London’s calling for the Mayo News football podcast

It was down on the pitch at Cusack Park in Ennis where Rob Murphy, Mike Finnerty and I were recording the post-match bit of the Mayo News football podcast that the notion of doing an All-Ireland preview edition over in London first came up.

Back then, in early July with our having just successfully negotiated Round 3A of the qualifiers, the notion was still little more than an idle thought. But the idea took root that day and now we’re ready to bring it to fruition.

As regular listeners will know, we’ve followed the Mayo GAA story closely on the podcast all this year. Now that the county is once more back in the All-Ireland final we’re looking to do a few extra bits and pieces to mark the occasion.

All this year, the Oxford Arms in Camden Town over in London (Prop: T Maloney, Bohola) have been the sponsors of the podcast. In light of this and also bearing in mind the way in which the large Mayo diaspora have taken the podcast to their hearts it makes perfect sense to host a special Over for the Match All-Ireland final preview event in London, at which we’ll also record a podcast episode. The event will take place at the Oxford Arms and is being held in association with Ireland West Airport.


For me personally there’s an enormous thrill in being involved in the event. This is because, two decades and more ago, I was that London-based emigrant myself and most of the time I was there I lived in that part of the city, barely half an hour’s stroll away from Camden Town. I still have strong links with London and every time I go back, it still feels – at least in part – as if I’m going home. I didn’t, then, have to be asked twice if I wanted to be involved in this gig.

So, the plan is as follows. The venue is the Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High Street, London NW1 7BU, and the idea will be to have a live event, compered by Mike Finnerty and also involving Rob and myself as well as a number of London-based Mayo people. The live chat will be coupled with a podcast recording, which will then be made available online afterwards in the usual way. The event will take place this day week, Wednesday 6th September, with throw-in set for 9pm (ish).

We’ll be lining up some special guests for the event and we’re looking forward to meeting up with Mayo fans over there next week, including the Cairde Mhaigh Eo London fraternity. If you know of anyone who has a story or two worth telling and who might be happy to take part in the event on the night, please get in touch, either via the comments here on the blog or by email to

We’re hoping to see a big Mayo crowd there for the event so, if you’re in London or its environs, please spread the word. Take it away, Joey …

55 thoughts on “London’s calling for the Mayo News football podcast

  1. out of curiousity, do you have stats regarding the number of times that each podcast has been downloaded ? i expects it increases significantly for each episode – it is an exceptional production – high quality & complusive listening. many thanks to rob, you and all others involved.

  2. Sound like it’ll be wile craic Wj! I’d nearly consider booking the day off work to go over. Could be a memorable night. Currently looking up flights from knock haha

  3. Way on down south, great memories of a great town, made men of us boys in the 80s. How about Mr Brush Sheils for the warm up, a gentleman Dub but spent many a night in Mayo back in the day.

  4. Eugene – it’s just a case of turning up on the night.

    Declan – we do have stats but I’m afraid I haven’t got them to hand. They’re split between plays on SoundCloud and downloads to iTunes and they number in the thousands for every episode at this stage. I’ll see if I can get more concrete details from Rob on this. Thanks for the kind words, by the way, about the podcast.

  5. Wille Joe fair play on going over ton London. If we win we’ll get ye over to Aberdeen for the day. Big Mayo population over here. Malones will be hopping on the 17th for those of us who can’t get home for the match.

  6. You’ll all have a super time there WJ. And thanks again for the recommendation. It was mighty to hear the Green and Red of Mayo blasting out of the speakers after full-time with everyone singing it. The place lifted with every Mayo score and turnover. It was full of Mayo with a few sound Kerry lads. The whole pub was captivated by the match.
    Back on home soil again and can’t wait ’til the 17th. It was some win.

  7. Sounds like a great night! Im definitely going to head to Camden for it and bring a gang (the other half is a Dub though)

  8. Enjoy it lads. Looking forward to the recently released podcasts as I have a bit of catching up to do with work being in the way lately. First time I also commented on the website ?

  9. If no one turns up WJ…you can always have a RIOT ON YOUR OWN!

    …apologies…couldn’t resist.

  10. Thrilled with this.
    I live 15 minutes away from Camden, so I can hardly not show up for this, now can I?!

    Out of interest WJ, are there any plans for a raffle etc for final tickets (yep, the hunt is well and truly on for tickets now)??

  11. Not that I’m aware of, Dan, but there’s a separate London event on (race night I think, being run by Cairde Mhaigh Eo London) ahead of the final and I’m almost sure there’ll be tickets raffled at that. Looking forward to meeting up next week!

  12. Mayo calling to the faraway towns
    Now war is declared, and battle come down
    Mayo calling to the underworld
    Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls
    Mayo calling, now look to us
    Phoney Kingdommania has bitten the dust
    Mayo calling, see we ain’t got no fear
    Except for that giving up – it wont happen

  13. Strange things happen in this old world. I sat in church on Sunday morning. The woman in front turned about and says… well done to Mayo for their win yesterday. They will be hard to beat. We chatted a little and then she turned away again. I looked down at the books on the pew…one green and one red! Hmmm. Next thing the man on the altar says the bishop will be visiting every school and parish throughout the month of September. He’s calling his tour Route 66. Hmmm again says I…66 years since Sam came to Mayo. It’s a perfect title for this year. Route 66. Another thing… I googled Route 66 and found the following;. The number 66 in numerology is seen as a master number bringing material pleasure and success. Now I know there’s nothing scientific about all this but… I’m delighted to be part of the Route 66 Odyssey. I expect material pleasure and success this year. Hope Camden town turns green and red and all the Mayo family start the celebrations in style. Colour the place with confidence. Maigheo go deo

  14. Love the podcasts . The introductory tune and during the podcast almost transports you into the mayo focus , that is the quest for the holy grail. Kind of like a hospital drip but full of mayo nectarine. What else have we got !, for the next 3 weeks to keep the momentum at a level ready for the final .

  15. Take it easy Lefthalfback I have to get through two months work in the next 3 weeks as I intend doing very little from the 17 onwards!!

  16. Willie Joe
    Thanks so much to you and the team for doing this. Our emigrants from Mayo are such a part of us and its so important to keep them involved and vested in the life of our County. They kept manys the door open over the years especially the older generation who went in harder times.

  17. Pat, I couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of keeping our emigrants involved in the Mayo war effort. This team has done so much to represent what Mayo people are about. They espouse qualities like honest endeavour, humility, friendliness and resilience which are qualities of Mayo people the world over. We are lucky to have them.

  18. Should we be expecting a referee announcement tomorrow?

    Conor Lane (remember him?) was appointed on 31st August last year.

    As other posters might say, can’t wait!

  19. The ref is going to be Dublin Joe. Wasn’t on standby,linesman or tea making duties for either semi. Frankly I couldn’t care less. Can’t wait for the 17th these boys are not going to throw in the towel like every other county has to the dubs just keep on swinging till the bell rings. 1 good thing is we know that there no point in trying to counteract Dublin by doing x y or z so there for can fully concentrate on what we’ll do ourselves. If it’s good enough we’ll win if it’s not we’ll go down fighting. Guarantee ya 1 thing we’ve got far more as fans from this team than the dubs and the Kerry fans put together. It might be like chasing the finest woman in the town when you were a young lad. You tried and tried and tried . Eventually you got her home. Next weekend nothing to look forward to. Half the craic is in the chase.

  20. Go home, the lot of you – you’re all officially drunk. Just a few minutes ago, the page view count for the month of August went over half a million, the first time that’s ever happened in a single month. Total hits for the year now stand at 2.3 million, not far off the 2016 total of 2.76 million.

  21. Wow.

    Thats a lot of views and people checking in. Just shows how much everyone loves this blog. Great work by all involved. The instant way to keep up with Mayo football. In fact brilliant work on the blog.

    Best wishes and hoping everyone has an epic night in London. Think it’s a great idea and am sure the Mayo crew in London will turn out in force.

  22. The hit count on this page is just more evidence that Mayo GAA need to wake up, smell the coffee & start to capitalise on its brand asap.

  23. Not surprised at those huge number WJ. I see people in work everyday, men not from mayo, lads from Kerry, galway,sligo , westmeath etc checking the blog and reading the comments. Well done for the hard work!

  24. Great news WJ. I’m sure you’ve thought of the potential revenue from this blog or have you been there already?

  25. Back in the final again. A little over a month ago, we would scarcely have believed that we would be. But something changed in that Roscommon replay, we have been utterly transformed.

    Yes Dublin look impressive this year, but they looked formidable coming into last year’s final also. And there’s no doubt that we are much improved compared to last year. It is going to take a huge performance, but we are certainly capable of doing it.

    For me, there are 4 key men we need to target. Cluxton, Cian O’Sullivan, Brian Fenton, & Ciaran Kilkenny. Attack Cluxton’s kickout as much as possible, and hammer the hammer(s), and we have every chance.

    While the league final is not entirely relevant, Kerry used a similar template to great effect & won out on the day.

    Great to be back in the final again!!

  26. Mayo focus …
    One other … Jack McCartney was critical v Tyrone.
    He made huge holes in the Tyrone defence on Sunday.
    Needs to match pace for pace here.

  27. Agree with comment above – focussing on kickouts, Fenton and Kilkenny is absolutely crucial. Trust our mgt team to get matchups on these right.

    Plus not to play into Dublin hands by stationing AOS in front of the goal too much. He might pop in and out or go there to look to drag 2/defenders after him away from goal to make space for others, but think we need him helping us win possession on long kickouts (from both keepers). Whatever number he wears, hope he will get on plenty of ball facing our goal. And also allow our newly confident attackers to hopefully continue good form of recent games.

    As another poster said in last few days, also want to see Keith getting as much license to get up the field as possible. Think he would have made lots more hay against Dubs previously if not pulled back into man marking role.

  28. The hit count is extraordinary, what a fantastic service you provide to all us Mayo fans home and abroad. As an emigrant to London for the past 6 years, I for one would be absolutely lost without this blog. Whilst I am in close contact with friends and family from home on all things mayo, this blog takes me right back home and into the terraces, back into the mayo community. For us emigres who can no longer attend FBD, league games or early championship games, it is the missing link.

    My early days as a Mayo supporter began in the mid-nineties, back in the days of travelling around the various corners of Mayo to watch division 3 league matches, when the attendances were only a fraction of what they are now. I can remember my 2nd outing in Croke park (the first being that unmentionable day against Cork in 1993, when luckily I was too young to appreciate the disaster as it unfolded), the 1996 league semi-final against Derry, when hopes were high after beating Meath in the quarter final. We left Croke park that evening with damp clothes and images of Brolly blowing kisses into the hill, but the appetite was whetted! Since then the collection of match programmes has spilled into numerous boxes, including 8 All-Ireland final programmes. Unfortunately, I will have to wait a while longer to add number 9, as my first child has timed his arrival to coincide with the other big day! Whilst I may not be home to experience the build-up or the match day, I will have the blog, my home away from home!

  29. Congrats WJ on the ammount of hits for August incredible numbers…I would say there was a fair ammount of those hits from Rosscomon as like ourselves they are big into their football and played right up until August.
    I was watching the Kerry game last night and noticed that Diurmuid Oconnor was running very well right up untill half time and very nearly scored a 2nd goal on the stroke of halftime and then ran off quite freely so i would say very little wrong there with hamstring same with Donal Vaughan ran off the pitch well when changed fingers crossed we have a full healty squad
    I would imagine there was very little in the way of training this week next week will see things ratchet up.
    Last year in the run up to thefinal there was a official fund raiser in Galway greyhound track it was a great night plenty of former players there and i know a lot of money raised ….Hopefully something simalar again this year if anybodys hears anything you might let us all know about it.

  30. Well done Willie Joe on your achievements with this blog. You work really hard with it and it can’t be easy acting as Mod and contributor all the time. You’re very articulate and this blog on its own is great for keeping the passion and hunger alive in all us crazy obsessed supporters.

    On the final the referee for the game will be key. It’ll probably be ‘Dublin’ Joe no doubt?!! He’s a bit of an enigma overall. I seem to remember from the drawn semi in 2015, he’d rather have donated a kidney than show a black card to any of the dubs. There was a particularly obvious one with cian o’sullivan if memory serves me correct.

    But I think draw is written all over this one. It’s Mayo’s ‘thing’ this summer. Might be worth throwing a tenner on it!!

  31. RiseAgain absolutely, Jack is a class act with pace to burn. Another one to add to the list, I’m not sure who we match up with him though.

  32. It was MacCauley who was the blatantly obvious black McQuillan missed as linesman from 20m away. In any event he’s slow with the whistle and as we know makes mistakes on big hits especially if committed by the underdogs, in this case us.
    Also I don’t think any ref wants a perception of bias. In any case I think Gavin was complaining about him not giving enough frees to Dublin straight after 2013 final, a bit strange and ungracious given they’d just won.
    The approach to the ref team should simply be management study what he/they like and doesn’t like and inform the players but allow for a change of tack too as (like the ball teams) they are also looking for improvement. Fans who fret stop having a persecution complex, it’s the same ref for both teams.

  33. I think kilkennys main role is to buy time until one of the.Dublin forwards breaks free. Most of his mileage is over and back the pitch 50 or 60 yards out. Assuming that the marking is kept tight the big watchout are.the players breaking from midfield. Tight marking can mean that the forwards can position the backs across the width of the pitch wherever they want to bring them. When the player runs from midfield they are going for the area between the backs and this is where kilkenny is going to offload the ball. That’s where the panic can start. Now your dealing with all the forwards and the players that have broken in to the defensive zone from midfield. I think the main thing is to match Dublin in numbers when they do manage to break in to the defensive zone. Ensure that any shot on goal is under huge pressure. It’s a big ask for 70 to 80 minutes so the defenders need to be getting their breathers when Mayo are attacking.
    Using our half back attacking strategy would and will disrupt the dublin attacking plan. The dublin half forwards are going to have to follow our half backs up the pitch.
    Tyrone didn’t seem to have any plan for kilkenny but I’m sure stephen and the mayo management will have this one well thought through.

  34. Well done, W J
    Managers’ Tales: Galway v Mayo. Galway: KW masterminds consecutive victories over Mayo.Tactically astute, Galway on way up, aristocrats returning. Mayo: Tactically poor, too much mileage, new players not blooded in League, await inevitable defeat in Qualifiers and then goodbye Stephen.
    Galway v Roscommon: KW poor,disastrous defending, potentially great forwards shackled,run in qualifiers required or goodbye K. Roscommon: Tactically astute,great manager,with young vibrant team to dominate Connacht for years. MC S Mayo’.s lost leader.
    Galway v Donegal: KW great tactician, lets team play Galway brand,on way up again, will grace Croke Park.
    Mayo v Derry/Clare/Cork: Somehow get over line but waiting for inevitable knockout ,team playing from memory,Stephen no influence.
    End of Part 1

  35. Great post Woflie. It just goes to show how fickle people can be and how the vast majority of sports writers, pundits and posters know sweet fu*k all, myself included. I think it’s important at this time of year that we not forget those less fortunate than us, for those who suffer most at this time. Think of the trolls and bitter indivduals who thrive on negativity. Imagine the pain as skulk under their bridges, having to look at all the happy people walking proudly around the county, full of pride and joy. Think of the inner rage and turmoil as they consider the worst possible outcome, the thing that keeps them awake night after night, a Mayo victory. Never again will they be able say “I told you so”, never again will they be able post “player X or manager Y was never good enough”.
    So enjoy the next 17 days in the same way you’ve enjoyed every other day supporting this great county and if you meet one of these poor souls in the pub, shop or on the street, give them a hug, look them in the eye and whisper “Mayo for Sam” in their ear.

  36. The pundits know so little because they get distracted by nonsense or bias or group think ,both pro one team and anti another. Punditry is not where the action is.

    Look up !

    It’s a really important point that the real winners here are the people of the whole county who have been gradually transformed over the past few years from being timid , easily cowed by a defeat especially by Kerry and accused of being basically crazy and prone to hype ( to be fair there was an element of truth in the hype bit ) to being more even minded , understanding in defeat , yet more vocal in their overt support for the team at all levels.

    No one in Mayo is hiding their support for this team. The team are bringing out our latent pride in a way that’s not happened before.

    These men are real men and real sportsmen and they are imbuing their community with a deep sense of pride regardless of whether they win a medal or not . Because of this team and their routine heroism ( oxymoron I know ) the future of our county pride is assured .

    I am so proud of these human beings and their relentless never say die attitude . They live by the motto ” don’t show the white feather “.

    What a great thing to be said about your people. Fearless . Let’s keep on that .

    What a great thing to be said about your county men . Relentless .

    What a great thing to be said about your players and management . Pure class.

    Real heroism . Relentless endeavor. Pure class .

    For our county I’ll take that regardless of back pocket medals and the like.

    Were we all like these players then the worlds problems would be solved in no time.

  37. Congrats on the success of the PodCasts and the site WJ. London event is a ‘not to be missed’ for any Mayo people in that neck of the woods.
    2.3 M views year to date, is just a staggering number for any site – never mind one devoted to the GAA team of just one county.

  38. Congrats Willie Joe on this fine blog ,wonderful facts and figures put up here about this great Team of ours and well done on reaching this wonderful milestone Willie Joe

  39. Swahili

    That’s a good post. So true that these fellas are scraping the mud that’s been covering our eyes about the wonderful county of Mayo, how many times do I hear Mayo people running themselves down as not worthy? A lot over the years, someone above in dublin or below in kerry was more worthy than any Mayo person. This may go back generations, I am not an expert but it’s been there all my life, parents and aunts and uncles and older neighbour s always thought they were somehow inferior to others. Sometimes when you’re so close to something you don’t actually see it for what it is. Regardless of how this final turns out, I know that pound for pound this Mayo team is light years ahead of the dubs in football ability. It will be because of the depth of money and population that may get Dublin over the line this year again, but if they were on level terms with Mayo for numbers there is only one clear winner, Mayo.
    That being said, Mayo could easily win this final if they get a rub of the green and a fair referee.

  40. Thanks, Liam. Managers’ Tales ,Part Two.
    Mayo v Roscommon (draw) K MC has team fired up ,Rossies able to mix it with big boys,old order changing and youth/freshness will win replay. Mayo : S clueless in leaving Keegan on Smyth ,days are numbered for S
    Replay: Roscommon: MCS tactically inept,no Plan B, when Plan A a disaster. Mayo:Tactically brilliant running game, S a great manager. Mayo allowed to join Top Four ,even if somewhat below Top Three.
    Kerry v Galway: Kerry win in second gear,were hoping for better contest to prepare for inevitable final v Dublin.
    Galway:Tactically naive, no intensity, is it time to say goodbye to K?
    Mayo v Kerry(draw).Kerry happy with Mayo workout, tactically astute EF to plan easy victory as Kerry always beat Mayo/win replays. Mayo: Disastrous use of Aidan, match could have been won if Mayo lions had been led by higher form of animal. Replay: EF tactically inept,changes a disaster, no sweeping ever in normal Kerry, EF should consider his position .R tactical genius, Lion King, dealt with Donaghy brilliantly, blessed to have such a manager. End of Part Two.

  41. Brilliant Wolfie. The “experts” flip flop like the weather. Imagine any reasonable person taking as knowledgeable, the word of say Dessie Dolan, Tommy Carr, Bernard Flynn Joe Brolly, etc. Clowns one and all.

  42. On the topic of experts getting it so wildly wrong I had to laugh (yet again) at Brolly’s scutterings the day of our game. Prior to the throw-in he castigated our backline – with a bit of justification – for the ease at which Johnny Buckley was able to gather the ball and boot it into the net in the drawn game. But he then went on to say that the likes of Tyrone with their well-organised defensive structures would never concede such a score. Then, of course, our lads proceed to defend like men possessed in the replay, risking life and limb to keep their goal-line intact, and Tyrone the day after let Con O’Callaghan waltz through their defence and bang a goal in without laying a glove on him. Who’d be a pundit, eh?

  43. Congrats WJ on this wonderful blog. Agree with others that the podcasts are excellent, including the contributors, a nice complement to the written comments. Looking forward to the roll out of the video podcasts!!

    We have many great heros on this great team but two stand out for me at the moment, two players that send shivers down my back when I think about them, Colm Boyle for his relentless determination and Aidan O’Shea for his self discipline, two qualities that I hope rub off on the rest of the team.

  44. Congrats WJ a shoe in for mayoman of the decade never mind the year.
    Can’t thank you enough for this service.

    A bit of Mayo arra for Trevor if Mayo win this year wouldn’t Dublin Joe go down as the legendary man in black that officiated this famine that ended after 66yrs.
    Something to think about Dublin Joe.

  45. Mayos improvement in all aspects of the game in recent times has been surprising even though many did think and hope they had it in them.The revelations the last day confirmed what some thought and others hoped and now I think we’re all on the same sheet like never before.
    All the greats who ever did anything major didn’t care much for who was before them or behind them and just did their own thing…. composers, artists and scientists… because they believed theirs was the true way. Have ours fellas joined this fairly exclusive club by any chance or is it simply that they have dug so deeply so many times and deeper than all others and have happened upon a seam of inspiration not ever tapped into by any team in the history of the game?
    And double fair dues to you WJ….might we now call you the new “STAR”

  46. So well said Swahili. Medals and Sam are secondary to what we feel for this team now.
    it’s for themselves as a team and their families that we’d all love to see them win the final game.
    We all together believe now and see it ahead on Sept17. Let us keep really believing till 5pm on all Ireland day..
    Tks again WJ for amazing blog. Love it.

  47. I hope it’s not Dublin Joe. He’s a million miles from Gough in the semi final. Will let everything go. Always suits physical sides like Dublin. The likes of Philly McMahon and cooper will be pulling and dragging all day without conceding a free. If Joe is the ref Aidan o Shea should not be allowed cross the halfway line. He’ll get very few frees in advanced positions and end up attracting defenders around the scoring zone and blocking up our other scorers like Andy and cillian.

    Agree fully with comments above about historical sense of Mayo inferiority. For me it dates back to the famine and that awful phrase “Mayo, god help us”. Any modern Mayo supporter who ever uses that phrase should immediately be thumped in the head and told to cop on!! Historically Mayo people have always talked themselves down, and been looked down on too by other counties, particularly outside Connacht. A quick look at reeling in the years on RTE recently showed a clip of Mayo people in the early 70s emigrating in their thousands to England while their wives stayed home in what looked like abject poverty rearing the kids. That’s not all that long ago. In recent years its began to change though. Mayo is an emerging tourist hotspot that is now competing with Kerry and galway. Regardless of your political allegiance, the fact a Mayo man was Taoiseach for six years also helped remove the inferior Mayo mindset that was prevalent in many Irish people. A win on 17 sept would go a long way to confirming our place in modern Ireland as a thriving county of vibrancy and self confidence.

  48. Really enjoying the blog as always , lovely vibe to the build up this year , bursting with pride for the team , they are a credit to themselves . Love your post Wolfie ,goes show you pundits also cannot predict the future and haven’t a clue , also looking forward to part 3 .

  49. Half a million hits in August!! Congratulations, Willie Joe. This site is a lifeline for many of us who are living abroad. The podcast is pure gold, I sometimes defer listening to it so I’ll have it to look forward to. I don’t contribute often but I read as many posts as I can. It’s addictive. It’s a community of characters who contribute on here. Since I first discovered it about 6/7 years ago I’ve enjoyed Liam’s wisdom, JP’s tactical nous, Bacon Factory End’s humor, Ann-Marie’s passion and belief and Cantini’s nuanced outsider perspective and so many others. Thank you, Willie Joe, for all you do.

  50. Sounds like a great event im sure it will be a great night .Hopefully the word gets out it all Mayo fans in London I know theres lots of them 1st,2nd, 3rd generation which is great to see. Nice touch for the mayos abroad wherever we are

  51. Great info here. Thanks WJ….Sister Canice would be proud!!!! Hope to make your London gig.

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