Managerial merry go-round in the West now over

Galway yesterday announced that, after nearly a decade under foreign (i.e. Mayo) domination, their new manager will be a bona fide Herrin Choker. And not any old Herrin Choker either: they’ve given the job to Liam Sammon, a man with both a distinguished playing career for the county – one All-Ireland medal (1966) and three losing final appearances (1971, 1973 and 1974), the latter of which was against Heffo’s Army where he missed a penalty. The new man has also a strong track record in coaching, where apparently he has a particular interest in the skills of the game. Well, that’ll make a difference from Ford training them to belt the bejaysus out of anyone in a red and green jersey!

With that vacancy filled, Tommy Breheny still at the helm in Sligo, John Maughan’s decision to stay with the Sheepstealers for another year and our own county’s move to break with tradition by having a management team that stays in place for more than one year, it looks as if the managerial merry go-round west of the Shannon is over for this year. (I’m not sure what’s the story with Leitrim – is Dessie Dolan still there?) Roll on the FBD League!

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