Looks like Mortimer and Ó Sé will be okay to line out

Good morning from this gloriously sunny corner of Mayo, which makes a welcome change from all that rain yesterday. The tickets for Sunday are already in the bag (lots of them too – our order was at least 300% up on that for the quarters), we’re actively planning a tilt at the Reek tomorrow and there’s only five days to wait until our date with the Kerrymen at HQ.

On the injury front, from what I can see it appears likely that both Trevor Mortimer and Kerry’s Tomás Ó Sé will be fit to start on Sunday. In relation to our man, selector Paul Jordan says in today’s Indo that Trevor will “more than likely be okay” but that Peadar Gardiner has only a 50-50 chance of being ready for Sunday.  That would makes sense as Peadar’s injury was, from what I gather, a proper hamstring pull so it’s unlikely he’ll feature but it’d be a great boost to us if Trevor can make it. That same report also states that Kenneth O’Malley has been called up as cover for Robbie Hennelly due to injury concerns relating to sub goalie David Clarke.

Turning to the opposition, it also appears likely that Tomás Ó Sé will have recovered in time to line out on Sunday. His hamstring problem wasn’t, it would appear, a full-on tear and, according to this report in the Indo, a bit of physio should leave him fine to start at Croke Park.

That same report also has a bit on the possible re-jigging of the Kerry backline for Sunday. There was talk last week of Shane Enright being recalled to the corner with Killian Young being moved to the wing and Aidan O’Mahony shifting across to displace Eoin Brosnan at centre-back. That’s all horseshit, in my humble opinion. It now appears Enright may not be fit and even if he is, I can’t see Jack O’Connor making three switches when one could do the trick, especially when it would mean moving O’Mahoney, who has struggled at 5 this year, over to 6. If Jack has lost confidence in Brosnan, it’d makes far more sense to replace him directly by the fit-again Tommy Griffin, which is what could well happen.

With the countdown to Sunday continuing, the interviews are starting to appear. James Horan features in two today – with Keith Duggan in the Irish Times and with Terry Reilly in the Irish Examiner. There’s also an interview with Alan Dillon on the RTÉ website.

That latter source also has a vomit-inducing piece with Darran O’Sullivan where the Kerry forward talks about the “heartache” and “devastation” of losing to Down last year and how he “couldn’t go through that again”. I’m sure he wasn’t even thinking about those hammerings his county inflicted on us in recent years when uttering these words but hopefully our lads – especially those who were there in ’04 and ’06 – will show him on Sunday how the pain of loss can drive a team on to extracting full and complete revenge.

8 thoughts on “Looks like Mortimer and Ó Sé will be okay to line out

  1. I wouldn’t call it vomit inducing, i’d call it pure raw hunger. There is an arrogance about him but that’s just a Kerry thing and i suspect it is done to get a rise out of people, which you can see from above it is working, lol.

    I have worked with Kerry men down through the years and one thing that as always stood out for me is their ability to apply logic/common sense, people say “cute hoor” and all that, i just think they are smart and JOC is one that is for sure.

    On that note just mentioning Kerry men i worked with in the past, a good friend of mine past away from Kerry recently and i’ll miss his aul craic the weekend. Timmy o Sullivan, an uncle of Declans. RIP

  2. Hogan Stand are now reporting that Mortimer is a major doubt and Lee Keegan is on stanby to start.
    Hopefully they’re just bored and need a sensationalist headline.

  3. I hope so Dan! He’s been outstanding this year for Mayo. He’ll be a big loss and it’s a lot to ask for a young lad on his debut but i’m sure James wouldn’t pick him if he wasn’t up to it.
    Have to agree WJ, Darrans article was of vomit material! But sure let them ramble away we’ll just keep the heads down and worry about ourselves!

  4. Hey WJ – glad to see that you are supporting the local tourist industry down below! Michael Ring will be so proud of ye all!

    I’m really starting to look forward to Sunday now at this stage. The Kerry wing of the household is confident of a facile win for the Green & Gold (now Blue), and as a disarming tactic, I’m crying the poor-mouth: “Sure, we’re only going up to make up the numbers”/ “Cork had awful injuries” kind of thing.
    I’ve been re-reading “House of Pain” of late and it occurs to me that when it comes to Kerry, we always (understandably I agree) seem to view Kerry solely in terms of their massive tradition and history against us. What I mean is, we don’t see it as 15 v 15 but rather our lads taking on legends of the game, all of whom have all-ireland medals to burn. Maybe it’s too much respect we have for them, but each player starting should focus on their man, how he can be handled, winning the individual battle, and putting their faith in every other man to do the same. I don’t believe that this would dilute the impressive “group buy-in” that Horan clearly has cultivated since last Winter. Instead then of playing against the 34 odd (?) all-ireland titles and the ghosts of Croker past, our mindset takes on a whole new positove dynamic. Enough of the pop-psychology…

    Horan has been very impressive on the line – he has been a slow burner, but his media work displays a guy who has nailed the art of not giving the opposition any motivating comment, whilst focusing on our lads, giving them fair credit, and still constantly encouraging more from them. Plus, he also has beaten Kerry in Croker before. All of this will be crucial to outfox Jack O’Connor – he wouldn’t be my favorite banisteoir, but you have to tip the hat at his track record.

    Interesting to see the teams when they are announced – hopefully Mort will make it. His experience and physicality will be vital, even allowing for some wayward distribution. If I was going into battle, he’s one man I’d like to have with me.

    Four more days…

  5. Totally agree with you Sean Burke,the Kerrymen really know their football.Ive lived amongst many of them over the past 15 years and found them very knowledgeable and fair.I would also say that they are the first to admit when they are beaten fair and square.Their standards are so high that every defeat is heartbreaking for them and thats the standard we should be trying to emulate.An example of “vomit inducing” would be the reaction of thousands of Mayo people after been beaten by those bold boys from Meath in 1996,when they dished it out and we couldnt take it and everyone cried about how rough they were.You cant open your mouth in kerry unlees youve at least 3 all ireland medals.If they beat us alot of it would be down to that said hunger and disappointment of last year.

  6. i think darran is worried,if they dont win sam this time it could be a long time before they get another chance.he is 25 bar 1 or 2 others anybody else on that team worth talking about are closing in on thirtysomething.as far as medal counts go i for one think that group of players have enough…MAIGHEO ABU

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