74 thoughts on “LIVE: Sligo v Mayo Connacht U20 final

  1. Good game so far. We seem to have lads that can take long range points. Jack Fallon , frank Irwin and Dylan Thornton standing out for me

  2. That last Sligo point shouldn’t have stood. Just came back off the crossbar from what I saw?!

  3. Ref is giving so many soft frees especially when 2 or 3 mayo lads surround a player just taking the ball into the tackle.

  4. Paddy Heneghan kicked some great scores as well. When we move the ball fast and direct we look dangerous. When we slow the ball and hand pass sideways Sligo look ready to punish us on the break. Keeper needs to kick the ball long to give us a chance to attack with speed, we have plenty of ball winners in the middle.
    Sligo full forward line looks very dangerous when they get the ball and there could be another couple of goals for them in the second half unless we tighten up a lot!!

  5. Cannot win this game as ref total joke as mayo player’s not allowed to tackle and umpire blind

  6. Bit of a mixed bag 1st half mixing some nice scores from long range from a few different lads to making sloppy mistakes at the back and getting opened up to easy for the two goals, we’re probably the better team in the first half but that Sligo defense is there to be opened up , we’re still doing a lot of passing along the 45 some times just for the sake of it at times which can be frustrating with space inside and never let into it I really can’t fathom why it’s not let in early maby our inside forwards arnt world beaters but give them some supply to do something and see what they can do

  7. Paddy Heneghan, Irwin are doing their best to keep Mayo in the game. Bad defending on both goals.

  8. We’re not getting any over carry frees when our forwards surround their defender soloing out.
    The free against Rory Morrin where he simply attacked a ball with his feet beneath him, he didn’t have like a boot or knee raised. Ridiculous waiting to blow the whistle decision.
    We look much better when we ignore our instructions from the sideline.

  9. Good game so far We do the hard work and then do something daft to let Sligo score again. Sligo have wind in second half so Mayo will probably hand pass even more Need to move the ball faster

  10. We are struggling against the wind, need to work the ball in quicker.
    It might be time to bring in Paul Walsh with his pace?

  11. Need to keep cool heads with 10 to go keep up the pressure and not go asleep like last two games

  12. A fluke of goal. It was a point effort and now a red for Sligo. Looking like a U20 title for Mayo now.

  13. Harsh Red for Sligo there. O’Flaherty poor for the third goal, Sligo back in it.

  14. When Keeper comes you need to clear out everything. No idea why he took that risk. All momentum with Sligo now

  15. For the love of god we don’t deserve to win it after that absolutely shocking

  16. God keeper having a mare. Sligo looking to make history for themselves although the ref is giving us one chance for redemption.

  17. Congrats to Sligo. We had enough possession to win two games but totally lost the heads at the end. That fourth goal alone was enough to lose any game. Huge win for Sligo – their first ever provincial title at this level.

  18. Passing the ball sideways when needing a score and the final whistle goes
    Appropriate enough based on the 3 games
    Maurice won’t be replacing Horan any time soon

  19. How in the hell did Mayo lose that one? Well apart from gifting goals that is…….Some talented lads on that Mayo team, just a pity the fecking management wouldn’t allow them to play. So much better than Sligo but this pass, pass, pass, pass would wreck your head. If this style of play is the answer then I haven’t a clue what the question is!

  20. Congrats to Sligo. Great win and lift for their county.

    In truth that’s a poor mayo team from what I’ve seen. Or maybe it’s the style of play….it would bore you to death.

  21. Mayo threw it way. One of the strangest endings to a game I’ve ever seen, and as a follower of Mayo that stands for something. Red Og must’ve had a hand in that 4th goal. Congrats to Sligo.

  22. Totally agree km79 no excuses as they say goals win games no matter how they go in but shocking stuff from us congrats to Sligo

  23. What can you say after that only well done to Sligo. It’s their first title at this grade so they’ll enjoy this one.

    These are young lads so I’m going to say very little more today.

  24. Usually our forwards feck it up for us but defensively we were woeful tonight. Those two late goals were absolutely diabolical. Sligo were dead and buried and weren’t even creating chances and we gift them those goals. Totally lacked the confidence to create a proper attack when we fell behind

  25. I agree that Sheridan shouldn’t be anywhere near the senior team, and he won’t, but he can’t be blamed for that one in all fairness. Tough on the young goalie but he really won it for Sligo, two of the softest goals you’ll ever see.

  26. Better team won ..well done Sligo. Hard luck to our lads ..not clinical enough.
    Maigheo go deo.

  27. 3 games in a row we let teams back into it at the end, was always gonna come back to bite us.

    Hard to take anything from that game really. Best of luck to Sligo.

  28. What sucks the most is that Mayo were a much better team (again like Galway / Leitrim) but this time gifted them the game. Tactics very naïve again…a real pity …

  29. Shocking – congratulations Sligo – but shocking defending (or lack of) at this level. Couple of bright sparks but management haven’t covered themselves in glory at all

  30. You’d have to consider the mentality. It absolutely beggars belief them last couple of mins , forget everything else and just ask what was the sideline instructing .

  31. @MO-Direach – Sligo were not the better team tonight but they managed to pull out a win and thats all that matters.

  32. Well done Sligo, they might have gotten lucky with the goals but you make your own luck in these types of games. While the tightened up in the second half I thought the looked more dangerous than us overall in the game.
    We have some fine players coming through but I think Maurice Sheridan has learnt some harsh lessons from this game that you might have a system you prefer but you should always tweak your system to amplify the strengths of your most talented players not force square pegs into round holes to suit your system of play!!
    Good news is Donnacha McHugh and Frank Irwin are free to play against Galway should we need them.

  33. Congrats to Sligo, very hard to begrudge them after everything that has happened recently. But hopefully that is the end of Maurice ball. Putrid, putrid stuff altogether.

  34. Genuinely asking how any football team needing a point to save their championship in the last minute could actually pass the ball backwards and then latterly with an extra man to boot .

    That’s not normal , nothing to do with style or anything else that is simply not normal behaviour of a football team .

  35. A man up and 5 ahead and still lost, only Mayo? Sligo to their credit fought like tigers when all looked lost their first title at this grade after 9 final defeats and they won Connacht minor last year so they are doing some great work at underage in fairness to them.

  36. Huge congrats to Sligo. Take it easy on our lads, some players made mistakes but so did many a player in their time. If the talent is not as good as other years that’s not the players fault. What a win for Sligo.

  37. Congratulations to Sligo and enjoy all the celebrations.

    Hard luck to our lads. It wasn’t to be this evening. Hard lessons learned I’m afraid.

  38. Lads not to blame..management completely set up wrong.They have a lot to learn…where was Ethan Henry who is playing very well and not injured and a few more as well .
    This is one that got away…we seem to need a lot of learning.

  39. Firstly congrats to Sligo. Fought hard all game and got a slice of luck to win it in the end. After a tough time in the county with the death of Red Og Murphy at 21 i’m sure they needed the lift more than anyone. The scenes at the end showed what it meant to them.

    Secondly, remember these lads are under 20 and there is a high chance some will read threads such as this. Stick together in the good times and bad and be fair with comments not just harsh individual criticism of young players.

  40. The last three minutes can tell us how any ability up front is being sucked out of this team.Sideways and backways all night long and for three games and last year also.Puke game plan and as expected unfortunatley.Mayo underage can and need to play a better type of football.Well do Sligo.

  41. Easy to blame management for all our problems and I am no fan of the way we play or played last year but you can’t blame management for those two late goals we conceded. That was bread and butter stuff, just basic defending Having said that I wouldn’t be in for having too much of a go at the keeper. He won’t need anyone to tell him he had a nightmare few minutes and will no doubt feel terrible. Well done to Sligo A first ever title at U21 or U20 Great credit is due to them and in a year where their GAA community has suffered a tragic loss fair play to these lads for doing something positive for that community

  42. It was a big mistake not to have Luke Jennings playing in goals . I cant understand why SHERIDAN was putting on subs when there was no need .We had got ourselves into a winning position .He did not learn his lesson from putting on subs in the Leitrim game. I Thought Rory Morrin should not have been taken off because he was the one player driving at Sligo. I am livid at the moment but I never had any confidence in Maurice Sheridan since he kicked the ball away to john mcdermott in the dying minutes of the 1996 all-ireland final. Its hard to think about Sunday at this moment but we have no choice but to flock to Castlebar and support and cheer on our Team.

  43. Congrats to Sligo,, We have been terrible since 2016 at underage. Roscommon under 20s last year gave us a good beating. Our forwards haven’t a clue in regards to their movement. They seem to lay off the ball and then turn around and run towards the sideline or back towards their own goal. They never try a run inside their markers towards the posts. We used to be strong in the backs but that day is also gone. There was no young Colm Boyle or Keith Higgins there tonight or for that matter for the last number of years. How may times in last three games ( Galway, Leitrim and Sligo) have players pulled out when they should have been claiming the ball

  44. Congrats to Sligo.
    There are some decent seniors for the future in our u20 team.
    We cannot ever again allow a manager impose such a negative handiassing style on a minor or u20 team. It was the systematic plan the last two years and it has set backwards two years of squad in preparation for senior inter county football.
    Pressure pressure pressure work work work.
    We actually had some good scores when we ignored the plan.

  45. Sickening way to lose. We nearly threw away the Galway and Leitrim games despite being well on top. The same thing tonight except we were caught.

    Underage results have been poor for a while but it was worse a few years ago when Galway were trouncing us regularly. We were well good enough to win connacht this year, even without Callinan who’s probably the best prospect on the team.

  46. Well done Sligo.
    Let’s now start treating the U20 players in Connacht with a bit of respect. No games in centres of excellence, no big rush to get it over with and no more bloody penalty shootouts. It’s seriously disrespectful to young lads, a large % of whom will be donning the county jersey for the final time.


  48. Maurice Sheridan trying to introduce a style of football just as everyone else is trying to move away from it….The only reason that type of crap football should be used is if you have 15 talentless players. That doesn’t pan out with this Mayo team who have loads of good footballers.

  49. Look it would be far worse if Sligo played us off the park, they didn’t, we were miles the better team. Two massive howlers gift wrapped them 6 points. Freakish results happen all the time at this level, Sheridan was 1000% to blame for the loss to Roscommon last year, but to be banging on about him and selectors for losing this one is just plain wrong in my opinion.

  50. Very inhibited performance.

    People calling for James Horan to hand over the reins should be careful what they wish for.

  51. I said it after last week game and it was the same again today. God help us if this hand passing game is the future. Ethan Henry wasn’t even considered for the subs and he flying in training.

  52. A poor campaign overall. Tough on the lads tonigh. Commentary on mid west mentioned 80/20 passes, this was apparently management’s motto at trainings, only passes that were80% certain were allowed. Lads were pulled up for long kick passes that didn’t work. No target man in full forward line for last two games. Sean Morahan played half forward last week , corner back tonight, a lot of strange decisions. In fairness to Sligo they didn’t give up and if ur close enough with minutes to go , anything can happen.

  53. Oisin Tunney 6 foot 2 inches on the Mayo senior extended panel last year, all star minor three years ago, playing senior club football at corner back for Breaffy for 2-3 years was left on the subs bench for the three games and got no game time at all – a disgrace.
    It was fairly obvious after the Leitrim game that there were problems in full back line and nothing done to rectify it.
    That game plan Sheridan is trying to impose on these players went out of fashion 5 years ago. Some of the few attempted foot passes and shots in second half were poorly executed. It was obvious little time is spent in training actually kicking the ball.

  54. We ran the ball for a number of reasons. We didn’t have elite level U20 full forwards to win ball inside. We did however have top class players in the middle 8 who are excellent ball carriers. Also the opposition had at least 1 and sometimes 2 sweepers in around their D area – the long ball option often was just not on. Some of the Sheridan criticism is fair but a lot is over the top.

  55. If Ethan Henry was training well it’s crazy he wasn’t involved. Looked physically a cut above everyone in the intermediate championship last year. Would have been very influential at U20 level.

    There are several strong prospects on that team which is the most important thing. Dawson, Morahan and Tom O’Flaherty have another 2 years at this age group too.

  56. Its called Gaelic Football, yes football you kick the ball mainly forward to another player. and continue that untill you get a score or send it wide.. Now Mayo mainly because of Coaches and Managers just hand pass the ball back and sideways , mainly back the way till they loose it. Horrible to watch and cant be very satisfying to play either for the players. Back to real Gaelic Football, catch and kick and let both players and spectators enjoy it. Get rid of the money greedy Managers who just dont want to look bad by conceeding too many scores

  57. This was tactically poor and does warrant criticism of the sideline team, this cannot be defended, all you have to do is look at Mayo’s last 4 possessions in this game and several long passages of play with 20 -30 hand passes and literally going nowhere. Using vasts amount of energy also allowing Sligo to finish a fresh team even with 14…The handpassing game was not even well coached as someone said above. As I said earlier what really annoys here is this is / should have been a good team and beaten all 3 teams easily but sadly shocking sideline tactics did them…simple. The criticism is valid and not defendable…

  58. Congratulations to Sligo. A well deserved win to back up their minor success last year. It would be great for Connacht football to have them competitive at senior level again.
    As for Mayo the basic fact is no team that is five points clear and a man up should never lose any game, and even more so when the opposition have not scored or looked like scoring for twenty five minutes.

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