Looks like the Rossies for us in the semis next year

I’ve been out doing parental taxi stuff this evening – which, in the process, took me right by a brightly illuminated Croke Park – and so I missed the draw for next year’s provincial championships as they were taking place. Most of you know this already but we’ve been paired on the Roscommon/Leitrim side of things and so, assuming we get past New York in early May, we’ll then almost certainly have a date with the Rossies in Hyde Park sometime in June. On the other side of the draw, Galway will be the ones nervously making their way over to Ruislip to face London with Sligo awaiting the winners there in the province’s other semi-final next year.

Full details of tonight’s championship draw are here.

52 thoughts on “Looks like the Rossies for us in the semis next year

  1. We can begin to think away from last month and onto September at last. NY will be a trip to look forward to. McStay with his body language and what he said looks to be named next Kildare manager. I assume James in staying with us? Anybody have any news?

    If you were betting you would say it will be a Mayo v Galway Connacht final but that is dangerous talk so early especially with the shocks we had last year. When do the league fixtures come out?

  2. Will Galway have bucked up a bit for 2014 or is it a case that they underestimated Mayo this past summer? What ever about the others in the province it Galway that have the numbers to pick from.
    I think ardnaree or the neale would handle New York, they really are that poor for a lot of reasons, still its a nice weekend to look forward to for Mayo players.

  3. From reading the comments over the last week or so there seems to be a common perception that we will come through Connacht handy.
    A wet and windy day in the Hyde would be a great leveller, and unless we have great hunger we could get turned over. Similarly, Galway, should we meet them in the final, will be all out to beat us next year. They have a young team and will have taken great heart from the success of Clare.
    We have the team to win Connacht, and will, provided we give it the proper focus it deserves and don’t look ahead to the quarter finals.
    One match at a time, starting with New York.
    Up Mayo

  4. Looks like a Mayo V Galway final in the “state of the art” Mchale Park. Although as this year proved anything can happen. Anyway all we can do is go about our own business and take out either Leitrim or the Rossies in the “not so state of the art” Hyde Park.

  5. Sligo have a superb recent record v Galway and Marcievicz is a bloody tough place to go- we’d know from not so long ago

    Wouldn’t pronounce Galway as finalists by a long way. Didn’t a lot do the same in 2012?

    Anyway we should win Connacht handy don’t mind anyone else

  6. Hard to get excited.

    Who was it said ‘doing the same thing twice the same way and expecting different results is madness’

    Can we please spend the league learning how to defend the high ball. Incidentally I dont understand goalies training on their own. Most goals come from forwards not opposing goalies, I think!

  7. This is slightly off topic, but it has been going through my head the last few days.
    Would it be at all possible to bring back Pearce Hanley for the coming season? He is I know a proud Mayo man, who represented us at senior level and brilliantly at under age level, his county is hurting, and I would find it hard to believe that it would not have crossed his mind, even fleetingly, since the final defeat.
    If he did come back, I believe it would provide Mayo with a huge lift, picking us essentially off the floor, and would provide the lads in the panel the jolt in the arm needed for another huge push for Sam. It would make some statement for our intentions next year and could transform our forward line.
    I’m not sure how Australlian rule contracts work but I’m guessing they are not open to taking a year out.
    Also, I realise it would not be at all fair to ask the man to leave his new home, friends and job when we ourselves do not make any such accommodations to win Sam.
    It may be highly unlikely, but what a wonderful thing it would be if it happened.

  8. Rosie’s in the Hyde could be trickier than people think, I believe brigids going all the way this year was a handicap to the county team. They are an improving side and Evans is no ejit , he’s building something there he thinks is capable of challenging Mayo sooner rather than later, it will be in the Hyde too.

    All that said you would still have to think we would still have too much in conditioning and exp of top flight football for them.

    I wouldn’t fear Galway at the worst of times in Castlebar , I hope they improve though and we get a right good humdinger of a Connacht final in McHale pk . Love the occasion of Mayo v Galway in Castlebar .

  9. Leitrim have a decent record in Hyde park i wouldn’t rule them out and it could be a trip to Carrick for Mayo. Sligo have a good recent record against Galway and won’t fear them.

    Sligo v Mayo Connacht final in windy Salthill anyone?

  10. Next year should be fascinating. 2012 was the blanket defence. This year was total football. I see us winning in Connacht, though it will be much more difficult than this year. We then are likely to face Cork and Kerry. Get through those games and you are ready for a final. Many ifs I accept.

    Something makes me think that the other half of the draw will be a surprise. If Dublin win Leinster they will face, in all likelihood, a combination of Tyrone, Donegal or Monaghan. They are not into total football. Surprises are on the cards.

    Good luck to Ballintubber.

  11. Yea totally agree, I’m sure somebody in the mayo set up will at least make contact with p Hanley, him and Aidan Kilcoyne with what we already have is the shot in the arm that’s needed. We are not far away, and all this negativity of the past 10 days has stopped thankfully. Roll on 2014 and our next lauch for Sam.

  12. Does anyone know the date of the New York game was there in 2009 brilliant week. Hoping to go over again

  13. Lads, lads, lads lads and lassies, please let us win one match at a time, correct our mistakes and move on to the next one. Already, Connacht is no problem!!!

    Every fucking match is a problem, to be solved. This is already sounding like what was being said last year. A hell of a lot of good that did us and here we go again. Do we ever learn!!!

  14. Pierce Hanley would indeed be a shot in the arm for us, it would only be a 4 month spell away from oz for him too. When does the afl season end or begin? Half forward line of Higgins, Hanley and a refreshed and rested Kevin mcloughlin.
    Or even a ff line of CoC, Hanley and Alan freeman. It would certainly mean power in the ff line and scoring ability that not many would live with.

    Probably unlikely to see him back in Mayo but jeepers, it would be exciting.
    I’d like to see diarmuid Connolly grab a hold of Hanleys jersey, it would be the end of any superiority complex diarmuid would have about Mayo.

  15. Mayo Pa, There isn’t a hope of Pearce Hanley coming back to play for Mayo. He made the right move at the right time and good luck to him.

    The recruitment drive by Australian agents in Ireland will intensify in the coming years, not sure Mayo will be losing any more players though.

  16. In fairness joe we did win Connacht at a canter too, beating the living day lights out of everything put in front of us.

  17. Ah Lads, would you ever give up on the call for Hanley, its ridiclous. He made a decision to leave, got on well out there and is now under contract, forget it and move on. Kennelly was an exception and was at the end of his career.
    Furthermore, Hanley, while he was a great prospect, has never proven that he could be a top top intercounty player. You just don know, we have had other very promising candidates over the years that have not made it. Yes he is making it in aussie rules, but its entirely a different game. Anyway other counties loose players to Aussie Rules, rugby, soccer, etc…..its not like we are an an exception

  18. It’s only natural following the draw for next years Championship we should be discussing football matters in Connaught, but with a very tough run of League matches to be played before we visit New York, predictions seem a bit premature. By then Mayo could be League Champions and on the crest of a wave, or in a deep slump following demotion to division two. As of now however, there seems to be some clear the air discussions to take place and it remains to be seen how these things pan out, either way we can only wish everyone well in this regard. Whether it’s still James at the helm with maybe some new personal by his side, or a whole new set up, remains to be seen. Either way, as Mayo folk we’re all in this together…..

  19. I know Sean, but this is a new year and I still feel that hard fought games will be of much more benefit to us, we can learn more in the long run. Surely we need learn from this year and hope that any cracks are exposed and filled in time. That’s only me.

  20. I still feel that there should be some way by to prevent those Aussie camps. If the lads can’t be tested they won’t leave. What you don’t have, you don’t miss.

    It is terrible that the few really top class players that are nurtured and coached through our ranks can be poached as easily as that and not a word or protest is said. It’s mad. I know it’s a free country and all that but I feel it is wrong and crazy!!

  21. Unfortunately the AFL runs roughly paralell with our league/championship.
    AFL Season starts in late March and the grand final is in September.

  22. Let Pierce Hanley do his own thing, he is one of the top Aussie rules players, its his job, if he wants to join in in a few years time, great, but let us have done it by then.

    Always liked the way the Kerry lads did just about enough to get to the main course, but were always ready for that one. We should risk the scenic route and broaden equal game time.

    For now, FBD recruitment drive, rest for those in need, league survival with plenty starters.

    Can’t wait for the start of MO 142 in New York

    Roll on the merry month of May

  23. Goalies mostly train on their own because the skills required from a keeper are completely different to that of most outfield players. Keepers do not cover anywhere near the distance on the pitch that midfielders do for example, or even corner backs, so there is no need for them to develop huge levels of stamina by covering 8km to 10km runs. They do however require very high levels of explosive power to be generated from their ankles, through their calves and on to their thighs. Also, they require much sharper reflexes and agility than most outfield players so drills are structured to cater for that.

  24. Please God you will Mister Mayor. Shannon to JFK on the 2nd and back on the 7th. Was hoping Sam would be on board when we booked but we were going anyway.
    Hon Mayo

  25. @ Steve Last year they released the provisional fixture list on October 11, so it shouldn’t be too far away now.

  26. I live in Australia at the moment and have been following AFL and in particular Pearse Hanleys exploits closely over the last couple of years. So let me definitively put this one to bed. PEARSE HANLEY WILL NOT PLAY FOR MAYO IN 2014.
    He has just signed a 5 year deal with Brisbane and was voted second in their best and fairest awards last season, as well as being voted fans player of the season. By some distance the best Irish player in the AFL.

    I would love to see the guy play for mayo some day but to be honest I don’t know if it will ever happen at this stage, he is only 24 so possibly could come home for a season in the future, but it certainly won’t be 2014. There is a better chance of Gareth Bale lining out for mayo next season than Pearse Hanley!! Tadhg Kennelly came home for a year aged 29 to play for Kerry, I’d imagine something similar with Hanley could be our best bet. He seems very settled in Brisbane at the moment though.

  27. Yeah, for sure, was hoping the same thing, but sure we’ll definitely have to meet up anyway.

  28. Interesting to look at our all star nominees. 1 keeper, 6 defenders, 2 midfielders and just 1 forward. Says a lot about our strengths and weaknesses doesn’t it?? All richly deserved nominees I must say, and nice to see lee keegan recognised for an outstanding season with a POTY nomination. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play a bad game for mayo. Himself hennelly, AOS and O connor will be the heart of this team for the next decade. Exciting times.

  29. Holy god can we build the bridge and get over pearse Hanley did I sleep through the year he was outstanding for Mayo? ? The lad has a new career and the best of luck to him but this talk of parachuting him into the team has to stop. We need new players not hankering after ex players.

  30. It would be a disaster if we didnt win connacht next year, we are the second best team in the country for the second year in a row, as a disappointing and all as that is, it is still a fact. Its focus what we need now, and im sure the players will click back into gear come xmas. Id expect a good tilt at the league this year, especially with dublin at home.

  31. Ya,really reflects where we are as a team-strong 1-9,improvement needed further forward.

  32. A competitive Connacht final against a resurgent Galway side (who’ve been threatening to become a top side for about a year now), might be just what Mayo need especially if there’s real competition for places there next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carolan a championship starter in Connacht.

    A hungry, fitter Galway team could do us. Be warned. If Meehan is close to full fitness? Might be the best thing that ever happened to us.

  33. Nothing is a given at this stage. The need to look forward is very evident here as all of us want to forget the last 2 weeks. We will have a tough league ahead….but need to introduce some newer players to see what they are like (especially forwards).

    From the All Star nomination we only have one forward (injured half the time) on the list. That speaks volumes of where we are lacking. That said not a major butcher job is required on the team, we did rack up some impressive scoring this year.

    I do think we need another dimension instead of our half back line attacking all the time. To blood one or two new forwards would be a start.

  34. A half-forward who could get on the ball, make things happen and weigh in with points would be massive. Dillon used to do that but he looks lost in that system.

    Like you said, Mayo became very dependent on the running game from the half-backs. One dimensional. Gavin pinned them back and the easy scores never came. Higgins at 11 compliments that system. Carolan’s a similar kind of player but at least he’d push O’Loughlin. So, I would expect Horan to really work on the long-ball during the league – Doherty, B Moran, A O’Shea as alternatives or even partners for Freeman.

    As for the All-Stars, Freeman was unlucky to miss out, Moran was never fully fit and the link-man O’Connor is going for his third YPOTY award. Honestly, there’s very little wrong with that forward line.

  35. yeah…I got the same line from them..although if your team is Dublin, they wil take your name and register you now.

    Any idea what the difference is between the CP season ticket and the cairde mayo one?

  36. The more i think of it , it was far too easy for mayo in connacht this year and indeed against the dunnys who mayo were always goin to be up for [1] beacause they beat us last year and[2], we have some record against all ire. champs in last few years…..Now thats the draw i was looking for in connacht, a trip to the hyde were im sure the rossies will be better than last year and really put it up to us and an old derby against our old foes galway, who will have a bit between the teeth and wont mind at all coming to castlebar and sending us packing thru, the back door after the massacare in salthill…..Remember 1998, surely it could happen again, mayo lose,n 2 all irelands in a row and along come our greatest rivals and not only beat us on our patch in connacht , they go to win the fecking all ireland ……Had to go into work on hotel over Bowes pub, westmoreland street[dont know what its called now] and a herring choker tore into me and there was fu.. all i could say…jacks killing themselfs laughing….got me own back a bit anyway a few months later when ballina beat corofin in conn. club final, tore into him and again the jacks were having a laugh but good job we were all gone of site st. pats day when crossmaglen beat ballina , dont know how the hell they lost that final, well ya could,t score could they , not even if they were out in amsterdam that day……..

  37. I really think that’s glossing over things. Hanley is not just any player. Without getting into a long debate on, cos he has clearly decided to play for brisbane over Mayo, he was a once in a generation talent. His loss to Mayo is enormous and even more so seeing as we happen to have a fantastic team at the moment. I have no doubt saying we would have won one of the previous finals if he was still here. If Keith Duggan is updating his House of pain book in a decade’s time, it could very well include a new chapter… ‘Hanley, what could have been’.

    I think genuine Mayo fans who really know the game understand what a huge loss it is that he is not playing for his county. The county board and the ‘powers that be’ did not do nearly enough to ”convince” him to stay.

  38. Colm O Rourke, in 2006, wrote in his Sunday Independent column that Hanley was the one of the greatest underage talents he had seen and that he was something for all Mayo supporters to look forward to.


  39. Anyone have opinion on mcstay and kildare..i’m not sure why but i dont like seeing mayo ‘talent’ improving the lot of other rival counties, ie: JOM (Galway).. i dont know what the current position is with Horan but i think the mcstay/mchale duo could be a future Mayo management. I am very close friends with a st brigids player and they seriously rate the job mcstay/mchale did with them this year.

  40. I live in Kildare and was told by someone in the Co Board that it won’t happen , simply because Mc Stay will insist on bringing Liam along and they can’t afford it.

  41. I think mcstay/mchale will be an option for mayo, never mind kildare if horan steps down and we dont know whats goin to happen yet or what will come out of this meeting monday night, it could get hairy as they say but one way or the other we need the air cleared one way or the other, thats if it needs to be cleared, but diff. some questions need to be answered……

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