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We’re heading west, all five of us together, later on and there’s a whole load of stuff to sort out before then (including my final week’s mini-league predictions: don’t forget the midnight deadline) so this has to be very quick.  The nationals are still in bed once again where it comes to previews so all I can find is RTE (who go for them) and Hogan Stand (us).  Paddy Power have the odds at even but the draw is available at a tasty 15/2.  Punters on the site here are fairly emphatic (82% emphatic) that we can do it but, to be fair, this vote was started just after the high of the Tuam result and I didn’t put down the draw as an option.

I think we could win, I think we could lose but I also think we might draw.  I don’t know what to think, in other words.  But I think we will avoid relegation whatever the result is and I think I’ll be taking all my little people to McHale Park to see tomorrow’s action.  The fan in my laptop is now making the most alarming whirring noise (despite the fact that it was only switched on fifteen minutes or so ago) and, if I don’t should it down pretty quickly, I think there’s a good chance it’ll blow up.  That’s as good a reason as any to wrap this up – I’ll be back again at some stage after the match tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “Loading up

  1. I go West on occassions as well, I take four (kids). I honestly believe it has added twenty years to my life with the fighting, arguing and pit stops on the way. As a single manI flung a holdall in the boot and travelled carefree, stopping where I choose and leaving when the notion took me. Now its an ordeal, I wish you well. By the way two things topical.
    (1) I never want to hear OMahoney talk about burnout again. A man who up to Janurary this year clung to the old brigade like a kid to a favourite toy tosses in O Shea and McLoughlin before an All_Ireland semi. How would Johnno react when he was U21 manager and a stunt like that was pulled. Keep front loading O Shea and he will be out of football at twenty.
    (2) Des Cahill on the Sunday Game. Well for one I wont be watching it too often. Cahill is another Bertie as far as I am concerned and he is no fan of Mayo.

  2. agree with point 1 ontheroad GAA Archives have a good few boy wonders who were has beens in their early 20’s due to injury overexposure burmout etc…
    Point 2 well not so sure Imet Des once many yrs ago a very affable man with great interpersonel skills
    and may I say a keen intrest in mayo football but then so did the whole bloody country it was after the 89 final

  3. You should be thankful then, ontheroad, seeing as all those trips have added years to your life rather than shortened your existence! The trip down this evening (we’ve always travelled across country at night with the kids – it’s a more efficient use of time and easier on them as well) was a total breeze, I have to say.

    I’m in two minds about ah-um Dessie. I find him hard to take at times as well, especially on the radio where his inarticulate way of speaking makes you wonder how he ever got a job on the radio. I think he might be okay, though, on the Sunday Game as it’ll suit his blokey style and the lads on the couch will probably prefer that to the grenades that Pat kept rolling at them. In fairness to Des as well, he does know his GAA and that should come across fairly well. All in all, then, he’s not the worst choice for the job.

  4. Apologies…now you see what I mean! I should have said taken years OFF my life but maybe I think I meant that they actually aged me i.e mid 50s but feel 70+. Anyway a good result today v Tyrone.

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