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Just as we all begin the gentle coming down off last Sunday’s high, the local papers start to appear and we’re off again. Are you ready for some rocket fuel, then?

The Mayo News is, as ever, the first to hit the streets and it’s chock-full of yummy content. Here it is: Mike Finnerty’s match report, Ed McGreal’s player ratings, Noel Connelly’s analysis, Seán Rice’s analysis, Mike Finnerty with some more analysisDaniel Carey’s amusing take on the post-match reaction, Rob Murphy’s post-match interview with Donal Vaughan and Daniel Carey with more post-match reaction with a number of the players.

Then, once you’ve got through that lot, there’s the Mayo News post-match podcast for dessert.

The Connaught Telegraph (which is, at the best of times, a bit hit and miss with the content they put online) also has a few articles of interest about Sunday’s match – there’s a ‘second opinion’ on it (though they don’t reveal whose opinion this is) and some post-match comments with James Horan. There’s also a short piece on the positive impact our championship run might have on the County Board’s finances. That’s not a hornet’s nest I wish to kick at the minute but, from the bit I know about the books, it’ll take more than this to sort out that particular problem.

The same paper also has a report on what was being said on the TV before, during and after the game on Sunday.

The print version of the Western People will, I know, have hit the shops today but it’ll be Thursday or Friday before their content goes online. In a week of change, some things stay the same.

Finally, I’ve stuck up two short video clips that I took at the match (I find that recording video doesn’t really sit all that well with being a deranged supporter, hence the fact that I don’t do as much of this as I used to in the past).

Here’s Robbie Hennelly’s sweetly struck ’45:

And here’s the final score of the day – Cillian O’Connor’s sixth point, which came from a close-in free:

3 thoughts on “Local flavour

  1. Reading the Locals this week puts a whole new slant on the phrase ‘eye-candy’!!

  2. If anyone has a chance they should read keys to the kingdom(Jack O Connors book), especialy the chapter on 06 and how they let Mayo manage the hype. A lot of the Kerry team are still there, but from watching the munster final this year, Kerry tired in the second half, so Mayo to keep it tight until at least half time.

  3. I read that book with great amusement. To paraphrase the Ballina dictionary, that man O’Connor has more chips on his shoulder than Barry McLoughlin would make in a week in Cafollas! It also provides very interesting insights into the attitudes of the different players – Galvin, Tom O’Sullivan, the O’Sés etc

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