Low-key lead-in to Limerick

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It’s Wednesday, which means we’re already in three-more-sleeps-until territory ahead of our Round 1 qualifier clash with Limerick at the Gaelic Grounds. Given how close we now are to the game it’s all very quiet out there. To be honest, I’ve been more preoccupied myself with the start of the State exams today – we have a soldier in that particular field again this year – than I have about when we might name our starting fifteen for Saturday.

But it is Wednesday and so time is rocking on towards the game. The Mayo News (paper and digital editions) had some team news yesterday, with a piece by Mike Finnerty revealing that both Brendan Harrison and Donal Vaughan could miss out on the Round 1 fixture due to injury. Mike also states in that piece that Lee Keegan’s involvement on Saturday could “be limited”, given that he’s still only on the comeback from that serious shoulder injury.

I guess we won’t name our team for the game until Friday evening. Even then, the fifteen we name is likely to show the bare minimum in terms of changes from the Galway match. We’ll definitely be listing two changes from the last time, with the unfortunate Tom Parsons and the suspended Diarmuid O’Connor both out of Saturday’s fixture.

Fit-again Cillian O’Connor will, for sure, occupy one of those vacancies but all eyes will be on the other available slot and, in filling it, what this means for how we’re going to set up in Limerick. Seán Rice, writing in his Mayo News column this week, gives a good run-down on the options facing Stephen Rochford and his selectors – it’s here.

The view from the other side of the ditch is captured in two pieces that might be of interest. Mike Finnerty has an interview in the Mayo News  (here) with former Limerick footballer Pa Ranahan. He reckons the Shannonsiders “have nothing to lose” on Saturday evening and that they should “go out and enjoy it.”  He does, however, add ruefully that, for Limerick “the big drawback though is that it’s going to be their last match of the year.”

Limerick’s manager Billy Lee also bigs us up in an interview piece in this week’s Limerick Leader, which is here. In referring to us as “the second best team in Ireland” he also, perhaps, betrays the fact that most football played in Limerick occurs close to the Kerry border.

Interestingly, that piece also talks about the possibility that Saturday’s match could have been fixed for Newcastle West rather than the Gaelic Grounds, a development that surely would have put most social media platforms offline for a few hours had it happened.

That article states that Limerick have a clean bill of health heading into the game. I’ve no idea,though, when they’ll be naming their team for the fixture.

Right, devoid of any real news, there’s nothing for it but to wrap this one up with a poll on Saturday’s game. Okay, then, all you glass-half-full and glass-half-empty merchants, all you Tiggers and Eeyores, what’s it to be at the Gaelic Grounds?

Will we beat Limerick?

  • Yes (88%, 581 Votes)
  • No (12%, 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 663

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172 thoughts on “Low-key lead-in to Limerick

  1. Well I will start the ball rolling so to speak on this fine day in Dublin. I expect Mayo to win easily and immediately focus on what could probably be a more difficult assignment in round two. All eyes in Connaught are now on the Hyde for the clash of Roscommon and Galway so Mayo slip below the radar and attempt to navigate their way back I suppose to the final qualifier game as a milestone. Many people have writtten ye off now which is fair enough but Rochford must surely now try out as many men on the panel as he can as you never know when a lad will pop up and raise it a level.
    I expect Galway to beat Roscommon this year (I did last year too) so it will in all possibility be Kerry/Galway in one side of the draw while Dublin and probably Donegal in the other. If Mayo fight their way back into contention then which group would they be assigned to or is it by open draw. I know im way ahead of myself but im laid up and I have championship fever.

  2. @Reamonn If we progress to R4 of the qualifiers we will be drawn against a losing provincial finalist… AFAIK if we draw the Connacht/Munster finalist and win we go into the Leinster/Ulster side of the draw, in your scenario with Dublin, Donegal and ANOther. If we draw Ulster/Leinster losing finalist we go into the other group if we win, i.e. with Kerry, Galway and ANOther… If Roscommon win Connacht we will not be drawn against Galway, so our chances of ending up with Munster and Connacht winners for the S8’s increases

  3. Reamonn – The Super Eight line-up is effectively decided by the Round 4 qualifier draw. This is because Group 1 this year comprises Munster winners, Connacht winners, Leinster beaten finalists (or qualifier) and Ulster beaten finalists (or qualifier), while Group 2 comprises Leinster champions, Ulster champions, Munster beaten finalists (or qualifier) and Connacht beaten finalists (or qualifier). So whoever we draw (assuming we get that far) and beat (DV, as my mother would say) in Round 4 determines where we head to for the Super Eights. But now I’m getting way ahead of myself too …

  4. Meant to add…. Can’t believe that there are 3 people on here who don’t think that we will beat Limerick! Must be Rossies or Galway supporters!!

  5. Well I believe they have assigned the Ulster Runner-up and Leinster Runner up or the team that beats them into the Munster/Connacht group with the runners-up from other two provinces or team that beats them in Round 4 of the qualifiers into the Leinster/Ulster group. So at the moment it would be a 50/50 chance for Mayo to be in either group if they were to get to Round 4 unless Roscommon beat Galway as this would mean Mayo can’t face Galway again if possible to avoid. If all goes to plan I would predict that Round 3 of the Qualifiers will be the hardest round given the teams that will be involved and Home/Away still being used.

  6. Thanks Willie Joe that is clear enough even for me.The games will come thick and fast now and as a big hurling fan the Leinster Final day out is getting close. I saw on the front of the mothers Indo that Sky Sports is half price for 6 months so im close to picking up the phone at this stage as I think they have loads of the matches. Its nearly worth getting Sky now if you already have the basic package but the poor auld lads down the country will have to make do with the wireless which is sad but as someone pointed out to me recently its better they take Sky money than the bookies tainted cash.

  7. Whats the best location for parking. There was a shuttle bus from radisson hotel just off the motorway in 2014 for kerry game. Didnt make the cork game last year so dont know if it was available then. They probably wont lay on that service for smaller crowd expected Saturday.

  8. Re dummy teams. I recall an ex armagh player, but don’t recall his name, coming up with a great solution to deal with this problem.
    Name your team on Thursday for a Saturday game or Friday for a Sunday game. If any changes are made then they are counted towards the six allowable subs. Makes sense to me.

  9. Limerick 1-08 Mayo 2-12.

    Lee Keegan picks up a bizarre yellow card even before he enters the fray. Something to do with trying to tie his boot laces and delaying the game.
    Ye read it first here lads.
    Anyway on to round 2 and a visit to face Leitrim in Pairc Sean.

  10. Why do we need dummy teams anymore? At this stage if the correct team named then started it would be more if a shock.

  11. Mayo damned if we hammer them. Damned if we don’t. Go down, win, go home, move on. I won’t get too hung up on performance.

  12. I am sorry but I think for the first time ever a decent performance is needed. As a border (Galway) resident the depression around here is very bad having lost to them how many times in a row. Also with Parsons injury, Diramuid’s lack of sense, Cillian, Donal, Lee and Brendan’s injuries as supporters we really do need a boost. We really need the likes of Loftus, COS and Andy to start bagging a few big scores. Will make the trip with the boss and possibly the big brother with the tay and sandwiches. Let it be the beginning of a new campaign.

  13. Just so you know , the Afro I ordered online arrived this morning . Since then the dogs in the house are goin crazy barking at me. I’d just want everyone to know that.

  14. U20s are playing sat as well at 1 30….its a shame the games are on the same day.

  15. Swahili has his Afro
    All set for Limerick we are
    Swahili he is our Rambo
    With a Jar and guitar
    We all be singing Fernando

  16. I agree that the best way to put a stop to these phantom teams is to bring in a rule that any last minute changes count as a substitution.

  17. I would respectfully request Stephen Rochford not to name Ger Cafferkey at full back unless he actually intends on playing him. He is fooling no one except himself and making a show of a fine servant to Mayo

  18. Doubt there will be a dummy team named. In fact id like us to start as we mean to go on and name the 1-15 that will start for each of hopefully 4 qualifiers!

    Would second the request for parking info as I’ve got the train last 2 times but the 6pm throw in has made it not possible this time. New motorway makes it a handy one hour spin anyway which is quicker than the train!

  19. Swahili named the team last night. No punches pulled. They’ll started as named, I’d say.

    I remember been at a masters final in ennis over 20 years ago. A double header. We bet Dublin in the masters that day. Cork bet us in the u21 final there the same day. A young Ciaran McDonald was playing and was marked by Brian Corcoran. If memory serves me right, Cork got an early goal and we were fighting an uphill battle from there on.

  20. Heard Lee Keegan being interviewed today on radio. What an articulate young man he is. No doubt when his playing days end he will be a major pundit. But lets hope that does not happen for many a day as he is the best Mayo player ever had.

  21. @James. Cannot find this schedule for the Masters anywhere. If I get word I’ll let you know.

  22. Also looking for the best parking option preferably an easy option to get away after the game. Heading down from Mayo through Tuam and onto the motorway.

  23. att of wide ball.i dont think one can drive from castlebar to limerick in two hours and would not encourage people to attempt it.we do not want penalty points on any accidents along the way .myself and my son are travelling to limerick early on saturday.the u 20 will probably have very little support at their match and i wish them well and hopefully they will qualify for connacht final on the 17/06. it is on in hyde park before the senior final.any supporters intending to travel to connacht final should begin sourcing tickets now because there will be a reduced capicity of 18500 at that game and tickets will be difficult to get.

  24. Rivellino they are playing Clare in Ennis but i dont know is it this Friday or Saturday

  25. Lee’s interview was great…his drive to be back is amazing after such a tough few months. His enthusiasm is infectious. Just love him!!!

  26. Are teams not expected to be named on Thursday now?

    Wasn’t there a controversy a few weeks ago (for the life of me can’t remember the team) where it transpired the team had been submitted to printers on Wednesday night?

  27. I see on Twitter: Na Piarsaigh club on Ennis Road (beside Greenhills Hotel) has free parking and club’s bar opens at 4pm.

  28. Would love to know who the 29 votes above who voted no to us winning. On 2nd thoughts I don’t need to know ye at all.
    ***unnamed sub**

  29. Looking forward to Saturday and to history being made when Cillian becomes Mayo’ s top scorer of all time. What a day for him and his family.
    I really hope some of the panel players get a good run out. We will definitely need them bloodied for later in the campaign as injuries and suspensions potentially mount.
    I agree that naming dummy teams serves no purpose and can be very disrespectful to players named and then dropped.
    I also wonder about playing players who have not been on panel or development panel like Hanly and Durcan ahead of those who have been training all year. What kind of a message does that send to the likes of Gallagher and Boland….totallly effects their confidence I would think.

  30. AA route planner gives a journey time of 1 hour 55 mins for Castlebar to Limerick. Distance 104.5 miles. A few years ago this would have been impossible with all those Galway and Clare villages to visit. I intend to get the U20 match and then head south. God Bless motorways. Looking a map of Limerick I see that Limerick IT is not too far from the Gaelic Grounds, just off the Old Cratloe road which should give easy motorway access on the return journey. The IT should be fairly quiet at this time of year and may have parking available. Maybe somebody could clarify this.

  31. @Lahanman. I see where your coming from about players getting game time before lads that have been there all year but the head has to rule the heart. If the newer lads are showing more at training I think managment has to go with them.

  32. Normally I never miss the underage games. I do not have a problem missing this one on Saturday. Our underage teams over the last few years leave a lot to be desired. So it is only Leitrim, but I would be surprised if we progress beyond this point in the competition. Limerick is the place to be on Saturday, but give yourself plenty of time. We never had any problem parking down there or getting away in a timely manner. I remember Ennis and Limerick last year. The atmosphere and excitement of the Mayo following on those occasions was something really special, even unbelievable. So looking forward to the “role of the dice” on the road and the call to arms- ” Mayo” “Mayo” “Mayo”.

  33. The idea of punishing a team for naming a “dummy” team is all very well until a team is hit by a virus or food poisioning in the three days interval between naming the team and taking the field. It may not happen often but it cann happen.
    Regards Hanley or Durcan coming into the team ahead of players who have been training for longer, all I want to see is the best team on the field regardless of their time on the panel. I’m fairly sure that the entire panel see it that way too, they wouldn’t be on the road as long as they have if they didn’t see it that way.

  34. Lahanman Good point on COC and a new Mayo Champion era about commence. He is only 26 and going good. Well worth the journey down to be on the sideline to cheer that score as it sails over the bar. He has always been my hero. With regard to new faces on Saturday, I would like to see EOD, Coen, Crowe Boland and Loftus. get some game time. I was never a Loftus fan, but the League just gone by show some good signs that I may be wrong. I am not expecting to see Hanley of JD just yet. On your question regarding what effect it has when a relative newcomer makes the panel before a established panel member. I feel it is a wake up call to the established panel member that they have come up short. That they need to show more in training and grab the opportunity that has been presented to them. This time last year EOD was not making the panel, now everyone has to compete against him Ever ask yourself why.

  35. I have absolutely no issue with naming a dummy team. It has become the norm and Mayo are one of many teams doing it. If there is a tactical reason then I am fine with that also. I consider it old fashioned to be getting your nickers in a twist over it. It is part of the modern game so build a bridge.

  36. Sorry, top scorer for Mayo. That I’m not sure!

    47 is for top championship scorer of all time. A breathtaking statistic. Hopefully the summer will be long and he can tick that off the list as well

  37. In limerick we park in Tesco. Massive carpark, loads of space. 20 minute straight shot to the ground. Lovely jubley

    Heading straight after the u20s. Can’t wait!

  38. @James “Mayo Masters hopefully will be celebrating next Saturday afternoon when they take on Clare in Ennis at 1pm in the third round of the Masters Championship.”
    If want updates on masters they have Facebook page

  39. Apologies Willy Joe seen you’d already answered. Will be glued blog Saturday as for first time in while I will miss game as in Dublin for a concert.

  40. Low-key this weekend. Who starts who doesn’t start doesn’t matter. Let’s see who we get Monday. Low-key my friends.

  41. Limerick your a Lady, but we are still going to have to try and beat yea at the weekend.
    I haven’t always been a fan of the qualifier system but it has saved our bacon now a few times and it’s always nice to get to play these other counties outside of Connacht.

  42. Thanks WJ and Gizmobobs for that information . WJ I just heard who you were i know your Dad and your brothers very well .
    Any word of How Tom Parsons injury is coming on?
    Lets win it for him

  43. anyone know if there will any radio commentary available?.
    Would like to be able to listen to it in full, as opposed to just snippets while listening to radio commentary on another game that is already being televised.

  44. Any word on where you can buy tickets for this game? Supervalu shops like other games?

  45. Any ideas where to park in Limerick I was thinking of parking in Aldi but might can clamped

  46. How many points does Cillian need to score on Saturday to become Mayo’s all time top scorer. Big achievement thats needs to be acknowledged on the day by supporters.

  47. its Conor Mortimers record he breaks right ?
    if Conor had held the head he could have set a much stiffer score , he still had plenty to give to Mayo.
    Doubtless Cillian would have beaten it at some stage anyway , he really is different class.

  48. It is Conor’s record he’s going to topple, Roger. You’re right – if Mort hadn’t had that strop in 2012 he’d surely have racked up a fair bit more before his time would have been up.

  49. Yes Roger, Conor Mortimor currently holds the record. He scored 14-388 in league and championship. Cillian has scored 25-354 in league and championship.

  50. I presume season tickets are scan at the gate on Saturday. Don’t need to print tickets in advance? Don’t remember getting an email to clarify this. can anyone clarify. thanks.

  51. The email said to scan your season ticket at the gate and the seating unreserved inside.

  52. I’m guessing that we’ll be wearing the ‘sexy little black number’ ,aka,our away jersey the next day. I wonder does any one know or kept track what our win rate is when we have worn it??

  53. Cillian needs 41 pts I think to overtake Gooch as top ational championship scorer ever. He could possibly do it this year but within next ten championship games surely. He would have overhauled Gooch with about 30 games to spare on Gooch ..some achievement that would be…

  54. Not sure all Ireland medals are a fair barometer. You can only take the score chances you get. An interesting stat is Cooper got 4 -34 in the 9 finals he played in for Kerry including 2-7 against Mayo in 04 and 06!
    Cillian by comparison has 0-36 from the five final games he played in. Although he has only 0-6 from play in those games it still gives him a 2 pt per game higher average.. .
    Just passing the time till Saturday!

  55. @Give it a lash. Totally disagree.
    If Pele had not played with other great players he would not have won any world cup.

    Would you them say that Pele was not fit to lace any other players boots ??

    I don’t think so.

  56. We had a very good right footed free taker in Alan Dillon during Mort’s bagging of that big score. I rekon Mort’s average from play might be a bit higher than Cillian’s although Cillian takes on a lot of responsibility chasing and making tackles which is slightly underrated. That said I’d prefer in Cillian were able to conserve even 5% of that hard working energy into reserve for scores from play as our only forward getting consistently more than 2 points a game is Andy. If someone else were captain I think Cillian might feel more free to concentrate on scores from play. We probably have the hardest working set of forwards in the Country helping to pressurise the opposition but all through this era bar maybe 2013 we haven’t shot the lights out. Be nice if we could start doing it in back door. 25 degrees Saturday so subs very important.

  57. Cooper no doubt a brilliant player, but Cillian has also spent alot of his playing career tracking back opponents in to the defensive areas of the pitch.
    They have played 2 different roles. Cillian could have a higher tally if he never moved outide the 45.

  58. We haven’t won Sam since 1951. The Gooch and Kerry’s currency is all Ireland if some people on here are happy with Cillian being top scorer every year but with no medals to show for it then good for them. But until we develop a winning mentality and win big lugs everything else is irrelevant really in the grand scheme of things. That might seem harsh Cillian is a brilliant footballer and a great guy but I’d be happier if he was a brilliant footballer and a great guy with All Ireland medals no one ever remembers who the top scorer on any given year was but they can remember who won Sam

  59. Does anyone know the left footers on the Mayo Panel? Kevin McLoughlin, Evan Regan and Aidan O’Shea and Shane Nally is all I kno for certain.

  60. I just think that some of this current Mayo team are some of the finest ever to wear the red and green and would stand out for any county in any generation.
    Of course they haven’t won Sam for some insane reason and what a tragedy that is but let’s still enjoy and appreciate their skill and talent now because this golden age for Mayo football will pass sooner rather then later inevitably….

  61. That’s 1 thing that Dublin seem to do very well. When in posession and recycling the ball they more often than not ensure that any contact occurs in very kickable areas. I’m not saying rock isn’t a very good free taker but an a very high % of his frees, they are won exactly where he would prefer to be taking frees from. We seem to allow contact far to often close to.the sidelines making the free much tougher to put over.

  62. Give it a lash Jack,I think it’s thats a very insulting remark about Cillian in your first comment.I’m sure this record means feck all to him at the moment,but give him a little respect for all the joy he has given us over the years.

  63. I see people saying they don’t mind performance as long as we win! I don’t think that’s good enough, we need to absolutely nail Limerick, I mean NAIL! Teams no longer fear us, if we limber over a team like Limerick, we will not be feared and the next team we play will fancy they could have a cut at us! It happened last year when we struggled massively against Derry! Lay down a marker, because we are wounded, we are missing players and the heartbeat of this team (TP) is gone for the year. Fringe Players need to step up, show to themselves that they belong on the starting team, finish this game early and don’t let up!

  64. Nothing else matters, other than winning all Irelands. Apart from that, it’s all pointless. All the games until now, pointless. All the wonderful scores, meaningless. The drama, a waste of time. See Fermanagh celebrating a famous win? Did nobody tell them it was irrelevant? I’ll have to get onto the phone as well to my Carlow mates, and quick. They’re making fools of themselves!

  65. Was watching the quarter final win v Donegal in 2015 the other day. Would love to see Aidan O’Shea back at full forward

  66. Opt2 I did not set out to insult Cillian. Willie Joe please delete my initial remark about Cillian. I’m just frustrated that we are winning all stars footballer of the year going for scoring records yet we can’t get our hands on big lugs. Getting beat by Galway In Castlebar and Leeyroy being injured against Tyrone hurts like hell. It’s time to win the damn thing and for me Mayo Mark nothing else matters I’ve enjoyed the drama the fabulous scores the trips to New York and London and the season ticket travels around the country the last 8 seasons I’m pushing on a bit now and for me only winning Sam matters. Apologies to Cillian and anyone else that was offended.

  67. I’m afraid I stand with Give it a lash Jack. We’re not Carlow or Fermanagh.

  68. Justin. We’re Mayo women children and men. Winning Sam would be unbelievable but it’s not everything. I’ve never seen my county win Sam, it might not happen for me but I think there is a good chance it will.
    I wouldnt swap all my years of following the Mayo team for anything. It’s the nearly misses and the never say die that sets a Mayo supporter apart. The Mayo fan is a rare and precious species. We are more proud of all and any of our players than any team that has ever lifted Sam.
    We’ll never be beaten. We mignt not win a game here and there but you can mark it down in stone WE WILL NEVER BE BEATEN.

  69. any word on team for Saturday , or is there anyone ruled out except Tom and Diarmuid

  70. Never said we were Justin. I just don’t believe in this absolutist stuff.

    Every time I go to see Mayo play it matters. To suggest that it’s all pointless apart from actually winning the all Ireland is to demean and completely ignore the trojan efforts from everyone involved in the team over the last number of years, and indeed beyond.

  71. MayoMark , this is for you . I am with you 100 % on this.

    With apologies to one A. Lincoln

    The Louisburgh Address

    Three score and seven years ago , our forefathers brought forth Sam from the hallowed fields of the east. Our county pride was at its peak .

    Our motto then ,as now “ Act each as a brother and love one another, like stout hearted men from the County Mayo” was a siren call to decency and manliness and indeed womanliness

    The World will little note nor long remember what we say here on the blog , but it can never forget what these men of Mayo have done for us .

    It is for us the fans to be dedicated here to the unfinished work of the current generation , and those who have fought so nobly to bring back our sense of honor , our pride and our courage .

    It is for us here to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us.That we , who are so honored to know this team , who have given their last full measure of devotion , that we will resolve that their heroism was not in vain .

    And that this county will have a new birth , enflamed by the passion of our 16 th man , and that the decency of Mayo people , by our people , and for our people , will not perish from this earth.

  72. I think Fear an Chomhartas has a great point, if Mayo are to labor over this next game, it gives impetus to the next opponent. I think it’s fair and not too disrespectful to say Mayo will win in Limerick on Saturday, this should really be a game where Mayo are going out to really get moving and not give any other team any ideas. Loftus and the likes need to be breaking through on goal in this game, that would be my words to them. Head down and hit the turbo if you see an opening at all.
    Higgins against Roscommon in last years replay is incredible stuff to watch, no doubt others are capable of that type football.
    Let’s see it. Let’s see them decide to go for the goal in this one.

  73. Maybe that’s why the supporters go quiet in the stands in big games sure there just there for the Craic a day out in the big smoke happy to be second best as long as they say nice things about us on the Sunday game
    So we get a few Allstars and POTY where’s yer pride lads where’s yer passion? Whose with me to roar on this team to an all ireland not to be just Content with records without medals and runner up medals don’t count

  74. Give it a lash Jack – I’d watch my step a bit if I were you. You’re getting close to breach of the peace territory with your various contributions today so if you’ve any sense you’ll dial it down a tad.

  75. Mayo need to go out and wallop Limerick on Sat eve….it will be disregarded by the rest of the country but that does not matter. The group is all that matters and we need a confiamce boost.

  76. Give it a lash Jack. Cillian is one of the best footballers this county ever produced with or without an AI medal. His contribution to Mayo football will prevail through your time and mine. He is backed up by a group of players and mentors the like of which this county has never experienced. Thousands of Mayo supporters at home and abroad have traveled and reveled in the exploits of this fine bunch of representatives. In all of this I believe a seed has been sown, standards have been raised.and the mediocrity that held us back in the past is now on the run. Lament the lack of medals all you want, but this our team and its hands off time.

  77. I hear Megan and Harry are honeymooning in Mayo.. Well, I’m bringing the pair of them to the match in Limerick.. I’m not bringing the good car, I’m borrowing an auld ‘Solara’ from a man in Erris… Megan can sit in the front with me, for sure… How’s your father? ,.. I’ll have to ask her… Harry can sit with Paddy Joe in the back… The ‘Solara’ is a great car… It’s just ‘Past :it’s NCT… I don’t mean’ Passed ‘… I mean’ ‘Past’, 8 years ago. With this fine weather, we won’t even. need the one good wiper… Can’t see the Guards pulling for, Road Tax, not with Royalty on board… The Royals don’t need to Tax their Cars in England… Would €50 be enough petrol money, it’s is a bit of a glutton on juice!

  78. Mayo just need to win on Saturday. Racking up big scores against allegedly weaker teams is irrelevant. Thats why Kerry.s and Galways huge wins last sunday mean nothing as indeed do Dublin.s mauling of the cannon fodder in Leinster. Its all about winning and moving on as we have shown ourselves in the last two years. Does anybody seriously think that Kerry and Galway will rack up massive scores like that later on. Even the great dubs who swot most aside have had serious difficulties against us in the games that truly matter. I hope we win comfortably but as long as we progress is all that matters. Look at some of our performances in the last 2 years v Fermanagh, Westmeath, Tipp, Derry, Clare etc, but when August and September came we made all the experts who proclaimed us as dead men walking swallow their words. Make it to the Super 8s and we will take it from there.

  79. Your in luck Leantimes. I’m driving the red zettor to Limerick. You have no worries. I’ll follow yea down. The Solara wouldn’t be too pacey anyway so I’ll be right behind yea. I’ll have the cock lifter on the back. If yea run out of petroel or break down I’ll just swing the Zettor across the road, drop the cock lifter and reverse the prongs in under the Solara. I’ll be able to bring the 4 of yea in the Solara on the cocklifter no problem. So if anyone is travelling to Limerick on Saturday and happens to see a red Zettor with a Solara on the back and Paddy Joe and Leantimes and Harry and Megan in it give a beep. It’ll probably be us. I doubt very much if there would be another red Zettor with a Solara on the back with 4 people in it.

  80. I wouldn’t pretend to everything about football but by Jaysus I love goin to matches. I love it when yer man blows the whistle and everyone dives in to the pool.

  81. Thank’s, Revellino… Might be a ‘Knighthood’… in it for both us yet, if all goes well… The’ Queen ‘ had considered giving Meghan the title, the’ Duchess of Caunnaght ‘ as the’ Saxe Gore Botha ‘ family are very prone to’ misspelling names,…(Windsor).. I suppose when, several million men, got killed fighting against each other, for one or the other branch of the Saxe Gore Botha’s, you very well might want to change the spelling of your family name.. She changed her mind, when Mayo got knocked out of the ‘Connacht’ (as it is correctly spelled) championship… Sir Revellino of Zetor,.. and Sir Leantimes of Solara, will definitely our well deserved correct titles and we are certs to be in the ‘New Year’s honours list’… Now after further thinking about it, I was thinking of charging both of them, €50 petrol money, and I was thinking of, leaving the Solara in Limerick,…. And the Royal Couple…. On second taughts I bring the Solara home with me again!

  82. So who awaits us in the second round of the qualifiers, assuming we swat the Limerick lads as we’re expected to do on Saturday evening?

    These are the teams I assume will be in the hat for the Monday Morning Draw – Leitrim, Sligo, Clare, Tipperary, Monaghan, Longford, Carlow or Laois, Donegal or Down.

    Another slice of Lady Luck might not go astray on this one.

  83. Bloody hell, Chris Kelly that was bats! And not just for poor colour-blind folk like me either. My understanding is that we will be in the red ‘n’ black tomorrow evening and I guess that, seeing as the protocol is that both teams wear changed strips where there’s a colour clash, Limerick will be in their mainly white gear.

  84. Why Willie Joe? Can the snowflakes on here not handle the truth that we will always be second best until we through off the shackles and develop a winning mentality where excuse like ah sure it’s only the
    League, it’s only the FBD sure we’ll be grand when August come etc etc

  85. WJ I don’t think we will wear the red and black tomorrow, I think we will wear the New Jersey mainly red with green. The u17 wore it earlier this year against Leitrim.

  86. Don’t know what colours we’re wearing but so long as we wear Limerick down that’s all that matters. That could take a good 30 or 40 minutes. I don’t know what standard Limerick are but it’s a big game for them playing Mayo and they’ll be doing they’re level best to give a good account of themselves. I hope they do very well in the hurling but I’m of course hoping their football season comes to an end this weekend. The 1st rung on the 4 step ladder to reaching the Super 8’s. Time to start warming up the engines.

  87. Give it a lash Jack – that comment confirms my suspicions about your motivation for posting here, which I can now see is clearly aimed at winding others up. You’ve only been commenting here a wet week (less than a month, to be precise) and yet you presume to know what “truth” others can and can’t handle, plus in doing so you use an insulting term to brand everyone who posts here. I’d suggest that you wait until you’ve developed a bit of basic cop-on before attempting to post here again. From your comment, I can appreciate that this may take some considerable time.

  88. Really good article this morning in he 42.ie with belmullets Ryan O Donoghue today. Seems a very ambitious young fella. I thought he was a brother of Eoin but he’s actually no relation.

  89. In all fairness Rev, they got hammered by Leitrim in the league, and got hammered by Clare who in turn got hammered by Kerry. If we aim to be up there with the Kerrys and Dublins we should have no bother wearing Limerick down with considerable ease to be honest.

  90. I’m hoping and I think that will be the case Justin.
    Last year we were beaten by Galway, who were hammered by Roscommon who were hammered by Mayo. I know these are different skilled teams but it still could take a little bit of time to get on top.

  91. I would expect limerick to be competitive to start but the class of mayo to take over before half time. Hopefully come through injury free and match time and confidence in the bag . Can’t beat the feeling of a weekend when there is a game

  92. I’d expect Limerick to be game for the first 10 or 15 minutes but Mayo should be keeping the scoreboard ticking over as well. I would think anything around a ten to fifteen point win, no injuries and / or sending offs and all set for the draw on Monday morning..

  93. Connaught Telegraph reporting that Hanley will play tomorrow. Mere speculation or fact?

  94. Cian Henley must be some player to come back from Australia and straight into Mayo championship team Has anyone seen him play club football recently?

  95. Cian Hanley has seirious pace, something alot of fringe players simply dont have. In a recent challenge against a provincial champion, Hanley scored a screamer into the top corner, burning one of they’re fastet players in the build up.

  96. Interesting U20 side. Surprised that Johnny Maughan isn’t in the defence and no Conor Diskin, Colm Moran or Stephen McGreal in the forwards.

  97. Colm Moran hasn’t played any recent games with Westport. Heard he had an ankle injury .

  98. Personally, I would like if Stephen Rochford starts several newcomers and realitive new comers.. Limerick is a very good ground, great surface suits pacy player’s… Like to see,.. Mathew Ruane, James Duncan,, Cian Hanley , Evan Regan, Shane Nally, Michael Hall (start Drake, see what he can do against 3 Div 4 opposition)… Give Hennelly a start in goal,… Of the veteran’s, start, Higgins, Vaughan, Leroy, and Barrett, they haven’t played too much football this year and could benefit from a game.. I know my preferred selection policy for THIS match may find many detractors…. If we can’t start an unfamiliar team for this match, we are very unlikely to be able to have the luxury /necessity to do so later on in the Championship! … Two weeks break, after this match, then if we can stay alive, the game’s come hot and heavy… We will need to able to mix and match…. Or we are going Nowhere!… So come on Stephen Rochford,.. Give it a shot…. You can have your stalwarts in the on the bench, if we absolutely need them… And if we do need them… God help us!

  99. Mayo Dunphy,you nailed it in one many of the panel lack pace which in the modern game is essential,think how Adain got back to pressure Comer in the last game,I hope S Akram can step up as he has got pace to burn hopefully in the fowards

  100. No Conor Diskin!! is he injured? thought he was the top player in that age group with Ryan O’Donoghue.

  101. We’ll play in our red and black away strip according to the Mayo GAA Twitter account.

  102. I’m with Leantimes’ analysis above.
    After seven years of rolling the boulder up near the top of the mountain only to allow it roll down again we have become worn out with the yearly roll-out of the boulder.
    The first movement is the hardest and it’s getting harder and harder to even budge it.
    We need to address our weaknesses otherwise we’re all wasting our time.
    We have a lack of pace and a lack of scoring power in in our midfield & half forward line … this has to change.
    We have had no impact from our impact subs … this has to change.
    The policy of sending on non scoring defenders as replacements for forwards when we need a few scores will never work. Our impact subs need to be bringing some impact to the scoreboard when they arrive.
    Outside of that there is not much wrong with this team that a big score won’t cure.
    Big scores are the way the likes of Dublin, Kerry & Galway take themselves away from lesser teams.
    Low scores are the way you get into ‘russian roulette’ finishes with lesser teams.
    We played the ‘russian roulette’ finishes to death last year … we don’t need a repeat this year.
    End of warning!

  103. Rodger Milla…. It’s better to have every player with some recent championship experience, just in case your normal first choice player is injured or Black/Red Carded… Suspended… Including goalkeeper… No point in having Hennelly on the Panel if he isn’t capable of playing against Limerick… Same goes for every player on the Panel,.. if any of them are not capable of Playing against Limerick or any other team for that matter, no point in having them on the panel at all.. I forget to mention Sharoize Akram… Like to see him attack from half back tommorow as well…. And make substitions in plenty of time… This bringing on subs after the 65 minutes mark, sometimes we even bring on two subs after 70 minutes and even then leave a potential sub unused.. This is driving me daft!

  104. I agree. Fire in the new fellas and bring in the veterans after 55 mins. There’s way tougher tests ahead rather than risking more injuries in a game were 99% certain to win.

  105. leantimes i would agree in many cases but not in the case of a goalkeeper , leave your number 1 man in and keep him in for the whole championship

  106. Agree with Leantimes re trying out all the newer guys. This is the day to do it.
    Roger. If Clarke is so vital, why risk him getting injured in a game we expect to be winning.
    If Hennelly is the back up surely he needs game time just as much as any outfielder who is taking up a place on the panel.
    Mayo have a great chance now to unveil their new talent. If we don’t do it for the Limerick game and get tricky assignments from here on out in the qualifiers we won’t be starting them in the trickier games if they haven’t had a chance to show their stuff.

  107. Absolutely not. Your number 1 is your number 1. This has never been practiced and I don’t know why we should be starting it now.

  108. Is it season Tickets tomorrow or print outs? I am sure the email I have now deleted said print out? but it says card badge in the account.



  109. U20 team named
    1. Patrick O Malley – Westport
    2. Rory Brickenden – Westport
    3. Brian O Malley – Westport
    4. John Cunnane – Ballyhaunis
    5. Paul Lambert – Westport
    6. Oisin Mullin – Kilmaine
    7. Cathal Horan – Kilmovee
    8. Jordan Flynn – Crossmolina Deel Rovers
    9. Evan O Brien – Ballinrobe
    10. Nathan Moran – Hollymount/Carramore
    11. Ryan O Donoghue – Belmullet, Captain
    12. Oisin McLoughlin – Westport
    13. John Gallagher – Mayo Gaels
    14. Ross Egan – Aghamore
    15. Tommy Conroy – The Neale

  110. Thanks Willie Joe, my confusion stemmed from a tweet from Mayo GAA that was later corrected.

    Thanks again.

  111. Just liking through the sportsfile photos that Chris Kelly posted there. There was a pre match parade that day!! Rare you’d see that on qualifier day now!

  112. There was a bit of confusion there alright, KOB, but as you say that was later corrected. Like others, I just need to remind myself to make sure I have my season ticket card on me for the trip tomorrow!

  113. I see Dublin gave their no 2 keeper plenty of game time in the league. They want to keep him sharp just in case.

  114. Don’t see former minor captain Barry Duffy on the U20’s, has been unlucky with injury before so maybe he’s out again. Be surprised if dropped as he played 2 seasons in central positions on minors.

  115. Regarding Goalie debate I agree it’s a good day to play Robbie who’s still our no 2 and has been waiting patiently for some more chances. If ever we go to experiment tomorrow is the day with plenty of options on the bench.

  116. Hope it’s available to watch on You Tube, even if its not live, possibly next day, I would imagine, or maybe even later on Saturday evening. Anyway safe travelling to all, enjoy the game, its a nice little starter, in what will hopefully be a long, and successful summer. Maybe this is the year, we get kind draws, and decisions, go in our favour for a change, its time we got the rub of the green, now that we have, lets put this game to bed early, Up Mayo.

  117. I suppose the 78 votes not to beat Limerick shows that the No button is working anyway.

  118. Mayo Viking – you won’t be able to watch the full game on YouTube as it’s not being televised live. Sunday Game highlights will be the only tv coverage.

    Barry Duffy is U21 now I think.

  119. Actually just saw there that highlights of the game and all the qualifiers will be shown during the Sunday Game live. A shorter round-up will be on during the evening programme.

  120. Thanks Wide Ball, will have to make do with midwest radio on the phone, and watch Meath beat Tyrone, while having a nice cold pint at the same time.yahoooo! It could be a great weekend yet.

  121. From Mayo GAA Twitter ac
    1. David Clarke – Ballina Stephenites
    2. Eoin O’Donoghue – Belmullet
    3. Ger Cafferkey – Ballina Stephenites
    4. Keith Higgins – Ballyhaunis
    5. Colm Boyle – Davitts
    6. Chris Barrett – Belmullet
    7. Patrick Durcan – Castlebar Mitchels
    8. Seamus O’Shea – Breaffy
    9. Stephen Coen – Hollymount/Carramore
    10. Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    11. Aidan O’Shea – Breaffy
    12. Cian Hanley – Ballaghaderreen
    13. Evan Regan – Ballina Stephenites
    14. Cillian O’Connor – Ballintubber(Captain)
    15. Andy Moran – Ballaghaderreen

  122. @tuamstar: it’s fair enough that Loftus isn’t starting it’s close between him,regan and jason doc for the 3rd player in the ff line he will be on in the second half.

  123. Mayo 3.11
    Limerick 0.08
    Best wishes to Stevie and the team. Hopefully we’ll see some of the fringe players shine, and stake a claim for the year ahead.
    Time to kick start our season again.
    Maigh Eo Abu!

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