Looks like Connelly but no announcement yet

Noel Connelly

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Social media has been full of talk all day about the vacant Mayo manager’s position with all those doing the talking saying that Noel Connelly has got the job and also that Pat Holmes and Donie Buckley will be joining him on the new management team. The rumour mill is less clear, though, on whether or not Connelly is to be the main man or if instead Pat Holmes is to be co-manager.

All this talk isn’t just blather on Twitter either – Newstalk carried the news early this afternoon and The Score and Hogan Stand have both since reported that the Hollymount man is about to be named as James Horan’s successor.

The County Board hasn’t, meanwhile, made any official announcement as yet on the appointment. In response to a query earlier on from Midwest Radio’s Angelina Nugent, a spokesman for the Board said a few hours ago that there was no news to report on the appointment apart from the fact that an interview panel had been set up.

The Board’s position, though, doesn’t sound at all credible. News about an imminent appointment has been leaking like a sieve all day and I’ve heard word (second-hand admittedly) from different sources within both candidates’ camps that a definitive decision on the appointment has been made. Everything that I’ve heard is consistent with all the rumours that have been circulating publicly, i.e. that Connelly has got the nod and that Holmes (possibly as co-manager, possibly not) and Donie Buckley are on the ticket.

There’s nothing to be gained from dragging out this particular soap opera any longer. If Noel Connelly has been appointed as the Mayo manager then the County Board needs to confirm this fact now. Letting the rumour machine make the announcement on their behalf only serves to make them look foolish and raise fairly obvious questions about their ability to control the process properly.

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  1. Have heard the same as yourself WJ and would fully agree that an announcement should be made straight away if there is a leak.

    Worst kept secret in Mayo anyway

  2. Its official:

    Today Saturday 20th September 2014 the Mayo Senior Football Team Interview Committee met with the Executive of the Mayo County Board where they gave the recommendation that Noel Connolly & Pat Holmes be put forward for the position as Senior Football Team Manager. The other candidate in the process, Kevin McStay, was this afternoon informed of this intention. Mr McStay, while very disappointed, stated he was happy with the board’s decision and wished Noel Connolly and Pat Holmes the very best with their future endeavours.

    The Mayo G.A.A. County Board would like to thank most sincerely Kevin McStay for his time in this process and we wish him the very best in the future.

    There will be no further comment until the new Management team has been put in place.

  3. Best of luck to Noel Connelly and pat Holmes. I hope things go well for them and that they bring a new energy to the panel for 2015.

  4. Anyone any ideas why they picked connelly/Holmes? My own idea is because he brought a lot of this group of lads to U21 success in 06? In one sense im happy in another im not so. Again my opinion is Holmes has had his turn but so has Mchale if Mcstay had being successful. Anyway just need to wish them luck. If they done it before then they know how to get the best out of them. Hopefully they will draft in a few new players in the process.

  5. Finally a bit of sanity, although we still have to await the official white smoke. I have to admit that I was worried about the some of the candidates and the half past ten corner boy talk about long and short phone calls being taking seriously. It’s not ideal but it’s a gazillion times better than other candidates show boating their interest on the backs of honest Mayo sweat and tears.

    On another note I’m fucking seriously depressed tonight on the eve of what should be three in a row for Mayo. Anyways we will have great days ahead of that I am in no doubt. These lads are a serious bunch and they can and will prevail. At least the new management team will not be a distraction.

    Abit disappointed in James alluding to the “bleached blond” knuckle dragging thinking that can be so prevalent in GAA circles up and down the country. James is a far better man than that and does not need to resort to backward descriptions of two of oiur finest players to justify his tenure as our best manager to date.

  6. Disappointed to be honest.

    A sham process I feel but best of luck to the two lads.

    Joint managers have never won Sam. Nobody comes back 10 years later to win Sam. The record of Pat at senior level is poor taking over a team that was in two All Irelands. Hopefully history does not repeat itself.

    The success of the last fews was despite the Board. They may now reap the realities of what they sowed

  7. Joe
    Depressed! Me too. Watching up for the match and knowing well we completely blew it in the drawn game. I know we were good enough to take Donegal in the final. I really hope we don’t have to wait another 8-10 years before we are back at the top again.

    I wish Noel and Pat well. But let there be no mistake this mayo team did extremely well to lift themselves in 2014 after all the previous disappointments. I stand in absolute awe of their character but I would be utterly amazed if they can lift it yet again in 2015. It is expecting an awful lot from them because I reckon they are probably worn out. They also need a few good young fresh lads who will bring new energy and appetite to the squad.

  8. Agree with James Ruane on a seriously depressing night for Mayo GAA . For 2 reasons (A) We should be looking forward to AIF tomorrow
    (B)The choice of Co Board for new manager

  9. Holmes f##ked up big time in all irl club final when unable to see damage D Connolly did from start to fin. D C was allowed to beat Mitchellls single handedly. The team that won league in ’01 was J Maughans creation.
    Holmes has had his day.
    N Cconnelly on his own is the way forward i think, although i would prefer McStay (without bro in law).

  10. I think mayo cc made a bad mistake not with Connelly but with Holmes he had his day its new idea we want not a failed manger

  11. John Geraghty 01 was J Maughans creation hmm really? for all his creations (there was many) he didn’t manage to win a single national title. If Sam is won next year i suppose some will say it was Horans creation that won it?

    Some seem to forget under Holmes Castlebar won their first county,provincial titles in two decades and bet the big favourites Dr Crokes to reach that AI final.

  12. Pat Holmes is not a failed manager. Castlebar Mitchels had not won a county title in twenty years before last year. They have won only two Connaught titles, one under Pat. They were underdogs in all three matches outside the county wining three of them. The only manager in the last forty years to win a national title with the senior team. An under 21 title. And fucking unlucky in 2001…. Hard to describe that as failure, even on a keyboard

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