Live podcast recording was good fun

The Mayo Football Podcast live recording we did last night in the convivial surrounding’s of Solan’s bar in Ballaghaderreen was good fun.

We’ve been meaning for some time to dip our toes in this particular water – that memorable live event we held in the Oxford Arms over in London back in 2017 feels like a very long time ago so it was time for some fresh memories to be minted – and we figured some border chat leading into the Roscommon game would grease the wheels in that respect.

There was certainly plenty of chat last night alright, not just about the Connacht SFC opener against the Rossies tomorrow week but also about our more immediate target of taking on Galway in tomorrow’s National League final.

Club members will be able to hear the fruit of our labours in two separate pods we recorded last night. The first one, setting out some final thoughts ahead of tomorrow’s League decider, will be up on Patreon today while the Mayo/Roscommon rivalry one will be available next week.

Huge thanks to our guests on the pod, everyone who turned up to hear the chat and, in particular, to Ann and Teddy Solan for their kind and generous hospitality on the night.

If you want to join the Mayo Football Podcast club on Patreon, the link for that is here. Membership costs €5 plus VAT with single-payment annual membership available at a 10% discount.

29 thoughts on “Live podcast recording was good fun

  1. Willy joe..I’ve received 4 Davin premier tickets by email…I don’t need them as i have secured Hogan stand tickets already. There is no charge.on these tickets …maybe.some family with children could avail of them…up Mayo forever Liam Jones

  2. Tickets a plenty,..I have 4 or 5 Premium Tickets to spare myself with no takers, I’d nearly pay someone to take them at this stage. The missus and her toy boy are gone mountain climbing in the Netherlands, and my two teenage (theys) have gone skinny dipping in Saudi Arabia. And anyhow no body in my house has any interest in GAA anymore with more important things coming up, like the upcoming Coronition of King Charlie .Ive tickets for that as well, President Joe Biden told me that he has no interest in going to the Coronation, but he would in fairness have taken two Premium Tickets from me for the league final, but his schedule won’t allow it..He’s busy watching a TV documentary this weekend about Donald John Trump and Stormy Daniels. .I’d nearly give someone/anyone €50.each to take the tickets off me at this stage.. James+Flemming your always in the market for tickets!

  3. Selling upper tier now , going to be a fair crowd going by that as I don’t think they planned on opening upper tier

  4. Obviously its Aprils fools day and I didnt read your post fully leantimes. My bad lol

  5. Hi

    I’ve 4 lower Hogan tickets, section 333 if anyone wants them. Free to a good home.

  6. Checked my email there , no new mail . Is this another April fools lol , be glad when this day is over , I’ve been caught twice . A lad down home text me with the whole spiel ,” don’t say anything on that blog or social media , im just letting ya know disaster with Carr , he’s out for the year “

  7. Leave Aido where he is and get plenty of ball in early , give that Gleeson a few testers , I don’t rate that buck too highly .

  8. Hi I am travelling to the Match but My Friend in Tuam let me down for Tickets would anyone have 2 spare ones for myself and. My ballaghadeeren friend I can met outside one of the local wineries Mayo for Sam

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