Major doubts over International rules

int-rules_.jpgTime is running out for the GAA and the AFL to agree on dates for a resumption of the International Kick the Shite out of the Paddy Rules series. The Aussies apparently want just one match (of 15 rounds, Marquess of Queensbury rules) whereas our lads, for some insane reason, want to give the Aussies a second go, just in case they missed a few decapitations at the first time of asking. The ball is currently in the Aussies’ court but, according to this report, they have just two days to respond to Croke Park’s ultimatum (is it wise to be issuing those chaps with an ultimatum? Chaps that are capable of this?) to sort out dates and venues for the two tests.

It sounds as if the whole thing is on the verge of collapse. Fingers crossed that it continues its progress unchecked in that direction, even if Star thinks that everything will be all right under the recently-agreed ground rules. A word of advice, Kieran: not everything you were told on your Grandaddy’s knee is true. Sure, you’ll get to die with a bagful of All-Ireland medals alright but those bits about Santa Claus and Aussies playing by the rules were all made up. Honest to God. Oh yeah, that stuff about God as well …

7 thoughts on “Major doubts over International rules

  1. Ah now WJ… no need to be like that. Sure aren’t there loads of willing bodies to get 15….. sure theres 10 between Dublin and Meath alone… I also suggest Gary Cox and big Seamie O’ NAIL from the Ros… thats 12 … and there bound to be a few cuckoos left around South Armagh who could easily fit in. Also Aidan O Mahony and P. Galvin from Kerry…… Jeepers I think it would the easiest team in the country to pick 🙂

  2. That could be the best option, alright. Do you remember the team of hard chaws that Heffo took over there in, I think, 1986? I recall a Galwayman that I worked with at the time musing (with the memory of the 12 Apostles in 1983 still fresh in his mind) that he never thought he’d hear the day when he’d be saying “Good man, Joe McNally, hit him another one!”

  3. I do remember Joe Mac from da dubs and that 83 All Ireland. (Not one for All Ireland Gold mind ya) Back to Joe – I’d say he ws one of the reasons that made Supermacs popular around the Pale. Unofrtunatly I believe every County team with serious aspirations has a couple of these individuals nowadays. “Unfortunatly” I don’t think the Green and Red do though.

  4. the sooner they scrap the thing the better….it serves no purpose. We havent inherited any thing from their game( which wouldnt be a bad idea especially in relation to the tackle), we get bet up and the rob our best talent. But of course as long as the GAA are making wonga nothing else matters.

  5. Spot on.

    It’s a complete waste of time and a mismatch. Professionals, especially arrogant Aussie ones, aren’t interested in losing to amateurs. And it’s not even Gaelic football. It does nothing for GAA, except screw up fixture lists at a vital time for club championships.

  6. I dont rate the game at all and the media and idiots who describe it as International are clowns, however all has not been a loss. We saw Meath men whinge and cry and moan after a few of theirs got unto them what they did to others. We saw Ciaran MacDonald get the credit he deserved from both sides when it was finally recognized that Mayo can throw up a real and genuine hard man as opposed to some of the so called hard men of other counties. I would not worry about this so called poaching lark. Our lads are not profesionals yet?? so they can do as they like. Many choose soccer and rugby and we dont bleat. We can count on the one hand all that made the grade down there. I thought the free from the hand came from their game, they also showed us new levels of fitness and they showed up a few of our boiled eggs that they were not so hard boiled as they thought.

  7. Can ya believe it? The GAA after their ‘final’ 10 day deadline row back on their original decision (sound familiar?) and give the aussies more time to sort themselves out.
    Which begs the question would there be any harm in pouring this money into spreading the game within emigrant communities in North America and England, ensuring second and third generations have the opportunity to play?
    A radical idea is that the GAA should be promoting Gaelic games instead of a makey-uppy game, thrown together with a few rules acting like sellotape to stop the whole lot from coming apart.

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