Major minor assignment tomorrow

Our minors face the toughest possible examination of their All-Ireland credentials tomorrow at HQ when they line out against the latest crop of Kerry starlets. We haven’t a hope, says Paddy Power, quoting our young lads at 13/5 to win over the 60 minutes. And, if you read that article in yesterday’s Indo about the conveyor belt that ensures the production of generation after generation of Kerry thoroughbreds, you’d begin to wonder if it’s worth our while turning up at all, especially with that Barry John (what sort of a name is that to give a child, for the love of God?) Walsh lad ready to repeat that 3-3 he got against Offaly in the last round.

But I kinda like the call to arms that Kevin McStay issued earlier in the week and, in the spirit of same, I’m looking forward to being there tomorrow to see our young lads tearing into those Southern blue-bloods and making a nonsense of those overly generous match odds. As Kev says, what we need to do is take the game to them from the outset and see where it gets us. Hopefully, there’ll be a good few of us there tomorrow to make a bit of noise for the lads from the pews and, with a bit of luck, we might see our U18s book their place in next month’s final before the small Kerry support for the senior match shows up at Croker.

3 thoughts on “Major minor assignment tomorrow

  1. scoring apart an encouraging performance. replay probably be in ennis which gives us a further advantage. we are the better team with kerry overly reliant on their ff who was cleaned by the future senior full back…were you impressed WJ???!!!! of course you were. he wasnt the only one who starred. the captain was excellent as was freeman as was oshea. i thnk rather than feeling its an oppotunity lost it will give us huge belief. bring on kingdom!!!

  2. Too right I was, as were a number of Kerrymen I spoke with who were agog to see their highly-vaunted attack stopped in its tracks. If it wasn’t for that fucking cretin of a ref, we’d certainly have won but our own wayward shooting didn’t help either. I’d be very hopeful that we’ll win the replay.

  3. Just a bit more belief and we would have won, be a bit worried that Kerry would not be held as much the next day but still think that we can win.

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