Logjam of Mayo-related matches on Sunday

It’s frequent enough that the attention of supporters can be divided across different games on the same day. This coming Sunday, however, Mayo fans will have their eyes on four separate locations, with teams from the county in action in games contested across three provinces, two of which are All-Ireland deciders.

You can slice and dice the four games in different ways: two club and two county; three football and one hurling; three involving the men and one the women; two throwing in at 1.30pm and the other two at 2pm.

Let’s use the latter delineation, which also splits the matches between club and county. Both of the club games, which throw in at 1.30pm, are All-Ireland finals.

Castlebar Mitchels are contesting the LGFA All-Ireland Intermediate Championship final against St Sylvester’s of Dublin. This game is fixed for Duggan Park, Ballinasloe, and tickets for it are available here.

At the same time, this time at Croke Park, the footballers of Kilmeena are set to take on Gneeveguilla of Kerry in the All-Ireland Junior club football Championship final. Tickets for this game are available here and the match will also be streamed live by TG4 on their YouTube channel (here). From what I can see, this is the only one of the four Mayo-related matches that’ll be streamed live on Sunday.

At 2pm the Senior footballers are, of course, in NFL Division One action against Monaghan at St Tiernach’s Park in Clones. If you’re planning on going to that one and aren’t a season ticket holder you can get match tickets at selected Centra and SuperValu outlets and also from here.

The only one of the four matches to be played on home turf is the one involving the county’s hurlers. They open their NHL Division 2B campaign with a Round 1 match against Wicklow at James Stephens Park in Ballina. Tickets for that game are available here.

Midwest Radio will have live commentary of the match in Clones, with score updates from the other ones. For those Patreon club members who won’t be able to make it to St Tiernach’s Park, the Discord in-game messaging chat with some of the podcast team will be going hammer and tongs once again so you’ll be able to follow the action there on the day.

The very best of luck to all four teams from Mayo in action this weekend.

12 thoughts on “Logjam of Mayo-related matches on Sunday

  1. Any season ticket holders out there manage to get a “free ” ticket for the Kilmeena game on their account ? Friend of mine did, but I don’t seem to have the option on my account.

  2. Stephen,
    When you log in to your season ticket accunt on your phone there is a symbol with three horisontal lines on the top left hand corner of the screen. Tap on that to reveal an option for Club Final Tickets. Tap on the option and it will reveal all of the tickets open to you. Similarly, if you log on with a computer, there is a line of options at the top of the page, one of which is Club Final Tickets. Again, follow the link again to get your ticket.
    I’m not sure if this works for all Season Tickets, but it certainly works for the Club+ version.

  3. Something I noticed last week is that the Saturday night tickets for non-Mayo league matches in Croke Park are not available this year to Season Ticket holders. That was an option that I used to make use of before hitting west for a Mayo match the following day.

  4. Thanks Louis, I tried that earlier alright with no success unfortunately. It’s not listed under “my tickets”, but Club finals are available to purchase under “Buy Tickets”. It’s a strange one

  5. In relation to the season tickets,they have gotten rid of seating groups this year (another thing in the long list of downgrades aswell as the price going up)
    For example,myself and the Mrs always go to games together, if we get to Croker this year we wouldn’t be seated together (I had this confirmed by season ticket office)
    The soultion is to email them and ask for tickets to be transferred all onto one account.I have done this and it works.Not ideal for big groups who used to sit together but will work for others such as my own situation.
    Just a heads up for fellow bloggers.

  6. FW, I am in the same situation as yourself. I remember I had them all on 1 account and when we played Dublin in the semi-final replay in 2015, I could only order 1 additional ticket to my already 2 season tickets.They said you could only order 1 per account and not per ticket.

  7. Thanks very much Louis, I emailed the Ticket office and they sorted there, I’ve still no idea how or what they did to solve it ,but all good.

  8. I wouldn’t read too much into Dublin’s decline just yet.. What definitely has changed is their Modus Operandi of over and back, possession based football before getting to the D for a low risk shot is now being succesfully counteracted by the other team’s.. as had to happen eventually, if your opposition knows exactly how you are going to play, if they are well coached, they will have a great chance to nullify your approach..It will take time to develop a new way of playing, but it served them very well winning Six Sam’s in a row.. No great shakes out there elsewhere either.. I taught the standard of football in the second half in Tralee was dreadful, all be it the conditions were very very difficult..

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