London’s calling

london-eyeWell, the environs of it at any rate.  We’re all off to Blighty early in the morning for the weekend and we’re planning to make it down to Central London at some point tomorrow where what’s in the picture is firmly on the agenda.

With a bit of luck, we’ll have confirmation shortly as to where the showdown with the Rossies is going to take place on Saturday week.  And, with the help of God, the Kerrymen will have been tipped into the perils of the qualifiers by the time we arrive back home on Sunday evening.

Till then, amigos.

3 thoughts on “London’s calling

  1. We’re meeting the Rossies in Mc Hale park O.K. It
    was confirmed today by the county board.

  2. Long time lurker and first time commenting.

    Jesus WJ, you have some life. Off gallivanting the whole time. Tis well for some 😉

    Seriously though, keep up the good work. Tinternet wouldn’t be the same without you.

  3. Commenting beats lurking all the time, I reckon! Can’t (and won’t) complain about life, Meoldstock, just about the ingestion of far too much alcohol yesterday at the party we were in England for. And I promise not to mention our upcoming family hols to Italy for a bit yet either!

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