Lots of lovely match reports

It’s a nice Monday morning.  A bit on the wet side to begin, admittedly, but the sun has come out now and, you’d never know, it could be another blue-sky one.  And it’s not just the weather because there are, of course, plenty of reports from yesterday’s stunning win down in Tralee to be gawping at too.

In case you missed last night’s clutch, here they are: RTÉ, the Mayo Advertiser, Hogan Stand and Gaelic Rising.  That RTÉ report also has two audio pieces, a match report from Brian Carthy and a post-match interview with Johnno.  While his comment that Tom Parsons’ goal was the turning point in yesterday’s game was the one that generally got picked up, in the audio piece he has some more interesting stuff to say about how well we kept our composure early in the second half when Kerry came at us and how positive it is to see that different players are coming good for us in different games.

Added to that lot this morning are match reports from the Indo, the Times and the Examiner.  They’re all much of a muchness but the latter one is probably of most interest, given its usual Southern bias.  That’s the lot for now but obviously the locals will be worth savouring too a bit later in the week.

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