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With all the excitement about the drawn hurling final there’s very little being said as yet about the football decider even if there’s only twelve days to go now until it takes place. That doesn’t mean, however, that nothing is happening – just that perhaps it’s time to wheel out that old analogy about the duck (floating serenely on the surface, paddling like crazy underneath).

So who is paddling at the minute? Well, Cáirde Mhaigheo over in London are for starters. They’re holding a race night fundraiser next Sunday evening (16th) in the Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High Street where throw-in takes place at 6.30pm. There’ll be races and music and a few chances to win All-Ireland tickets over the course of the evening. Full details on the event are in the poster opposite – double-click on it for the high resolution version. Further information on the event is available from

There was – if all those photos tweeted by @officialdonegal are to be believed – total mayhem up in Ballybofey last Saturday morning when over 6,000 people turned up to worship at the church of Jimmy The Redeemer and to witness his disciples being put through their paces. Not to be outdone, our lads are having an open evening for supporters at McHale Park this coming Friday (14th) between 6.30pm and 7.30pm where you’ll be able to meet the players and management, get your face painted, jersey signed and so forth. Unlike the Donegal one, though, our one isn’t slated to last half the day – the shutters will come down at 7.30pm sharp after which anyone betraying any hint of a Donegal lilt will I’m sure find themselves being escorted rapidly from the premises.

The County Board is also organising a Green and Red Fun Day this Friday, with workplace and school variants both planned. The intention is to create a bit of a buzz about the final and, while doing so, to raise some dosh for the training fund. Prizes for participants will include that precious commodity of tickets for the final.

Finally, on a totally separate note I see that An Fear Rua has decided to close what must surely be the longest-running online GAA discussion forum in existence. I can sympathise with what he has to say about the perils of overseeing internet comment although, based on my own experience here, I wouldn’t agree 100% with his take on it either. By coincidence, An Spailpín Fánach tackles the same thorny topic over at his place today.

3 thoughts on “London fundraiser, team open evening and other stuff

  1. Read this on Hoganstand website. Any truth in it WJ?

    Good news I believe on the ticket front with clubs to be allocated higher volumes than initially expected. However I only spoke to people involved with senior clubs, but it is believed to be a level playing field in terms of the quantities allocated to each individual club. 100 tickets is what I was told.

    Additional tickets can be requested, but at a PRICE…
    Any club that wishes to receive a second allocation must cough up €1000. It is not certain on the amount to be obtained second time round but (tickets) should exceed at least 20 but no more than 50. This method seems to be a way of financing much needed funds for the McHale Park development and the progressing costs of the Mayo senior Football team.

    Chances are slim of the Mayo County Board receiving an additional allocation from Croke Park as tickets are in massive demand and are going to be snapped up from every avenue possible.

  2. Hi wj, don’t know if this is the right place, if not please move.

    Just a heads up for any season ticket holders, check your e-mail today, Croke Park have allocated 305/306 for season ticket holders, make sure your card is up to date, as your account will be charged in the next couple of days and tickets will be posted out. It would be a shame to miss out at this stage!!

  3. The allocation of tickets to clubs on the basis of their adult teams status seems a bit unfair. We are in the situation that we will have 40 tickets less than 3 neighbouring clubs who have failed to field teams at U14, U16 and minor having amalgameted with other clubs. The amalgamation means they have less members, less coaches, less minders, less county board tickets sold and less subs paid. What is the idea behind awarding one club less tickets than an other even though that club is more active?

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