7 thoughts on “LIVE: St Gerald’s College v Omagh CBS

  1. Not much between the teams but Omagh more clinical. Crashing the ball off the Omagh bar with just the keeper to beat near halftime was very disheartening as Omagh went straight down the pitch and got a point. Big second half needed.

  2. Very unfortunate for Ryan Gibbons with the one that cracked off the crossbar just before the break. A huge 4 point swing to take on the chin for the lads. Some incredible exhibition shots from Dara Neary, as usual by his standards, and some great turnovers from Cathal Keaveney early on.

    Sadly other than the goal chance at the end we’ve really struggled to break them down. Points coming from kicking over the defence rather than making our way through it. Omagh a seriously powerful side. Out running, out powering and out pacing Gerald’s at times. Lucky enough they missed another 1-3 or 1-4 that was relatively kickable.

    Sadly, hard not to see them extending that lead in the second… and doing something similar again in the Final to Mounthawk. They’re a seriously impressive side the last couple of years. Dominant.

  3. Super proud of Gerald’s working away in the second half right up to the final whistle. The heads never dropped (even a man down) and kept probing away to try and create the goal chance right up to the end. The scoreline doesn’t reflect the battle they put up.

    Looking forward to seeing some of those lads later in the year at minor (and some of the Omagh lads at 20s). Some huge potential there on both sides. A few long range points kicked we’d have loved to see yesterday in Omagh.

  4. Never rule out a Kerry team in an all Ireland final- even against a Tyrone team. Wait and see.
    I wonder are all the good footballers in Tyrone electing to go to Omagh CBS and is that one of the reasons they are so strong

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