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Tiernan McCann dive


It was a funny old night, as well as a long one, at the Central Hearings Committee last night. It was also a fruitful one if you were appealing anything, with Tyrone succeeding on the double as they had Conor Meyler’s black card from the Monaghan game nullified and, of course, Tiernan McCann’s kangaroo court eight-week ban was also overturned. Our own Kevin Keane also got off the hook for Sunday week, with his red card from the Donegal game downgraded to yellow band so making him available for selection for the All-Ireland semi-final.

Taking that one first, you’d have to say – a bit like the Lee Keegan case last year – that while Kevin is lucky to get off, it’s just the latest in a long line of GAA disciplinary decisions made by applying the spirit rather than the letter of the law. According to the latter – which ref David Gough applied – there was a striking action by Kevin (a mild slap, albeit) and that, according to the rules, was a straight red. The CHC, however, appear to have taken a wider view of what happened, perhaps by factoring in the obvious aggression on Murphy’s part in starting the incident (a player, incidentally, who shouldn’t have been on the field at that stage having committed an obvious black card offence earlier on and who wasn’t punished at all for his part in the episode with Kevin) and also maybe bearing in mind that the punishment Kevin would suffer – missing out on a possible All-Ireland semi-final appearance – far outweighed the offence. In this respect, others have already pointed to the obvious parallels with the Diarmuid Connolly case back in 2011.

Whatever the rationale, Kevin can count himself as very fortunate to have been cleared. The incident should, as has already been pointed out, also act as a warning to the whole squad about the need to maintain discipline, especially in the light of provocation. The Lee Keegan episode last year – in which the Westport man was fouled by both Walsh and Buckley, with the latter punching him in the bread-basket for good measure before Lee retaliated (GIF here) – ultimately proved hugely costly to us, turning a very winnable game into a real dogfight and leaving the lads who gave everything that day in less than optimum condition for the replay six days later. Control the controllables, as the saying goes.

Our man getting off wasn’t, of course, the big news item from the CHC last night. In the early hours of the morning, they decided that the eight-week ban meted out to Tyrone’s Tiernan McCann also couldn’t stand. This was obviously the right decision and the question has to be posed as to how on earth the CCC thought they’d get away with this kind of make-it-up-as-you-go-along justice. What McCann did was clearly a disgrace – and he’s been made an all-island laughing stock as a result of it – but he wasn’t the only player in that game to show a talent for theatrics. What about Monaghan’s Rory Beggan with his dash and dive cameo earlier on?

What appears to have happened was that the CCC took their line directly from Colm O’Rourke on The Sunday Game who said something to the effect that surely it should be possible to do a player for discrediting the organisation in light of the dive. Which was exactly what the CCC then attempted to do.

Not only was the proposed ban a move that couldn’t stand – as Joe Brolly quickly, and correctly, pointed out – it was also highly selective. Was what McCann did any worse than serial diver James O’Donoghue’s latest offering, which, unlike McCann’s, completely altered the course of the match in question? And how come O’Donoghue – as well as the likes of Keane and Donaghy – can dive with abandon while it’s only the Tyrone lads who get called out for it? I’m no fan of the Red Hands and their nasty, underhand and utterly cynical approach to how they play the game (at all levels) but to go after them as the only ones up to this sort of carry-on is ridiculous and, as last night’s appeal showed, completely untenable.

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  1. Everyone one in arms about the decision. But you can bet your bottom dollar if it was a key player from a county belonging to anyone given out they would gladly accept the decision. All this up roar is very selective. No one outside Mayo gave a flying fuck about playing an All Ireland semi replay in Limerick last year.

  2. Delighted for Keane however both Keane and Keegan need to learn. Keegan last year reacted. Keegan reacted against Galway this year. Keane is portrayed as teh hard man of the Mayo team. How are these guys being provoked? Are they doing something to invite this treatment. Do they do the verbals? Do they strike off the ball? Do they hit very hard or are they just targeted because of some character flaw that opposition players and managers have identified? Any way what ever it is they need to cut it out. Could be very costly. Whilst Dublin are not renowned for provoking opposition both of the teams in the other semi final have taken it to an art form.

  3. Mayo played ny last year and Kevin was targeted by his man as a punch bag. He didn’t retaliate until it needed attention, one lifter of a thump stopped the nonsense so it has to be said that he’s a patient fella but will defend himself , as he did against Murphy. I have actual photos of Murphy with Chris Barrett’s throat in one hand and cafferkeys collar in the other, he was looking for trouble for anyone that would react as keane did. I’m convinced that if Mayo keep 15 on the field and aos remains in the game that they will be Dublin by a few scores.

  4. I think that if Kevin Keane played for Kerry or Dublin and had got off that Mayo would be up in arms about they getting special treatment. He was very lucky to get off. I think some on here comment with green and red tinted glasses on and have all sorts of conspiracy theories about bad seats at Croke Park and venues and special treatment for other counties. This is the exact reason why Mayo supporters have a reputation around the country as whingers and moaners. Thankfully the players dont seem to be inflicted with the same mindset. There is no agenda against Mayo or any other county in the country. Its all in the supporters heads. If we are good enough to win the AI then we will and if we dont then its because we are not good enough. Stop looking for reasons that are not there. Enjoy the game and the great team we have at the minute.

  5. Than God for a sensible accurate and balanced post,, you are spot on Mayo Madness there is no grand sinister plot hatched annually in HQ to deprive Mayo of the title,, that is the plain simple truth,, for god sake look outside the goldfish bowl and the posters that continually harp on about James O Donoghue, Kieran Donaghy and what ever other player that hurts ye, please stop it as it doesn’t sit well with other counties.
    If Mayo win next Sunday week all will be well but if ye lost there will be is sinister players on the Dublin team or a dreadful referee etc,, just support your great team and refrain from this bull s%%t

  6. I don’t think anyone is saying anything of the kind, Mayo Madness, and most if not all of those commenting have said Kevin was lucky to get off. I seem to recall Philip Jordan getting off in a similar way before our 2013 semi-final and there certainly wasn’t any rumpus on here about it. Adding in irrelevancies about seats and conspiracy theories is simply creating an argument you’re then using to tar supporters in a certain way, which has no validity. You’ve even got poor old Gamechanger egging you on too. Now look what you’ve started!

  7. Tis easy to peep in here Game changer and preach to us about whinging with ye’re 37 All Irelands.

  8. Really cant believe Keane got off his red card but sure we will take it and run

    As for the McCann ban – common sense has prevailed and hopefully we don’t see anymore of it this year. Would like to see them take James Horans advice and bring in a specific rule to deal with future offenders.

  9. C’mon everyone. Am i, (once again, ahem, ahem), the only one who saw Finlay”s “beautiful” strike on one of the Tyrone players late in the second half during all the chaos??? Because i “love” Tyrone so much i call it “beautiful”. He was behind the Tyrone player and both of them were falling. He assisted, with his left arm “gently” around the other’s shoulder.. As they fell and were about two feet off the ground he released a short, powerful punch with his right fist to the back of the neck and flattened yer man. The gas thing was, he didn’t look at where he was hitting, looking instead right at the camera, which was the sideline, to see if it was spotted. Needless to say, it wasn’t and he actually grinned. It would have been a scarlet card but Tyrone at the time were in the wars all around and no one noticed. I am so sorry, but i loved it!!

  10. Just one other bit of news that was confirmed today as well, Donal Vaughan’s black card against Donegal still stands (he failed in his appeal last night) and he also got one against Donegal in the league. Therefore if we are lucky enough to be still standing for the final in Sept, Donie would miss out if he receives another black card in the semi-final against Dublin.

  11. you can be sure Kerry will be able to give it to them as hard as they get as well, and then go looking for cards when they get hit themselves. i’d say poor JOD will be like bambi for the day his legs will be so unsteady and him toppling over every few minutes.

  12. On a more important note, I see we whooped the asses of the supposed “big three” in the paddy power best looking gaa teams survey. A very respectable fourth, and that includes the hurlers. I might need to put the green and yellow flag back out in the garden to mark the occasion! 😀

  13. Hopespringseternal – can you please clarify something for me? Is there a clause in the black card ruling that states that you won’t be banned for an All Ireland as a result of black cards? Someone commented upon it here straight after the Donegal match.

  14. WJ,
    I’m getting a bit embarrassed by this post and the way we seem to be developing a persecution complex. The very popularity of this blog puts you in a position of power and with power comes responsibility. Over the last year or two, a very small, but very very vocal minority of Mayo supporters have taken to social media at the slightest perceived injustice. Be it game location, ref choice, or any myriad of real or imaginary slights against the team then twitter melts down or Facebook erupts.
    This blog is a brilliant source for us supporters and as shown by your traffic numbers, it’s viewed by far more than just Mayo supporters. So if we complain about a ref or a player diving it’s seen as a representation of Mayo supporters as a whole. There is no conspiracy against us, both Keegan and Keane deservedly got red cards and both were bloody lucky to have them rescinded. As was mentioned earlier, had this been Donnacha Walsh or Jack McCaffrey, we would be storming Croker with pitch forks and lit torches.
    Let’s stick to talk of tactics and players and leave the other shite talk for a while.

  15. I have to say I am totally perplexed as to where James O’Donoghue has garnered this reputation for serial diving on this site? I totally agree the penalty in the munster final should not have been awarded but I certainly don’t think O’Donoghue dived for a penalty. I think if he was a diver he may well not be injured now as 2 players attempted to take him down on route to the goal chance that resulted in his injury against Kildare.

    I think O’Donoghue is one of the finest players to grace a GAA pitch in the last decade and this is the only place on which I see him being branded as a “diver” which is unfortunate.

  16. I don’t understand your point at all, Liam. How can the site’s popularity have anything to do with what people post on social media? Do you think I’m egging them on or what?

    And where have I said there’s a conspiracy against us? What I did say was that Kevin was lucky to get off and I also pointed to our need to maintain discipline, not least in light of the Lee Keegan episode last year and the ultimate cost of that to us.

    Also, I cannot accept that my opinions expressed here (and they’re only my opinions, nothing more) are “seen as a representation of Mayo supporters as a whole.” Aside from anything else, that claim conflicts with your point about other Mayo people taking to social media to get their points across – are they not also representative of Mayo supporters? In any event, the many people who frequently comment on what I say here are well able – as they often do – to take issue with what I write and I’ve no problem with that. I prefer, though, for any debate to be on the facts and not on a wild accusation of the kind you appear to be making.

  17. And so herein lies the lesson for all that cower under the red and green banner – bend over and take wants coming, without a whimper, lest you be taken for a whinger.

    I’m sorry – that’s complete bullsh’t. The reaction to Keane’s card being rescinded has been extremely balanced. Basically most of us acknowledge he didn’t do a whole lot but was foolish nonetheless and could have little complaint if the appeal had been declined.

    And one final note – surely the whole purpose of a blog such as this is to discuss, debate and deride/applaud all manner of issues related to GAA. Christ if we can’t so that we all need to go get lessons from the PR guy that coached Jim Gavin in the aftermath of the friendly bust up against Armagh.

    As WJ mentioned, other players have brought about successful appeals to bans and there was feck all comment on this forum. A little perspective required here in my opinion.

  18. Does anybody think, that this was a little peace offering from Croke Park for last year.

  19. Were you in Limerick last August, Cantini? If so, O’Donoghue’s rep as a diver should be a bit easier to understand. Also I personally thought the Kildare one was possibly a dive too many on his behalf – he’d broken clear of the cover easily enough but then went to ground very softly after the Kildare keeper stripped the ball off him.

  20. What Kevin Keane did was a bit of handbags. What Paudi O Shea did to Dinny Allen was a strike, and they got up and shook hands!! Its not soccer where you can,t lift your hands.

  21. Cantini, I have seen James O’Donoghue dive. He is a fantastic talent, I wish we had him, but he dives. I have a Kerry friend and he is seriously pissed off with O’Donoghue’s attics. He said it needs to be stopped, it’s a poor reflection on Kerry football. I cannot place now exactly when and where he dived but i have been watching football for many decades and i see what i see. I base my judgements on the evidence before me. 😉

  22. @ Rock. Yes, Jim Gavin’s lack of care for his player was unforgivable. He should be ashamed about the shite and dribble he came out with. What does that say about him? In my estimation, he is the pits!!!

  23. To expand on HopeSpringsEternal point, 2 yellows in the semi would be enough to see Donal banned from the final

    Any 3 of…

    – 2 yellows
    – yellow followed by black
    – black only

    …on three separate occasions throughout the year (incl league) is a ban.

    So Donie has already picked up 2 blacks, so any of the above versus Dublin and it’s no final I’m afraid

  24. Well said, Rock. In particular, your first paragraph.

    Liam, you’re taking an awful lot on board there, worrying about the way the opinions of those thousands of other Mayo supporters with their own minds reflect on their county. Some might say it’s an unfortunate consequence of the internet that these opinions can now be aired. 😉

    I’ll add my voice to those above saying I am gobsmacked that Keane’s card was downgraded, and I don’t necessarily think it was ye correct call. But because in certain situations my lens are very much green-and-red tinted, there’ll be no complaints from here.

  25. Thanks Ciaran. @ Connelly’s Brigade, I think that motion was thrown out. They tried to bring in a motion to allow players not to miss the final but it didn’t pass through congress. Paul Murphy from Kerry is in the same situation as well. It would be the ultimate test of these players if they found themselves in a position where they had to take one for the team to sacrifice their own place in the final to get their team there.

  26. I’ll say it again, Keane was ‘done’ by Murphy in much the same way as McCann acted. Provoke the player so much he going to make some retaliatory action and then ‘appeal’ to the umpires to take action, i.e. get him sent off. Murphy, it has to be said, is continually mauled verbally and physically by his Nordie opponents, and also by Free Staters – Aidan O’Mahony and Donnacha Walsh in the AI final last year. I was on the Hill and had a bird’s eye view of the treatment. Aido will get the same by the way from Dublin and Kerry if we get there.

    And talking of Donie, did anyone think (I certainly did) that his black was unmerited. I saw him going for the ball in the same way as he won the ball in the Q/F in ’13 which led to his goal. For the life of me I couldn’t see anything cynical in it. I could see plenty of cynicism in Keegan’s killing of the ball against Galway and ditto Diarmaid O’Connor in the league against Donegal.

  27. Very well said Willie Joe.. timing is everything.. you headed off a few post there I’d say

    On another note about timing.. Ya have to laugh at the article in the star which Lorrie referred to above.. to cap off the torrid two weeks Tyrone Gaa has had to injure with hairstyle suspensions and all sorts, a Paddy Power survey amongst American women (for nutrality purposes I guess) has officially named Tyrone the least attractive team in the country.. when your down your down.

  28. Re: J.O.D. diving, plenty of evidence. Have a look at the replay in Limerick, he has it down to a fine art as he waits for the contact and falls using his arms or body to simulate. Reminds me of when the foreign players starting coming in to the premiere league even the analysts weren’t sure at times. If you see it in real time it is almost impossible for a ref to get the call correct and as he is the attacker and from the holy land he gets the benefit. This is only my opinion.

  29. Here’s the updated rules relating to the black card which was brought in (in 2014?)

    At all levels a Black Card results in a player missing the remainder of the game.
    Additionally at Senior Inter County Level:
    3 x Black Cards = 1 Game suspension
    3 x Double Yellow Cards = 1 Game suspension
    3 x Yellow followed by a Black Card = 1 Game suspension
    A Combination of all three (totalling 3) = 1 Game suspension
    Only in senior inter-county league and championship games within the same year.
    At All Other Levels:
    3 x Double Yellows within 48 weeks = 1 game suspension
    3 x Yellow followed by a Black card within 48 weeks = 1 game suspension
    A combination of both (totalling 3) within 48 weeks = 1 game suspension
    The 1 game suspension is applicable to the next game in the Competition in which the third ordering-off occurred at all levels, except Senior inter-county League and Championship.
    Deliberate v Accidental Fouls
    A Card shall be issued only where the Infraction is deemed by the Referee to have been deliberate and not accidental.


  30. Mayo Madness, it seems to me that your user name is entirely appropriate, and you seem to have passed the virus to Liam.
    Perhaps you might tell us of the time we went mad about some player getting off on a suspension in the runup to a game with us. We may be surprised and relieved that Kevin is available for the semi but I do not think the CHC make decisions out of love for Mayo. I do however think that refs have in the main an inbuilt bias in favour of Dublin and Kerry as the “top teams” and “pure footballers”. The list of escapes for their players is endless.
    Regards Jim Gavin’s allowing Armagh get away with the strike and injury to Davy Byrne, perhaps Dublin may have opened a bigger can of worms had they tried to pursue the matter. These things never happen out of the blue – something provokes it. It may have been a carryover from a previous game – a colleges game or whatever. But there was something there. It will however make it difficult for Jim or Dublin to complain about getting a hard time for the foreseeable future. So maybe that’s something to be thankful about as they are quite capable of milking a sympathetic press – a press who know that a lot of their bread is buttered by Dubs.

  31. Here’s the official Central Hearings Committee findings from last nights meeting;

    GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship
    Maigh Eo v Dún na nGall
    Páirc an Chrócaigh
    8ú Lúnasa 2015
    In relation to the above game, Donal Ó Beachan was ordered off on foot of a Cynical Behaviour Infraction. A Hearing was requested as he chose not to accept the confirmation of fixed penalty.
    At a Hearing held on Wednesday the 19th August, The Central Hearings Committee found that the Cynical Behaviour Infraction as alleged was proven and that the original penalty stands.

    GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship
    Maigh Eo v Dún na nGall
    Páirc an Chrócaigh
    8ú Lúnasa 2015
    In relation to the above game, Caoimhín Ó Catháín was ordered off for striking an opponent with the hand. A Hearing was requested as he chose not to accept the penalty proposed.
    At a Hearing held on Wednesday the 19th August, The Central Hearings Committee found that the Infraction as alleged was not proven.

    GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship
    Muineachán v Tír Eoghain
    Páirc an Chrócaigh
    8ú Lúnasa 2015
    In relation to the above game, Conchúr Mac Maoilir was ordered off on foot of a Cynical Behaviour Infraction. A Hearing was requested as he chose not to accept the confirmation of fixed penalty.
    At a Hearing held on Wednesday the 19th August, The Central Hearings Committee found that the Cynical Behaviour Infraction as alleged was not proven and that his record be amended accordingly.

    GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship
    Muineachán v Tír Eoghain
    Páirc an Chrócaigh
    8ú Lúnasa 2015
    In relation to the above game, Tiarnan Mac Cana was charged with engaging in conduct, which discredited the Association.
    At a Hearing held on Wednesday the 19th August, The Central Hearings Committee found that the Infraction as alleged was not proven but that the facts proven disclosed the less serious Infraction of attempting to achieve an advantage by feigning an injury for which he should have been cautioned and shown a yellow card.

  32. Thanks for that info Mick. Kerry have named their team. Aidan O’Mahoney and Bryan Sheehan don’t start. The Gooch, JOD and Donaghy start. It’ll be interesting to see if that team takes the field.

  33. It sure will, I’d say there could well be a few changes from the 15 named. Got my tickets this evening for it – Upper Cusack so should get a nice overview of the action.

  34. Ah very good WJ, enjoy! The two players left out seem to be two boys who would lack a bit of pace. Paul Murphy is named corner back, that must be to mark McCurry. Leaving out your main free taker would be a brave move. In fairness to Fitzmaurice he usually gets most of the big calls right.

  35. Have to say I’m a little perplexed with all this so called “Whingers” stuff. I have never whinged bitched about a few things from time to time like any supporter from any county does at times. Anyone with half a brain knows that everyone is individual with their own opinions and a few do not speak for everyone. Anyone who stupidity wants to do that and especially from other counties should know when one finger points there is always three pointing back.

  36. Massive difference between McCann
    and O’ Donohoe incidents.
    Gavin correct to say diving “not an epidemic” –

  37. I would agree that we blames refs and other things a little bit. It’s prob frustration I think. On JOD. WJ is right hees a total diver, but that’s them all over. And IMO Hees overrated as a player.,

  38. AndyD your comments about refs been bias towards Dublin and Kerry proves my point. Im not sure where this comes from. Im sure no ref goes out to make sure a certain county wins. If the players think like that then they would never go out to play. The fact that Kerry and Dublin have won the most All-Irelands over the years is because they have had the best players over the years.

    Also what is written in the press doesnt win an AI so no matter how many pro Dublin journalists there are wont make an ounce of difference on the field of play. A legitimate arguement would be to complain about the amount of financial backing and sponsorship the Dubs get but apart from that then all other theories are just nonsense. There is no force working against Mayo. Would it be worth saying another mass

  39. LOL that is frankly a ridiculous bench by Kerry. Even if the starting 15 isn’t as named, they have incredible options to call upon

    Still think they’re a little too top heavy though, no matter who they meet in the final the backs will be under insane pressure. They’ll fancy their chances in simply outscoring ourselves, as they did last year, but the Dubs forward line could cut them open something ridiculous.

    Still a lot of football to be played before that, but looking at the teams on paper anyway Sunday is a complete mismatch

  40. Thanks Mayo Mick for that CHC transcript.

    Love that bi-lingual blazer-speak; the names and counties as Gaeilge and the actual details in the second official language.

    Still think DONAL Ó BEACHAIN should not have got a carta dubh.

  41. Much closer and accurate comparison
    between. Sheehan and McCann.
    Be at least FAIR about it…

  42. Let’s put the reds to bed. Basically the rules are badly written and allow no interpretation or discretion as to the physical act. Both Keegan and Keane’s actions would never merit a red, but for the wording of the rule. To have a review hearing trying to navigate a route through the rule to reach just outcomes leads to the frustration referred to above.

  43. Lads and lassies, Stall the digger!! What do ye think about Evan’s comments on the Rossies??

  44. I too am surprised that Kevin Keane got off but justice was probably done in the end.
    That said, I know he had a stormer of a league campaign but, I doubt if he will start against the dubs. Their particular style of attack – fast zippy players who make angled runs, quick turns onto tricky support runners – might not suit Kevin. I remember him getting turned inside out against one or two of them on a few occasions. Don’t get me wrong he is a hell of a good player and a tough gent as well but I would worry about his ability to turn and twist and adjust his feet to keep goal side of the more jinky Dublin attackers.
    As well all the publicity around it might not help his game (like what I reckon happened to Lee Keegan last year). Ironically it might help the other lads as it takes a bit of the spotlight off them – for now.

  45. Like a few others here, I am blessed with a bit of a persecution complex. Fortunately, I have a decent collection of conspiracy theories to keep me focused.

    The most relevant at this time of year are normally:
    CT#1: The GAA (ie HQ) will do what it can to help Dublin win Sam.
    And CT#2: The GAA wants the “traditional” (albeit lopsided) Dub v Kerry final, if possible.

    So imagine my shock when I saw that Kevin Keane’s red card had been overturned. This carry-on is playing puck with my theories.

    So in this new climate of optimism, I’m ignoring CT#34 (GAA will only do Mayo a favour either before, or after, a shafting).

    Instead I’m going with CT#26 which states that every 64 years or so, GAA HQ have a Release-Barabbas moment and make it possible for Mayo to win (but only if we really earn it).

    But you know what……….this IS the year!

  46. Joe Mc I was very surprised about the Evans situation. Doesn’t make much sense but I’m sure there must be some truth in what he said so he must hav ruffled a few feathers. I’d say Mcstay could land that job before finally getting th job he really wants 🙂

  47. Mayo Madness,

    Were you looking a the same match as I was in Limerick last year? Did you see Shane Enright escape a totally merited black card before he was taken off? If you did please explain why the black card was not given. Can you explain why Lee Keegan’s red card in the drawn semifinal was overturned last year? I suggest it was because when the CHC reviewed the evidence they could see that it was totally unjustified. Evidence can not be ignored because about 15? years a go players began to use the courts to clear their name. The GAA then put a quasi judicial appeals system in place because the delay in dealing with cases in court was allowing even guilty players escape sanction and then drop their court case. Viz, A Tipp minor hurler before the All Ireland Final and, I think, Rory O’Connell before a Westmeath match. Players still have a right to go to court but the new system is working well enough to make it unnecessary. How often do Kerry get red cards overturned? I cannot recall a case because they rarely get red cards, deserved or not. If you disagree let’s have the evidence.

  48. Did anyone read Sean Morans piece in the times today 🙁 do they make it up as they go along ? What proof in that piece is there that Croke park officials are upset with Ccc decision ? Why can’t they let it go ? Slow news day? The referee didn’t see what happened umpire probably didn’t either I’ll admit didn’t look great on TV but even then you could see there was no force and he was standing up for himself and reports are he was dragged to the ground by Murphy just before it ! KK didn’t fall down like a sack of spuds maybe he should have !! Hope there’s no more about it now and for Kevin’s sake he can focus on the dubs!! Maigheo Abu! Mayo Gaa were spot on to appeal this and DV black card they’re standing up for their players great to see!!!

  49. Its great that KK got off and there could be a big moment in the Dublin game that we will be grateful for the decision.

    However what if Donaghy or another Kerry player got off in similar circumstances and got a winning score against us in a subsequent final. Would we be as accepting? I doubt it and the rightfully so.

  50. Interesting article Rock

    It’s easy to see every single red card in future being appealed now, sure why not!

  51. This is what the Irish Examiner is reporting on the Kevin Keane incident:

    (Mayo will have Kevin Keane available for Sunday week’s All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin as the CHC were convinced by the evidence put forward by Mayo that the defender did not commit a striking action against Donegal’s Michael Murphy. The committee felt Keane was not the main aggressor in the second half incident.)

    Also it seems that the Dubs are not happy with the referees as well, again reported in the Irish Examiner:

    (Meanwhile, Jim Gavin has cranked up the mind games ahead of Sunday week’s All-Ireland semi-final against Mayo by saying Dublin are used to picking up fewer frees than their opponents from referees. The Dublin boss echoed the sentiments he expressed after beating Mayo in the 2013 All-Ireland final when he criticised Joe McQuillan’s performance and the 32 frees they conceded in contrast to 12 won. Speaking to, Galvin said: – No more so than the players, any referees or linesmen who are officiating these games are there on merit… 2013 was two years ago, a long time in football, but no matter what decisions go against us… I don’t have the statistics but in most games it goes against us, the free count. But that’s something we can’t control. We’ve become accustomed to that now at this stage and we just get on with it.)

  52. Good to see that we are getting some stick.

    We too need something to develop a siege mentality about, and why not this one? ‘Going to the umpire because he was just punched in the face’ Wow Bernard.

  53. This is the same Bernard who regularly tells radio listeners when he’s co-commentating on matches how it’s time for Mayo to ‘man up’ before whatever match is being played. Which we usually win, making him look a bigger tool.

    He and his former team-mates are lucky that today’s refereeing standards and post-match citing procedures were not in place in 1986.

  54. Bernard Flynn reckons management should not let him play as punishment.Laughable really considering the reputation that the Meath teams he was involved with had.It will all blow over come Sunday.

  55. What Bernard Flynn says is of no importance.

    Poor Bernard.

    Take no heed of him lads.

    For some reason the words

    “John Finn broken jaw 1985 v Dublin. Culprit got away with it”

    springs to mind. The jaw must have broken itself in that semi final. Where were the CCCCC or whatever they call themselves then?

  56. Where was Bernard Flynn after his county man reffed Mayo out of it in that replay last year? To hell with him, and all the other talking heads that are blind to what goes on in games. They’ll have really sour pusses if we actually do ourselves justice and win Sam. Bernard Flynn would be better served if he could show the Meath management how to get the players properly prepared for 2016 and leave h and c to worry about putting manners on Kevin keane, and while he’s at it he can tell Rory Gallagher to put manners on Michael Murphy for all his nonsense on the field.

  57. Bernard really getting his knickers in a twist over keane incident ….wouldnt take any heed of a meath man when it comes to disciplinary issues ..personally i dont care who we offend if we do the job on the pitch …

  58. Good man yourself Bernard Flynn…ya fucking donkey, reading that article is music to my eyes haha. Id actually welcome more articles like that in the build up to the game. Like all poor Meath men they are finding it hard to realise the old days are no more, i would never let a meath man call us chokers again, how many points were they up against westmeath? Get your own house in order first lads.

  59. Just reading the piece in the mayo news saying clubs will only get 80% of their allocation .Any idea what numbers we are talking about?

  60. I don’t think Bernard has much time for this Mayo team from what I have heard from him since we bet Donegal. There is only one way to shut these guys and its to win it once and for all.

  61. @juan…thats an insult to poor donkeys! Some very harsh criticism and tbh using the term brain dead is completely inappropriate …

  62. And I was being very kind joe! Flynn just looking to make a name for himself..He hasn’t exactly set the punditry world on fire..

  63. Bernard Flynn has to be the worst sports pundit of all time, he can’t even speak English never mind write it. He constantly says the wrong meaning word in his commentary, I wonder who he gets to write his articles. He’s a joke!

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