Lucky Dubs win + Cork (again)

My miniature Jackeens weren’t complaining but the Dubs most certainly did not deserve to beat a hugely game and committed Longford in last night’s O’Byrne Cup final. The match was played down the road at Parnell Park but, with the memory of how I nearly got my nuts frozen off me the last time I was there a few weeks back, I opted instead for the comforts of the sofa (I like that sofa) and Setanta’s live coverage.

There are some downsides to watching Setanta: you have to listen, for example, to the “expert” views of that gobshite Ray Silke who, late on, told us that Jason Sherlock had won his All-Ireland medal with Dublin back in 1995 and here he was, eighteen years later, still going strong. 2008 – 1995 = 13, Ray. All those teeth that Paul Earley insists on flashing are a bit disconcerting too but I like that truculent old codger Eugene McGee. There’s a man who truly knows his shit.

I won’t bore you with a match report – here’s Setanta’s and here’s the Indo’s – but, if you didn’t see it, trust me: the O’Farrell County wuz robbed. They tore into the Dubs from the throw-in and were 1-5 to 0-1 to the good after ten minutes, with the excellent Brian Kavanagh – who bagged 1-5 from play on the night – leading the charge. The Dubs had reeled them in to just two points at the break but Longford doggedly hung onto their lead as the second half progressed. With ten minutes to go, there was just a point separating them and you’d definitely have fancied the Dubs, with their awakening home support, to do it.

However, Longford then struck for home with some unbelievably fine shooting and, five to the good with five to go, a major shock looked in the bag. But Jayo had come on by then and, as we all know, the Dubs + Jayo = Goals. Even though the two he struck in those final frantic minutes weren’t, like the famous one in 1995, in his stockinged feet, they were sufficient to break Longford’s resolve and to secure a wholly undeserved victory for the home side.

Okay: onto Cork where, contrary to what I said the other day, it does appear that Kieran Mulvey is willing to make a third attempt to secure peace in our time on Leeside. The guy must be a sucker for punishment. Personally, I like An Spailpin’s rather elegant proposal for sorting out this mess. Whatever the solution is, it needs to come soon or else, as this piece (by some bloke called “Comment”) in today’s Indo shows, it could all turn ugly.

2 thoughts on “Lucky Dubs win + Cork (again)

  1. Love your blog…but…I think you are too hard on Silke. He has stood up for Mayo on many occassions and I would bracket him with Keith Duggan as a guy that genuinly has time for us. Most commentators and experts are wafflers anyway, some have made a life time career out of it. In fairness I have to agree on your comments on one or two of R.T.Es so called experts…but… Silke is a good guy. When he picked up Sam in 1998 one of the things he said in his acceptence speech was that he would like to see Mayo up there with the same cup soon. I for one will never forget that gesture. God forbid but could you imagine a Roscommon man saying that. Keep up the good work, I go to your site a few times each day. What would we do if we ever won an All Ireland?

  2. Fair point – I didn’t remember that he’d said that back in 98. I can’t recall him standing up for us all that often but, as that 98 quote shows, my memory can be faulty!

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog. What would we do if we won it? Hmmm … if we did, it could be a few days (or weeks) before I got around to writing about it!

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