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Mayo vehicles in London

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The team may not be flying over until tomorrow but, by all accounts, the travelling support heading for Ruislip on Sunday started to make landfall in significant numbers over in London today. I’m heading in the opposite direction myself tomorrow – will the county be completely empty by then, I wonder? – but, clearly, the main traffic flow this weekend is out of the west rather than into it.

I had the intention earlier in the week to do a post detailing events of interest that are on over in London during the weekend. I was, however, beaten to it by Club ’51 who listed all relevant events and set out plenty match-related info besides. This handy guide is here.

At the risk of repeating the info provided by Club ’51, a few of the pre-match events that are on in London tomorrow are worthy of specific mention. These are as follows:

  • Long-established East London GAA club Thomas MaCurtain’s are holding an event from 6pm in O’Neill’s of Leytonstone. Details here.
  • Achill GAA club are hosting a pre-match event in Angies of Willesden (full address 11A-13 Walm Lane, Willesden, NW2 5SJ) which is aimed at raising funds for the clubhouse development back at home. Full details here.
  • The Mayo News, Club ’51 and Cairde Mhaigheo (how’s that for a shock-and-awe coalition?) are teaming up to host an event in the Oxford Arms in Camden Town at 4pm tomorrow. Full details here.
  • Irish TV are broadcasting a live show at the clubhouse in the Irish TV Grounds in Ruislip (i.e. where the match itself will be played), which throws in at 8pm and where – so they say – there’ll be good music and expert analysis as well as tickets for Sunday to give away. More details here.

Mike Finnerty of the Mayo News is busy keeping the world up to date with this excellent adventure. He filed this report after he touched down over there earlier on today.  Sounds like a whole pile of fun, for sure.

18 thoughts on “London Town

  1. WJ, there’s one person left in Mayo this evening. Me. I’ve stayed behind to mind the place. I’ll let you in over the Rossie border, just knock.
    PS I’m going to unfollow all the Mayo related accounts on Twitter before I puke with jealousy.
    Hon Mayo.

  2. Thanks, Pebblesmeller – I’ll make sure to knock loudly! Nice, empty roads for my early morning cycle in the west tomorrow, I’d say.

  3. Spent a couple of summers living in Willesden whilst working on the sites as a student. Great place and full to the brim of Mayo ex pats.

    Rented a room off a Donegal man and each morning as I left the house he’d remind me that God is watching. He Reminded me again one evening as I departed Ruislip after being sent off for a very debatable second yellow. A string of effs later five of us were crushed into the back of his van headed for Cricklewood.

    Man the nostalgia.

  4. A lovely little antidote there from Rock. If we could all remember that we would have happier days maybe! I’m on the home brigade slso for weekend. The injury list is a bit concerning do we know the scale of any of those injures. Tomorrow is all about the game plan particularly with the forwards. So far we haven’t seen anything from forwards to suggest they will be significantly stronger unit this year. Mayo Abu by 12 points ..Enjoy. ..

  5. I see Bruce Springsteen has joined the club…should Mayo 4 Sam from a sign request last night

  6. Looks like you,ll need the auld sunscreen tomorrow wj. Flying over in the morning, got my tickets for the game sorted in the last hour, can, t wait now.. Couple of points to spare and no injuries please. H,on Mayo. Safe traveling to all.

  7. Have to say I’m a bit downbeat about things. Those injuries? Hope they are precautionary rather than long term, because a lot of form players are in the eye of the storm.

    It must be a concern also that we have only had one full panel get-together so far. My impression this time last year was that things were really singing in the sense of bonding, healing, and forging the panel. New things are need to be tried and these need to be road tested or tested in fully participative training sessions

    I’m expecting a win of course tomorrow (feel so relieved that London are not ‘risking’ Lorcan Mulvey at this stage), but think we will need every hour and minute of that training camp in London.

  8. Hey Lads & Lassies , As far as Gaelic-football Football goes, London is Connaught too!

  9. Maybe there’s a mutual celebration going on in London tonight before the gloves come off tomorrow.

  10. Always was a fan of the ‘Boss’. Did he say when that might happen ? I became there’s not another 64 year’s left in me!

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