwards in the 2nd half and it led to a point. What the hell is the big obsession with hand passing. I watched the game hoping for a bit of enjoyment and came away mad as hell.

  14. That was my abiding memory too @no doubt. A nice kick pass from Paul Walsh into Fenton Kelly for that point I think. Apart from that it was just hand pass, carry repeat. When that’s the game plan someone like Sam Callinan is vital but he’ll miss the final by the looks of it.

  15. No doubt totally agree with you I said the same last week but was told it was due to the conditions but the same awful basketball again tonight no excuses, possession , possession hold on to it at all costs seems to be the tactic drilled into young players how about just get the bloody thing in to the forwards fast

  16. My eyes are sore after that. Don’t know whats going on with that game plan, talk about over doing it on the handpass!!! Any decent defence will swallow them up, I clearly remember against Roscommon last year we were in the ascendency in the first half, but kicked wide after wide as roscommon blocked us up from their 45 line back. Same will happen if Sheridan thinks he can waltz through 12-14 players with hand passes. We’re a very fit team with some great players but the game plan will be the undoing.

  17. No stand out forward of note. People
    Wonder why we can’t win all Irelands. There is a serious issue with coaching and nurturing forward talent in this county.

  18. Game was big time boring until Leitrim deservedly closed the gap. Dreadful handpassing game, no goal chances created, Stronger opposition will tare them asunder. Hard to watch.

  19. Tom Og Flaherty the one player with his head up trying to be positive. Our dominance early on was fitness.
    Let’s be very clear, this type of playing style is a hindrance to our development.
    When Tyrone, Kerry and Dublin tog out at these levels if you look at the legs of the players they have that muscular, more weight in their Led a build. Several of our players were totally lacking in explosive pace. The players have to be working at these ages on pace development and fast twitch power. It’s proven that you can’t decide to start working on that in adulthood. The years if teenage stamina work converts the in between fibres to slow twitch.
    The eye test tells me there is no possible way done of those players have the necessary power and pace work done. You simply look at the legs and look at the pace over ten yards and the power in contact.

  20. Very poor stuff. We don’t seem to be able to sustain forward momentum to a point where we threaten a goal (seniors too). And, our counter attacking is far too laborious. And, pace as you say JP.

  21. Mayo tactics were awful again this evening…
    People blamed the wind against Galway…
    Sheridan and Co need to have a look at them .
    Not good enough

  22. I believe there is a few handy forwards with the u17s this year and the age groups u16 and 15 are supposed be good.
    Sligo be should be decent at u20 won Connaught minor last year.

  23. That was a hard watch. Hand passing and going no where fast. Not sign of a decent forward on the horizan, young O Flaherty tried. If Mayo continue to coach young bucks in this puke football then we will have to wait another70 years for Sam.
    Sligo by contrast are well coached side with some fine players were a joy to watch. They will relish the thought of meeting us in the final next week.

    Take the shakles off our lads and let them loose and play FOOTball. Callinan would be a big loss.
    Rant over

  24. We won. We are in the final. Galway are not .Roscommon are not. Those are the positives.Plenty negatives Apart from Callinan injury. I don’t particularly like the way we play.Very lateral and backwards We as a county like our teams to go hung ho. It’s always good to watch if not always successful This sort of football is a turn off Unfortunately it’s the way a lot of teams play now It is especially used if forwards are not deemed good enough to win a fair share of the ball kicked in and have the ability to score From what I have seen in this age group in last two years is a dearth of good forwards and good attacking play.Whether that’s down to players or management I don’t know . By the way credit to Sligo and Leitrim.Sligo for dethroning the champions and Leitrim for putting up such a good battle

  25. The lateral and backwards play is not even well coached. Tryone would do that at times, but it’s with an aim of getting shooters the ball facing goal. Out around the middle they will free up players into space.
    Our playing style foresight doesn’t seem to extend beyond players stringing out in an arc from the player in posession.

  26. @to win just once. Fair enough we won but if mayo were to win an underage all ireland playing the whole campaign in that style it would be hard to take pleasure from it.

  27. Anyone who expected a different style of football from our u20 team this year did not take note of the style of football we played at this level last year.
    Players should be coached and developed on how to play good football at this level. However, what we are doing now is actually setting these players back in their development. I would live to see a training session to see the ratio of hand passing/possession drills been practiced V good footpassing drills and forward movement where the ball is moved into space in front of forwards with pace.
    While Sheridan managed NUIG to win the Sigerson cup – the reality is these players are nearly all on county senior panels so NUIG would have had no collective training where this style of ‘”football” would be imposed on them.

  28. Plenty of good forwards in that panel but they don’t suit the game plan the management seem to want to implement. Dylan Thornton, Paul Walsh, O’Flaherty, Rory Morrin to name a few. Paddy Heneghan is a great half forward/ mid fielder but in my opinion is lost at full forward.
    The majority of these players played a great high tempo direct attacking game at minor under Tom Morley putting up high scores!!
    Anybody know why Ethan Henry isn’t on the panel this year?

  29. @Crete boom, 100% agree with your view on Paddy Henaghan at 14. He s not quick over 10 yards, he’s not big, he’s not a goal scorer, he has a long windup and release for his shot, but he can play heads up football and is a good passer. We play him 14, when his characteristics are a weakness for 14 and a strength for half forward.

  30. @crete boom – Heard both Ethan Henry and Owen McHale opted out of the panel this year, shame

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