Management appointment process to begin on Monday week

As Mike Finnerty reports for the Mayo News (here), the process for appointing the next manager of the Mayo Senior football team will get underway on Monday week. This was revealed at a meeting of County Board delegates last night.

The reason that work on the appointment is set to start then is, as the report states, because the focus in the immediate term is, as is only right, on the All-Ireland Minor final on Friday week. Once that’s over, the way is then clear to kick-start the appointment process for the next Mayo manager.

It was stated at last night’s meeting that the appointment will be undertaken using a process already designed for this purpose, which forms part of the Mayo GAA Operations Manual. This process was used in the recent past for the U17 and U20 managerial appointments. Once the selection process has been completed, the appointment will then have to be ratified by County Board delegates.

One person who won’t be in the running for the position is former Mayo player and 2017 Footballer of the Year, Andy Moran. It was announced by Leitrim GAA yesterday that the Ballaghaderreen man has accepted an offer to remain on as their manager for a further two years, up to the end of 2024. The best of luck to Andy there.

199 thoughts on “Management appointment process to begin on Monday week

  1. Hope the process is transparent. I have an awful feeling the target will be a safe option who won’t rock a boat. Go big or go home lads. We need a proven winner who will be ruthless and driven.
    I fear this won’t happen though.

  2. I’m usually fairly optimistic when it comes to most things Mayo football but I have no faith in the CB to do this right,my reason being (as mentioned by Ed) they have messed it up every time i can remember in my lifetime.
    Unfortunately I think the cheapest option will be the one we go with.

  3. Surely the Mayo manager job is the biggest job in GAA due to the legendary status whoever leads us to glory will have! Managing Kerry or Dublin wouldn’t offer the same in my opinion. Therefore it must be attractive to a lot of people even if it does come with great pressure

  4. Our Time Has Come. What legendary status are you raving about. Won a National Football League and a few Connacht titles and after that what?. Time to get over the bedtime stories and get a Manager who can make a team win. We definitley dont have any one in the county at present who will do this. I would in my humble opinion give the Job to Kevin Johnston/Kieran McDonnell.

  5. @ True Grit.

    I think the point that was been made was, that the manager who does eventually manage us to AI glory will gain a Legendary status.

  6. True Grit. I think you should read Our time has come, post again. I think he’s right, anyone that leads us to the promised land, will be a hero for the rest of his life. He would have achieved what so many failed to do since 1951.

  7. Easy to criticise Co Board, but JH second appointment wasnt a bad choice, S Rochfords appointment wasnt a bad choice, Pat & Noel didn’t cut it with players but took Dubs to a replay in 2015 AISF and JH first appointment was an excellent choice, so give Co Board a chance.

  8. @to win just once,exactly proves the point,
    They didn’t want Horan first or 2nd time,first time they wanted Tommy lyons,second time they wanted Solan

  9. Always hard to predict how a new manager will fare. A newcomer could be appointed and could surprise us all, just like James in 2011.

    But…. James had something special. Boyler on OTB a few days ago described how, as players, they’d go through a brick wall for James and they’d feel terrible if they played bad, feeling they had let him down. It’s not many managers who have that affect. We’ll do very well to get someone as good as James.

  10. There’s only one manager that’s has the experience and knowhow to ger mayo to win a all ireland. Eamonn Fitz Maurice….. IF we want to be taken seriously about winning a all ireland that the direction we should be headed for.

  11. I really think McStay deserves a shot. Done very well in Roscommon given the resources he had and won an all Ireland with Brigids! Seems like a fella that would take no shite, which is exactly what’s needed with some of the players

  12. The most important thing for any manager is to ‘have the dressing room’. Teams are full of egos and you’ll always have strong personalities who think they know best, ie that they should be starting etc.

    I bet that even when Gavin, Mcguinness, Cody were at their peak there were several players who were thinking ‘that so and so, he knows f_ _k all’ etc. So the aim then is for the manager to have the majority of the dressing room.

    While James wasn’t perfect, he clearly had that. He had the trust of the players and the charisma that drew the team in so they’d ” go through a brick wall”. It’s an unconscious thing on the part of great managers. It’s just the type of characters that they are.

  13. A lot of talk about money but isn’t the GAA proud of their amateur status. Sure all the managers and officials do it for the community and love of the game. That dirty word shouldn’t be mentioned !!!!!!!

  14. McStay is a non starter.

    He was badly treated in 2015 and has, understandably perhaps, spent the last 7 years burning his bridges with Mayo football. How could he credibly manage P O’Hora after the grief he caused O’Hora following the 2021 Connacht Final? How could he look Eoghan McLoughlin in the eye and say “I’ve got your back” after last year’s Semi Final?

    McStay is a friend of the Pod and all, but not a credible candidate to manage this Mayo team.

  15. I’m really amazed Jim McG name is being mentioned, not being funny but what has he done gaelic in 10 years.

    I’m thinking Maurice Sheridan or Ray D.
    Maurice has played at the top level, coached at a decent level but most importantly has been involved in mayo football for years and years that experience is huge.
    Ray D would be seem a good choice either.
    Please god the right man gets the job to see us over the line once and for all.We’re all getting older!

  16. Anyone know when first round of club champ is scheduled to start?

    Have to agree with those apprehensive about the county board here.. while the last two appointments were clearly the right ones, if I remember correctly the process in 2018 went on quite a while and Solan himself ended up pulling out (I’m still convinced they would have gone for him – and he very much did the noble thing), while in 15 I don’t really recall anyone of note standing against rochford so they had no real choice?

  17. I think you’re reading way too much into all that P, footballers for the most part are thick skinned – I’d doubt there’s too many on that mayo squad with a “grudge” against mcstay who is as harmless as they come as a pundit

    The players themselves end up tearing into each other on the field at club games, yet they have no problem hunkering down together for the mayo cause the subsequent season

    Oh and by the way no managerial appointment will please 100% of the squad… Privately several players would likely have been disappointed Horan was appointed in 18, if they felt it affected their chances of making the team. Human nature

  18. 100% agree with P on McStay.
    Nice guy,decent pundit but that ship has sailed long ago.Also has shown himself to be a bit naive in some of his media pronouncements.

  19. With all the names mentioned not one person mentioned Kieran doneghy loads of experience playing with kerry and just look at what he has done with Armagh you can see his contribution a mile away so it’s time the cb started thinking outside the box and for once make a decision that won’t be made in a pub or restaurant in castlerea they owe it to all Mayo supporters.

  20. Thanks Justin, no panic with them clearly… although I guess it is played off quickly enough

    Galway mad to get theirs going.. hurling fixed for 23rd July weekend… although can’t see that happening – they’ve bigger priorities at present in both codes at intercounty!

  21. Wouldn’t be too worried about his past media analysis if the Co. Board was intent on appointing McStay (I don’t believe they are, though). We could learn something from the Kerrymen in this regard, between his first and second stints as Kerry manager Jack O’Connor had published a book, “Keys to the Kingdom”, which was a bit blunt about some of the then Kerry panel, including the O’Sé brothers, nephews of the former manager. By all accounts after O’Connor’s reappointment the panel and coaching staff had a powwow, said their pieces and left the book issue behind. They went on to win an All-Ireland subsequently.

    I’m scratching my head a bit here at fellas dismissing Jim McGuinness’s managerial achievements and suggesting, in the same breath, that we go for Maurice Sheridan! Fair enough if you think McGuinness is unattainable for whatever reason, but there’s no questioning what he achieved with a group of players who were a bunch of jokers prior to his coming on board. Anyone who saw the Mayo U-20s this year would have found Mayo’s ultra-cautious, possession-based style down there with the worst of what Ulster has ever offered, and not to mention unsuccessful to boot. Fellas afraid to go for a shot or a quick footpass into our forward line in the last ten minutes, after we had fallen behind. No thanks.

  22. As in enterprises worldwide the CEO needn’t have expert knowledge of the enterprise’s productd/services or processes.- why not apply the same principles to the Mayo snr football manager position.
    Have we in Mayo, retired high achievers in Business or Public Service (akin to the founder & former CEO of The Kerry Group- Dennis Brosnan) who would apply tried & tested principles in the achievement of goals through others. After all, existing GAA managers already ‘recruit’ specialists coaches etc.

  23. This position could be a difficult one to fill for a few reasons: it’s high profile so you need someone comfortable with the media. There is an amount of re-building to be done and big question marks over some high profile players, i.e. if you’re coming in with a 3 year plan to win Sam where does Cillian and Aido fit into those plans? There is also a certain amount of re-building with the support base, which has dropped off dramatically, yes due to financial reasons but also to do with failure fatigue. And the biggest put off may be knowing that you have approximately 2 yrs to get at least close, as the shadow of Andy Moran starts to loom larger and larger over you!
    But it’s not going to be just one man, like in Kerry last year it will management teams being put forward, who has the best team around them. One of Solan, Dempsey or Rochford led teams to get it.

  24. Mayo Exile, the likes of Denis Brosnan, Shane Lowry and even Pat McDonagh. That’s exactly what Mayo need but they are business people and strategic thinkers. I have been at the Kerry COE and it’s impressive, as is the faithful fields and Loughgeorge. I was in Loughgeorge recently for the first time and people had told me it wasn’t fit for purpose etc. While not at the level of the Kerry GAA facility I was still hugely impressed. The morning I was there, I saw Henry Shefflin at one stage, Padraic Joyce at another and then an U15 development squad and coaches. It fosters culture in a county and high performance.
    I don’t think this would be a big undertaking for Mayo GAA and I would take James Horans parting comments about training pitches etc as a red flag.

  25. We are not getting a new manager. It’s common knowledge on twitter for the past few months that the county board done a secret deal with James Horan and he has another 2 years.

  26. I just can’t understand Maurice Sheridan’s name being mentioned. Our two recent Connacht U20 final appearances alone should put people off. I listened to his interview on the Mayo News Podcast last year after we had beaten Galway in the u20 Championship – in the interview he didn’t know who we were playing in the next round, when it would be etc. I have never been so struck by a lack of overall preparation or just a disinterest. We couldn’t have that near our senior team.

    I’m not that enthused by any of the names mentioned to be honest but one man I would like to see back involved is Tony McEntee. Feel there’s a grit and a level of preparation there that we need.

  27. It will very interesting to see who actually wants it . We are all shouting names but who is actually going to put their name forward ? It’s a friggin big ask for any of the names being mentioned. Anyway all about the back room team imo , all the successful counties in both codes have a certain member of an elite name in the back room . A level of professionalism has to be involved if ya like in order to prepare your side in the elite arena . Buckley , talty etc .

  28. If you take Jim McGuinness’s one all ireland out of it would people say he was still a great manager?
    It pains me to say it but most other teams would have beaten Donegal the day they beat us, we were so tactically naive and
    Take away that All Ireland and he made a poor Donegal team very good but its questionable if that was a once off or is repeatable?
    The formular of consistent success at club level has worked for us before, I dont know anything about Ray Dempsey except that hes going for 3 in a row in our club championship. Worth considering anyway but depends on his plans, choice of selectors etc.
    This “hes won it before, he’ll win it for us” doesnt always transfer. I was convinced Johnno was the man to get us over the line when he came back but I think his head might have been elsewhere at the time unfortunatley.

  29. Let`s be honest, the likely candidates will be Solan, Dempsey or McStay. People can throw names out but them 3 are the only one`s who have shown any interest in taking the Job in the past or in the media recently.

  30. McStay would love a crack at it i’d say. I wouldn’t heed what he has ever said on RTE. He would have got the job in 2015 if he didn’t plan on bringing Liam McHale on board with him

  31. @East Cork Exile, a smack of “What have the Romans ever done for us” off that post. Why would you take away his All Ireland out of things when assessing him, it’s the single most impressive All Ireland win of the last 30 years and it’s not even close. He took a ragtag bunch of booze hounds and turned them into a dominant force. The only manager to beat Jim Gavin in Championship football too, that 2014 semi was a tactical masterclass.

    When you think of the counties that have ended long droughts over the years, you need a totemic persona leading the team. Loughnane, Liam Griffin, Mickey Harte, Joe Kernan and McGuinness. He has the persona to put it all on him and will a team over the line. He is absolutely meticulous in preparation and his sharpness has not waned, he is by far the most insightful pundit on TV at the moment and we’d be fools to pick anyone else if he is interested.

  32. @seanburke .. Good point … Who actually will put their name in the hat .
    Nothing personal but I would have thought Maurice Sheridan would not be a runner with the way the u20s were set up and played . Ray D is being mentioned but like Horan originally it would be a gamble ….Only the Knockmore players would have an inside view if he was up to it .
    Personally I think Rochford would be a good choice. He was brave in his decision making and even if Cillian and Aiden were to step away , Lee has another year or 2 in him if he can commit, there is enough talent to be challenging at the top table next year ,not in 3 or 4 years

  33. Ciaran McDonald is the obvious choice for the job. That is if the man is interested. Kieran Donaghy would be a very good choice if the Co Board wanted to look for an outside manager. Donaghy would surely bring Donie Buckley on board which would be a good move. If Dublin beat Kerry on the 10th Donaghy and Buckley may well be heading home to the Kingdom

  34. Buckley was with us for 6 years. Surely there are other coaches out there to bring something new to the table.

  35. Bring in the best possible candidate from across the country. Give 2 years heavily resourced. Target to win AI. Defence coach , attack coach, sports psychologist mandatory as part of the setup. Do everything possible to keep Keegan onboard

  36. Please. Not Maurice Sheridan (nothing personal but can only visualise this being a disaster). Bring back James Horan in preference to that!.

  37. For me too the question is who wants the job?

    Who’d get energy and a buzz from running this team? Freshness, vision and sustainability come with that.

    Has someone been thinking even before last week about a vacancy coming up in the Mayo manager position?

    I like the idea of a youthful manager as part of a management team. I also think that Horan himself didn’t jump to put his name forward the first time but a close friend encouraged him. Maybe a friend or acquaintance can see something in someone again and ask them to think of considering the job, applying.

    Like Sean Burke mentioned previously, I also liked the energy and knowledge of Maurice Horan on the podcast last week. It’s not nice just to throw names about but it felt good to know we have talented people out there. Maurice lives in South Munster, as far as I know, so this could be too much of big ask.

    I also liked Stephen Rochford, but is this choice moving away from freshness, and do we think SR would even be interested with the massive personal investment involved?

    Fingers crossed it works out well.

  38. In my opinion Solan seems like the obvious choice with proven success. However I would have some reservations. His management of the Mayo team in the 2018 final showed a weakness when the pressure came on. His inability to curtail Kildare attackers as well as his one trick of pumping long balls into the full forward just did not work. Mayo teams at that time were all built on running at opposition and we had adequate player to so that day but they just were not given the ball. This apparent big match dithering seems to be a recurrent theme with Mayo managers – Horan, Rochford, etc.. Also has Solan the same aura with highly self opinionated senior players. Is a stronger character needed?

  39. Can people stop suggesting Ciaran McDonald.

    He’s a very private individual who would have no interest in the media spotlight and non-stop chatter that comes with being Mayo manager. He’s also a coach, he’s not managed teams or has any of the kind of experience putting together his own backroom team etc.

    There are a lot of people suggesting we get the Gooch or Cora as forwards coach. Just because a person was an amazing forward does not mean they will be an amazing coach. A lot of talented individuals see things but do not know why they seem hence their inability to pass on their knowledge. Ability doesn’t always translate to teaching.

    We are Mayo, a team at the top of Gaelic Football. The idea that we should be taking a punt on people because they were great players themselves is laughable.

  40. Here’s one name that hasn’t been mentioned from what I can see, and maybe it is because he wouldn’t travel from Kerry, but Stephen Stack was being seriously touted for the Kerry job prior to Jack O’Connor being put in place. According to Tony Leen on one of the podcasts, he would have been the number 1 choice for a lot of Kerry people. Was bringing a great backroom team with him in Mickey Ned O’Sullivan, Aidan O’Mahony, Donie Buckley and a few others. He is well thought of in Kerry GAA and is obviously interested in the step up to inter county. May be looking for a point to prove after getting overlooked for O’Connor, which could be a great selling point from Mayo CB(?)

    There’s possibly no traction in this but I think it would definitely be worth exploring.

    (Posted this on the wrong thread yesterday!)

  41. We cannot spend budget on 3-4-5 trips a week from Kerry with occasional overnights for a manager.
    That’s a lot of cash when you add it up.
    We’re also not a team with a settled 13 players, so the manager is immediately down if they themselves don’t even know where certain clubs are or what potential players are there.
    We will be needing a talent trawl and current talent monitoring.
    The only outside person I’m open to is Paul Galvin as a backroom member coach as he lives in Mayo and is a deep thinker on the game.
    There is a certain lack of conviction if no one in the management ticket has been somehow involved in a Sam winning team or management ticket.
    I’d also like to see Terry Kennedy involved with his basketball coaching.

  42. I’ve absolutely nothing against Jim McGunniness, (massive achievement 2012) but he stepped down as Donegal manager in 2014. He has been 100% focused on soccer since then, and has always said he wants to stay in soccer. So his passion is soccer. Litterally.
    How could anyone who has been away for that long come back in at the top level?
    Mayo are still top 5ish and should push on. Elite and the highest level of the sport.
    We need a high performance manager who lives and breathes mayo football.

    McStay wont be a contender. Sounds like Ray D and Solan are the most popular choices.

    Its exciting to have fresh management and ideas coming in.

  43. Anyone know if the transfers to America preclude players from togging in their club championships.

    Must be some cash in usa gaa at the minute, Chicago mcbrides would beat most county teams

  44. Go for some one from the county, their heart will be in the right place and it will not be all about money. Players should have no say, if they don’t like the choice of management move on.

  45. I hope that the selection group widens the net as far as possible.

    Ideally, the next manager will understand the modern game (probably retired from playing in the last 10 years) will have won an All-Ireland and therefore knows how to prepare for one (plus light the winning fire we have been missing), will have had a leadership role (possibly a captain of his team), will have been a feared opponent and will have connections to Mayo (possibly through his parents). Such a person must then surround himself with coaches for forwards, backs, midfields and goalkeeper positions AND get professionals in place for all of the others roles (inc but not limited to) Medical, S&C, Nutrition, Psychology, etc. He would also have to have some relevant-level coaching experience.

    Oops, I think have just narrowed the field to zero.

    Of the few that meet most of these criteria, only one comes to mind, namely Alan Brogan, and I don’t know if he has the relevant coaching experience or the interest in taking the job.

    I certainly don’t envy the group who are trying to piece together this jigsaw!

  46. Sean, I read Murcia (Spain) from your post.
    “What in the name of God is going on with GAA over there?”
    Then Supermac brought clarity.

  47. Mike Solan has suddenly become the 4/5 favourite, something those placing the cash on know more than the rest of us? The Leitrim county board statement didn’t mention Solan when Andy Moran was reappointed perhaps that has driven it?

  48. If Mike Solan is free, surely he is the obvious choice. A large number of our current team were managed by him to win the All Ireland Under 21 title in 2016, scoring 5 goals in the process!! Here is the list of the scorers:
    L Irwin (1 45, 1f), C Loftus (2f) 2-2 each, D O’Connor 1-0, M Plunkett 0-2, M Ruane 0-1. Eoin O’Donohue, Stephen Coen (captain) and Fergal Boland also played – all familiar names. In the semi final they beat Dublin managed by Dessie Farrell.
    We should also remember that in 2018 he generously withdrew his nomination to facilitate James Horan’s selection.

  49. My understanding is that if players go to America for the Summer to play football then they cannot play with their club at home for at least a month after they return to the country. I heard this- but cannot guarantee it is 100% correct.

  50. Tomas O Se said today he’s intetested in Managing Offaly. Id urge the county board to bring him to Mayo.

  51. Boylesports had odds up this morning on the next Mayo manager.
    The leaders were as follows…….4/5 Mike Solan,
    6/4 Ray Dempsey, 7/1 Sean Deane, 8/1 Maurice Sheridan, 8/1 Kieran McDonald.

    Those odds suggest a two horse race.

  52. I don’t think there’s any issue playing for your home club after returning from America. Diarmuid O’Connor and Conor Loftus did it in 2018 and loads of club players do it.

  53. I wouldn’t even turn on the TV to watch next year if the seniors were playing the muck the under 20s were playing this year.

  54. Wide ball – you could be right. The month might be from the date you get the permission to play in the first place.
    I think it was brought in the stop players from going to America for weekends only and getting generous expenses for doing so.

  55. Willie Joe
    It would be really interesting to hear from ex players on their opinions regarding what they would look for in the next manager and any opinions they might offer.
    Chris Barrett and Seamus OShea were very interesting last year when you got them on the POD.Would be fascinated to hear about differences between playing for JH and SR.

  56. Interesting new pod on the way for club members – Mike chatting with Billy Joe and Colm Boyle about the Kerry defeat, James Horan’s resignation and who might succeed him as Mayo manager.

  57. The first thing we need is to let a few players on the present panel go. Somebody said we should keep AOS and COC.
    After watching the last match AOS and COC have seen better days and if we are to build a team why not wait to pick a manager when all the championships are concluded for the clubs..We might unearth a few players that will bring a bit of football back. Dempsy,s name is mentioned ,but he is another JH. “MY WAY or NO WAY” If you look at the team that played for Mayo V Kerry it comprised 9 players fro West Mayo. 3 players from North Mayo, 3 players from South Mayo. What happened to East Mayo? It is now time to say good bye to at least 10 players of this years panel.
    We need to have a different approach on the appointment of a new manager. Another name being mentioned is Maurice Sheridan. Looking at the same thing as our senior teams was doing he is no the answer. I would rather take our time in the appointment of a manager.

  58. I must say it’s a pleasure to listen to Colm – another reason to say we’re lucky to have him.

  59. Nice one WJ.

    Boyler mentioned Rochford the other day, that he’d be a possible option. Looking forward to the pod.

  60. Just a modern angle Why should the manager decide the tactics and style of play?
    There days expert coaches are better versed in those topics.
    The modern county manager is possibly at a level where there more of an operations manager and need to let the backroom team do their jobs, especially the lead coach.

  61. Not sure why Rochford is 20/1 to take over! Looks a serious bet. A manager who led yeah to 2 x all Ireland finals. At the end of the day you can only take the horse to the water. Just my view from a peeping neighbour!!

  62. tactics and style of play, is going to be so important for this team going forward. While I mostly enjoy running game, that alone has not got us across the line when trying to land Sam. The next manager will need to be brave, and tactical smart. Mayo might not have best individual player collectively, but hungry and brave tactical manager, might be good enough to get us over the line. Who that manager is, now that the question

  63. I just wanted to add something that might give context to why we seemed to rely so much on the running game (or the Horanball high tempo game) in JH’s second term.
    This question does seem to be one of the modern mysteries.
    I listened to Colm Boyle’s interview with Off the Ball at the start of the week. As an observer to developments since 2019, Colm suggested that James Horan made an adjustment in tactics after the Dublin game in 2019. He said he thought James believed he needed to introduce more pace into the team to match and beat Dublin.
    From 6:50 minutes

    Could that have lead to the gameplan JH put so much store in?
    Having said that, developing a gameplan and tactics takes time. I must acknowledge that.

  64. Can fellow posters please stop suggesting kerry men as potential candidates. Let’s call a spade a spade, they can’t have mayo’s best interests at heart. Donaghy? Galvin? Imagine kerry supporters suggesting andy should take over from peter keane last year and would andy want to bring them to the promised land…..maybe people are thinking we could train in kerrys COE if we get those boys on board

  65. I think Mayo CB missed a trick not giving denis Kearney a role along with Horan in 2010. People are now asking to select a manager with a comprehensive CV. Kearney had all that, winning county titles across mayo sligo roscommon. Former mayo player too. Alas I think the opportunity to recruit him has passed

  66. I think what’s needed more than anything else is intensive training for the next seven months of our lads practising and repractising kicking the ball over the bar.

    Shooting for a score should be the most rehearsed discipline of all football disciplines.

    Any county footballer should be able to have a right good go for a point anywhere inside the 45 on their preferred side. Any forward should know instinctively where the goalposts are without having to lift their head to try and locate the goalposts. (The goalposts don’t move).

    If our shooting had been better over the past decade we would have multiple all Ireland’s.

    We can talk about the right manager and the right tactics until the cows come home but none of that will matter if you can’t put the ball over the bar.

    Priority number one should be to have county players practising their shooting a few nights a week between now and the restart of next year’s inter county season.

  67. Buckley was totally committed to the mayo cause.
    The manager that gets mayo over the line will be cannonised.
    I expect the new manager will not come from the bookies list. Taking fools money. Like backing in a horse race when we dont even know who the runners are

  68. Mayo need in my opinion a Pat Gilroy type character who will come in and clean out the underlying issues/players where needed and build a new culture within the squad. I often think his input with Dublin is vastly underrated because of what Gavin achieved but he was a massive building block how that squad conducted themselves year on year.

  69. I hope whoever gets the job will look to bring in the most skilful players and not just the best athletes. Whereas I respect every one of the lads pulling on the green and red it must be said that if you are considered one of the best forwards in the county you should be able to convert straightforward chances. Or maybe it comes down to players that can or cannot handle big game pressure. For years now the Mayo team has been crying out for a left footed free taker and time after time we have spurned chances because we lack one. Surely with all the clubs we have there must be one who also has enough about him to be worth a punt. Also while it’s great that Robbie is able to kick the odd 45 we shouldn’t need to bring the keeper out for them. There seems to be a kind of perception that really skilled players can’t be trusted at the top level and are open to ridicule as RTE pundits proved with laughing at the likes of Mcdonald and Mortimer for bleached hair or white boots!

  70. Mike Solan as a 4/5 favourite is a strange one. Am I the only one that still has nightmares about Jimmy Hyland kicking 8 points from play against us in 2018 when he was the man in charge on the line. That was in his 3rd year in charge at the time, so he wasn’t a novice on the line. If it was Clifford kicking them it’s one thing, but Hyland while a good player, should never have been given the space to kick 8 points from play. I’d have serious reservations about his judgments as a result.

  71. Dismissing Solan based on one bad game or calling for Cillian and Aidens retirement based on one bad day does not make any sense. If that was the case then Jim Gavin should have been sent packing after Donegal tactically destroyed them in 2014. He was rightfully kept on and we know the rest.

  72. Arah Musha… Hypothetically if a fringe player on the Kerry team transferred to Mayo and kicked points for fun for us at full forward and lead us to Sam would you object?

    I don’t care where the next manager is from. We need a tactician. I wouldn’t rule out anyone

  73. There’s no underlying player culture issues to solve which is being hinted at I would have thought above? Seems to be the angle, correct me if I’m wrong.
    There are issues to solve in terms of:
    1. Style of play
    2. New talent needed
    3. Developing existing talent
    4. Prolonging the career of some players to provide bench depth
    5. Long range free taker and taker with a left foot
    6. Refreshing strength and conditioning
    7. Addressing the elephant in the room of better training base, likely McHale park will be good for this
    8. Taking an aggressive anti Sigerson stance. Sigerson does not develop our players, it flogs our best young talent. No more. Mayo or Sigerson but you won’t play both.
    Universities have county Minor and u21 level footballers sitting on benches whilst handing out scholarships. No more. Drained Diarmuid, Tommy and Ryan.

  74. As regards the favourite , a winner in 2016, and within a mouses roar of winning in 2018 ,Hyland or no Hyland, you dont change the team around for the sake of one player, perhaps kildare were the better team that year, there are more under 21teams in Ireland than Mayo, all trying to win it, has any of the other names mentioned won anything at County level. There is a Kerryman who in imo would benefit the next Manager ,its not Evans LPU, or any of the names mentioned, a part time role would suffice. Changing players around was the last managers mistake. Mayo v Armagh a form team earlier in the year, 5 changes for the next game -why change a winning team. Armagh were the best team around at that time, and so it panned out. slan

  75. Please bring back Rochford,
    If not Mickley moran previous manager of mayo and all ireland club winners kilcoo

  76. Anybody any idea of tickets sales or expected attendance for the minor final?
    It looks like the weather will play ball aswell,shaping up to be a great occasion and would be a lovely positive way to finish our their season.

  77. Delighted to hear about the 6 lads heading to the US. Rest and rejuvenation is exactly what is needed.

    Been a tough few years for us all, a break and a chance to rediscover the joy of football will do the lads (and probably all of us) the world of good

  78. My one and only issue with solan is that it’d be interrupting Andy’s ticket in leitrim

    Imo Andy and Mike are a future joint management team for Mayo, and will benefit more in the long run from their time with leitrim

  79. Wrt Rochford I think he’s an excellent manager but feel it’s a little too early in this team’s cycle for him. He’s a very deep thinker about the game, and I feel that it could take a year for him to get the lads playing the way he wants. I think with a more mature group that time can be reduced and he’d be my ideal candidate to replace whoever gets the job this time around

    If the Roscommon job were to come available this year, then I think it’d be perfect for Stephen.

  80. Delighted as well to see instagram photos of some Mayo footballers in Chicago enjoying themselves i hope they enjoy the football over there and come back refreshed and have a good break they need to live a little for a while eat burgers drink beer chill out all the things they wont be able to do again in a few weeks time we all neee a break from the rollercoaster and come back refreshed for the club championship

  81. I cannot believe that Sheridan is even in this conversation. Based on the u 20s record. Plus there style of football. Last year carney looked nothing under Sheridan but this year under horan a totally different player. I would take Rochford ahead of Sheridan or dempsey. Knockmore failed dismally in a poor connaught club championship.

  82. New pod up for club members – Mike with Billy Joe and Boyler reviewing the defeat to Kerry, James Horan’s resignation and who might replace him.

  83. Moose 79….don’t think having an outside player is similar to an outside manager, completely different roles and responsibility. However, I take your point and it actually made me think that appointing a mayo man can bring its own challenges in terms of bias towards certain clubs, loyalties etc.

  84. Hello,

    I have no idea who would be the next manager for Mayo, but I would like to see who would apply for a one year term. (This could be extended).

    Also it might be best to stick with existing panel for the year and pick the best team from A v B games in-house and challenge games. No need to give everyone in the County opportunity for that initial year but someone who would like the challenge and inspire the players.

    Just a thought.

  85. I don’t agree with the take by some pundits that Mayo are not contenders.
    Mid Fld.
    D. O’Connor
    Without an in depth search I just picked the names that I think will be available for selection. I am not disrespecting the likes of AOS who I think has legendary status but I think he may step away. However despite knowing I have surely missed a bunch of obvious candidates we can surely expect the county to be very competitive.

  86. @Joe G. I’d be pretty shocked if the best 21 we have from that list was close to competing for Sam.
    Still think we need more new players to have real Sam competing depth and quality.

  87. Well we would be in a semi final cause if Tommy and Ryan couldn’t improve that conversion rate the last day I give up . Think the obvious elephant in the room is missed by far too much deep thinking . Ratio of attempts to scores the last was absolutely horrendous.

    Shots from play Mayo =38% success

    Kerry = 68% success

    Sin e .

  88. @Sean Burke. Agree. I think one thing that us been missed is that our backs are taking on attempts that are pot shots and have a worse conversion % than the average.
    Our forwards get much maligned. But I’m confident our forwards shooting % is well ahead of the average.and our defenders shooting is well below the team average.

  89. It’s all pressure. Watch back the 2016 Dublin Kerry semi final and even the great Gooch was horsing easy shots wide, and dumping them into the ‘keepers hands.

  90. Just finished listening to Mike, BJP and Boyler on Patreon talking about prospective manager candidates. Not a mention of Maurice Sheridan and I think that’s telling. Colm thinks Mike Solan is at the head of the list.

  91. Just watching the Minor hurling final between Offaly and Tipperary in Nolan Park .. What a wonderful atmosphere at a packed provincial venue, hopefully Dr Hyde Park will be just as good next Friday evening for the minor’s of Galway and Mayo, just common sense, a million miles better than a soulless Croke Park, where the crowd at the start of the minor match might be easily out shouted by the swuaking of the thousands of sea gulls that have residency there. I think it’s time for Croke Park to get a new Harris Hawk. If Alfred Hitchcock was still alive, Croke Park Park could easily provide the backdrop for the Sequel “The Birds 2”..I hope that Garth Brooks isn’t afraid of thousands of Sea Gulls or else it might not happen again!

  92. Unless we find 4 new forwards we can forget about who our next manager will be. Certain players in the half forward line constantly playing under par and never getting subbed. I firmly believe that we have the club footballers out there in Mayo.

  93. Agree lean times. We need to pack the stands on Friday. Tickets on sale now. Let’s make it a home game for our lads.

  94. Anyone know where Eoghan Hughes from Castlebar Mitchels is gone, he was the best scoring forward on show in a Minor County Final against Ballina in 2019 in a game that featured Sam Callinan, Donnacha McHugh ,Frank Irwin, Paddy Heneghan, Dylan Thornton, Paul Walsh, and Bob Tuohy. Hughes looked a very exciting prospect that day but hasnt fetaured in recent Mayo Under 20 panels.

  95. @SamOg – Eoghan was on the bench for Castlebar Mitchels last night a great prospect.

  96. Pack the cars with young lads going free. Every club in mayo should send their underage panels to support.
    @ leantimes, no seagulls problem in the Hyde, dont see them for the hurling semi final today, maybe the match time coinicdes with feeding time.

  97. Different subject,new players for mayo. Who should be looked at think mark Maloney claremorris 18 just broke in to the claremorris team think he should be looked at ?

  98. Hopefully James McCormack will be back chasing a place. Club championship is the window of opportunity. Consistently high standout performances required. I think we need a player in forwards who will give leadership. Carney an exciting prospect, superb athlete, but may very well be a midfielder

  99. We have two of the most exciting young players / leaders in the forward line who missed championship this season. Tommy was named vice captain before his injury and Ryan showed his leadership skills once Cillian got injured in 2021.

    We are not that far away once we have a fully fit squad. I would expect a max 2-3 new faces in our championship squad next season if everyone is fit.

    There seems to be a narrative building that we haven’t been picking the best players in the county and there is better lads sitting at home twiddling their thumbs, while this may be the case for some of the extended squad it certainly isn’t the case for our first 15 and first 5 subs.

  100. Conor diskin as well claremorris played a few league games under Horan and then let go, as good as any forward in the county

  101. It’s easy to toss out names in a casual manner, Uncle Buck, but it’s important to recognise that any number of factors can be involved in why a particular player makes it (or not) at inter-county level.

  102. It was such a shame the way one terrible decision by the Ref , as injury time was already past deprived Offaly minor hurling team their deserved All Ireland title. It was a pretty obvious free out for Offaly right in front of the Referee, that was amazingly given the other way.. Tipperary in fairness to them scored the goal, but I don’t think the Ref will like looking back his decision. Hopefully nothing controversial will happen next Friday…. And best of luck to Mayo minor footballer’s!

  103. Dylan Prendergast was the hot young forward prospect in Oisin Mullens age group.
    Rugby took him away for a while. Then he did his cruciate.
    He has strength, pace and good scoring ability. He will be one looked at pretty sure. Everytime he plays for Loiusburgh he’s usually in the running for motm.

  104. Couldn’t agree more with your comments Lean times…….grand larceny. He’d want an urgent appointment with Specsavers. Gut wrinching for those young Offaly boys who I thought were marginally the better team in a good game of hurling.

  105. We must remember that some players are just not prepared to put in the effort required at inter County level.

  106. To be fair our entire full forward line was missing this year ! Cillian was there in name only. He was never going to be fully fit. It’s such a shame it happened this year (and last ) as it’s wide open and the new super 8s will make it even harder next year

  107. Correct JR
    I see a name above and he just didn’t have the commitment/attitude to make it

  108. No need for apologies, Uncle Buck! I was just pointing out, as others have too, that a number of factors can be at play in terms of making it at inter-county level.

  109. True, but pity didn’t work out, maybe he could make a come back next year

  110. @Sean Crowe.. just as bad a decision last Sunday in Croke Park, sending off Galway’s Séan Kelly and to compound matter’s, and after plenty of opportunities to review the video footage, the GAA followed up by suspending Kelly, despite the video evidence completely to the contrary..Of course it was overturned on appeal, and Kelly is free to play v Derry next weekend. Reading one of the Sunday newspapers, one particular Sunday Game long time regular, tells us all about the wrongs of the GAA disciplinary process, I can’t disagree with a word he writes today on the subject.. But however I do recall, the several times on the Sunday Game, this very same pundit has elevated pure thuggery to heroic status, when he talks with great pride about Dublin and Meath’s infamous ‘battles’.. But all was well afterwards because they shook hands. Today he sings a very different song to the one he regularly sang for 3 decade’s!

  111. @leantimes…nail on head.
    Nobody could condone the eye gouge incident last week but it boils my p1ss to see pearl clutching from guys like brolly and o’rourke on it.

    Like this incident is suddenly deemed beyond the pale when the 2 lads and various other commentators from their era dine out on anecdotes of violence and butchery that took place in their day, back then you see the violence was more ‘manly’ and honest you see? Whereas now suddenly its unacceptable in their eyes.

  112. Conor Diskin from Claremorris could be looked at as a Bomber Liston type Full forward big and mobile, fast and very good in the air, but probably needs to score more than he does, deserves a second chance under new management.

  113. Jr – that’s pretty much a textbook example of an unsubstantiated rumour, which, as you know, isn’t encouraged here. While that could well be how it finishes up (and I’ve no information either way on it), the process has yet to get going so best let it do so and await the final outcome.

  114. Uncle Buck, did Mark Maloney play any underage for the county? Look forward to seeing him and some of the other names mentioned on here when club championship starts. I’ll throw in Tom O’Flaherty from Aghamore and also to see how Sam Callinan comes back from his injury.

  115. Sorry Willie Joe same source informed me that Galway refused to toss for home venue for Minor final..

  116. Our u16s two teams played two Dublin teams.
    One draw and one comprehensive win for Mayo.
    Competitive with Kerry in a game in Kerry which is a very long drive to play a game.
    The long and short of it we are in a good place to have a competitive u17 team next year.
    What is good in my view is having two good groups back to back. We had issues the last while where we would produce a good group then a gap of a few years.
    Any minor team can produce one or two stars.
    I think what is essential are having tranches of groups coming that produce competitive depth.
    We really need to look after these through minor, u20, fringe senior until ready for senior at 21/22/23.

  117. Half thinking of going to Dublin v Kerry game. Tickets still available. Is it best to wait as long as possible before buying a ticket in the hope that a better ticket becomes available on ticketmaster, closer to the game.

    It seems to be the case for some games in croker lately

  118. There is no doubt the likes if conor diskin needs to be looked at again. Big strong man. Forward line needs change.

  119. That’s good news JP re the under 16’s and yes it’s absolutely crucial that we are winning back to back competitions at this age group or at the very least been competitive at the later stages in these competitions. Far too often we have discovered one great crop of players only to become reliant on a few star individuals and not be able to develop a panel with the strength and depth needed to get us across the line. Very impressed by this current minor panel.. hopefully they will do the business on Friday.

  120. @paddyjoe

    Re tickets that certainly seems to be the case for croker lately alright, better to wait for the second wave of released tickets. I’ll be going I’m Saturday to the galway derry game/tailteann final….when I was online last week was only rubbish seats in the davin or clouds, now today I see almost all cusack lower sections freed up.

    Not sure what the thinking is behind it

  121. If we don’t get a manager that can instill goal scoring then we are doomed. in the modern game if you don’t put at least one goal in the net each match then you are going nowhere. Defend your own goal/score goals the other end. set pieces. Personally I hope the new manager is from Mayo. It would be nice to enter 2023 with a a degree of optimism.

  122. Who are the best shoot and score type inside forwards in Mayo? Even Tommy Conroy and ROD seem more like traditional half forwards. The only ones that comes to mind are
    Neil Douglas
    Peter Naughton
    Colm Moran
    James Shaughnessy
    Evan Regan
    Kuba Callaghan
    Brian Reape
    Darren Coen

  123. A lot of them lads have been tried before Achill we have had Darren,Brian Evan, Neil, before and they all dropped off the panel though Evan retired Peter Naughton was on the Sligo panel I think James Shaughnessy was tried in the FBD league but im open to correction on that Colm Moran would be a good addition i dont think Kuba has been tried yet, maybe young Irwin from Ballina might come good this year. I think to be honest Diarmuid is burnt out and who could blame him. Cillian and Aido have lost a good yard of pace so maybe impact sub in future. Theres lots of raw material for a young manager to work with

  124. Interesting to read all of the different opinions on the next mayo manager. It’s a very important/crucial decision and we all hope the MCB make the best possible choice.
    In my opinion, Mc Guiness is the outstanding candidate, if he were available/interested.
    In fact I would encourage the MCB board to pursue with vigour. He has the experience and smarts to manage a team to an All Ireland title, and has done so, both as a player and a manager – not many names in contention can say that.
    He has worked in coaching in a professional environment and has the qualifications that are necessary to do that. Anyone that has been watching his analysis on Sky recently, will have seen that he’s an astute reader of the game and along with his Co pundit ( Stephen Rochford) they were both very impressive and complemented each other quite well, both picking up on different aspects of the game.
    I would like to see both Jim and Stephen working together as the new mayo management team, jim as manager and Stephen his assistant.
    I think they would be strong enough personalities to get the very best out of what are a very talented group of players. We are close to that all Ireland, contending every year, its just the x factor that’s needed, a disrupter, someone with strong beliefs and the will to follow through.
    I see people referring to the ‘outsider’ appointment, as if we were North Korea!!!!
    We need the best manager available regardless of where he/she comes from.
    I hope we get him.

  125. Might seem very soon, but now would be a good time to identify any club players with Mayo potential. With club championship not starting until September they could get a good 8 weeks of S&C work in which would provide a solid base for when the county team starts training again during the winter.

    Nathan Moran and Dylan Prendergast are the 2 names that spring to my mind immediately. Obviously other names might pop up in the weeks and months ahead.

    I suppose not having a manager makes it difficult to coordinate these things right now.

  126. Section 330 tickets available on ticketmaster for kerry v dublin. Incredible. Id have taught it would be a sell out by now

  127. Mayo News have nominations up for manager Dempsey, Solan,Rochy,McStay and Sheridan.Hope we stay away from Sheridan his style of play for Under 20s was terrible to watch and has never had involvement in Mayo club scene since he finished playing with Balla,he be better suited to been a Galway manager ,has McStay any knowledge of the Mayo club scene ,don’t ever remember him been involved with anyone.

  128. Don’t think you could give it to McStay given some of his dubious commentary over the last few years.

  129. Sam Og …I think thats harsh on Sheridan.He won the Sigerson and sure the U20’s didnt work out…he seemed to play very defensive but we have to be open to a managers style evolving as well as they learn and develop.

    I think transportation for life to Galway is a bit harsh……!

  130. Dempsey or maybe Solan but we’re going nowhere with any of the others

  131. I think we should have faith in the County Board to make the right decision. They know a thing or two.

    I recall being aghast at the appointment of James Horan in 2010. WTF; he had brought Ballintubber to a county final. Big deal. The obvious candidate for me was Tommy Lyons, a Mayo native with massive Dubs experience; or some other big-name candidate.

    But those choosing Horan knew what they were doing, and saw the potential he had. I’m sure they know what inside candidates have going for them – really know they as opposed to the superficial knowledge that I have. That’s not to dismiss an external candidate. As Boyler and Billie Joe said on Patreon, if the best is out there somewhere, inside or out, go for him.

  132. Catcol is that a sarcastic comment about the county board or are you been serious.They know a thing or 2.You have to be joking.There decisions have been disastrous through the years, we are in debt up to our necks because of the McHale park stand, we still have no centre of excellence and we are trying to win our 1st All Ireland in 72 years, they pushed Rochford out in 2019 after going the closest any Mayo manager has of winning an All Ireland, they couldn’t give Kevin McStay a fair interview process in 2014.They sacked Micky Moran in 2006 and brought in a manager who was going for a TD job in the Dail.You couldnt make this stuff up.

  133. I see Catcol awakened a few fond memories for Achill75.


    I remember things a little differently.

  134. On the note of new players – love to see Justin Healy out of Cill chomáin given a shot. I was at the County Junior final last year. Kilmeena were absolutely raging hot favourites and it ended up being a harder game for them than arguably they had all season. He was outstanding and has a great eye for a score. Kilmeena simply couldn’t quieten him.
    Saw he was in FBD at beginning of the year but disappeared then. Love to see him given a shot next season.
    Colm Moran another I’d love to see given a run of games.

  135. There would appear to be plenty of tickets left for Sunday. I was getting my Minor final ticket in the local SuperValu earlier (having given up on Ticketmaster) and there were tickets available in all sections. I was going to go for Lower Hogan (329) but went for Upper Hogan (732) instead. Cracking ticket – now, who do I shout for?!

  136. The CB aren’t perfect but they did take a leap of faith with Horan in his first term, and they got it right. Similarly with Rochy. I suppose its still the CB’s fault then that we haven’t landed Sam?! Unfair. The set-ups under those two managers were super professional, and well resourced by all accounts.

    Unfortunately there isn’t a well-spring of infinite talent. We may have used up our best already and were just unlucky not to have gotten over the line. Damn unlucky in fact.

  137. @Achill 75.. Have a guess at exactly who was that particular TD’s Director of Elections?.. Talk about a conflict if interest in the shafting of Mickey Moran and the late John Morrison!

  138. Knocking and dismissing McStay because of lack of knowledge with the Mayo club scene; or of some dubious comments made in the past. Just confirms there are no shortage of crackpots out there! He is by far the best candidate for the job, no question.
    My fear with McStay in the past was that he would alienate people – given the military background and apparent dismissive attitude sometimes. But all that was dispelled with how his term went with Roscommon. A brillant 3 years. That team gave everything. The way they hounded down a far superior Mayo team in the drawn game in Croke Parke was admirable.

    So the question really is ‘does he want the job’.
    If so, then both parties should strive to make it happen. This time around, i hope McStay would have learnt his lesson about finances. Do they need sorting out down to minute detail on day 1 – I don’t think so.

  139. Good points londonEye.

    I also wouldn’t worry about him alienating people. We’re in a right bad spot right now. Kevin lives and breathes Mayo, despite what some may think. I haven’t always agreed with him and have been critical of him on here but there’s no disputing he loves Mayo Gaa.

    He’d certainly be a worthy option and could, in my view, only benefit us. If players etc don’t ‘like’ him then they know where they can go. We don’t need to spell it out. So far they’ve come up short, despite being afforded high quality management and structures.

    It’s all hypothetical at this stage of course. He mightnt want next or near the job.

  140. Well it looks like a done thing for Boylesports. They have Mike Solan at 4/7, next best is Ray Dempsey at 2/1.

  141. @Paddyjoejohntom…If it was a done deal, the bookie’s wouldn’t offer you any odds!

  142. Regarding Kevin McStay alienating people I think it’s fair to say every single appointment alienates some folk. Not saying that McStay is my choice but I will be fully behind whoever gets the role.
    On another subject I can’t wait for the minor final on Friday evening and looking at last year’s team Silke, Duffy, Maheady and Clarke are still around for this team. Other than Rio Mortimer have we any others available for next year?

  143. I will support whoever the manager is and unlike before if some players are not happy with the choice they should leave not the manager. What outside manager would take the job after the way we treated Mickey MORAN.

  144. Thelondoneye. The draw in Croke Park was a fluke. Funny how you don’.t mention the replay. You say what he did for Roscommon. Cant remember them reaching a semi final.

  145. Spillane wrote the following about Mayo yesterday: “The vibes from the training pitch were poor; morale was reported to be low…” How on earth did he know that?

    It’s one thing outsiders having an inkling about injuries to players, but it’s another thing altogether knowing about a team’s morale and how training is going.

  146. No problem with K mcStay, he is one of our own. Bridget has great praise for him and McHale especially the coaching ability of mcHale

  147. When you look at it, Kevin McStay has experience and he has bravery. I like the latter for our Mayo team in that it’s valuable along the line.

  148. @swallow swoops
    I would have thought the opposite on kevin mcstay, I always got the impression he wants to be liked, and so I couldn’t see him wanting to upset the applecart or go after any sacred cows in the squad. Leave him where he is on TV, there probably was an ideal window for him, around 2015 or so but that has passed now.

    It’s kind of why I’d be leaning towards an outside man like mcguinness who will be ruthless and won’t give a sh1t about how popular a decision is with the fanbase, see the way he ruthlessly dispatched kevin cassidy, then went on and won an AI

  149. Supermac, I guess I’m thinking about audacity – bravery of vision. With Roscommon he had the audacity to go after a Connacht title, and to go toe to toe with Mayo, uncowed, in 2017. He was even brave enough to think he could finish that Mayo team off on the replay – takes belief and guts – and as I remember held Enda Smith back until the second half to push towards home. Unfortunately for them, Roscommon were completely upended by then but it takes massive guts to try and fail.
    What you see as “wanting to be liked”, I see as even-handedness and a desire to maintain relationships (equally important and just as ruthless as cutting across them and disregarding them) – you get very far indeed having people working for you! I also think there’s an honourable quality that he tries to have in his behaviour and I respect that (doesn’t mean a person is a pushover though – can be the contrary).
    We have no idea what he’d be like inside a squad, though from listening to him on the podcast, I hear a man of intelligence who seeks to do what the occasion calls for on the big occasion (has insight and courage in his choices). He seeks respect as a basis for decisions and so can work as part of a team but I’ll bet he can be a leader and stick to his guns.
    I see McStay having more people skills than Jim McGuinness. I wouldn’t personally be looking to McGuinness as a choice. I’m a little bewildered as to his popularity but I think there is a perception that he “can get the job done”. Maybe that is why people are going for him. I just wonder if there are multiple things to the job or journey. Would he have the cross section of skills we need?

  150. @Swallow Swoops, I’d say the perception that McGuinness can get the job done is due to him having got the job done before. Not sure what would be bewildering about that. I think having won an All Ireland is also a demonstration of his cross section of skills.

  151. Fourtyfive, yes, I agree that he got the job done and won an All-Ireland.
    I’m bewildered because this was a one-off almost ten years ago with a style of play that arguably won’t win any All-Irelands now.
    That’s his credentials.
    People seem to think he’ll “do you up an All-Ireland”. And that he’s a master tactician. Maybe he is. I’m not sure.
    Logan and Dooher got the job done last year and disappeared.
    Jack O’Connor won all All-Irelands over ten years ago but the jury is out on whether he’ll win one this year.
    Taking him on because he has won an All-Ireland ten years ago is no guarantee of success now.

  152. I don’t think its quite fair to call McGuinness’ All Ireland a one off. In my view getting them back to an All Ireland in 2014 after the unmerciful hammering we gave them in 2013 was nearly more of an achievement. Not only should they have won the 2014 All Ireland but they beat Dublin along the way, who were playing some of their greatest ever football that summer.

    But I will say one thing against McGuinness, in that 2014 All Ireland Kerry went very defensive and his side did not have the game plan to break them down.

  153. Well on the Plus side..McStay did put it up to the Connacht Council and stuck to his principle’s re a certain Connacht Final..It was going to be in the ‘Hyde or Nowhere’ and the Hyde it was. I would say whoever gets the Mayo job..To be able to stand up to those in authority in Connacht, Croke Park or the CCCC would be a minimum and demand that the Mayo County Board back his stand. That’s the very minimum for whoever gets the Job. It would help get many Mayo fan’s back onside, and there is absolutely no doubt that a significant amount Mayo fans have been disenchanted in the last year, for a number of reasons…Where I have been less than impressed with McStay is his objectively while co commentating on RTE, in real time even after the benefit of replay’s as example in last year’s All Ireland semifinal and John Small’s horrendous tackle on Eoghan McLoughlin, ..I could also point out his calling of a tackle on Lee Keegan by Michael Fitzsimmons in the previous December’s All Ireland final. .

  154. Unstoppable and all, I’m happy to defer to all the different opinions for this appointment. I really don’t have all the information or knowledge to argue strongly for one or another person. I hope we find a good candidate who wants the job and will bring lots of energy to it.
    I hadn’t realised that Jim McGuinness managed the Donegal team to three Ulster titles in four seasons. That’s really something to respect.

  155. @Swallow Swoops..I don’t think the Logan and Dooher have disappeared at all. They still have plenty of Brownie Points in the bag after last year’s, very unusual and probably controversial but ultimately successful raid on Sam Maguire. Tyrone were very poor in this year’s Championship, never got going at all… However Tyrone are currently the very impressive All Ireland under 20 Champions and some new blood next year, they will be contenders.

  156. Agree Swallow on the risk of going on past reputation, e.g. McGuinness and Pat Gilroy whom I heard mentioned.

    However, I think Rochy bucks that trend, because he has been with Donegal since the leaving Mayo. Yes, of course Donegal have underperformed, but Rochy has been there and will have learned an awful lot about Ulster football, right up to last month. As he had a coaching role, not all the blame for Donegal’s performances can be pinned on him. I think what’s important is involvement at the highest level, and current involvement. So the Donegal experience married to his management of Mayo are very big plusses for me.

    Any candidate for any job would receive a lot of scrutiny on what they had been doing over the past five or six years. On that basis, McGuinness, Gilroy, even Jim Gavin (though I’d be prepared to give Jim Gavin a pass), would face a lot of questions. Yes McGuinness has soccer credentials and I wouldn’t criticise them, but I still think there’s a gap.

  157. I would love to see Rochford back with Mayo Seniors someday but if he is appointed this time around we are just going around in circles.

  158. People in Donegal threads want James Horan and some Mayo people want Jim McGuinness. The mind boggles.
    I could be wrong but I think Jim Gavins management experience prior to the Dublin job was bringing the Garda gaa from division 3 to division 4.
    Man management is the most important part of the job and surrounding your self with good coaches.

  159. I agree @JKEL88. Give Solan or Dempsey a crack at it for 2-3 years (results/progress dependant of course). Whichever can pull together the strongest backroom team has my support.

    Don’t think the majority of the outside managers being mentioned are realistic. Jim McGuiness is probably the most likely of them, but I’d have concerns about him not managing a Gaelic football team for 8 years now.

  160. McStay is a proud Mayo man through and through who wants the best for Mayo football.
    An honorable man, a good tactician who will be fair to all.
    If he wants the job, give him what and who he wants and let him at it.
    The others can wait.
    Up Mayo.

  161. Im warming to the idea of Kevin McStay getting the job. Its not his first rodeo he has managed st brigids and Roscommon although he was joint manager or assistant to Anthony Egan in 95 when we were relegated to Division 3 and hammered out the gate in Tuam by Galway in the championship on second thoughts maybe not

  162. Glorydays, he must have been a very young chap in 1995, not long out of playing himself. As far as I know his playing days were cut short through injury.
    It’s all very intriguing.

  163. Kevin McStay has all the desired qualities to make a great manager.

  164. I can’t see mcStay applying for the job or county board giving it to him.
    He applied before and was badly treated.
    Just hope the players keep their noses out of this appointment.
    This is a new group of players and I hope they are not influenced by some older team members.
    James Horan will be a hard act to follow and some players coming to the end of their careers. Can Cillian regain that bit of speed that he missed this year
    I am convinced that if he was on the team last year and took the penalty we would have beaten Tyrone, that is not a poor reflection on Ryan odonoghue but it was a lot of responsibility on young shoulders and there are very few good left footed penalty takers.

  165. Jr .that loss was not down primarily to the penalty miss. We simply did not show up. Is Ryan not streets ahead of cillian at converting close in frees. I think it was an insult to take those frees off Ryan. The lad has carried us on his shoulders in the absence of cillian and has a far better strike rate. Solan in the driving seat for the job now.

  166. Craggy,
    They scored a goal immediately after the penalty and changed the course of the game.
    I agree with you about taking the frees off Ryan but a penalty in a final needs nerves of steel.
    Kerian mac was the first player for several years to score a penalty in a a final in 1997.

  167. Honestly don’t know who will take the reins. Having reflected on the Kerry game, there was lot to like & I’m not as down as I was post game. Huge workrate & tackling. But our old failing of shocking shooting efficency killed us. We were completely dominant in 3rd quarter and should have been a few points ahead. Then perhaps we could have put Kerry in bother. But the bad shooting killed out momentum & that was that.

    Priorities for next year in my opinion…
    We need a dog or 2 in full back line who just love defending & don’t care about getting forward. Oisin marked Clifford very well, but when he went forward Clifford ended up on Hession at one stage and then Durcan for the goal (he got by Paddy way too easily). Can’t afford that against good teams. Where are these defenders? Hard to know, but a back line full of half backs won’t win all Irelands.

    Get Oisin & Lee out to half back line or further forward. Let’s see the damage they could do from there.

    Half forward line. Need to add scores and it’s as simple as that. Maybe Tommy Conroy goes to 11. Maybe Ryan moves out. But we need scores from that line. We have close to zero threat there at present.

    Diarmuid works so hard and often his work goes unnoticed. I’d like to see him as a wing back. Think he could be a serious option there. And would be coming onto attacks facing the goal and he is a good shooter from distance.

    We need to add a few strings to our bow (gameplan) and be more adaptable in games. In fairness James seemed to be trying things, but we always reverted to running the ball.

    Jerseys should be earned by form, not reputation. It worked for Cody for 20 years!!

    Only one man for the job..Jimmy Sloyan

  168. If Cillian was there last year, ,who knows who wouldn’t be starting last year’s Championship games?.. Maybe it might have been Ryan not starting?..It isn’t that simple as to say if Cillian was playing we would have scored the penalty and went on to win the match..We had lost enough finals with Cillian .. Anyhow if Cillian had been playing,we probably wouldn’t had gotten the Penalty if everything else was the exact same.. Because the Penalty came from a miss hit and under hit free close into the Canal End under the Hogan Stand. Presumably Cillian would have definitely taken the free and definitely kicked it dead and probably scored.. But I reckon if Cillian had gotten either of those two gilt gimme of goal chance’s in the first half he would have nailed them.. However, however, however, Ryan O Donohue might not have been started to create those gilt edged chance’s. It’s absolutely pointless speculating, but I certainly believe that had Cillian being playing in the form of the 2020 winter Championship, our chances would have been greatly enhanced.. But remember this, that was Winter Football as well!

  169. I warm more and more to the idea of Diarmuid at six or seven. He is a better player looking downfield rather than the half forward role.
    He has been a very good six for Ballintubber.
    Our half backs lack kickpassers apart from Michael Plunkett.

  170. Jp. We will never know. But one thing is for sure … the next manager is being handled a damn good platform to work off. I think cillian was given the frees on reputation alone and of course he is the all time top scorer but he wasn’t back properly. As for Ryan not starting.. that’s just unthinkable. He has been by far the most consistent mayo player in the last 2 years. Only to be rivaled by the greatest ever Lee keegan. No mayo player has played so well in numerous positions and the man who turned up against Tyrone when most didn’t. Also thought ruane had a very bad championship this year.

  171. Mayo Focus, I think a fully fit David McBrien would go someway to addressing our last line woes. He really has everything needed to tie down the problem fullback position. Hopefully this enforced break might help his fitness and if Solan as many are thinking gets the job he knows all about McBrien.

  172. Aiden Henry has just published another masterpiece of an article in the CT

  173. Dave Johnston – that’s hilarious. He managed to name drop about a 100 contenders in that article.

  174. He reckoned the long journey didnt suit him when he was with Mayo, but surely Galway is a distance from Cork also.

  175. The only name he left out was Jim O’Shea!! Haha

    Seriously though, it’s interesting Seamus Tuohy mentioned the “wrong” done to Pat and Noel. But there is no way they’re in the reckoning.

  176. Seeing some of the names that the Aiden mentioned,I would like to mention another name of Willie Joe allows it Boris has come free

  177. After reading the Mayo news on 5 names been mentioned I have to say Solan is now my first choice, mainly because he managed u 21 to success and I see had a Tyrone man on his ticket. We will need some of what the northern teams bring on defense side

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