Louth game confirmed for 4th June

Fixture details for our All-Ireland SFC group stage Round 2 match against Louth have today been confirmed. What will be only our second ever Championship meeting with the Wee County has been fixed for Hastings Insurance MacHale Park on Sunday, 4th June. Throw-in will be 2pm and the match will be broadcast live on RTÉ.

There’s still no word on when or, indeed, where our Round 3 meeting with Cork will take place. There’s obviously no good reason why the GAA hasn’t yet confirmed details for this game and supporters would clearly like to be able to plan ahead.

Why the GAA is releasing fixtures in this piecemeal fashion, just one round at a time, is beyond me. If their aim is to get up everyone’s goat, you’d have to say they’re making a good fist of it.

Anyway, we now know when the Louth game is on so at least supporters’ plans for that weekend, for a game that’s likely to draw a bumper crowd to Castlebar, can start to be firmed up.

83 thoughts on “Louth game confirmed for 4th June

  1. Rossies got a right journey to Nowlan park in Kilkenny against Kildare.
    Has the top Gaa fellas any sense Tullamore or Mullingar pitch’s available

  2. That’s not correct, Williamstown Gerry. It’s Dublin who are travelling to Nowlan Park the weekend after next, as this is the venue Kildare have opted to call home for the group stage, with Newbridge closed for redevelopment. The Rossies have Sligo at home that weekend and the Roscommon/Kildare Round 3 match will be played at a neutral venue, which definitely won’t be Nowlan Park.

  3. Williamstown Gerry – It is all the 3rd seed`s with home advantage that weekend so Roscommon play at home as do Mayo.

  4. I would like to know where the Mayo v Cork game will be played, I’d like to go that but can’t book hotel or B&B to stay overnight until those on High decide? Looking forward to games now, Mayo are moving up a gear or two now, Louth will be a good test with tight defene probably.

  5. Have to say I feel GAA is very disrespectful towards fans. Everything about them is professional except for their ability to include /respect their golden cow… the supporters.
    I don’t often get to games but when I do I need time to plan for it.
    To the game itself, I expect a dense wall of red which will be a whole new challenge for Mayo. We really need to find a way of dealing with this and not becoming pedestrian and easily read. The Kerry game was Mayo’s ideal with two teams going toe to toe, lots of space and our athleticism got into full flow.
    Looking forward to seeing how it goes though. Best of luck to the team in their preparations.
    Maigheo Abu.

  6. How are they unable to publish a fixture list with dates and venues once the draw for the groups is made?
    Surely in this day and age it can’t be that hard to finalise that a couple of days after the group draw

  7. The Louth game is simply a game we need to win – one point would do grand. The main thing is to avoid injury and keep the lads fresh. I wouldn’t read too much into this game one way or another. Cork is a different ball game.

  8. I think we’ll beat Louth, it won’t be easy mainly because it’s in castle bar which seems to be a 3 point headstart advantage to most visiting teams.
    The problem is the cork game, we need to hope that Kerry hammer them but they will still raise their game against us, they always have the last 10 years no matter how they’re season is going, think they’re believe they are better than us or something. Walsh will have the Galway shawl in full effect.

    Concerning thing about Mayo is 1. Not converting goal chances. Same v Rossies ans the challenges with beating very defensive teams

  9. I guess it a case of Nowlan or nowhere for Kildare!!.You would imagine the Cork game will be in Limerick if its available………that wont be simple for us. I dont remember it ever being easy for us against them ……..

  10. I have a gut feeling Cork v Mayo and Galway v Armagh will be a double header in croke park .

  11. Jr – there will be 8 ‘neutral’ games on the one weekend. Not possible for them all to be in Croke Park.

  12. I dont really think we struggle more than anyone else versus a packed defence.
    Bottom line is its hard to get around for everyone and is a pretty effective way to play football.
    Its in the heads of Mayo fans that we struggle but even if you think back to Galway last year we only lost by a point having taken pretty big injuries to Oisin etc mid game.We beat all comers in The league.Good start is crucial of course.
    Kerry will be much more defensive next time they meet us but we kicked some good long range points yesterday for example and AOS provides a target with the right ball so I think we are as good as the next at working through tight defences…..we are a better team this year than last too dont forget.

  13. @1989 how is Limerick a neutral venue for Cork v Mayo as it’s nextdoor to Cork ??

  14. I’d imagine that they will want the each groups final games to start simultaneously. And each group will have one game in Croker.

    Mayo v cork – limerick
    Kerry v Louth – Croke park

    Galway v Armagh – Croke park
    Tyrone v Westmeath – Navan

    Dublin v Sligo – Croke park
    Kildare v Roscommon – Mullingar??

    Clare v Derry – Castlebar
    Donegal v Monaghan – Clones (or at least it should be, but probably Croke park)

  15. Ennis is the obvious venue for Mayo v Cork. As close to a half way as you will get plus a lovely venue to hold 10,000 – 15,000 people.

  16. @Frost T Hammer, last time we played Cork at a Neutral Venue it was Limerick.. a Munster venue, bordering Cork, still less than 1000 Cork fans travelled.. last two times our U21 Team played Cork it was Ennis another Munster Venue, and again less than 1000 Cork fans travelled. Time now for a Connacht Neutral Venue for Mayo.. Salthill or Roscommon easily just as Neutral as Limerick or Ennis. If the GAA want to make money and they certainly do, they certainly have been making plenty of money on the backs of the hard pressed Mayo fans for well over a decade now Cork Football fans are not going to travel in big numbers regardless. I don’t think even too many will turn up for the Cork/Kerry in Pairc Ui Caoibh.

  17. Apart from the team, there will be only 8 people from Cork when we play them. Limerick, Ennis, Thurles….it don’t matter!! We will outnumber them massively.

  18. Last time we played Cork in championship, it was in Limerick and what a game it was. Then as now we were strong favourites and they took us to extra time. So wouldn’t be counting any chickens about them yet. A lot will depend on Corks first two games. If they beat Louth on Sunday it puts them in good fettle for their home game v Kerry. Lose to Louth and they are very much on the back foot. They have a couple of really good forwards, one of whom, Hurley, they were missing v Clare. They are a confidence team so it is important not to allow them a good start. Louth will be a different challenge. Expect them to be ultra defensive and not make the daft errors they did v Dublin. They too have a couple of handy forwards with Mulroy showing up very well in Leinster final. They will feel they must get a result v Cork as facing Mayo and Kerry in their last two games is a tall order.

  19. That’s a consequence of the provincial final scheduling, MayoMayo1. Teams were given a two-week gap before playing Round 1 but that meant Round 2 had to be fixed for the weekend after. The scheduling is insanely tight.

  20. To win just once.
    Will never forget that game..
    Home and hosed til a raft of substitutions were made and then the drama kicked in..
    Think it was 2017 ..What a championship run that was..

  21. Leantimes. I understand what you’re saying but as the GAA said in 2014 they believe Limerick is halfway between Kerry/Cork (both bordering Limerick) and Mayo. Having said that I have no problem with Limerick. It’s easily accessible, a big playing area and suits our style of play. God forbid they would send us to Salthill, the venue I hate for football more than any other.

  22. Mike H
    It seems that the venue is deemed neutral if its not in your own County. That seems to be the definition not by province. Honestly I dont care I think we should just go and win the game…….
    I would far prefer to play there than Salthill for example………which is by far my least favorite destination…….its is a shame because Galway is such a great town to visit.
    I heard that Galway had plans to build a new stadium out around the airport but GAA CB politics held it up. I dont know if that’s true but it would be a magnificent venue and the land in Salthill must be the best site in Ireland for potential redevelopment.

  23. See the dubs have shifted to favourites for the All Ireland kerry 2nd and we have jumped quite a bit in odds and are 3rd above Galway I still can’t see Galway being huge contenders or even if they will get out of the group that’s a group of death haha

    Looking forward to the louth game but we shouldn’t take them for granted but we should still win

  24. I know we’d rather win all our games but am I right in thinking that we should be safe enough to win the group if we win one of our two remaining games, provided that Cork/Louth don’t win two games.

    If ourselves and Kerry have two wins, we’d top the group on head to head (obviously it comes down to points difference if three teams win two games).

  25. Good subtle and important question @Unstoppable.

    If Kerry and Mayo finish on 2 winning games is the top team in the group decided by head-to-head or points difference? Anyone know the story here?

    We must finish on top of the group – for many obvious reasons – longer recovery time, one less game, possible injuries, confidence factor, reasonable chance to reach a SF and then you can really go for it hard at SF stage.

  26. I had a look just not down under, it’s head to head when two teams level on points but points difference when three or more teams are level on points.

  27. Ennis/Limerick is probably easier to get in and out of than Salthill. Mayo very familiar with the Gaelic Grounds.

    Was interesting to hear Ciaran Whelan on the rte podcast talk about the lack of a huge Mayo support in Killarney. Probably a sign of the times and number of games this year.

  28. @Yew_tree don’t know why ciaran Whelan was surprised by the lack of support in killarney you can barely get accommodation in killarnry Atm and also the cosy of living is a massive factor for many of us .

    The time it was 3 o clock you wouldn’t get back to mayo till late if doing a round trip . Fair play to the mayo people who did go up !

    The lack of mayo support didn’t stop our guys though haha!

  29. @2hops yes exactly loads work over the weekend !! I wasn’t surprised at all by the lack of support in killarney certainly didn’t mean there was lack of support for the guys back home for them ! Saw loads of mayo flags up.

    Cost living is such an issue Atm and with sooo many game now with fixtures people have to choose which ones to go to and be realistic about it alright for ciaran wheelan to point out the lack of support cost living and that probably doesn’t affect him to much haha.

  30. Fair Play Joe G I’m glad somebody mentioned that Salthill is not a proper pitch too close to the sea with occasional very strong sea breezes and doesn’t give the classier football team a fair balance. I’d prefer to play Cork in Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Ón the same note people getting carried away with the idea Mayo will struggle against blanket defences just because we did against Roscommon. That was a dirty wet and windy afternoon the Sun is on our backs now and even Jack Ó Connor and Sean Cavanagh referenced to our quality at the weekend. Can’t believe after that performance that people are worried about Louth or current Cork team. Have some faith we gave a bloody good team now so let’s look forward to going very deep into this competition

  31. Well I think its fair to say Galway will get out of the group, even if they lose to Westmeath (about as likely as Louth beating ourselves and Kerry) they’ll still probably even qualify

    never thought that was nearly as tough a group as made out, Tyrone have lost 4 champ games in a row now and Armagh haven’t made an All Ireland semi in 2 decades. They’ll absolutely fill their boots against Westmeath

  32. @ciaran fair enough Galway will most likely get out of their group Armagh are always tough to play against though .

  33. Absolutely Clare and it could get very interesting if Armagh actually beat Galway, and Tyrone beat Armagh – they could all be tied on the same points – imagine a Galway v Kerry preliminary quarter 😀

  34. Mayo support is fickle enough if the truth be known , yes we can through phases where we are undoubtedly one of the best supported counties in the land but sat was an example of where the opposite happens , maybe it is the new structure and people been forced to choose their games but let’s see how many the rossie bring to croker Sunday to compare as a guide .

    You can’t be full time blinded by bias , we are not the best supporters in the land at present .

  35. @sean Burke Well in fairness the rossies don’t get many trips to croker do they so they may as well go this time to the Dubs game :p haha

    Think it’s fair to say the support was there for them though out the league their will be a packed house and castlebar I am sure but that one is a given as at home. Really do think the cost of living is a major issue for people though as I said .

  36. We will see , personally I’d estimate nowhere near a full house in castlebar for the next one , maybe in around 15-18k . That would be my guess .

    To play devils advocate, I’d say ros brought around 35-40k for the qf in 2017 . In 2011 and 2012 I’d say we brought about 5-8k for our qfs v cork and v down .

  37. As ever with the GAA, it’s all about the money!
    They will not reveal dates or venues for the Rd 3 games until they know what’s at stake with regards to qualification out of the groups, and where they can possibly make double headers out of games for ticket pricing and TV deals. We, the ordinary supporter, are now seen by the GAA as paying consumers, numbers on a marketing sales pitch or a balance sheet. Nothing else. All the flowery TV ads with young ones throwing hurleys on the dressing room floor, or auld bucks out lining pitches is all B.S. PR waffle about community and club is all shite. In reality it’s all about TV deals, advert pricing for the bigger games on TV and charging as much as possible at the gate – via Ticketmaster of course!!

  38. Plan for croke park double header pebbles with Armagh v Galway . If I was running a book I’d have that scenario at 1/10 favourite.

  39. Thanks WJ, the scheduling definitely needs changing. Certainly no benefit to a decent provincial campaign from what I can see, nor indeed a league win and expected to be championship ready a week later.

    Two weeks for us though between games is absolutely ideal, I’d assume a week recovery and a week to build up into the match.

    Listened to OTB football pod, was interesting to hear Carr was out doing the sprints after the match even though he played 50 minutes. He had worked hard during the game, case in point his sprint for his goal chance where he was at his own 45 and then seconds later was on the end of Ruane’s handpass so must have felt unlucky to be called out for more running. Still though, can take it as a professional approach from the management team. We could run over Kerry because of the hard work the players have put in.

    Pebblesmeller, I’d tend to agree with a lot of what you have said but with the caveat that the GAA is (cliche incoming) for everyone, but there is certainly a handful – a very powerful handful at that – for whom it is about the balance sheet. I know plenty of friends who are losing interest because of the price of tickets etc. now the cost of living can’t be levelled at the GAA, we’d need a different blog for that particular rabbit hole, but as others have pointed out confirming fixtures to allow people to plan the day is surely not too much to ask. Otherwise, as seen with mayo fans at the weekend, people will not turn up.

  40. Sean Burke, yeah I’ll have some of those odds too!

    Nothing worse than a half full Croke Park as opposed to a full Ennis or Limerick. Croke Park is a souless bowl when it’s not full, it gives off the feeling of a league game or a dead rubber game. It’s further proof to me that the GAA have lost touch with it’s support base. The Sky deal was the thin edge of the wedge and now, before we even saw it coming, you have games behind paywalls, ticket price hikes and unless you have a laptop or a phone glued to your arse you can’t even go to watch a game. The proof that a model like the old season ticket card scanning system could work has now morphed into an on-line marketing success for Ticketmaster. Let’s just not mention that you need a degree in software engineering and 15 minutes to actually get access to your on-line match ticket! I counted 7 interactions before I could actually see my ticket so how do they possibly accept that as user friendly?

    The elder generation have been nudged aside for the more affluent “sunglasses in the hair” brigade (I’ve always mentioned this shower of ticket wasters) that bring far less passion or knowledge of the game, but a lot more moolah €€€. And that’s all the GAA crave. They have seen with Dublin GAA just what money can do, and now the GAA are going headlong down the same route.

    The height of idiocy was when I attended an Intermediate club game last year. Out of not shaming the club, I won’t mention the venue. I was parked up and could see the game from where I was but when I went to go in I could only gain entrance to the game by card payment. No cash. Of course, I only had cash. Old school, me. I laughed at the lady when she said I couldn’t go in and asked “are you serious?” which of course she was. There was about 25 people there watching it. Gate receipts through the roof!!!! So I went back to my car, parked out on the public road and watched it for free from there.

    And there you have it. In a microcosim. GAA 2023.

  41. @pebblestar what do you mean ‘with sunglasses in the hair bigrade’ and they have not much knowledge of the game? And how are they ticket wasters?! That’s some statement to make!

  42. If the GAA decide to play Mayo v Cork in Croke park- it will look empty with only 10,000 people or less there.
    Whereas 10,000 people in Ennis would create a good atmosphere and much more accessible for Mayo and cork supporters. Surely common sense will prevail.

  43. Whatever about the headaches of costs, travel and accommodation with Croker for fans…. I’d selfishly love to see the Cork game up there for the players.

    An extra days experience with the travel, hotels, pre-match prep, killing the downtime, travel to ground, surroundings, dressing rooms, pace and size of the pitch…. hopefully winning…. for a young squad in Croker is always nice.

    Decent silver lining there should the ‘worst’ happen.

  44. @ pebblesmeller
    Your comments on here are fair and the truth imho but some will not ever want to hear truth.

  45. Watched the game back on GaaGo last night. ( 3 matches for 24 euro deal at the minute)
    Kerry were not as far behind as I initially thought from Saturdays viewing ( Many pints of Guinness and pure adrenalin) but it was goodnight Vienna if we had taken one or two more of the goal chances. Copy Clifford with taking an extra hop and the keepers gone the wrong way! The exception being Mc Laughlin’s goal which was an Exocet missile , no need for hops there.

  46. Really impressed with Colm Reape he has been some find for us this year!!

    Remember seeing him play outfield for knockmore.

  47. Seán Burke, not many people travelled from Mayo for the Kildare game in Croke Park last year. Some people seemed annoyed it was set for Croke Park instead of somewhere between Mayo and Kildare. Cost, annoyance and a feeling of choosiness – choosing the games they wanted to attend – were the reasons, I think. As to the latter, it’s completely understandable. There was weariness involved too. The 2021 final had a role to play.
    I wouldn’t judge too much by the low attendance at the Kerry game. It’s a very very long way from Mayo to Kerry and there is no direct public transport connection. Last time in 2019, I travelled Dublin – Killarney day return by train from Heuston. It was very doable, convenient even.
    North Mayo to Killarney is a different matter.
    I feel the fans WILL be back.

    Clare, I tend to agree with you. There are LOTS of sunglasses in hair fans who are Mayo nerds and who could talk about the ins and outs of games, tactics, prospects and so on.

  48. Willie joe.. if we keep winning towards a semi final and yes it’s a big if… Do the provincial pairings still operate as in connaught v ulster

  49. I’m afraid I’ve no idea how it works at that stage. I’ve heard it’s an open draw but I don’t know if that’s correct.

  50. We’ll have a new Mayo Football Podcast show up on Patreon later on. Mike will be joined on it by Colm Boyle and Marc Ó Sé as they look back on Saturday’s match in Killarney.

  51. We need the younger generation to go and support like us older guys have been doing for years, to keep the support up.
    I remember last year in Croker v Kildare, Ros v Clare was on before it, there must have been only 15,000 or 20,000 in Croker.
    What bothers me is that certain people seem to always show up for the final and they would not have attended any other game all Season.
    The 2021 final was a great example of this where the crowd was also limited due to COVID-19 Regulations.

  52. @Craggy boglands: Nothing official to suggest they operate anymore beyond random comments suggesting it with nothing to back them up (most likely pulled from the Wiki which has once again included them having previously removed them after initially including them…. so two editors having a little battle there with neither leaving a citation for their changes).

    “Semi-Finals 15-16.07.2023 (Sat/Sun) (Two Games)

    The four quarter-final winners shall play against each other in the Semi-Final based on a draw, subject to the avoidance of repeat pairings from the championship, where possible.”


    Based on a draw from the only official information we have. No caveats in the Master Fixture List for if/when Provincial Champions qualify or don’t.

  53. @Joey O – In fairness, its not just the Roscommon game. We struggled badly against Tyrone (2021) final, Galway (2022) and Kildare (2022) when they set up a blanket, blocked the middle channel and forced us wide to shoot from low percentage places. This is the template to play against Mayo.

    We have always struggled with this because while we have a fantastic athletic team that can go toe to toe when allowed, we do not have the shooters when our running channels are closed off and the early ball in the full forward line isn’t on.

    I’m sure they are working on this so lets hope we have something when we next face the blanket.

  54. Made effort this afternoon to purchase my two tickets for Castlebar and was going ok ‘till I got the option to view seating arrangement. Lo and behold! A corner terrace just inside the gate on the McHale road side…….an immediate abort!

  55. @Mayo88 I was at the Kildare & quarters last year and there was a good few you get generation my age group going i know lots of young people who still go and support and not just for the finals to.

  56. Thanks for the podcast, Willie Joe and gang. Keeping me contented here.

  57. @Unstoppable, you got me thinking there.
    Mayo have shooters, a few of them, ie, to shoot from distance.
    When a team sets up very much definitely I would be focusing on holding the ball as long as possible, with varied shooters left and right.

    Big thing is to limit Turnovers and will lead to Counter attacks, all players need not attack.
    Attacking against a mean blanket defence is tiresome when you are not scoring, remember how the Dubs set up in 1st half v Mayo in 2019, soaked up Mayo energy and attacked from the throw in after halftime.

    Galway looked far too laboured when trying to score against the Tyrone blanket on Saturday last, and had 2 extra players for a while.

    As I have always said there is one way to beat the blanket, get ahead, the opposition will then surely have to attack, then box then in completely.

  58. @Swalllow swoops totally agree with you ! I’d say I am a sunglasses in hair type haha but also pretty needy when it comes to the facts and stats about mayo gaa there are lots of us about as you say to ha!

  59. Great post @Pebblesmeller, I agree with what you are saying, things have gone far to Technical altogether, it’s an App on your Smart phone for everything now, how do the older generation cope at all.
    All support will be needed at the games in the next few weeks, not just at a final.

  60. Ah lads are we down to the stage now of grading supporters by our own perceived standards?.
    Personally I’ve no complaints about anyone going or not going for whatever reason they may have be out money or botheration or the day out or not.
    What I can’t stand is fans who abuse players, boo players because of who they are, or boo free taking or the likes. That’s just lowlife behaviour and people shouldn’t reduce themselves to the poor standards of others if that’s the reasons they do it.

    We’d be better using our collective energies on other things rather than nitpicking about how much knowledge our fellow fans may or may not have. Last I checked there is no pre format or qualification criteria to be a fan of any team. As long as people are willing to roar on the team on the field, everything else is secondary.

    Mind you the ones who start getting annoyed in the stands when we start to play a bit of keep ball might want to get themselves in order too. We did that to good effect for a while against Kerry and when we have the ball it means the other team don’t have it. We should be giving positive encouragement in those scenarios rather than getting impatient.

  61. Another way to beat the blanket is concede their kickout and let them try to break us down, when the turnovers happen blitz them. A physically weaker team like Louth will be pick pocketed. Tyrone gave us 4/5 goal chances and a penalty in 2019, wasn’t the blanket that day. Dublin went for goals to hammer Louth. I’m sure they’ll learn from that game but still, Louth are not at Ros’ level, a team in Div 2 compared to 3rd in Div 1 who we’d have likely beaten on an off day if we took one of our early goal chances.
    Louth are very disadvantaged by the week gap and we should blitz them in the 2nd half with our athletes and Tommy C and maybe Cillian coming off the bench. If the chips are down we have Paddy D and others to force late scores. Keep the faith.

  62. We’re hoping to have another one looking back at the Kerry game in a few days, Swallow Swoops, and then it’ll be Final Whistle time again with the Connacht MFC final on Friday evening.

  63. We can’t take any team for granted, it’s the Mayo way.
    We haven’t a great record against Louth and Harte is a Wiley manager
    Remember Limerick against Cork.
    If it was Dublin we would probably win.
    For the next 2 games it is all in the head.

  64. Rumour has it that the Kerry V Louth game will be in Thurles. I think everyone would rather these Neutral Games to be played in Croke Park.

  65. We may not like a half full croker but this is
    where this athletic Mayo team is best suited to. The more games we play there, the better from a
    Purely footballing point of view.

  66. Do we still have a harge number of the panel coming down from Dublin for training?
    Just watching the game back there and thought how much easier it must be both for players and mgmt if the majority of players were based in Mayo/ Connacht area.

  67. https://twitter.com/StatsAndSolos/status/1661111725142228992

    Brilliant statistics there from StatsAndSolos showing the potential importance (assuming not too many shocks happening around the country) of setting to work for the Louth and Cork games along with the importance of the Killarney result.

    QFs more likely looking at Roscommon/Armagh/Monaghan/Tyrone/Donegal vs Kerry looking more likely at Galway/Derry/Dublin/Armagh. Surprising to see how high ‘out’ ranked in their likelihoods (17%). Kerry still well clear as the top team in the country for modelling (even after a recent 16% drop in their ratings) so would be expected to win out higher than any other side.

  68. The Irish Times states that the All Ireland semi-finals are Connacht Q/F v Munster Q/F, and Leinster Q/F v Ulster Q/F.
    I take this to mean that the initial group containing the provincial winner carries this title through to the semi-final stage, meaning we fall under the heading “Munster Q/F” should we win the group and progress to the semi.
    I could be wrong of course

  69. @Garland Sunday: Can you point to who/where they said that? Is it part of the upcoming fixture list (think someone referred to that previously in conversations about this) or somewhere else?

    Between the Times and the Wiki there appears to be a lot of unnecessary confusion around this. Or else they have exclusive information without citation nobody else has that they should be screaming about.

    Nothing in the GAA’s official guidance on how Sam will work (the stuff released in January and April) or in their Master Fixture List information hints at this. That official information, which specifically mentions it being a draw, at SF stage, directly contradicts it being carrying over of Provincial titles (and the lack of detail on where/when it would apply if it’s only when specific Provincial Champions qualifying make that an absolute mess if it turns out to be the case).
    https://www.gaa.ie/news/gaa-master-fixtures-for-2023-published/ < Semi Final details on page 22 of the first document there.

    15-16.07.2023 (Sat/Sun)
    (Two Games)
    The four quarter-final winners shall play against each other in the Semi-Final based on a
    draw, subject to the avoidance of repeat pairings from the championship, where possible."

    (You'll notice the master fixture list detailing all Provincial Pairings in other competitions like the club championship where they do play a role)

    Following the press events they held around the new competition setup where journalists could query the details none of the journalists mentioned this specifically (it's a big deal if true) and a number again directly contradicted it (notably Conan Doherty & Colm Keys in what was probably the best explanation of the new system they did in a video for the Independent).

  70. @TsuDhoNim the Irish Times publish a list of results to date and upcoming fixtures every Monday in the print edition. This is the piece I was referring to.
    Not sure where they get the info as I haven’t seen it anywhere else

  71. @Garland Sunday: Thanks a million for that. I flagged it up as a query for IT Sport and Malachy Clerkin on Twitter so hopefully get them to either remove it & the confusion from it or share whatever background and further information they might have on it.

  72. @Garland Sunday: The predetermined provisional stuff was confirmed as a slip in a DM back to the tweet and should hopefully be corrected shortly. Malachy on the ball there.

    Open draw in the semi finals (with the caveat of avoidance of repeat championship pairings ‘where possible’).

  73. All….bit of a technical question….struggling with gaago app….can’t get it to cast correctly to a smart TV off the phone….most successful I’ve been is to get the sound to transfer…..casting thing in corner of screen is grey and dies nothing when I hit it…WiFi is on same as TV….both are paired….anyone with similar issues? I can always plug laptop into TV…but gaago brag that you can cast it…..

  74. Just checking for ticket information for the match saturday. Are all tickets now €25? and Are U16s free?

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