Looks like Cillian will miss next year’s League campaign

Cillian O'Connor

Photo: Irish Mirror (Inpho)

The Mayo News is reporting today (paper and digital versions) that Cillian O’Connor appears likely to miss all of next year’s League campaign. The Ballintubber man recently had surgery on his knee – which has been giving him gip since March – and he’s been told to plan on a rehab of five to six months for it.

If all goes okay, he should be getting back into action sometime in April, which is plenty soon enough to have him in shape for next year’s championship. While it’s obviously a blow to be losing him for the entirety of the League campaign, it’s clearly a problem that needed sorting and this is the right time of the year to be doing it.

Cillian’s absence will also open the door for others next spring. Evan Regan never got going this year after that awful injury he suffered down in Killarney in February so he should be one of hopefully a number of players the new management will want to see in action for us early next year.

Best of luck to Cillian with his rehab over the coming months.

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  1. As far back as April I remember complaining that he should not have been playing. He was clearly injured against Derry and the knee was heavily strapped. Some common sense is needed from all parties going forward

    Best of luck Cillian in your recovery

  2. he has struggled for fitness over last few years with shoulder and knee trouble. we needhim fully fit. then we have serious forward on our books. it gives chance for new guys also to try make their mark and start pushing for places. i think a few new additions to our forward line would make great difference. guys with speed and skill. best of luck to cillian on recovery. carrying injury and finishing top championship scorer is great achievement. no matter how the scores were got

  3. Best of luck to Cillian, this is the right path to take and make sure he recovers fully before going full tilt again. I agree with the thought that others will step up their game and become as important as he is to the cause.

  4. Best wishes to Cillian for a good recovery I think we shouldn’t rush him back give him plenty of time to recover we need him back to his best Mayo have had terrible luck with injuries Andy Moran was having a great season in 2012 when he done his cruciate. I suppose it goes to show we need a full squad of top quality players if we are going to beat the Dublin’s Kerry’s Donegal’s maybe it’s a chance for Evan Regan Adam Gallager and a few more to come in and step up

  5. This is news could be far worse in the sense that he will be primed for the championship and it will give some new heroes a chance to emerge. Wishing him a full recovery, hopefully he takes his time with it and full healing can occur. There are not too many great sights in the whole of Gaelic football as when Cillian is taking a team apart with his free kicks and goals.

  6. i watched hollymount good few times this year. what do the posters on here think of keelyn macnamara. tough guy who is afraid of nothin. great engine also. would he be good enough to make inter county grade?

  7. Best of luck to Cillian in his recovery.I would worry that we have no one in the squad to take the pressure frees that Cillian has scored with such regularity.

  8. Its actually amazing to think of what he achieved even though he wasn’t fully fit. Best wishes to Cillian and hopefully he’ll be back fully fit for the championship. I’d like to see Darren Coen get a run out in the league. He seems to be scoring heavily for his club in recent games so it would be great to see him make the step up to senior along with Evan Regan.

  9. I wonder who will take the frees now and what will the success rate be. We have been spoiled with such an accurate marksman these last few years. A glimpse of life without our ace sharpshooter will be a sobering experience for us. Anyway as long as he is back in time for Galway in June we will manage.

    Is there no sign of “white smoke” coming from the chimney at Mchale Park yet?

    Whats all this about signing a charter? My advice to the players is “sign nothing lads”. Give it back to the fella that asked you to sign it and tell him “you are here to play football for Mayo”. Tell him also to “get the manager ratified and get on with it. Ye dont want to make a dogs dinner of it two years running”.

  10. Best wishes to Cillian for a speedy recovery. He has been one of our leaders on the field of play and a gentleman to boot. How many of those who saw fit to point the finger of blame at our footballers in recent weeks have shown so much dedication to our cause as Cillian and the rest of the squad.

  11. Jim Flag, I would say Alan Freeman should be our first choice free taker in the absence of Cillian. Jason Doc & Kevin McLoughlin far too inconsistent for me. Freeman is a good as there is, don’t remember him missing to many. A very fine sticker of a dead ball opinion.

  12. Darren Coen is a fine free taker, but he needs to display a bit more ambition. Alan Freeman has been Cillians shadow in the Horan era. He has great pace and accuracy but lacks the ball winning skills that Cillian has. This could be his golden opportunity to get into the FF line IMO

  13. When I see some of the names mentioned here as possible contenders for a place on the mayo team,, I wonder how many posters here regularly go to club matches? Do you go games that don’t involve your club? Well i do, and I can tell you that just because a player was a good minor 2 or 3 or 4 years ago, it does ni make him an automatic starter for senior. The gap is huge and some of the players mentioned have not progressed with the skills required for senior inter county. I don’t see too many shining at club level. e should be taking the Kerry route and blooding them in using the junior championshi

  14. I couldn,t agree more with Jim Flag, the players should sign nothing. This has the whiff of C/B trying to shut players up for the future and stop any complaints about the C/B or management. A case of trying to put players “in their place
    At the very least whatever is being asked to be signed to should be in the public domain.

  15. Bad news for Cillian to be out of action for that long. The main hope though is that he makes a full recovery. And also hopefully others like Regan, Coen and Freeman can step up.

    But on a larger scale a lot of the payers need a good rest i think. E,g, Diarmuid O’Connor being required for U21s now as well. I assume Sigerson is just around the corner as well.

    The CB anbd management should be thinking a lot about burnout for these guys. There is simply no way they can keep this up year after year. At some stage it will come crashing down in – most likely in the Summer when they are needed most.

  16. Will someone remind us of what happened Adam Gallagher after he had his first spell on the team? He had shown great promise, good work rate and scored well. Was it early last league or the year before ? My mind is gone a bit wonky. He looked like a main man then.

    I also reckon that a new free taker In the absence of COC could bed in better and improve in his new role big time. There won’t be many rushing forward though! Seems Regan might be the one.

  17. @ Inbetweener I believe he had hip surgery late 2014 and only got back to 100% a couple of months ago. I would say he will get a good look during the FBD and League next year.

  18. Cillian’s value to the team is not just from frees. His leadership, determination, ability to create space and astute passing are all equally important. He needs a few months, at the right time of year, to get right. I can see him being top scorer again next championship. Other posters are quite correct; it does give an opportunity for other lads to step up, nonetheless we’ll won’t be welcoming Sam to mayo without him in full flow in the summer.

  19. Nice to hear that.Much obliged Crete Boom. And I think he was on the frees in Cillian’s absence!

  20. Not quite as optimistic about Cillian’s impact next year as it takes a while to get to championship level as we saw with our returning midfielders in 2014 and Gibbons non return this year so it really depends what training he’s allowed to do. Although he’s had to return late a few years already including this year and still done quite well but Donegal game in 2013 we saw what Cillian at 100% is like.
    The only silver lining from Mayo perspective is he’ll miss Sigerson which takes its toll on young players. Means we need the new forward s to step up. Freeman has some class but it’s Cillian’s mentality which sets him apart. His team play is superb. Freeman is good with the ball and good in the air and at frees, showing for the ball cleverly is his weak point at County level.
    Maybe Regan or Loftus or F Duffy or if given a season inside Kevin McLoughlin who can be our go to guy or indeed A Gallagher if his past form can translate to championship. Gibbons may also be worth a run in the forwards. And a return for Cathal Carolan and is it just me or is Richie Feeney still not one of our top forwards, surely he can be asked to try out.

  21. I saw Adam Gallagher in the league against Kildare in 2014 and thought he lacked pace. I saw him beaten to the ball a few times by Kildare defenders.

    However, maybe that was exceptional. Posters, prove me wrong.

  22. I agree with ya catcol, i thought he had great skill and composure on the ball, but sadly he really did lack any kind of pace, which is what we need now more than ever.

  23. I listened to the Mayo News Podcast last night (the onepost the semi final defeat).

    Stephen Rochford gave an interview. his analysis of the game was insightful and he spoke of new players to come in in 2016, such as regan and Coen.
    Now, I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but he was talking like he was Mayo manager.

    Interestingly too, he didn’t put our defeat down to a lack of a sweeper on the day, but down to a lack of width going forward.

    Whatever, it’s a good listen in light of what has transpired.


  24. If Regan is still performing this dance of his for his free kicks then I hope he is not selected as free taker, he actually puts himself off balance when he kicks, hopefully it will be coached out of him.

  25. Gallagher made his Mayo league debut v Kildare in 2014 and scored 3 points, 1 from a free. Next game v Tyrone scored 9 points, 6 frees, 2 frees the next day V Kerry playing first half. Not many have scored 0-14 (5 from play) in their first 2 1/2 games!
    Played first half v Kerry this year, didn’t score.

    Not a speedster, but who exactly is of the current Mayo forwards? Certainly COC isn’t, but that doesn’t hamper him being our top forward. AG definitely has the talent I think, needs to step up if given the opportunity next year tho like Regan, COS, Coens, Loftus. All should be given proper opportunity during league tho, in fairness to young lads, if they are not given 5-6 games to bed in, then its hardly worth trying them at all. We know what the established lads can do at this stage

  26. @JimFlag Why should the players refuse the sign a reasonable charter?

    A charter should benefit both sides. The players want a certain standard of behaviour and skills from the management /county board and the county board/management want a certain standard of behaviour and skills from the players.

    Remember that the management ultimately decide who the “players” are and they are not ultimately at the mercy of any player power if they decide to dig their heels in. (Anthony Cunningham). It would be within the power of the management to drop all 34 panel members if he wishes and find 34 other players within the county that would adhere to whatever standard of behaviour he expects.

    This would obviously be to the detriment of the county, the management, the county board, the players and everyone else involved. We don’t want this to happen.

    The players would be very foolish to think that they can refuse to co-operate with any reasonable negotiation policy indefinitely and simply refuse to sign reasonable requests from management.

  27. Why should they have to sign anything ?

    What do players from the other 33 counties sign?

    Will the GPA be a party to this charter? Surely they should be ?

  28. Mayo Maori,

    Management of a football [or other sports team] is not unlike management of any personnel based business, where people are the managers main asset in achieving his objectives. Yet I have never heard of a manager and employees [players] in other businesses signing charters.
    One could conceivably have a charter regards behaviour of the different parties but a charter governing skills? I have been working for sometime in a business where something of this nature is supposed to be taking place [performance management, it’s called] and it is so time consuming that it is unbelievable. It mainly involves ensuring that you have lots of paper to cover your arse and that all your bits of paper are in order rather than doing the job. Some have an aptitude for producing bits of long winded paper which sound impressive and some have an aptitude for seeing through those bits of paper. Some do not have that latter aptitude and when those two meet [the producer of paper and the one who cannot see through it] the recipe is chaos – and a third party who is not so good at producing bits of paper gets the blame for the chaos.
    The charter is the design of the team who sat down to produce a horse and invented a camel. They now do not see how they can back away from the camel. They may enter the camel in next years Curragh Derby but I don’t think it will win. It will however give the jockey one hell of an uncomfortable ride – and the jockey will get the blame. Like the jockey who got berated by a owner for not winning “Why didn’t you come” said the owner. “You paid me to ride him, not to carry him” replied the jockey.
    Stuff the charter.

  29. Mayo Maori,
    i would break several of the house rules of this well run blog if i was to start giving you reasons for not signing anything.

    With the risk of getting deleted by Willie joe, have you forgotten what went on in this county just over 12 months ago in the appointment process of a manager(s).

    I have not forgotten and it opened my eyes.

    Would like to elaborate but this blog is not the place to do so. You will have to read between the lines. Trust none of them.

  30. Mayo Maori, We would all like for you to be more specific about this charter and why every one should sign up to it. If your points are well made and you can justify them from your own point of view, then I’m sure Willie Joe will have no issue there. Anyway the worst that can happen is that you’re yellow or red carded – but the appeals process would have you back in no time.

  31. AndyD You have had some good ones on here over the years but that has to be one of your best. I love the one with the jockey. Mayo Maori I believe you are on a bit of a wind up here if I am honest. If anybody came to me for advice about signing any document I would advise caution. I would also give you the following advice. You are all for a group of well disciplined sportsmen to sign up to something you will not be signing yourself. This displays a disregard for what might not be in an individuals own personal interest. You make an incorrect assumption that any individual will sign rather than walk away. The smart thing for anybody in any situation is to walk away if the signing of a document is not in your personal interests. There are no difference between the world of amateur sport and the real business world.

  32. The first time I saw AG was with the minor team a few years ago. He was fantastic that year among his peers. What we are looking for now is a big step up from those school days and a kick around with the boys. Mayo senior football since Horan took over is a big game with the big boys. It does not matter whether we are talking about any of the stars of past minor teams successful or not. Most of our Minors did not improve their games as U21 grade and there is no guarantee for 2016 either. Not everyone has the ambition to dedicate their most important years to this goal. The most ambitious young men may be playing away with their club but may have never played with the county underage setup. These guys never get a second glance and I feel there is scope here for this approach.

  33. Mayo McHale, I don’t know what is in the proposed charter and I presume that most here also don’t know. My understanding though is that it would be some sort of document between management and players that would help establish a working relationship.

    My point is that trust between parties, mainly county board and players, is at a low point. If having new management and players sign up to some basic agreement helps to build trust between all parties and put this whole episode behind them, then I believe its a useful exercise.

    If the conditions in the charter were unacceptable then no one should be signing. On the other hand simply refusing to engage with some reasonable requests might be unnecessarily confrontational. That’s what I thought others were suggesting. That the players should simply rubbish the whole thing without even reading it.

    Jim I can completely understand why you and others would have little trust in the county board. Having the county board fully behind the new management and players will help though which is why I think the players should engage with reasonable requests.

    PJ, I’m not trying to wind anyone up, I think you are misunderstanding my original point. I don’t want players to sign up to any ridiculous conditions. You will see that I said IF the charter was reasonable there would be no reason not to engage with it.

    If people don’t agree then fair enough.

  34. Now is the time to get these things sorted. I’ve no interest in seeing Cillian O’Connor wading through muck in March down in Pairc Ui Rinn. He was never fully fit this summer and that has to be resolved. He’s a young guy to have so much senior county football played and so we need to ensure he’s looked after.

  35. Nephinbeg, Binge drinking and taking women back to hotels. And court sessions? What the Fxxk?. Is there something we don’t know?

  36. Mayo McHale – Did you read that of the Mayo GAA Banter page? I wouldn’t take any notice them clowns put up.

  37. Mayo McHale – I’ve deleted that comment. As someone who has posted here frequently over a long period of time you should know that it’s not allowed to post unsubstantiated rumours here. I don’t care about sources, veracity or anything like that – if it’s not out in public, I don’t want it posted here. I’m all the more hacked off about this given the clear lack of courtesy shown to the individual named in your comment, not to mention the obvious breach of confidence involved. In light of this, and given the fact that you should know better, I’m withdrawing your right to comment on the site for seven days.

    Tubberman, Observer 2 – I’ve also deleted your comments, not because there was anything wrong with them but because they are in response to and touch on what was said in the offending comment.

    On a more general note, I’m getting increasingly concerned – in light of what’s been going on in recent weeks – about where the comments are heading, what people are using the facility for and what people appear to think they can routinely post here. If this trend continues, I’m going to have to give serious thought to curtailing what can be said here and, perhaps, also to who should be allowed to post at all.

  38. Can people post there potential team for next year here ?

    Get a bit of discussion going

    What new players would they like to see?

  39. mayo 51 have u seen keelyn macnamara play for hollymount? tough midfielder that works like a horse. fights for everything. pops up wit scores too.

  40. Doesn’t Keelyn McNamara get outshone by Stephen Coen also midfield for Hollymount who isn’t a specialist in midfield? Not doing him down, but if he was county material I would expect his name to be the key game midfielder each week. More usually it is Stephen Coen who is not an inter county midfielder that is Hollymounts best midfielder and pops up with important game changing goals.

  41. jp from what i have seen of him this year playin along wit coen is gettin the best of him. coen already in mayo panel and will push hard for place in team next season. mac popped up wit important goal against melvin gaels. i liked what i saw of him.

  42. PJ no I won’t be signing it.

    I also may never manage a team in an All Ireland semi final and yet I can have an opinion on the tactics used.

    I wont play for Mayo and yet I can have an opinion on how individuals played during matches.

    I may never be a leading member of the county board but I can have an opinion on how they do business.

    If I can’t have an opinion on something I’m unlikely to do myself then we may all as well stop posting.

    Ill say no more on the subject

  43. Going back to JPM’s comment, I hope new management (and the players involved) have the wit and the will to give the players who need it a good break. It’s a long time to September.

  44. Nephin Beg linked Indo article about the All Blacks is really interesting. In the context of all the talk about the charter that players are supposedly being asked to sign, I think if anyone here goes back to the start of this, they will find that the idea was to develop a charter with the agreement of all parties, including players, something to sign up TO, which is very different to just signing something you didn’t have an input to. Say if a new player is brought in this coming Spring, I think the charter in that case (or indeed in any case) is a set of standards to which that player is asked to keep and develop. Would CM have thrown his jersey into the dugout if a charter including respect for the jersey etc was in place at that time? This is not a lot different, if more sophisticated, to the kinds of agreements reached in many a club dressing room every year; i.e. no beer for a period, putting GAA ahead of any other sport, etc.
    The problem that arises with this concept is that people fear it is being manipulated by CoBo to in some way regain ‘control’. Given that the said CoBO is meeting this Monday coming and do not intend to ratify the new management team until later this month, this is an easy position to arrive at. However, we need to bear in mind that Corofin and Mitchels have a big day out on Sunday week, so I’m sure that SR will be happy enough to get that match over before turning attention to Mayo. And, if SR is such a details man as we hear, I’m sure he will have a contribution to make to any charter. In fact, as I think on this, There had to have been a charter, even if unwritten, in James Horan’s era.

  45. How anyone can see one of our best players being out of action until May and maybe later as positive news is baffling.I know it has to be done but positive for 2016 I dont see it.

  46. Hi All,
    Just a quick post to go off topic (hope you don’t mind)…I see we are playing our first round of the Championship in Nolan Park and I welcome it. The Dublin footballers only ever once played in Nolan Park in a league match v Kilkenny in December in 1973. Heffo was the manager and as they arrived at the ground there was lots of cars around and the Dubs thought football was taking off in Kilkenny! It was a minor county final that had gone to extra time so when that was over everyone had left bar about a dozen people…..Heffo said” It was so cold at half time even the score-board man had gone home”! So much for football in Kilkenny that day. It will be great to play there again albeit not against Kilkenny…cheers

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  47. Charter=definition of terms=ambiguity and uncertainty=argument and litigation. It’s an amateur sport we are talking about. Will those that follow in years to come be bound by the terms agreed now? Keep well clear of written contracts, as they are drafted for the benefit of the long lived and not the short term interests. What has served well so far should continue.

    Leaving that to one side, I cannot wait for next season. As someone who has been at rugby triple crown and major football matches I can honestly say that the last 10 minutes of the first game against Dublin were the most emotional and highly charged I’ve ever known. This coming season? Hope, as always. We will get there, no doubt about that.

  48. If A Gallagher has composure and skill as Juan says, these are elements enough for him to make a big impression on injury free return!
    Delighted to hear of tough battling K Mc Namara. With stamina on board what more do you want?
    Exciting times with Regan Coen Loftus Duffy COS, Kirby and others a knocking !
    Add to that a repositioning of SOS at FB. K Higgings given a permanent role in forward line with P Durkan really showing character and genuine reliability behind.
    Add in the emergence of a supposed gifted manager and we must surely be ar muing na Miocene no matter what happens!
    There will be surprises and disappointments too as usual but
    It surely is a recipe for many footballing feasts and a v happy start to the New Year!

  49. Great story Martin The Dub, thanks for sharing that with us. The Dubs on tour are a welcome site on any town, and especially in the summer. What goes for Kilkenny in football can be applied to Mayo in hurling. I was in Nolan Park to watch Mayo play football once I believe. I travelled from Dublin and I stopped off in Carlow. Cannot remember what competition it was. I also remember going to Wexford one time but no recollection of the competition.

  50. That wouldn’t have been in 1992 or 1997, PJ? The results archive here on the site lists a League match played in Nowlan Park on 1st November 1992 which we won by 4-19 to 0-2 and one on 16th November 1997 when we beat them at the same venue in the League by 2-17 to 1-5. Both were times when the League was being reorganised and we somehow ended up in the same group as them. For the real aficionados there was also the Centenary Cup (or, as I think it was called that second year it was played, the Ford Open Draw Cup) clash on 10th March 1985, which we won by 5-12 to 0-5. But that one doesn’t count – it was played in Callan!

  51. keelan macnamara has an engine like massey ferguson 165. u could not kill it. its a big stepup to inter county but sure it is big step for all. having said that he may not be considered. a fully fit gibbons would be no harm to have back

  52. The big blocker physically in 2016 for inter county level will be speed off the mark. How is his speed? I’v seen players who had great stamina and decent size but they were simply not quick enough. Stamina is relatively straight forward to develop, speed off the mark can only be improved slightly and even at that takes a long time of dedicated speed and strength work.

  53. WJ Thanks for the update. It was 92. A friend I worked with lived in Carlow and I gave him a lift. I called in to the golf club same day. I am thinking Nolan Park Kilkenny football, the water must have got into my brains or something. Amazing how the football fortunes of Mayo have changed in recent times.

  54. Jo I agree that speed is where we are short. On the subject of stamina the Feericks especially Padraic are blessed with a good engine.

  55. Particularly from 8 – 15 we have been short of genuine pace. From last years starting 15 only Tom Parsons had speed. But his speed was used more defensively to close down opposition on the wings. Parsons can get a yard closer than the rest of our players when you just need to get a guy under pressure. Example would be when he pressured Frank McGlynn into kicking wide at the start of the Donegal game. Parsons actually started well back and had to sprint to the max to get some pressure on and force McGlynn wide.
    In terms of attack only when Lee Keegan ventures forward have we any player with speed to burst free of cover. It’s been a glaring weakness for us and forces us to play on the fringes and work openings. Sometimes it’s great to have a guy who can burst free of the defender even if he is covered.

  56. Fair Play WJ. I was also in the crowd ( if you could call it that ) in Nolan Park on that wintery day in 1992. I was in college in Waterford at the time and took a train up. Memory also a bit vague but also went to Wexford around the same time……….. cant remember the reason, must have been a less known about game than that Ford Open Cup game you mentioned

  57. Speed of course is a much desired trait but is of relative use. Composure and skill combined is a powerful asset. If a player has them he’s aware of what’s around him all the time and skill will enable him to do with the ball what he wishes whenever. But of course he needs his colleagues to be likewise space conscious so that all working together the ball will end with the player who is in the best position to execute what’s necessary at that v moment…clear ther line, progress a move, build a score, or the ultimate , take a score.

    I’ve always felt that composure has been a v special quality too often lacking….a no panic attitude! Can it be taught a bit or are u born with it. It can compensate for lack of pace to a good degree and players use to to embellish their endeavours.In that clip of A Gallagher I think u could see an example in how he lunged the way he did and took out four opposition before his score.
    J Browne was no speed merchant but u thought he was cos once he hit the ground he auto took a step which brought him away that important bit!

    So give us speed, composure, power, stamina, skill and the understanding of what team play is and we ll certainly survive well in any company or age!!

  58. when u look at the dublin team everyone of them can cover the ground so fast. being first to the ball is key. better game management and depth i feel are needed. we also seem too predictable wit our attacking plan. we need more ideas in this area. jason doc is good footballer but does anyone think his deployment should be closer to goal?

  59. Regarding speed, k McLaughlin has plenty of it, also Jason doc. I agree that the dubs have speed all over the field and it’s a huge asset. DO’C had a great year and he’s not that fast but more a stamina than speed type.
    Our players are quick enough and good enough, and there are enough new young lads to come through into a high quality competitive committed environment. It’s continuing and raising the standard incrementally is what we need plus a tiny bit of luck which we have not got. And game management on the sideline and on the field.

  60. Tactically we were nieve over the last few years. I hate to say this as i do not like to complain about managers that brought us so far . we need to develop a defensive system that suits our players rather than using other counties systems. we must plan ahead with systems for specific forwards of opposition counties.
    this is the time for Cillian to take a rest as well as a lot more of the team. We must find a role for Vaughan or else replace him with a natural defender. I think A Moran , Dillon & a few more have had their day. Time to be ruthless.

  61. I liked Keegn’s comme nts when questioned about playing with the Dub players for the Irish team in yesterday’s paper. . He was asked specificall about Connolly. He stated that what happens on the field stays there but he just see it as a privelege to represent his Country. He was aware that the players have brought a big focus on to themselves. He said we have some big leaders or something to that effect and they were big enough now to handle it. One can assume they are happy with Rochford. He will want to experiment.

    Given that the League is so difficult and the need to rest our warriors i am far from sure they will survive Div 1. A victory for Roscommon would put the cat among the pigeons. Could go down with 5 points. Ciaran 2.

  62. Ciaran 2 Div 1 is never a guarantee but we had a lot of luck in the JH era. He used to experiment with a lot of different players and just worry about the points towards the end. I say lucky because 6 points got us into a semi final spot a couple of times when relegation beckoned. I remember one game in Cork and I was convinced we were gone. In 2016 there will be a new manager, new setup, new players and a draw with 4 away games. We could be entering a difficult period through the league.

  63. Division 1 is dog eat dog. Every county is ‘at risk’ of going down. Kerry this year should have gone; Dublin were ‘in trouble’ when they came to Castlebar. A couple of scores in the final game can influence relegation or qualification.

    Why the negativity at this stage?

  64. HI Catcol and PJ, A bit negative, i agree. All the blogs about getting new blood sounds nice and so maybe wanted to drag you all down. No perfect team and tactics everyday. This is all part of the intrique. Last year was a great start with a win over Kerry.
    I think the current players know what they were missing v Dub and am relying on them. On the other hand I don’t want to see them playing too much League football and to give others a chance for 2017. Kerry get away with it?
    There will be a natural change or dare i say organic change in the composition of the team. The blood letting, ruthless approach of current panel suggested by some is still a bit premature.
    Rochford will surely know what problems the players had and those close to calling it a day.
    What excitement already as we await the first 15 for the Cork game and the Dubs 6days later. We will all be a bit wiser then. C. 2.

  65. I remember that game down in Cork back in 2013 too, PJ – on a dirty, cold and wet April Sunday in Pairc Ui Chaoimh where we outnumbered the local support by at least 4:1. Midway through the second half we were a point down and heading for Division Two, then those two wonder sideline balls knocked over by Cillian O’Connor put us into the semis. The League is always about tight margins and it’ll be the same next year too.

  66. WJ Cork lads had everyone behind the ball and our lads fought for everything. A sideline kick from opposite sidelines a good bit out, you just couldn’t make it up.

  67. does anyone know if Connacht club finals are in any danger of cancellation tomorrow, cant see how pitches can be playable after the weeks rain we had?

  68. Greetings from London. Just checking out the city and facilities ahead of next years CQF with London.

    I think they have nearly everything in place here. Would have some slight concerns about Guinness supplies, at the quantity and quality end, but I think it’s something they can work on. No doubt it was high on the agenda of the Dave and Enda summit earlier in the week.

  69. Mayo man in Roscommon,

    What’s not on?
    Rober, I’m sure, was asking about the Junior & Intermediate finals due this weekend.
    We know the Senior final is in Tuam on 22nd but they are hardly going to have all three finals there if the Jun & Inter were postponed this weekend.

  70. a few posters on here were asking bout adam gallagher. i saw him this morning playing at coe in bekan at u21 club level. no morning for football but was the same for both sides. he looks in good shape. lovely set of skills. flicked the ball up at full tilt which takes doin on a dry day dont mind a bad one. got sent off shortly after for retaliation as frustration had set in. a lovely footballer to watch. hope he gets another chance at inter county.

  71. Didn’t get a chance to read thru all the comments and this is slightly off topic but one comment from Hilly Bits stood out..and I agree…the football structure in Kerry is the best I’ve come across. It allows all footballers, be they with a junior or senior club play regular football at the top standard. The positive effects being that the ‘average’ player is operating at a higher level. It’s certainly one reason why they produce so many excellent footballers. It baffles me why other counties having followed suit.

    Best wishes to Cillian

  72. I see where Cora Staunton has won her 10th All Star. Congratulations Cora. As I see where her Club Carnacon Ladies is the main parish in Ballintubber GAA its wonderful to see both the O’ Connors, Alan Dillon and Jason Gibbons proud wearers of the Green & Red of Mayo and those players are a credit to both clubs. I hope Cora makes it no 11 next year and create a record that will be hard to beat. Also wishing Cillian O’ Connor a speedy recovery, Looking forward to both Cillian and Jason making a big impact for Mayo in 2016 after their injuries have cleared up.

  73. Well done to Holly-Carramore on their Connacht club final victory today. Was at the game and the wet and windy conditions did not make for good football but they managed to keep themselves in front by the narrowest of margins in what was a free riden dogfight throughout. Wishing them the best of luck in the AI semi next year!

  74. Hilly Bits Made some good points about how the Kerry system includes players from the smaller clubs. It certainly works dividends for the Kingdom

  75. Mayo need to be completly ruthless next year and target the oppositions mental weakness without fear or compassion. Mayo have the skill and physical ability to win all irelands , we just need to work on our mental agility. Signs are good. The lads made a stand. Looking forward to the future…

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