LIVE: Roscommon v Mayo, Connacht MFC final

Here, courtesy of TG4, via YouTube, is the live stream of this evening’s Connacht MFC final between Roscommon and Mayo, which throws in at Dr Hyde Park at 7.30pm. Just click on the player below to watch the game live.

This match will also be shown in full by TG4 on deferred coverage later on this evening.

53 thoughts on “LIVE: Roscommon v Mayo, Connacht MFC final

  1. Well done to them and the management team on a great season so far. Hopefully we can get some silverware as well.

  2. Really looking forward to this one. Great young side with a ferocious work ethic. Fingers crossed they can put in a performance they’re proud of this evening, with that you’d imagine they’d have the quality to get over the line.

    Roscommon with the potential to be tricky opponents, the first half in the opening round they posed all sorts of difficult questions. You’d expect they’ll be looking to their target man inside Shay McGuinness to help unsettle our defence with the scoring threats of Dean Casey (3-4 in their 5 game campaign so far) and Stephen Tighe (9 points in the campaign) in the corners with more threats coming from Dara Curran popping up from centre forward (2-12) and Eoin Collins (2-2) bombing forward from wing back all showing prominently for them so far this year.

    They’ve been improving consistently week on week, so wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a much tighter game than Round 1. Fingers crossed for the lads.

  3. Best of luck to team this evening and fair play to you WJ for making it accessible to us on the blog

  4. Good luck to all involved tonight. On what we’ve seen so far they should have enough but this age group is very unpredictable.
    I believe the winners meet Cork in quarter final and losers get Kerry.

  5. Best of luck to the lads tonight . Would love to be there , friday game impossible for me im afraid due to work . Great we can watch it though . Hon Mayo .

  6. Thanks John for the Ling for tonight’s match the thing you do for us all Is much appreciated good luck to our Lad tonight’s

  7. A poor opening 15 from us. Lethargic. Ros allowing us have the ball in our half, dropping deep and counter attacking. Simple strategy. We are awfully loose at the back. Early days yet but not the start we were hoping for.

  8. very poor show my us so far, just like seniors back and over and then loose possession, expected better from this team.

  9. Maybe the guys are nervous they are only young or maybe it’s a mayo thing in big games.. Let’s see maybe they’ll come good 2nd half.

  10. Early doors, Mayo should pull away as game goes on with superior fire power.

    But fair play to Roscommon they’ve clearly learnt from first game and are targeting our weak points.

  11. Feel the ref is giving Roscommon a lot of soft frees so far.mayo a bit better last couple of mins

  12. Is it not fairly stupid that the rules aren’t the same in minor as senior.I presume the penalty for goal Scoring opportunity isn’t in for minors as there was no protest either.mayo having a good second half

  13. Quinn making a huge difference in the 2nd half, mayo starting to take over now.

  14. Bad shot selection from Mayo trying Hollywood shots. Bar that the work rate has been excellent.

  15. Good win in the end but scrappy enough.

    I hope the NFL scouts don’t see Kobe. His free must have been 55 metres out – some belt!

  16. Fair play young ones came out well the 2nd half kobe Mcdonald really one to watch for the future.

    Hard luck to the rossies always hard loosing but espcially at that age.

  17. Thank You for making it available.
    Really enjoyable.
    The future looks good!

  18. Only caught the last 20 mins. Good workrate, turned the Rossies over time after time, but mostly to no avail as terrible shooting made sure that we didn’t kill them off.

    Did we look out on our feet towards the end or was it my imagination?

  19. Great win. Hession and Hurley were excellent too. You’d feel sorry for the rossie goalkeeper…had a nightmare. Who do we play next ?

  20. It looked like a deliberate tactic to start at a pedestrian pace and hold possession for periods but it didseem to suit Mayo who are far better at a higher tempo. Took us a long time to get going and against top teams it might be too late. Big Ros full forward gave us problems and other teams will have noted it. Midfield was well outplayed particularly in the air. Quinn made a big impact when he came on.
    Probably nerves but a good few of the lads weren’t fully at it tonight but as I say that was most likely down to nerves on the big occasion. I hope lack of physicality doesn’t catch us out going forward because skill wise these lads have it all.
    Congrats to management and playing panel.

  21. Well done to the lads. 3 in a row not to be sniffed at. Had to deal with favourites tag but got it done late on.
    You’d get the feeling there’s a fair bit more in them.

  22. Well done lads! Fantastic achievement in winning all Connacht matches. The Mayo Mafia (Neary, Prenty and Cunnane) were a happy bunch at the trophy presentation. I know, we’re not supposed to the lose the run of ourselves but Kobe has some boot on him. He has a big future ahead. I was afraid the wide count in the second half would come back to haunt us but the keeper’s black card was the crucial moment in the game. Roscommon never recovered from that one. Need to up it another few levels for the All-Ireland series. The standard in Connacht wasn’t particularly high this year

  23. who is coaching these young lads to take Hail Mary shots with the outside of the boot when simple direct football is far better. Could be a very good team if they play football and stop the messing and cut down on the wides.

  24. I’d say management sent Forry in to hound him down. He threw a few dummies earlier which was noted and acted on . Well done management and well done Joe.

  25. I don’t think it was wise to keep disrupting the team ,i.e changing six and seven places in the last two games.
    It may seem nice to give the rest of the panel Gametime,but it would be wise to have the best 15 on the field and bring on subs when well ahead.
    Players need to nail down their best positions and this will give the best result.
    Congratulations to the team and management on three in a row.A talented bunch with big futures.

  26. Culmore early on in the game you were complaining about too much lateral passing and when it is over you’re giving out about them taking shots. Hard to please some people. Maybe focus instead on the fact that we won. We are Connacht champions at u17, something our seniors or U20s did not achieve. We attempted during the game to play front foot attacking football. Yes we kicked some bad wides but also got good scores. Both teams tried to play, with little negativity or blanket defences. We in Mayo should know better than anyone not to get carried away but that should not stop us from acknowledging a provincial title.

  27. Genuine question here for Willie Joe or anyone else.
    The management have had these lads together for 3 or 4 years and the Longford manager said the same after t the Leinster final so presumably it’s fairly widespread. So what happens after these lads finish minor? Does the management team retire? Go back to U14s and start again or continue in some form with the group?

  28. AFL is seriously overrated and I still don’t understand how a lad growing up in Mayo, with a chance to be a key player on a senior team in the quest for an All Ireland would want to choose the far corner of the world in a game he’s never played just for the money. As they say, you can’t take it with ya… I have so much respect for the top GAA players who stay. Like Sean Cavanagh. He had multiple Aussie clubs trying to entice him, but no, the dream of lifting Sam for Tyrone was bigger. It’s a pity Pearse and Oisin weren’t like him.

    Anyway, back to the minors. A very average performance. Poor flat first half. Definite pick up in effort and energy in 2nd half. Some awful wayward shooting and little or no goal scoring chances. Big improvement required to go much further.

  29. Two good teams to be fair, Roscommon more direct but partly based on how the teams set up. This was the first time that I watched our lads, and they showed plenty of good points and as you would expect, there is plenty to work on.

    Facing Cork next, their first knock out match so will be interesting to see how they get on. It is hard to predict if they will win but certainly some talent within the team. However, as was mentioned previously, it is more important to see them progress at the U20 level but gives hope for the future.

  30. Well done to the young Mayo lads three in a row at any grade in a fine achievement. Level at half time was a promising position to be in as I thought Roscommon was probably the better team in that half. 2nd half Mayo the better team and played their best football topping the group was a big advantage and I thought in showed 2nd half as Mayo had 14 days to prep/rest for that final tonight compared to the rossies whom played last Friday.

    Mayo should beat Cork next after that It will likely be the Ulster champion in the All Ireland semi fiinal and both Derry and Armagh are very strong this year.

  31. agreed TWJO.We whinged and wrung hands about our lateral play from Seniors and U20s for years.These boys were playing with a flair and smile on their faces.I thoroughly enjoyed it.We need to give these guyss a break-they did win ya know!

  32. I can’t understand why so many players do a slice kick pass. IMO accuracy is compromised. Ross goal keeper unfortunately had a bad evening otherwise it would have been down to the wire.

  33. @JoeG: Haha, you’ve potentially hopped into a political minefield with that one. Some questionable decisions, promises and subsequent actions in recent years for Mayo around that very question.

    For a number of years Tom Mulderrig was looking after our 16s development squad. They progressed on to be Sean Deane’s minor sides. From there, Tom moved on to look after the 19s development squad last year. That side went on to form part of this year’s 20s squad under Peadar, who was in his first year in management after a few as selector for Maurice’s 20s sides. So in more recent years we’ve certainly not been carrying through with any type of consistent management cycles with links to those players.

    Both minor and 20s management teams were appointed last year for notional 2 year terms, so a fair chance they’ll stick with the minors next year too. If they managed the 4 in a row of Connacht’s or put a fair push on the All-Ireland this year you’d imagine there would be a big push (from fans and board alike) to get them in at 20s.

    Have to say I do enjoy listening to David Heaney speaking after matches. He offers more honest feedback than many (co-)managers I remember, and some of his nuggets of insight are genuinely top drawer. He’d make you want to go out there and work your socks off alright. Was impressed with any media Tom Reilly has done too, though he seems to be more adept at avoiding Mike and Rob in recent weeks than David has managed.

  34. We picked up the pace in the second half.. Andrew Quin making a big difference. Great to see them not afraid to take on shots from distance, maybe next time a better return. Plenty of work to do for the cork game, no real goal chances created though Dean looked like a player who could do damage. I wouldn’t be writing off Roscommon.. very interesting knock out games for both of them

  35. A win is a win and well done to all. I feel we have more in the locker and we will improve. A few good performances but they seemed to lack a bit of physique compared to Roscommon. Their shooting was a bit off but at least they had a go and scored some great points as well. No clear cut goal chance but not surprised with the way we set up. Roscommon defence moved out quite a bit and it reminded me of soccer as if Mayo didn’t want to get caught offside. The full forward should have stayed in which would have created more space outside and we could then have gone more direct but they did try and correct it a bit in the second half. They also corrected the kick outs as our long kick outs in the first half were poor. To me Roscommon played a better brand of football and missed a few goal chances but at the end of the day we had better footballers than them and young Quinn made a big difference in the second half. Roll on Cork.

  36. Well done lads. My god the “free taker “ makes it look effortless. Just strokes it over from 50 yds out. I know I’m old school. Just hope he’s around for years to come. Loads of other talented players in this team too.

  37. No player on the senior team could of kicked those frees young McDonald scored.

  38. @Mayonaze, I don’t think you can say a decision like that “is just for the money”. I live down here, it’s a great place to live in but you are also thousands of miles from home. To say someone coming down here is doing it just for the money is wide of the mark. Taking up a huge challenge, testing yourself in a new sport, committing to being a professional athlete to develop and get the best out of yourself are huge factors in it. Then you also have the lifestyle, playing a great game in a great country.

    You don’t get AFL teams kicking it over and back on the 50.

  39. TsuDhoNim. Thanks for that but unfortunately I think you’ve provided more questions than answers. You certainly have a good grasp of what’s going on. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve always thought that continuity with underage sides is crucial. A period where a progression of teams go through the hands of a successful U14 setup and then onto a settled U16 group and the same with minor and U20. Or else allow a successful management/coaching team to continue with a group through the ages. I don’t think just appointing a bunch of high profile names is going to guarantee success as even a management team needs time to gel.
    Sean Deane’s first Connacht minor champions side will presumably make up the bulk of next season’s U20s but they will be managed and coached by a different group and continuity will be lost. Of course there’s a train of thought that suggests frequent changes different ideas and systems is better for players’ progression.

  40. A change is good I think. Young lads listening to the same thing over and over again might not be a great idea. These lads developed their skills all around the county with different club coaches. That’s where there needs to be greater emphasis on getting the right people involved. McDonald, Deane and the other Crossmolina players have been well coached at club level from under 8’s up. Young Kobe didn’t just start kicking 45’s at minor training, nor has Oisìn Deane became so adapt at playing off either foot or hand in the last 6 months. There are plenty of great people out there willing to help out in clubs and counties, but unfortunately, despite their enthusiasm, many just don’t have the coaching skill set to get the best out of a group. What pleases me the most about this current minor crop is their workrate. McDonald certainly has them coached to leave it all out on the pitch. The Roscommon team were also well coached I felt. They certainly identified, targeted and ran at the left side of our defence time and time again yesterday evening and opened us up from some good goal opportunities. They’ll put it up to Kerry too I’d imagine.

  41. No goal chances? I counted at least 2 occasions where a goal was on, but a point was taken & I think when a goalkeeper rugby tackles a lad to stop him having an attempt at goal also counts…(should that not have been a penalty?)

  42. Im not sure on the rule paddy but there were two ros players covering behind the keeper so maybe its not a clear cut goal chance but like i say im not sure .

    Unfortunately id be thinking Kobe mac will be given the opportunity to play proffesional oz down the line .

    I thought ros defensive structure was very good and proved hard to get by . Two good teams imo .

  43. @Paddy2022: In senior it would be, but that rule (5.45) doesn’t kick in at minor or 20s until 1st January, 2025.

  44. @Sean, I’d be hoping he’ll stick with Mayo. There’s far too much acceptance toward those who go to Oz . It’s cost us dearly already especially with Hanley. Like, an insanely massive loss.

  45. Firstly well done to the Minors on a great Connacht campaign and on winning the Connacht championship , hopefully that game will stand them in good stead for their game against cork.

    A question for @ mayonaze what do you mean when you ” there’s far too much acceptance towards those who go to oz ??

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