I am bereft, almost inconsolable. It’s all over … well, until next year. Yes folks, the third season of Prison Break, that wonderfully entertaining leave-your-sense-of-logic-at-the-door-but-enjoy-the-ride show, finished up on RTE 2 last night. As it did, all we were left with was a vengeful-looking Michael Scofield driving off in pursuit of his quarry, a large fuck-off pistol and the origami he’d given to poor old Sara in Season One lying on the passenger seat, with a haunting Spanish version of Roy Orbison’s classic Crying playing in the background. Fabulous stuff.

Talking of crying and soap operas, I see that the crack with the ladies football is continuing to rumble on, in ever more embarrassing fashion. This production is, of course, one that has been created by County Chairman Caroline Brogan. It’ll come as no surprise to you to know that I prefer to see my light entertainment dreamed up by someone like Paul Scheuring.

Okay, time for something more substantial to chew on. Ian O’Riordan has an interview in today’s Times with BJ (sub required), where the Belmullet man is ruing the fact that this year we’re losing those close games that last year (think Cork, think Dublin) we were managing to win. BJ also talks about life at full-back and while he says he is enjoying the new challenge, he does admit that he’d prefer to be stationed further out the field. I’ve voiced that same opinion more than once, too, but certainly from what I saw in the Donegal game, BJ is as good as anyone else we have in the full-back line right now. We just have to hope that what now looks like a permanent move for BJ doesn’t leave us all, including him, llorando later on in the year.

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