London calling for the FBD

It’s difficult to think about anything else but rain up here in the capital at the minute what with the deluge we’ve had over the past 24 hours (okay, Sean Gallagher and envelopes might register with a few people too) but last night’s decision by the London GAA County Board to join the FBD League next year is worthy of a mention. The possibility of this happening was well trailed in advance, given that the Connacht GAA fixture list for 2012 contained two set of dates for the FBD fixtures to take account of whether or not the Exiles would be taking part.

Now that they are, the tournament will get underway on 4th January with London having to head over here to take part. As Connacht Council Secretary John Prenty explained when the fixture lists were published, however, the Exiles will be able to complete the four rounds of games in consecutive weekends by playing matches on the Friday and the Sunday of the two weekends that they’re over.

London’s decision to take part in the FBD makes perfect sense for them, given their desire to build on their achievements in this year’s championship. If they’re better prepared for the 2012 NFL this in turn should ensure that they’ll be well ready for Leitrim in the preliminary round of the Connacht championship next May. This could, of course, ultimately mean that our Connacht semi-final opponents on 24th June next year may not, after all, be the lads from the Ridge County.

11 thoughts on “London calling for the FBD

  1. What nickname will you put on London WJ seeing as they are a growing influence in the dark province. Leitrim is the Ridge County and Sligo the Yeats so what will you call County London and County New York. Jeez I hope no more ex pats set up or Connacht will be bigger than Leinster.

  2. Ontheroad, based on what we’ve seen this year, London are The Hope County and New York are The Lost County. Or if you prefer, London are Exiles WH (with hope) and New York are Exiles WTF?. Forgive me, it’s still a bit early here and coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. 🙂

  3. I said the Big Smoke as I heard the saying came from London in the 50’s due to the air pollution from the use of coal!

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