Loose ends

I was away yesterday (a planes, trains and automobiles kind of day) so I suppose I should tie up a few loose ends about Sunday’s match.

Links to all of the match reports are, as usual, preserved for posterity in the results section of the site.  There are fourteen of them there at the minute, with the one from the Western and a few others to go yet.

Colm Gannon also has some post-match audio with James Horan and Andy Moran that’s worth a listen to.  James reckons it was understandable that Dublin pulled away from us again after we’d drawn level, given the “sheer effort” expended to get us back into the game.  He accepts, though, that we simply didn’t work hard enough in the first half.  Andy pays tribute to the way the team clawed their way back into it and says that previous Mayo sides would have thrown in the towel when Dublin had us under the hammer.

Speaking of audio, I finally managed to get my own in-the-moment post-match audio piece out there this afternoon.  For some reason, the Audioboo app on my iPhone wouldn’t upload the audio after I’d done it (probably because the mobile signal was under pressure due to all those other punters in the vicinity of Croke Park at the time) and it has rather annoyingly refused to do so since as well.  So what I did was play the piece on my iPhone while recording it to Audioboo on the Mac.  Hence the crappy sound quality but at least it’s one less irritating problem to have to sort out.

The Mayo News also has some early team news for Sunday week’s match with Cork.  Mike Finnerty reckons that Seamus O’Shea, Donal Vaughan, Trevor Howley or Barry Moran won’t have recovered from their respective injuries in time to come into the frame to face Cork but that David Clarke will be available for selection.

That’s all the loose ends for now, I reckon.

10 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. Good news about David Clarke. Need to get him back between the sticks asap. It has been a disaster zone there for the last few games

  2. Think thats a bit harsh on Hennelly. He might be responsible for one of the goals but I thought he had a great campaign. Clarke is no Johnny Geraghty.

  3. It has all been said in all 46 comment plus your own thoughts on the game.It`s great that this collapse happened in March in a match that wasn`t very important and it was encouraging the way we fought back even though we lost in the end.
    Well we now know what the main problem is ie. if we don`t have a defence we have nothing.So we should expect our backs to be surgically attached to the Cork forewards the next day and take it from there! COME ON MAYO!

  4. Lads, at the risk of sounding pedantic , something that was mentioned to me by a fellow mayo man the other day , When was the last time a marquee player form the opposition had a bad game against Mayo ?

  5. also on that point Perseus, we tend to make stars out of some pretty average opponents too – Dublins FF the last day for starters. And it goes way back….remember tommy wilson back in ’95, cormac bane 07, half the leitrim team from 94, the whole longford team from last year….the list is endless.

  6. Donal Vaughan wont be back in time for any of the last Mayo league games, only recovering from a groin operation that has been affecting him for over a year and wont be any where near match fitness when he comes back. Though he will be fully fit as usual.

  7. Looking at the league tables. Only Kilkenny have conceded more goals in the National Football League than Mayo. We have conced 10-53 in the matches so far.
    Only Kilkenny and London have conceded more scores than us overall. Shocking stats.
    We are seriously lacking in quality defenders.

  8. ontheroad we disagree strongly on Dillon but I couldn’t agree with you more on the goalkeeper situation. I’d be putting Hennelly in for championship at the moment. Sure, he made a mistake coming for the ball for the fourth goal but after seeing your full-back line fail woefully for the first three goals wouldn’t you be tempted from your line too?
    And on David Clarke, a very good keeper too. But far from infallible. He committed an even bigger howler vs GMIT in the FBD in McHale Park. Think Hennelly offers more – especially on kick-outs.

    I liked the comment on gaaboard.com from someone that clearly what happened for the Dublin goals was the Mayo full-back line was trying to play offside – rushing out when the ball was coming in!

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