Looks like Lee is out of the Galway game

Photo: Irish Sun

In a further update last night, Mike Finnerty of the Mayo News broke the bad news (here) that we’ll almost certainly have to plan for the Galway match in May without the services of Lee Keegan. The 2016 Footballer of the Year underwent an MRI on Tuesday to assess the full extent of the shoulder injury he picked up against Tyrone and Mike says in that piece that Lee “is not expected to have recovered and completed his rehab programme in time for Mayo’s first championship match in less than eight weeks.”

The news is better on Cillian O’Connor, though, as he should be recovered from the hamstring tear he suffered last Sunday in time to be available for selection against Galway.

This story features a bit in the media today – there are pieces on it by RTÉ, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun.

62 thoughts on “Looks like Lee is out of the Galway game

  1. All things considered this isn’t the worst news to be reading this morning , don’t know how he hasn’t broken anything after that disgraceful hit, will be a slow process I imagine to get him back on the field, but I for one am glad there’s a chance! Now to concentrate on the boys from the hills ….. thanks for the update Willie Joe:) on the ball as usual !

  2. It gets worse everyday. I can feel the morale dropping. After all the hard work Lee would have done to get back ahead of schedule, it beyond cruel.

  3. Not good news how come the man that did it got away with it fingers crossed he could get back faster than we think that’s for micky hart his player was going for the ball what ball Lees head is it Tyrone are very dirty players but we will get pay back by knocking them out in the summer please god

  4. Best of luck to Lee Keegan , hopefully its a speedy recovery in time for a Connacht final .

    We have Barrett to come back, we have Paddy Durcan too, if we could get Higgins back in time for Galway along with Donnie vaughan . It might shore us up enough to give the tribesmen a game of it. Although who gets the task of marking comer , maybe give O Donoghue a shot at it.

    Anyway Donegal first in a game for the future of Mayo football, its massive .

  5. Thanks for the update WJ. I think everyone is gutted for Lee and when one of our players gets badly injured it goes above and beyond football. His health and welfare are the most important concerns. Sure, we think about what we might be missing from the football side of things but most importantly we think about the man himself and his health. I wish him a very successful recovery.
    Cillians injury will hopefully mend itself well and he’ll be back soon enough and will be dropping them over the bar on May 13th.
    Good luck to them both and we’ll have a jersey ready for them to pull on when the time is right.

  6. Well said Revellinio. Best wishes to them both I hope they mind themselves and get better soon.

  7. Well said Revellino … can’t imagine what it was like for Lee’s parents partner & friends to see that 🙁 if he was one of mine don’t think I’d let him near a pitch again! Gaelic is a team sport so our lads have to pull together now and step it up a few gears for Sunday it’s just an end to this competition … Next one starts on May 13th!

  8. Not great. Dislocated shoulders can become a recurring problem. You don’t know how these injuries might change a player. You’d hope he’ll be okay afterwards, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    I’m concerned that we’ll be without Cillian for the Donegal match. Our forward options are already very poor and without him we’re even more toothless. It’s going to be a struggle.

  9. – It was a high, late, dangerous and deliberate tackle on Keegan and look at the trouble it’s caused for Leeroy himself never mind the Mayo team.
    – As of now you will get a heavier suspension for looking sideways at an official then you will for breaking a jaw, dislocating a shoulder etc
    – McNulty will miss the dead rubber game with Kerry this weekend but will crucially be available for the start of the Ulster championship.
    – The CCC is supposed to look at every red card and approve the default suspension which is a paltry 1 match ban but they can also UP the penalty or recind the red card. Afraid of a legal challenge ???
    – We may have to wait for something similar to happen to Deano, Philly or Cooper and for Jim to raise a fuss and hey presto the CCC will increase the sanction for the incident and offending player will get a multiple match ban.
    – Meanwhile I like all other Mayo supporters are in the glasshouse this week because of Boyler’s first ‘yellow’ the last day and hence I think why there has been very little in the mainstream media about this.

  10. Look its bad news to hear Lee is out for Galway but we have to stay positive he will be back for the more serious stuff later in the year, we came through a Roscommon replay last year without him when the pressure was on.I fully believe when we have our full team out wIth the likes of Keith, Chris Barrett and Donie Vaughan back we can take Galway. I actually think Chris Barrett is the man for Damien Comer rather than Lee and that Mayo supporters are talking to much about Comer will see how good he is Sunday week in Croker, my feeling is that blanket counter attacking game is going to struggle up there in the wide spaces against the Dubs.
    For us to win Sunday a few things have to change I feel, our full back is suffering from a really bad run of form our other backs are under pressure from this and it needs to be changed hopefully Chris Barrett is ready to come in, we also have a regular starter at centre half back whos struggles to field ball and his kickpassing has been really poor would much rather see Nally get a chance in his place we won up in Monaghan with him at Centre back.
    David Clarkes kickouts have been poor in recent games, it might be better give Robbie a chance his kickouts were good against Kildare and he can take long range frees even more important with Cillian gone.
    I would also start Neil Douglas in Cillians absence, I watch alot of club football in Mayo and Dougie is the best freetaker with Cillian he also is very good at forty fives and long range frees liked he showed up in Clones,this game could come down to frees with both teams not going very well.The fact that Paddy McBrearty is out for Donegal give us a big chance Sunday if a few issues are addressed.

  11. Best of luck to lee.big loss but we can only control the controlables.
    We really need higgins back this weekend.
    Keiths is one of the best leaders of this team. i can remember back in the drawn game in semi 2015 7points down and the game plan not working,keith went back to the diagnal running game of old and started the rival.last year against kerry serious 2 games.really missed against galway.
    As jp said id like to see crowe tried at full back and higgins back in the corner.
    Crowe has being keeping the head down and doing the job for the last few games.
    Its a big ask to win the weekend just think we will sneak it.

  12. The loss of these 2 men is a big blow, but there are others in the panels that have been training very hard too and they may step up and get the team over donegal. Someone said in a post above that it’s a massive game and I agree. Forget division 2, we have the players to run dublin to a millimeter of Sam, these players don’t belong in division 2 and won’t be there I’d crowe, nally and co are used on Sunday and I don’t mean getting a run in injury time. I expect Rochford to pull this one out of the fire, he has no choice but to make the changes as soon as he sees the problem spots in this game or else I’m afraid it’s a downward spiral.

  13. Best wishes to Lee for a speedy recovery.

    Lee will be badly missed of course but let’s not be getting our excuses in early. In the half forward line we have Boyle, Coen, Durcan with the possibility of dropping in Nally who has the ability to kick for long range scores, plus a potential appearance by Chris Barrett. That’s not a bad band to be bringing along. Don’t tell me the potential for scores isn’t there when you have Kevin McLoughlin, Andy Moran and Jason Doherty in the forwards. Yes we are short on personnel and our scoring has been shocking this season, but we have enough there to take this game by the scruff of the neck. We are a dangerous animal when cornered.

    I also wish we would wear our away colours when playing Donegal. Green and red vs green and yellow was never a good mix for me.

  14. The GAA need to get their act together in relation to dangerous tackles. In McHale park this spring we have seen three players get a broken jaw, a dislocated shoulder and a serious leg injury (broken??). They were all dangerous tackles and injuries that could have been avoided. The three players who inflicted the injuries will serve a total of a one game suspension between the three of them (and that game is a meanlingless league game). Meanwhile the injured players will spend weeks off work, undergo extensive rehab, suffer a lot of pain mentally and physically and the injuries might never heal properly. This is not good enough by the GAA. These are all amateur players. GAA need to get a lot more severe with these tackles that “take the man out” at all costs.

  15. Olive, I dont think the CCC look at every red card and hand out bans, if the incident is dealt with by the ref on the day then thats usually the end of it unless the ref highlights it in his report. It was a bad tackle, deserved a red and got a red. Should the CCC review Boylers poor tackle which looks to have resulted in a lads broken leg or Andys loss of control. Swings and roundabouts

  16. That’s not wholly true, South Mayo Exile. Evan’s jaw wasn’t broken (he fractured his cheekbone) and the Tyrone lad’s leg wasn’t, thankfully, broken either. I’d agree, though, that the GAA could do more in relation to dangerous tactics, though there’s not a whole load more Maurice Deegan could have done on Sunday aside from giving McNulty a red card, which he duly did.

  17. Just a warning for season ticket holders, it appears that a number of tickets weren’t scanned properly last Sunday.

  18. The boys at work think donegal will win with plenty of cards ? never write off mayo all I say

  19. Deegan hasn’t been our friend for years but last Sunday his reffing was faultless, I was right beside the incident where Boyler received his 1st yellow, didn’t appear to be much in it to be honest but apart from that one incident, Deegan was ok, he called Colm Cavanagh for an off the ball incident which I surely didn’t see, I dunno, Mayo’s heart didn’t appear to be in it last Sunday, Donegal in Ballybofey will be tough, I don’t fancy watching Div. 2 football next year, I’m sure the team don’t fancy playing it either, Mayo by 3 and onwards and upwards for the 13th of May.

  20. Yes I also concur with Ultair that we should wear our Red and Black away strip against Donegal.
    Donegal also seem to have more Green on there new home strip than there old predominantly Yellow jersey.Is it me or do we always seem to play better in Away jerseys.Sure last time we won the All Ireland in 1951 we won it in a White strip.Would like to see us going back to the all White strip like we wore against Kerry in 1982, my favourite Mayo kit of all time we have had so much heartbreak in the Green and red.

  21. Best of luck in recovery program for Lee & Cillian, did we really need Lee back so quick after his last operation? Even last year did we really need him back so quick after all his club exploits? Yes I know medics passed him fit before anyone jumps out of their seats but really, at this time of year, we shouldn’t have to draw every last bit out of one the best half backs the game has ever seen. A lot for management to factor in for next Sunday but make no mistake about it, we are now seen as extremely weak in our full back line and every other manager worth his salt will test us out there for a good portion of the first half. Full back for all those who played the role will know that its all about know how, know when to trust your goalie’s call, know when not to follow your man too far out the field, know that you have the legs of your man, know that you have the power of your man, know when to foul….If our management know this then they will know who best to position there on Sunday…..lay down a maker that we are capable of sorting that pivotal role for a season and not just sporadically and we will lay down a marker for the first round of the championship.

  22. General question – if an inter-county player misses time from work (either paid or self-employed) due to an injury incurred in an inter-county game – is there any form of insurance that compensates them, at least partially, for lost income? any in place via GPA for example? – Really hope that there is. Guys like Lee give so much to his county, it would be really disappointing if he is also out of pocket due to lost work days too.

  23. It’s not good news but it’s not fatal either. However, it’s now all about getting players back from injury. I’d take them losing on Sunday if it meant no injuries or red cards. Mayo now need all the luck they can get between now and May to get their players back and right. A defence with Coen, Higgins, Barrett, Durcan, Boyle and one of Nally, O’Donoghue, Crowe or Cafferkey might still be ok with the requisite set-up. Lose anyone else though and it’s hard to see.

  24. Watched the panel warm up the other day before the game started. Open to correction here – but I don’t believe there was a single player aged under 22 on the field. I was calculating EOD to be the youngest and he’s 22 this year. I couldn’t see Akram togged at all. Where is James Carr? Either we have a black hole of no talent from 19-22 or else rochford is deliberately not using these players.
    I’d bet there wasn’t a single other county squad in the country last weekend, hurling or football, that didn’t have a few lads aged from 19-22 on their panel.
    It doesn’t make sense. Some posters like JP have been raving about our young talent coming through in recent months, but I just don’t see it.

  25. Jesus, I hope we dont go back to the white strip, as TH wrote earlier, Mayo wore this v Kerry in the 1982 semi final, this game was where I first witnessed a Mayo massacre on TV as a young 12 year old, I forget the final scoreline, but a guess would be a 20 point defeat.
    The black & Red jersey is good to see on the pitch.

  26. Bad news but I’d rather be missing him for the first game of the season than the last.

  27. I’d agree with the above poster that Deegan got all calls right, the linesman called the black card on Cavanagh which was harsh as Mc Loughlin came in and hit him late. When i saw Lee landing after his hit i felt for him, it looked terrible.He will be a big loss for Mayo in May but moreso this Sunday. Should be a good game Sunday but Mayo need a massive improvement on last week if they are to remain in Div 1

  28. Agree on the white – no thanks. Even the white sleeves we had on the jerseys in Tuam in 1995 brought no luck – we were on the wrong end of another hammering.

  29. These shoulder/collarbone (upper body) injuries can be problematic in several different ways. Confidence in the body to withstand the physicality and heavy contact is very important. Kerry’s James Donoghue hasn’t been the same player since he got injured and I think suffered the same injury a couple of times. Did Cillian have a similar injury? If there was ever a player mentally resilient enough to overcome this setback, then Keegan is that man.

    Donegal are no great shakes at the moment and I would say this is a 50/50 match. Relegation is not good but Galway must be the main target. In my view, we would not come through the playoffs. Too much mileage on the clocks. We need to let the lads know that we are there on Sunday.

  30. I wouldn’t be surprised if he elected to go for surgery straight away. With his style of play and position you would be nearly guaranteed of it becoming dislocated again. We’ve the best medical team in the country and I’m sure they’ll weigh up the options given he’s guaranteed gone for the Galway game. Get by Galway and you’d figure we’d get by Sligo and Roscommon. Maybe he could make it back for July/August. Big loss for Westdport as well but I will add one thing, given his Lazarus like recovery physiology and today’s propensity for fake news, we might see Leroy in action this summer yet..

  31. It was the best game I have seen Deegan referee in a long time. I am a long time critic of his refereeing and I always feel he could have done better. But last Sunday he done what he could and got the big call right. He demonstrated a cool head and showed he knows at least some of the rules.

  32. I think Crowe is probably not the most suitable for full back position. I see EOD, Coen, or Harrison a bit ahead of him. Does anyone have strong ideas on this. Don’t get me wrong here I think Crowe is a fine footballer

  33. Another bit of knowledge, Mayo are 3rd on the overall list for semi final appearances, Kerry and the Dubs are 1st and 2nd respectively.
    Maybe its just me but when I see a white jersey, ya Kildare, I think of girly colour. I wont forget the amount of blood that was apparent on those white jerseys when Kildare went to battle with the Dubs and especially Meath over the years. Yellow is another colour I don’t like on a jersey, my old mayo club.

  34. Caolan Crowe is the by far bigger man and he’s long limbed so he’s just much more physically suited than EOD, Coen or Harrison.
    At fullback generally 6’1″ and around 14 stone. He is around that. He’s also simply playing well.

  35. att larry duff. S.R. is giving one last chance to all the old – timers to win the all-ireland in 2018. win or lose this year there will be big changes in the mayo football team in 2019.AS supporters we have to trust rochford .we all need to get to ballybofey on sunday and support the team.

  36. If we do end up in Division 2 then so what?. Kerry, Dublin,Tyrone have all been relegated at some time over the last 20 years, and how many AI’s have they won in that time??…we’ve been D1 all that time and won nothing. Too much emphasis is put on Div1, we’ve finished almost bottom the last couple of years and come within a whisker of sam. I presume with the quality of players we have, we’d have no problem bouncing back away from the limelight. I’d gladly take a trimming in Ballybofey if it ment we beat Galway in May, its all about Sam. For those thinking we’ll go on a downward spiral if relegated, I completely disagree. We’d be heavy favourites to come back up, and would do so with minimal fuss.

  37. A lot of people suggesting Coen as a full back. What is this based on? I’ve never seen him play there before. There is a skill-set required for marking someone in the full back line. It’s not just about being big and commanding in the air.

    I’d go for a full back line of O’Donoghue, Crowe and Barrett this weekend if possible. That’s the best we have at least until Harrison is fit. I think Higgins will be used further forward when/if he returns.

  38. Right now Mayo don’t or haven’t taken the league serious since about 2012 the main objective is to get the required 5 or 6 points to stay up. Div 2 10 to 11 points is required for promotion e.g more effort before than the championship which a Mayo panel with high mileage can do without and as a reminder Galway took six years to get back to Div one when they were relegated in 2011.

  39. On the white jersey win in 1951, note that we won the 1950 AIF playing in green and red – or what looks like green and red jerseys in the photographs.

  40. I’m guessing Mayo88 that you must be Knockmore (my old Mayo club too)! This thing about the jersey colour is a load of rubbish it doesn’t matter if the lads play in pink provided we get the job done. It’s not jerseys that win or lose games – it’s players. I’m inclined to agree with you MayoDunphy – going down to division 2 is no big deal – it certainly shouldn’t have any bearing on the championship: Donegal went down in 2014 and ended the season by beating the Dubs and losing the all-ireland final unluckily to Kerry. Galway have beaten us in the championship for the last 2 years from division 2 and Galway hurlers won an all-ireland this year playing out of the softer division 1B which they are still in. Culmore is right that we hammered the Rossies without Lee so look it I wouldn’t panic. May 13th is what it’s all about and after that it’s the next game. It would be great if we stayed up but not the end of the world. I do think the county board needs to urgently address the standard of talent coming through from underage level – it does appear to be drying up with very poor showings across the board lately.

  41. Stats are ruining Mayo football just because a player has certain coverage in his gps doesn’t mean he’s playing well why persist with the same players even though other have proved to be worthy of a place and aren’t even considered

  42. Good luck to Cillian and Lee.

    On the bright side we have another episode of Fair County !
    Any resemblance to real life characters is unintended .

    Fair County . S1 ep 2

    Back in Glasnevin Whelanstein was being brought out of repose by the lab assistants in time for the Allianz league game against Kerry. The brain was being taken out of the jar and great care was being taken not to mix it up with Connolly’s .Though similar in some ways there were notable differences particularly Whelo’s rigid programming versus Connolly’s off the cuff crazy. Sometimes a genius , more times just crazy.

    What was curious though was that it appeared that a little Yerra had crept into Whelo’s recent Indo column and the inference could not be missed . Somehow , some way , some Yerra had gotten into the lab. This was a dreaded affliction and almost impossible to decontaminate the lab from except with grotesque and insufferable “plamas”ing that required years of practice in the remotest parts of Ireland.

    Further investigation fortunately revealed that it was not real but rather PseudoYerra where someone of lower or almost zero IQ tries to be a cute hoor. Everyone in the lab breathed a deep sigh of relief .

    After the brain was back in place the cranial bolts now needed to be carefully tightened. Next the assistant plugged in the electric and started the control testing .

    “ Testing, testing “went the assistant .

    Now they were ready for the real thing .
    Over the tannoy came the first question .

    “Dubs League conditioning “ ?
    “Froyghtenin” came Whelo’s immediate reply .

    This was good.

    Then they quickly cranked up the voltage

    -“Lee Keegan “ ?

    brought a quick ,sharp

    “ should be looked at by the referees “

    Very good.

    -Finally top voltage

    “ Mayo for Sam “ ? at which point the restraints had to be administered .

    This was perfect. Whelo was proimed and ready .

    Meanwhile The Falconer mused to himself . How was he going to pull off the total spectrum dominance he had envisaged since he had been in kindergarten ?

    He had read O Dwyer , Cody , and other volumes . But (tbh ) they had left him feeling Milquetoast . Those guys weren’t nearly ambitious enough. Or meticulous or professional enough. So much had been left to chance .

    He had to admit ( to himself only of course )that other tomes spoke more to his sense of his ongoing personal struggle to be recognized , as well as his nascent militarism, with its attendant restrictions on free speech against him personally as the leader .Those spoke to him deeply.

    He reminded himself that he was in essence a military man with a military mind. And he always would be.

    Would he invade Mayo or Kerry first ? Should he ? He could definitely use McLoughlin with his penetrating left boot so reminiscent of Anton O Toole in his heyday . In rare unguarded moments he held a soft spot for Keegan too.

    He had advance inside information about the Aughamore lads and how fierce they could be .
    Crowe was a serious concern if he became vexed or wound up .
    Harrison had that Hari-karate chop which nearly broke Paddy Andrews arm.

    Further down the county Boyler too was lying in wait and deep down Jim knew that was potentially a bridge too far. That would require major logistical planning to neutralize Boyler.

    Mayo also had the famous blogger who could drum up serious opposition by simply wielding his metaphorical pen and who cut you you to shreds if you crossed him . Gavin shivered at the thought Willie Joe might get cranky with him .

    Willie Joe was more powerful than Whelanstein et al among the Castlebar /Ballina / Belmullet crew he understood . And rightly so , he pondered.

    Invading Kerry presented problems too . You could get sucked into a war of words about nothing as soon as you crossed the border into Rathmore. That could be disorienting . Being a man of discretion and very few words ,there was nothing worse he could conceive of that was worse than that . …well maybe being verbally entangled with the empurpled spluterer might be worse ?
    The Falconer was also skittish about crossing the border to Tyrone . That could prove to be his personal Stalingrad . Better save that for another day . Another time . After the Foi’ve in a row had been secured ?

  43. Larry Duff, You seem to ignore the demands of top level football today in terms of strenght and conditioning. Few young players [U21/22] make it into the top teams today. Dublin’s Con O’Callaghan is an exceptional player but was 21 before he made it on to the Dublin team. Did Kerry use any of their 2014 – 2106 minors last year? In addition to age / strenght and conditioning the demands on young students must also be considered esp. when they are studying a long way from home. It seems entirely logical to me that young Mayo players would decide to get their education completed before they could give their attention to football. This is another area where Dublin in particular have a huge advantage. Kerry seem to be able to ensure that their players get their third level education in Munster. Galway likewise have a majority of their student players in NUIG/GMIT. Mayo players seem to be all over the country. Are Mayo letting this issue go under their radar?

  44. Mayo 88 & TH, I was in croke park that day, I didn’t mid the score Because I was so excited going to my first semi final in Croke Park, had a great day even though Mayo were well beaten, oh how times have changed. Mayo to win in Ballybofey by two points.

  45. I see Donegal are favourites with the bookies.. Nervous times.

    Speaking of young players, I see Ryan O’Donoghue and Brian O’Malley both played for UL in the Freshers A football final yesterday. Scored a point each from play. They should both be key players on our U20 team this year.

  46. Best wishes to Lee and Cillian, heres hoping for speedy recoveries for both.

    @Liam, you could be right there, I was reading an article about Robbie Henshaw on the 42 today. He dislocated his shoulder playing for Ireland against Italy in the rugby. He got surgery done on it and that was aprox. five weeks ago. He reckons that he is about half-way though his rehab, so 10 weeks out for Lee would look like a best case scenario with getting surgery done.

    @JP, I would agree with you there about Caolan Crowe being a better option at full-back than Stephen Coen. Remember in underage football Stephen was more of an attacking half-back than a player playing in the full-back line. He started his first senior game for Mayo against Kerry in the League in 2015 at corner-back but he was swapped out to the half-back line in that game very early as I think that it was Barry John Keane that he was marking and getting well beaten.

    In relation to the Donegal game, we have more of our first choice forwards and midfielders available for this game compared to defenders so our objective should be to play as much of the game as possible in their half of the field to try and keep the ball away from our weakest area, at the back, where we are missing most of our main players. That’s probably easier said than done though. Best of luck to all involved.

  47. Swahili, that was brilliant! That Falconer is some boyo.

    Lee, you have all our best wishes. We’re wishing you a very good recovery.

    About Sunday, I have no doubt that Donegal will be good. But if we go mentally prepared, determined, fit and with a plan, I am sure we’re good enough to get a win. If Mayo are focussed and determined I really believe it would take a good team to stop them. We do have quality players. Go Mayo! But whatever happens we go onwards.

  48. Goodman Swahili. It’s great to know whats going on in the Lab. Yerra observant man.

  49. Interesting stuff on Crowe there. I am used to seeing him play outfield with his club and getting into all sorts of positions, just did not see him in the full back role. He has loads of pace and physicality.

  50. Wide Ball I think we will win by 3 or 4 on Sunday. For the double why not try Kerry and Mayo.

  51. Swahilli.. Very Very Good… Don’t forget that the Military Man has the Air Corp on his side, if there was ever a revolution in Dear auld Ireland… Anyways, My latest task in the Lab, is working on the ‘Secret Handshake’s’ like the ‘Freemason’s’ so that we might know each other if we were ever to meet in Street. It’s not perfected yet… Don’t know what Golf Club to visit in order to get some tips. That is of course, presuming any of us in the Lab, are ever let out again… While some poster’s are both worried about how long it will take for Lee Keegan injurys, and offering medical advice… I’m bloody worried about how long it will take for the mark’s of lash to clear on my back… a bit much for a misplaced ‘Asthrope’… But it could be much worse, I’m told the some on the Dublin GAA blogs have to undergo a bit of punishment with the Cat of Nine Tail’s, on the the ‘Auld Triangle’… While that might be an exagration, many of them spent ‘time’ in the vicinity of where the ‘Auld Triangle’ made famous by Brendan Behan used to be!

  52. Brilliant Swahili! The Falconer is every bit as creepy as the real life one.
    Liam, I think you on the ball about Lee Keegan. Prob had the operation already!

  53. Just on Ryan O’Donoghue from Belmullet I watched him playing in the County Under 21 final last year against Westport.I was really impressed with him.He was playing at centre half forward played in a real playmaking style was selling lovely dummies and feints and had a lovely kicking style he was worth the admission fee.Westport defenders repeatdly fouled him throughtout with little protection from the referee.Hes about 5 ft 10 so will need to work hard on his strength and conditioning before getting his chance with the Seniors but defintetly one for the future.Wonder is he a brother of Eoin? Felt so sorry for Belmullet that night they were robbed in the last minute of the game.Hope to see him feature for the Mayo Under 20s in June

  54. Confirmed by Colm Keys this morning:

    Lee Keegan will have surgery in the coming days to repair the damage and could be out of action for up to 10 weeks, putting him in jeopardy for Mayo’s next game after Galway, whether that’s a Connacht semi-final or a first-round qualifier.

    He also says:

    Keith Higgins will not be making a swift return to the Mayo footballers this weekend for their Allianz Football League Division 1 match with Donegal. Higgins’ continued absence from the Mayo squad has prompted some speculation about his football future but there is strong optimism that he will return in the coming weeks ahead of their May 13 Connacht quarter-final clash with Galway.

  55. I think Lee had that decision all but made in hospital Sunday eve, even without mri because I heard Monday morn at 9am that he was having op for dislocated shoulder and out for 13-14 weeks. Mri must have only confirmed what they all thought. F*** it anyway. Really hoped source was wrong. Nothing Mayo can do but get on with the show. Never boring anyway. You can’t blame Keith either. I’d say he has had a ball with the hurlers after all the years of high pressure with the football team.

  56. Look Lee will be back in time for the important matches,he is superhuman and when we reach Croke Park he will be ready,we only have Donegal and Galway to beat first,not a lot to worry about there ,the very best of luck to Lee and Cillian in their recovery and hope we don’t pick up any more injuries,it shows just how much they put their body’s on the line for our entertainment,best of luck for sunday,and then an easy first game first game for the championship

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