Losing start to the new year … again

As we did last year and the year before that as well, we’ve begun the new footballing year with an FBD defeat to a third level institute.  Two years ago, we lost to Sligo IT, last year it was to NUIG and it was against the same opponents that we went under today, losing in Dangan by 2-10 to 1-8.

I wasn’t at the match and Mid-West were only providing score updates so I only have bits and pieces to report on but it sounded as if we were always on the back foot this afternoon.  NUIG had the ball in the Mayo net through Cathal McHugh within 15 seconds of the throw-in and they led from there right to the end.  By half-time, the score was 2-4 to 1-3 in NUIG’s favour, their second goal coming from Conor Devanney, while our goal was scored by Mikey Sweeney, with the points coming from Austie, Peadar Gardiner and Barry Kelly.

NUIG extended their lead in the second half and they were six points to the good, 2-8 to 1-5, at one stage in the second half but points from Aidan Kilcoyne (2 frees), Alan Dillon, Barry Kelly and Austie helped to narrow the gap to three points with five minutes to go.  However, NUIG then closed out the scoring with two late points to secure a comfortable five-point win in the end.

From what the reporters were saying at the various matches covered by Mad West today, the experimental rules proved problematic enough, with a number of players getting ordered off on yellow cards for what seemed to be innocuous enough offences and with play being constantly stopped for black book offences to be noted.  In our match, we lost Peadar Gardiner to a yellow card in the second half but NUIG had three of their lads ordered off in this fashion.  From the sounds of it, there’s going to be a strong chorus of disapproval about the new rules over the coming month and I’d be surprised if changes aren’t made before the end of the league.

That’s about it: the football’s back and, once again, we’ve got an opening match defeat to chew over.  Let’s hope this isn’t a harbinger for the year to come.

3 thoughts on “Losing start to the new year … again

  1. A new year and the same old story. You didn’t miss much today WJ. Mayo were poor all around really. Was good to see Keane and O’Shea get a run out in this competition, hopefully it will give them the interest to keep up progressing over the next few years in the u21s and drive on for a place with the senior side.
    New rules were a bit of a muddle they were giving out a sheet at the start of the game explaining it to everyone with a programme. I’ve a small report done up on it if you want a look.

  2. Great match report, nooneshoutedstop, and equally great to see you back in action again!

  3. Not worried at losing to U.C.G, after all they have a big pick. I am worried at the continuing trend of Johnno moaning, now he is crying that Cafferky was at full back for the college, he had the last two years to give him a run, he still can give him a run after this F.B.D thing is over. Conor Mort scored 0-7 yesterday for D.C.U and was at half throttle, and a lot of the hopefuls got game time with the colleges, all and all that should be a plus for O Mahony if he has scouts at those matches. By the way the Mayo team beaten yesterday was a strong side. I see Mark Ronaldson is playing with U.C.D , he scored 1-1 yesterday. We are up and off at last. More positivity Mr O Mahony please.

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