Manic Monday


I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m still pumped. It’ll take a few days, I reckon, to recover any kind of sane state of mind after that match yesterday.

I’m as mad as hell too. The so-called analysis on The Sunday Game last night was a bloody joke, the unfunny undercurrent to it being the disgraceful attempt by Ciaran Whelan to blacken Lee’s reputation with an obvious eye to how the replay will be reffed. And we have to pay the TV licence fee to fund this crap?

I’m annoyed too about the developing post-match narrative, which says we missed our chance and that Dublin couldn’t possibly play as badly again. Well, if we tear into them again the same way on Saturday week, there’s every chance we’ll have them at sixes and sevens again. While our display was in large part a heroic one yesterday we too have significant improvements to make but that imperative hasn’t been factored into any analysis I’ve seen to date.

But that’s all by the by. What we have to focus on now is the replay and, for those of us on the outside looking in, that means the ticket hunt has to get going again. We had huge support there yesterday and we out-shouted the home town followers pretty much all afternoon. The noise and colour on display from our lot was something else yesterday.

With the replay fixed for the Saturday evening, once more in Dublin (I’m not carping, just making the observation that, once again, they’re at home and our support will have to cross the country, incurring more expense as well as the significant time commitment involved), there’s a real danger the support level could cant heavily in their favour then. We need to do whatever we can to prevent this happening so if you haven’t got moving on tickets yet, do so now.

An added complication for Saturday week is that it’s one of the planned Dublin Bus strike days. The dispute could, I guess, be settled by then but if it’s not then it’s a recipe for chaos, as well as heavy traffic, in and around the capital.

I should, I suppose, be doing a paper round-up for you this morning but I’m not in that zone at all mentally right now. Plus I’ve several other things to sort between now and early afternoon so I think I’ll have to leave that one be.

One of those jobs on the list will be to post the latest Mayo News football podcast, which should be ready to rock at some stage this afternoon. Make sure to tune in for that as it contains a great mixture of top-class analysis and all-over-the-shop in-the-moment stuff. What you’d expect from an All-Ireland final, in other words.

Don’t forget the Man of the Match poll either, which is still open and will remain so until later on tonight after which the result will be announced. Cillian’s leading the way there at the minute, not a surprising development in light of that astonishing, late, late leveller from him.

That’s your lot for now, back later. Remember: tickets, get sorting, now.

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  1. Hoping I’ll be luckier when the sections for season ticket holders are “drawn ”
    311 yday was bang in line with one goal so impossible to tell if points were over or wide . And too far away from other with my poor eyesight 😀
    As an aside I was told by a mayo supporter to sit down 5 minutes into the game when I jumped up after some incident .
    These type of people just need to stay at home and watch it in the comfort of their own homes .

  2. Ciaran Whelan was a disgrace last night. The most one sided blinkered review of a game. O se doesn’t care and dessie would try to be impartial and then start giggling to impress his buddies. Whelan was agitated because he knew we got out of jail at the end. But better to peddle the “Mayo’so chance has passed. If we let them back from 3 points down we would be called chokers. Only way to shut them up is to go and win it now. On a separate note, I thought our noise levels in the ground were unreal yesterday.

  3. There are no words. Well there are but they simply aren’t adequate to describe what happened yesterday.

    Watched the Sunday Game when I got back last night and may not do so again. That show has become the Jeremy Kyle of GAA sports analysis.

    Listened back to the Mid West commentary on the finale this morning. Fantastic stuff from Mike Finnerty and John Casey.

  4. Actually Whelan looked a bit exasperated about Dublin’s performance and when asked what can they do the next day was at a loss to figure it out. No doubt Dublin will improve but I think our defense will have grown in confidence after such a brilliant display as the game wore on. The extra 4 weeks has brought on their fitness levels. Paddy Durkan has a great engine, keeps going 77 mins and could’ve kept going beyond.

  5. The Mayo support was stunning yesterday. And the noise was sustained all through, even through the concession of those sickening majors.

    I went more in hope than belief yesterday and feel slightly ashamed for having doubted them. That belief will only grow now….have we f’ck blown our chance.

  6. Shuffly agree with you on the above. Thought Small was excellent for them but Durkan equally good for us. Especially during that early drive in the second half. He has some engine alright.

  7. It will be important for the management to get out their own messages in the media to cancel out what has been said in the coming days. I presume there will be some sort of preview about the replay after the ladies finals next Sunday. Time for Billie Joe or whoever to say and highlight the necessary. A helping hand from James Horan/David Brady in this regard would not go astray either. It’l start tonight on off the ball, sports joe podcasts, etc etc.

  8. Thoughts on the O Shea bros. I would say that the weather affected Aidan much like it affected the Dublin inside line. He could catch it but quickly surrounded by up to 5 dubs at times. OK he could do more and like Keith was trying to take on leadership for late scores but just like Brogan and other Dubs both hit sky scrapers. Had the wherewithal to find Cillian for the final score.
    Seamie gave his all for 45 mins and had some good turnovers and unlucky to be penalised for few 50 50 calls on more turnovers. Then the mistakes which indicate that although not necessarily physically spent for some players the brain slows just before the legs. Not sure if it was him or Diarmaid at fault for that static pass which led To Dublin point. Diarmaid was flat in that moment. He also was less than his best so training time lost mid season did have some impact but like Seamie he left little on the field in terms of workrate.
    Overall I would say it was a heroic effort from all who took to the field.
    Think maybe we should abandon high central ball, play the corners and run down the central channel to draw Cian O Sullivan out. Media may rate Diarmaid low yesterday but like Kevin Mc he was playing quite deep esp in 1st half as was Jason so we had very few inside. We should do the same again the next day with more running and more ball into the corners.

  9. What did we learn yesterday?

    We know now that Dublin are afraid of Mayo. We are the one team they dont want to play. They will still be afraid of us in 2 weeks and probably already a beaten team before the game even starts.

    The Sunday game is a disgrace. A Dub in the chair and another one on the panel. Whelan should be taken out of there. Not good enough for the national broadcaster. I presume Mayo will make a formal complaint. Or will RTE be allowed to get away with that type of bias and unbalanced nonsense.

    I presume that the person or persons responsible for inviting Brolly to the City West has already done the honourable thing and resigned. If not, they need to go now.

    Strings will be pulled now behind the scenes and i expect to see Dublin Joe ref the replay. That will keep the Mayo winning margin down to single digits.

  10. Whats really pissing me off os all the focus on how shite Dublin were. Yes they were shite but helped them be shite
    The work rate our lads put in and the hunger was in sane.No fucking credit going to our lads for coming back from 2 goals down. Fuck all said about Cillians equalizing score.He went for it and backed himself in an All Ireland final. That lad has balls of steel and yet the media want to talk about the Dubs poor performance. If anyone left it behind it was the Dubs. Up by 3 in injury time. Coming up to the game hearing quotes from so called experts that this was the best Dublin team of all time and this is a Mayo team on decline? That really pisses me off.

  11. Can’t wait for the podcast.

    I too got given out to yesterday by a Mayo man beside me, I was very shocked & he embarrassed me, but I said feck him & kept up my support – supporters were amazing, you really got the sense that we are truly believed, it was so great to be amongst.

    Let he Sunday Game and everyone else all buzz off, what rubbish, fuel to all our fires.

    Hopefully we all can get our hands on tickets now :-), this team is so worth the time & effort & expense if we can of the trip to the capital.

    Maigheo Go Deo.

    P.S. Sorry williejoe I hadn’t listened to your after match audio, heard you covered the replay and 2 week turn around there.

  12. Thoughts on the ref, his style led to a good enthralling contest but for a fella known to be strong on black cards 4 or 5 could’ve been dished out more or less evenly the worst of which was MacCauley’s which looked more like a straight red. Maybe refs are also looking not to spoil games by carding too many stars. He also missed a blatant push in the back foul on Donie in an easy scorable position strangely giving a free to Dublin instead but I guess these things even out. That free would have given us the lead I think.

  13. Yes Willie Joe, my head is still reeling.

    A mad mad match, impossible to make any sense out of it, but our nerves of steel to come back from 3 and 2 down near the end, gives me great heart. Such was the bedlam at the very end that I thought (a) Cillian had scored the last from a free and (b) that we still a point behind! Keith Duggan’s succinct report on the front page of the Times sums it all up.

    Mayo pundits, ourselves included, have got to put to bed that ‘Mayo left it behind’ crap. We led at no stage after the goals, and Dublin, I feared, looked comfortable playing keep ball at 75 minutes. Our fightback then was truly heroic. However, if the roles were reversed, and Mayo were gifted 2 goals, led by 5 at half time, and came back to lead by 3 at 69 and 2 at 75, what do you think they would all be saying?

  14. The fella beside me from Belmullet was giving out about Aido all through first half, I suggested not enough support, inside line quite isolated and conditions weren’t helping and that he would come good. After a while more I told him to stay positive, we need to stay positive. Didn’t hear much from him after that but at least stopped him being negative. The fella the other side was fierce quiet all through but near the end he started shouting cmon Mayo. Maybe a neutral with Mayo relatives.
    If anyone runs into anyone negative next day be quick to highlight what is needed. We were better fans than three Dubs yesterday and need a repeat performance.
    Ps Whelan didn’t sound too convincing, fairly obvious what he’s trying but if he didn’t stand up for Dubs would be eaten alive by dub fans… and ref and his team won’t buy it.
    Ps I won’t tolerate some on here going loo lah whenever the new ref is announced. Control the controllables. Blaming refs is cop out and the players know that as elaborated very well by Keegan a man who doesn’t do self pity.

  15. We need to feed into the “Mayo left it behind line” and keep repeating it and that “favourites seldom lose replays” and that “Dublin will never play as badly again” and that “the curse is real” and and and ……..any auld shite that re inflates the considerable egos in Dublin. Fertilise the long grass is what I say!

  16. Probably a very soccer thing to do but rating the lads out of 10 yesterday, is only way I can say how proud of them I am and what levels they played at, breaking all myths of not having a 70 mins performance in them .

    – Clarke – 8, two goals denied and one point only lost marks due to stray kicksout at the end.

    – Harrison – 9 Massive game from a teak tough defender, pace determination the lot

    – Higgins – 6.5 , we know there is more to Keith, he tackled well but should have being more of an outlet as was deemed his role by picking up rock

    – Keegan – 7 , cancelled out the great Connelly, steady game, brave tactic playing with just 5 defenders so maybe next day if we have 6 Leeroy can get upfield a bit more

    – Boyler – 7 Solid but asleep for their goal, they did get joy in midfilders running down the middle .

    Durkan – 8 Great display one stray ball but bar that had McManamon in his pocket, ran hard and broke lines, cool head for point, maybe could have passed to Andy on the goal chance, but massive display

    – Seamie 6 – First half some great defending and solid hits but was out of steam in second half and given space to attack by Dublin a tactic whereby the watched Parson and Vaughan closely so if Leeroy or Barrett were in that role perhaps they could exploit it better

    Parsons – 8 Rock solid, hard running and massive battle with another super player in Fenton

    Vaughan – 9 – Ran his balls off, won ball everywhich way, kicked points and showed leadership, also nice shoulder on Connelly for good measure

    Kevin Mc – 7.5 – steady sweeping up, great incision in attacking in early second half maybe could provide Keegan and co a bit more support in attacking from deep

    AOS – 6 – Like Keith and Seamie we have come to expect more, had a great spell in first half winning frees and distributing the ball, all in all a wet day didn’t suit the big man but he got no help from ref either

    Diarmuid – 7 – Keep imagining he is carrying a knock as he isnt running as freely as we know he can but what a warrior he is, if he can recovery well I am sure there will be more from him in attacking sense too but defensively superb .

    Jason Doh – 8 Big games have passed him by in the past but not yesterday, great display had everything, sensible in distribution, probing runs and great score .

    Andy – 9 – Could do much more won dirty ball, provided pace and running, yet great pair of hands, that point at start of second half as ever motivation and spured on the team .

    Cillian – 9 – Like Andy couldn’t do much more battled, lead and has the class and poise aswell as the Ciller attributes to finish his chances, top man .

  17. Just getting heart rate back to normal now ,. My first reaction after the match has not changed and that was ok we are still in it , was not disappointed or happy, sure the 2 goals went against us but these things happen . Will dublin improve , absolutely . Will we improve , YES , . Well done on all the noise and colour , the search for tickets started last night . These are some group of players and management . They will need us all again on sat week . The dream is still alive !

  18. So much to talk about, but my brain won’t engage properly. Exhausted from yesterday. Rewatching the game did alot to clarify a few things that I missed the first time around.

    First things first, hats off to an out-of-nowhere display yesterday. What a time to find form. I don’t buy the narrative of us having an off-day – it’s partly true, but glosses over the fact that we weren’t let play. Shutdown everywhere, and beaten in most of the matchups.

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a game with that many turnovers before. No-one seemed to be able to hold onto the ball, the pressure on the carrier was immense at all times. Some of the tackling was sublime.

    There’s alot to be learned by both backroom teams from that game. Gavin is going to need to be ruthless with team selection. Flynn hasn’t had a good day in a blue jersey in quite a while. Andrews has to start next time out. Ditto with Mannion for Brogan.

    Likewise, SOS does not have 70 minutes in him. Rochford must have seen that yesterday. Higgins seemed out of puff too – hands on hips several time during the game.

    MDMA wouldn’t start, except that we are light on options here. Fenton is carrying midfield on his own. It’s a matter of time before opposition teams exploit this, if I were Mayo, I’d have AOS man marking him. Aidan is wasted up front, and seems to take the wrong option too often. The instincts for a natural FF are just not there. Much better to use his fielding and power to start attacks, not finish them.

    Doherty had a stormer, and this is coming from someone who had him half-written off. He ran like a man 10 years younger yesterday.

    Keegan/Connolly has predictable. Nullified one another, and both kept to a single point. I expect more of the same next time out.

    I actually thought Rock scored the second goal, it certainly looked that way initially. Whatever about that one, the first goal was the stuff of nightmares. It was going well wide. Need to chalk that one down to experience, and move on.

    Mayo need more of the same next time out, with a little more composure when opportunities present themselves.

    I could write volumes on what the Dubs need to do better, but sure it’s been talked to death at this point, and I’d imagine several miles of column inches will be taken up rehashing the same old crap over the coming fortnight.

    Replay on a Saturday during a bus strike is going to make getting there and back messy. Bring yer walking shoes, or Train it in from Manooth. The Northside is no place to try to traverse with no public transport available.

  19. I think what all of you who are giving out about the likes of Joe Brolly are forgetting is this; the Mayo players need people like Joe Brolly to run them down and criticise them, and yes, even insult them, because that is one of the main things that MOTIVATES our players. They want to prove them wrong. I think you should all take a step back and look at the bigger picture and ask yourself why the likes of Brolly, Spillane, and O’Rourke criticise us. Is it because they hate Mayo. Absolutely not. They’re criticising our lads because they want to see Mayo win an All Ireland and they KNOW that their words will filter through to the Mayo camp and provoke a reaction.

  20. Mayo have found their ‘mojo’, they have found absolute ‘mental strength’. This alone will ensure Sam comes home after 65 years, in time to get the pension next year.
    “Sam 4 Mayo”?

  21. I dont see dublin impoving all that much for the replay, i think they missed they might have missed the boat. Its a strange thing to say but dublin look jaded, Mayo scored 3 times in the last few minutes and looked like they would have ran for another half hour, while dublin were hanging on. It could very well turn out that this will be one game too many for the dubs who are wobbling badly.
    A huge thanks to all Mayo fans that attended and roared their heads off, it was incredible to hear the roars and it lifted the team.

  22. it was a brilant display cant wait for next 2 weeks to go u wiil always have the moaners but this bunch of players desiverave our suport and respect u can do it lads good luck up mayo

  23. Anyone know why game is so late the next day. ? Very late for travelling for Mayo fans. Why not 3:30 pm usual game time.?

  24. Just have to say that I thought Jason Doherty had a great game, one of his best. He has often come in for criticism in the past, but he really stepped up yesterday. More of the same next time please!

  25. Ya Jaden I believe Galvin will look to change things up but is this bench as strong as they say it is?

    Andrews has to start, O Gara probably will to be a target man, then Mannion or Brogan is 50-50 with Flynn and McManaomon kept quiet then Rock not being his self from frees , it was more than a coincidence and wasn’t all the fault of the weather as some may have us believe.

    If he does go for a more direct route into O Gara then it will suit our running game better by Dubs having less men to conjest the midfiled area .

    Ah getting excited already about it

  26. MAYO need to make a couple of changes from the sideline on the team for the next day that is clear to everyone, Dublin will make changes as well and ONE MAN THEY WILL BE BRINGING ON FROM THE SIDE LINE IS JOE MAC after all he has helped them to two all irelands in the past so he is a must start ,sad to see him so upset on the side line yesterday not been able to help only on one occasion.

  27. Would mostly agree with those ratings OOB. New guys like Harrison and Durcan came up trumps for us yesterday.

    Fair analysis by Jaden also, no question but that Dublin will score more than 9 points in the replay but I think there is improvement in Mayo too, Big players like AOS, SOS were pretty average yesterday.

    Big question about AOS – Next day I think we start AOS at MF with Parsons and I would take a chance on CoS at FF . Big Barry just not mobile enough for the game played at that pace. AOS is fouled a lot in at FF but never seems to win a free anyway

    A lot of pundits saying that Mayo got all the tactics right, but thought Dublin did a number on our kickouts. Forced Clarke to kick long more than we wanted. Dont have the stats but to me it looks like Dublin won those kickouts 2 to 1.

    Still – it really feels like we got out of jail. 3 points down in the 69th min and fought back!. I think the players must get a huge boost from that.

  28. I said it before, and I’ll see it again. Fuck the Sunday Same, Fuck Brolly, O’Rourke, Spillane, Whelan, Dessie “who ate the pies” Cahill, FUCK EM ALL.
    I chose at the start of the year to not watch the shite they produce as they are all pushing their own agenda and backing their former counties. You wouldn’t believe the Lords payer out of O’Se’s mouth and for Whelan to say that a forward never instigates violence means that he never saw/forgot about Connellys various headlocks/throat chokes/ punches/ attempted punches etc etc etc from the the last 2 years alone.
    Dublin were bullied out of it yesterday, simple as. Like all bullies, when you pin them to wall, knee them in the ba##s and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that IT STOPS NOW, the bully soon becomes the little ladeen. Their famed “process”, stamina and power were rammed up their own holes by our unbelievably heroic MEN. Because that’s what we had out there yesterday. MEN.
    The blood is still pumping too much to put calm considered words down only to say that never have I been more proud to be a Mayoman as I was yesterday. We were written off by everyone bar Cora and Bomber Liston. The so-called experts failed to remember that we kept Dublin to 9 points in Castlebar in the league! They failed to remember last year.
    So, FUCK EM ALL. We’re going back up again on Saturday week and WE WILL HAVE SAM HOME WITH US. It’s vital we bring MORE colour, MORE noise and more supporters in the hill because we owned Croker yesterday. we were the home team. It’s vital we repeat that.
    Now, where are my blood pressure tablets. Following these lads will be the death of me. But what a way to go 🙂

  29. Just watched the game back. We played really well as a unit for the majority of the game. Tom Parsons in particular, Donie Vaughan, Jason Doherty, both O Connors, Brendan Harrison and Kevin McLoughlin were immense. We need more from Aidan and Seamus O Se. Seamus had a good first half. He just panicked in the second half and turned the ball over too easy.

    It’s annoying me as well about the pundits talking about how Dublin will be different the next day. Load of rubbish. The dubs rhythm was stopped through sheer determination and hard work by all the Mayo players. They couldn’t live with our intensity and physicality when they got the ball. They were hounded by any Mayo player when they got it.

    As for Ciaran Whelan, that guy is a joke and shouldn’t have been let off by des Cahill and the other two about his comments directed at keegan. Anyone would swear that Connolly is an angel and instigates nothing. Made my blood boil.

    Credit to the management team too. All the match ups were on the money. Everything was spot on. We just have to cut out the silly mistakes, show more composure and get Aidan O Se firing. Lee Keegans comments after the game to Rte has heartened me and got me excited when he said that this Mayo team will do whatever it takes to win Sam. We go again.

  30. Great occasion in Croke Park yesterday with an electric atmosphere. The weather played its part too in what was a chaotic match. Massive credit to this Mayo team for their work rate yesterday that stifled the Dubs. One of the best defensive displays I’ve seen from Mayo in the last 6 years of this teams cycle. Only one thing that was missing yesterday was composure in attack at vital times especially when were level at 2-6 to 0-12. Ironically in the end it was Cillians composure in that brave moment that sent over the leveling score. If we can re create that defensive base again in the replay I think we’ll have a massive chance in the replay. Our backs may just have a number on these Dublin forwards who have not experienced this level of intensity before. Finally huge credit goes to the management who in every game have not put a foot wrong. That gives me massive confidence going into the reply.

  31. I’m inclined to agree with you there Maigh Eo Go Deo, Joe Brolly and co would in my opinion be delighted to see us win, and I would say they are as frustrated as ourselves that we keep coming up short. The after match analysis would suggest that. They seemed to be going out of their way suggesting what we should do to get over the line. A far cry from the match-of the-day crap from Dessie and his merry men.

  32. I think it would be smart to start Barrett on Connelly the next day, Connelly for all his great skills is easily mindfucked and if his mental prep is disrupted he will be all over the shop. Barrett is equally as tight marking and then free Leeroy to play the role Seamie was playing yesterday .
    Its easy to change it if its not working but in theory it should work .

  33. Here are some stats from the Examiner. Hope they display all right Willie Joe:

    Possession: Dublin (55%) Mayo (45%)
    Frees Conceded: Dublin (17) Mayo (20)
    Wides: Dublin(12) Mayo (7)
    Own Kickouts Won: Dublin (18) Mayo (16)
    Scoring Chances from Play: Dublin (24) Mayo (21)

    So it’s obvious who left it behind!

    And by the way, I still can’t believe that we scored 15 points yesterday, and still kicked some bad wides.

  34. What’s for us now is up to us. Our Destiny. is in our own hands! Great support, let’s do it again and be even better next time. The Sunday Game analysis was biased, simple fact… Coming home, the analysis on the Marty Squad, from John Maughan and Keith Barr was pathetic! Any 3 Year old would make more sense, Tommy Carr, Martin Carney, Pillar Caffery, Joe Brolly, what have any of these to offer as pundits?… Ciaran Whelan was less than balanced, and let away with it from Dublin Des.. Normally Whelan is objective to be fair..
    .. Next day out is a completely different day. A number of Dublin players will look to be much better. Mayo the same, the OShea’s need to step it up.. We. as a defence which was very good in the main need to stop close in goal chances, that’s. where the own. goals came from. Let’s get tickets into Mayo hands, Let’s make even more noise this time, Fair Play to the Mayo supporters on the Hill yesterday. Every time, COYBIB started we drown them out, I. was in section 308 yesterday, there’s were some Dublin supporters there, we seen them, didn’t get to hear much of them. It’s half time in. this fixture, let’s finish the job!

  35. Who waited for who in the tunnel ? And why ? the Dubs were due out at 2.56 but did not appear until almost 2.58 which was when Mayo were due to emerge.

    Some of the Dubs believe this was the anarchy McGuinness suggested.

  36. OMG pebblesmeller, loved that post, just when I was nearly calming down.

    You’re dead right, though, we owned Croker yesterday & we must do it again in two weeks.
    I give huge huge credit to Sinead for her efforts for the ‘intensity’ of the support yesterday.

  37. This narrative suits us fine. I hope the Dublin players believe it. The history is there beat them in 2012 drew last year. It’s not like irs a flash in the pan. Enjoy the next few weeks

  38. I see the GAA have reduced the price of tickets from 80 to 60. I presume season tickets will be processed automatically like the first game.

  39. I was delighted for Dotherty yesterday he had a great game. I thought the stats the lads on sky sports was very interesting. It was the scores that Dublin subs were getting for last few years. I forget the figures bit the point is that it is well down this year and that to me warms my heart. Correct me if im wrong but I think it was only Amdrews that got scores oit of subs? When Kevin Mcmanaman was taking off yesterday that said a lot to me big player coming into this game.I think against the Dubs AOS needs to play out field. He is been well minding in the full forward line. If he is out the field he will cause more damage amd will have w better chance of getting a free. He was pushed in the bwck yesterday in front of ref and no free was given. Amyone think Seamie might not start in replay?

  40. Would anyone be interested in setting up a fund to provide counseling for John Casey and others for the trauma suffered and being “shaken” in the tunnel in Croke Park yesterday.

  41. @mayomaningalway. Yes I think seamie will be worried. I do like him but he gives up sloppy possession at some crucial times. Parsons was immense I felt

  42. Holes need to be poked in this narrative around the Dublin players being oh-so squeaky clean and they would never instigate anything and they play the game “the right way”, whatever that means. It’s all such rehearsed nonsense that Jim Gavin frequently spews in interviews and the media seem to have completely bought into it and are intent on pushing this line. We’re all being led to believe that Diarmuid Connolly is an angel who wouldn’t hurt a fly when in reality Diarmuid Connolly has a screw loose and Gavin knows his temper is a liability. He is trying to mitigate it by influencing referees through the media and has been doing this for the last number of months with an eye on these big matches. Ciaran Whelan is doing his part too by making Lee Keegan out to be the big bad aggressor who bullies and provokes the normally completely composed and gentle Diarmuid. Another spoofer.

    The Dublin media machine is in panic mode now and I’m sure they’ll do plenty to make sure that refs go soft on them the next day. Fully expect Dublin Joe to be the man in the middle.

  43. @MayoManinGalway

    You subs point is fair. Only Andrews scored for the Dubs, and only Dillon scored for Mayo off the bench.

    I reckon neither Flynn or Seamie will start next day out. And I’d question if Brogan will either. Higgin’s place might be under pressure too, if they can find a way to replace him.

    Diarmuid looks out of sorts still (I could swear I saw him pull up more than once). Dean’s knee seems to be at him too.

    Some well deserved R&R is needed, twas a long hard fight yesterday. That was the closet we’ve come to having our unbeaten run ended. But it’s still intact. COYBIB.

  44. I will probably get bate for this, but I think there would be great value in AOS coming off the bench after 30 minutes to replace seamus. Let seamus empty his tank. This would put gavin on the back foot and can you imagine the lift it would give to everyone.
    We would also have a strong AOS finishing the game.

    I would start conor oshea at half forward.

  45. Gaa very greedy with ticket prices. There’s been three hurling final replays in recent years and tickets went from 80 to 50 euro. Now they go and only drop it to 60 for the football coz they know full well demand is greater. It not even about the money it’s the principle that matters. Much more expensive for Mayo fans to attend than dubs.

  46. I think it’s time now for Mayo… Squad, supporters etc, to firmly CIRCLE THE WAGONS.

    This team are well used to replays. They have loads of experience. Plenty of areas to improve on from yesterday. Nothing won yet so don’t go overboard on the praise. The team didn’t do anything yesterday that we didn’t expect. We’ve seen them closely for years now. We’ve had ups and downs. They did teasonably well yesterday but theres certainly more in them.

    Under 2 weeks now to get the heads right. Saturday week is time to deliver.

  47. @dreamysleepynightysnoozysnooze – I reckon Deegan will be in charge next day out. Wouldn’t want McQuillan there in a million years.

    It would also be nice to get just one game where the consistency of the application of the black card isn’t an issue. It’s a blight on the game at this point.

  48. Well done to the lads in the hill yesterday, i was in 302 and ye done a great job drowning out the dubs. Please do more of the same the next day, and bring more flags. Maigh Eo Abu.

  49. Frankly, the post match media reaction has been awfully patronising about Mayo. If I were a player I’d be gunning for another crack at it… The sooner this games comes, the better.

  50. I think Conor Lane did very well to be honest. Both Aidan and Boyle could have, and should have, gone for black cards but were let off. In fairness to Lane also, he didn’t see “Elbows” MacAuleys attempted head-chop of Cillian. That was a straight red in any refs book. OK, maybe not in Cormac Reilly or McQuillan “A v B games” book, but you know what I mean.

    Also, Seamie put in some shift of work yesterday and I feel Rochford should have withdrawn him 5 or 10 minutes earlier. It was sheer exhaustion that led to Seamie giving away 3 or 4 balls in a row, 2 that led to Dublin scores.
    I can’t stress enough, we should not get bogged down on what the media think of, or say about, us. Lacking leaders, can’t get the job done, can’t get over the line etc. It has NO bearing on anything. In fact, as I’ve said before, I hope they over-hype Dublin again! I hope they are all saying that we missed our chance, we missed the boat, the Dubs will not play that bad again, blah, blah blah. Todays papers, wraps tomorrows chips.

    Hon Mayo.

  51. Yes mayonaze, circle the wagons and like last week keep a lid on things until Saturday week. But as I’ve said before the Mayo people in the media to counter this sh@te about Connolly and co being victims, we don’t want the ref gunning for Keegan or anyone else ala 2012. Time for padden, Brady and co to put the jersey back on and do their bit.
    Let’s hope this narrative that Dublin forwards can only improve keeps up all the way to the replay, they’ll be in for another shock.
    Finally, well done to all the lads who did us proud yesterday, the least we can do is get back there again to roar them on!

  52. Great news that juvenile season ticket holder prices are only 10 euro for replay
    Was not expecting that to be fair
    Backing the draw has covered the tickets and booze now 😀

  53. I think Stephen Coen should start the next day instead of Seamie. He’s the perfect foil for Fenton.
    AOS needs to stop being a defender in the middle channel, he’s too immobile in that position and forwards know it, they just drop the shoulder and burn past him. Happened 3 times yesterday

  54. The Dubs know they can’t bully us. They’ll improve for two weeks time but the fact that we’ll match them physically will not change. That in itself is worth its weight in gold in an All Ireland Final. Add to that the positives of the match-ups yesterday from our perspective, and I’ve no reason to see why it’s not advantage us. A special word of mention for Paddy Durcan who was brilliant in his first final. Just watch the last 7 minutes back and his running was unreal. He will improve even more for Saturday week. Donal Vaughan was my MOTM and he is a certain starter for the rematch and a key player for unlocking this Dublin team. It’s a huge plus for us that he is reaching his potential now.
    I think Dubs had the physical edge over us in 2013, with the likes of O’Gara pushing his weight around and trying to imtimidate Mayo. He looked far more sheepish yesterday, fluffing his shot near the end which surely would have been the winning of the match. It’s noteworthy that we had this physical egde yesterday even with some of our bigger framed men like Seamie and Aidan not playing to their full potential or involved in the play as much as they usually are.
    I actually was more relaxed during yesterday’s match than I was for the Tyrone match and for once I actually enjoyed an All Ireland Final involving Mayo. I will go to Croker with belief and confidence for the next day and have every faith that the lads will do it.
    Roll on the rematch.

  55. Pebblesmeller, you have my heart racing again and I feel like I can’t wait to send the ‘almighty’ dubs packing in two weeks. I was not surprised by our performance yesterday only our 2 goals. Even still I knew we would not lose. I was actually seething at a draw. We will not lose in 2 wks but like a few have said, we will now prob have a ref to beat too.
    By the way between the collective effort of the supporters and the players we beat the hill. More of the same again Oct 1st please.

  56. Diarmuid O’Connor doesn’t look right, lads, and hasn’t looked right in quite a while. What’s going on there? That injury from a few matches back still causing problems?

  57. Diarmuid went down clutching his calf a few times , so hopefully rest will sort that out aslo hope Clarke is ok as we were warming up Hennelly and surely that wasnt to come on outfield

  58. We snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat, but on balance we deserved it.

    Would have to say I was most impressed with their composure especially after gifting 2 goals. They kept there focus, kept calm and continued to execute to their plan.

    I think Rochford, Mcantee and co. will have learned a lot from this game in terms of the defensive system and may tweak things slightly particularly around getting the best out of A o’shea.

    I think the experience of an All-Ireland final for the players in their first final will stand to them in 2 weeks time.

    Going to watch the match again with my sons this evening with a clear head.

    So proud to be from Mayo and
    really looking forward to Saturday week

    Any updates on injuries?

  59. Like Liberal Role in the ties said I also actually thoroughly enjoyed a Mayo all Ireland final for the first time ever . But this year I had the belief before the final. Something is different. I just know we can trust them. I have complete and utter belief. I feel like a dub(pre Sunday!)or a Kerry fan(pre Dublin’s dominance)! I was told at a half time that we were going to be slaughtered by the Dublin forwards when the 2nd half resumed. I said not a hope. I’d barely gotten to my seat and we had 3 points taken back. I’ll do anything to help our lads over the line and I know they will do anything to get over it.
    I was told pretty aggressively told by a dub fan yesterday to keep my flag down. He came down 4 rows to rap me heavily on the shoulder. My god I turned on him. Told him they had the hill and I’d have my flag. I said more. I’ve never had bad words with a fan before. Other people around were saying fly your flag love. We scored a point soon after and I turned to him and gave him an intense look. I’d say he was afraid of me. My look of fight and belief nearly knocked him over. I shocked myself with all I felt behind that 3 second glare. What have these lads done to me? I don’t curse and I don’t tell opposition fans where to go. But I’m at war. So are our team.

  60. Pebblesmeller, you should rally the troops. My god you have me revved up. Maybe you should join the Mayo back room team!!

  61. I’m still suffering from the emotional ups and downs of yesterday’s “Battle of the Titans!” This is my first time since the mid sixties to not be present in the flesh at Mayo’s championship matches because of a total knee replacement and ankle fusion. I watched yesterday’s match on the big screen in Stillorgan with two of my son’s. Mayo played with tremendous determination in that first half. The presence of the gremlins caused two fluke goals against us, so we were 5 points behind at half time. We had a much better second half which we won 0-10 to 0-5. I do not agree that we left it behind us yesterday. We just have to continue where we left off. I watched Up for the Match and The Sunday Game and thought they were actually insulting to Mayo people. They should be used to motivate players and supporters and to at last kill the curse of the last 65 years. It’s about time Sam enjoyed a Moonlight in Mayo!

  62. Pebblesmeller I love your posts. I agree with you. Fuck them all. Dublin will get more of the same in 2 weeks. Starting 6 dublin forwards did not score from play with the exception of a poor kickout late in 2nd half which was gifted to connolly. I was in Citywest sat night. I so regret not loudly booing when Brolly spoke. Should be the last time he is let anywhere near a Mayo function.

  63. Sinead were you in Lower Hogan Section 324 by any chance?.
    That area was crowded with Dubs, most of whom were quiet. Those that weren’t were just displaying ignorance of the rules.

  64. Double scores at HT and 3 up with a few mins to go in normal time
    … Only one team had significant and match winning leads but failed to take it.

    That last minute equaliser by Cillian reminds me a bit of O’Donovans score for Clare v cork a few years back. Clare definitely didn’t deserve to lose that 1st day but yet found themselves down by a point with time almost up. They had the courage to level it and went on to finish the business in the replay. Granted they weren’t up against a team that had won 3 all Ireland’s in 5 years!

    I see Colm O’Rouke giving us little chance again. Look, let’s not kid ourselves, Dublin will improve, particularly up front. But we have plenty of scope to improve also and our players should gain considerable morale and belief from yesterday’s dogged performance. Never say die.

  65. What’s the feeling in Mayo about the 5pm throw in? Obviously what suits the two squads comes first but if it makes no difference to them is there any point making noise to have the match at 4. It’s a struggle to get to Heuston for last train given we are expecting to be waiting around for the speech this time.taxis will be hard to find.I am in exile in Co
    Tipp and at least can walk to Heuston for 9 o clock train but its going to be tough for some to get last train home with 5pm start

  66. Sinead 37, conserve your energy until 4.50 Oct 1st. Mayo fans keep it low key, we have won nothing yet. I think the low key build up was a very good thing. We don’t care what the pundits say, they just turn up to get paid for a paid gig. Don’t waste your energy, their opinions are matterless!. If we lost yesterday by a point, they would ‘praise’ us. We don’t want their meaningless praise or their meaningless opinions. Fair play to Sinead 37 & others who drove the fans on. Keep up the good work!. Low key for now, conserve our energy, let’s explode with colour and noise at 4.50pm Saturday week. We need the ‘Bottle for the Battle’ that could be even longer than the 77 minutes of yesterday, this may go to extra time. Be ready for it. let’s organise, get tickets into Mayo hands , the right Mayo fans, the fans with heart, the fan’s that bring colour,.. The. fan’s who don’t spare their vocal cords. There’s plenty who should stay at home. Fair play to my sister yesterday, she made the journey on speck, no ticket. She stood outside the Gresham with a sign, ‘one ticket wanted’ She got her ticket, it. took her. all of 30 seconds. That was at. 12 noon. By the time she went into Croker, she had got. Two more tickets for deserving Mayo fan’s.. For her own ticket it. was a Offaly man, who gave her the ticket who. couldn’t go because his his father had taken ill and was in. Hospital. There are decent people out there, and I wish that man’s father get well soon…. Not everyone is a tout!

  67. Just read an article on with karl mannion giving his thoughts on Keegan/ connolly. He says its all down too the treatment he gets from Leeroy. Blames Keegan totally. Says Connolly probably lashes out beacuse he feels disrespected! I get that Dublin pundits would side with Connolly as any Mayo man would with Keegan but for a neutral to say its all Keegans fault is ridiculous. If you actually gave ir a little thought he would see that the attention Connolly recieves is down to respect for his talent and how dangerous he is if left unattended.

  68. I have to disagree with the poster about people standing up,normally I don’t pass much heed but yesterday I was at the very back and found myself very conscious of the wheelchair people behind me,so when a few people stand up it creates a domino effect and it blocks the view of the wheelchair supporters.

  69. Fair play to you Sinead. I’m not normally a chanter but by Jazes I gave it socks yesterday from when I saw our lads emerge out of the tunnel behind the dubs and throw a few digs into them! A few round where I was weren’t too keen but as the game moved on even they overcame their inhibitions and joined in as well. Keep it up and you’d never know where this might end up yet!

  70. I just picked up the western people, having a good read. John Cuffe has an article that had the hairs standing on the back of my neck and I was covered in goosebumps! Willie Joe, if was possible I’d ask you to post John’s peice here on the blog, it is truly a masterful read! I wouldn’t always agree with his writings but by God after this you’d nearly follow him into battle!!

  71. Some Dublin commentators speaking about the Keegan/Connolly Connolly match-up almost seem to have the air of Keegan shouldn’t have the cheek to put a hand on Diarmuid and he should just stand back as the wonderful Diarmuid dazzles us all with his sublime talent. The bottom line is that Connolly has a bad temper and frequently lashes out at opposing players. It’s not like it’s just something that happens with Keegan. He does it all the time. It’s almost as if he’s the one with the problem.

  72. Apropos C Whelan/Sunday Game/O Sé et al. Alas, we need not look beyond out own borders for unhelpful media commentary.

    J Casey sensational commentary with regard to the alleged tunnel incident naming Mayo protagonists and Martin Carneys ill thought-out and incorrect “insider” scoop about Guru McGuinness attending the Mayo Training Camp provides further ammo to our detractors. Whilst I am all for impartial reporting etc. etc

    FOR PITY’S SAKE would the Mayo media darlings be a help rather than a hindrance to the greater good of your County men. If they feel the have insider knowledge do they really need to tell the sporting public let alone Dublin Management over the airwaves? Bringing negative attention to Mayo players by naming individuals involved in alleged incidents also runs contrary to the ideal.

    With friends like those who needs enemies…………………….

  73. I am delighted that all the talk is that Dublin will never be as bad again and that we have missed the boat. I hope the Dublin Team buy into this sort of talk. The Mayo Team just need to focus . More of our running game. Less of the aimless long shots to no one. Run at that Dublin Back Line at pace. Dublin will give away frees when the are attacked at pace which is Mayo’s strength. Glad that no Mayo Man got ‘Man of the Match’ on last nights Sunday Game. What we want is Sam. Not sympathy or nonsense talk of curses. or All Star Awards.

  74. Liberal Role you are some man/person if you can ENJOY Mayo playing in an AIF.

    Think for myself that would apply to FBD matches, or when they used to play challenges in the long ago.

  75. In fairness to Matt Cooper “Left half back” He has been losing to Pat Kenny and George Hook for years so he would know plenty about not getting the job done!. Credit where credit is due and all that……

  76. Dublin played poorly but were still leading us by 3 points going into injury time (lots of it)…what does that say about our chances next time out?? The Dubs will up their game drastically……Any Mayo abu….. but I feel we will need a miracle to beat them next time out…….

  77. I think Strphen Rochford will relish these two weeks ahead. Its going to be a game of chess, two managers trying to out think each other. Both will name the same teams to start but there will be changes to each.

    Dublin will start Andrews, he seems to always play well v mayo, McManamon will return to his super sub status which is dangerous. I would have Coen watching him from the dugout, follow him warming up and follow him onto the field.

    The two goals were fluks but the chances were created. I would start with Barret Harrison, Higgins as a back three to close that space. Vaughan needs to be watching Kilkenny on video for the next two weeks as I would put him on him all day.

    Mayo didnt leave it after them, Dublin did, they let two substantial leads go. Dublin bottled it yesterday. Mayo did so much right, an improvement in a couple of areas and we will win

  78. Mayomad, an improvement from Mayo is must. We need the same aggression, and commitment plus some more. Defensively we did well but the reality is we conceded two soft goals, flukes or no flukes. Both are errors by our defence. Can we improve at the back, yes we can. Kevin is a big player for us and continues to grow in that sweeper role but I think he can do better. He was dispossessed easily after our goal. When Donegal were in their prime they broke at lightening speed. When we broke from the back yesterday it wasn’t as fast as that, in fact I thought we were conserving our energy in that 1st half… Remember how we ran out of juice in the final quarter of the replay last year? How we manage our energy levels will also be crucial on Sat week.

    Midfield was a fairly even battle but the standout midfielder was Fenton. He had more influence on the game than anyone else in this sector. More is required here, particularly from Seamie who may be under pressure now to hold his spot. He will have a big part to play come Sat week so we need him to be back to his best. Parsons too has a bigger game on him.

    Man of the match from yesterday according to our non-partisan friends in RTE was John Small. In fairness, the Dublin defence had a good day. They didn’t allow Mayo a clear goal chance. They made no sloppy errors like we did. Cian O’Sullivan one a ball he shouldn’t have in the corner of the Hill/Hogan at the end of the 1st half. We need to run at them at more pace, more off the shoulder running. I thought our direct ball was an improvement from last year and had the ref given AOS anything yesterday it may have proved more fruitful.

    Overall our forwards need to score more. We are due a goal or two!

    All the talk now will be that the dubs have much greater scope for improvement than Mayo. Those who underestimated Mayo prior to yesterday will be strong advocates of this argument. On the flip side, Mayo showed that they can Mach Dublin in many sectors and at times that the can be better. One would hope that the Mayo players will gain more self belief, if any was required(they’re a very self confident outfit) leading into next week.

    It’s all to play for.

  79. My other half thinks I’ve lost the plot altogether… I was ranting and raving like a lunatic at the telly last night at about 12.30 (Des Cahill and co doing nothing good for my blood pressure after a day in Croake Park).. so when It was explained to me that I always say it’s a pile of biased shite anyways, and what are you watching it then for? and would you not be better going to bed.. I decided to heed the advice and head up the stairs.
    Sleep did not come easily for me though as I turned over point after point after point that I was going to pen in my letter to RTE broadcaster today. And, a letter I did put together which is now on its merry way to Donnybrook. It’s clear and composed pointing out the duties and responsibilities of the broadcaster.. one of which is NOT to facilitate the Dublin propaganda machine in targeting referees and individual players such as Lee Keegan yesterday and Aidan O’Shea against Fermanagh. I’ve never done anything like that before but I highly recommend it.. quite teraputic actually.. much calmer now. We don’t require special treatment, we don’t want pity, we don’t want praise, we don’t want you to hide the truth RTE.. what we do want is for you to do you fu%k^ing job in a balanced and unbiased manner. I also suggested a bit of gender balance wouldn’t go amiss.. like Evanne ni Chuilinni in place of who ate all the buns Cahill.. anyone so long as they are not from Dublin, Galway or Kerry.. spread the love not the old order.

  80. My concern for the next day is that Dublin were well below par (why they were so poor is up for debate), yet they still created goal opportunities. On any other day you would back them to put those away. They missed them, but I don’t think they’ll be as clumsy the next day. They won’t have so many wides next time out either. It does feel demoralising to have so much go right for Mayo and yet still not get over the line. We will need a monumental effort the next day because there will be a big back lash from the Dubs. They could well be pretty embarrassed by their performance and I’m sure Gavin is giving them a proper kick up the arse. I don’t think we can expect the same lacklustre performance from them.

  81. By the way, I think it’s total bullshit from the GAA to stick the Mayo lads in the corners in the Hill and give the main sections to the Dubs. Either let them stand wherever they want or give Mayo the main sections. Bias again towards the Dubs. I also think Dublin should be penalised for that bullshit yesterday before the match where they told the GAA they weren’t coming out until after Mayo. It’s ridiculous. They should lose the home dressing room as a result of that shite, not some meaningless ban.
    But I’m sure the GAA will cover both of these things up. It won’t win or lose the match for either the next day, but it is extremely frustrating nonetheless.
    On another note, any word on injuries? We’re light enough with subs so to lose Dillon or Regan the next day, or indeed both, would not be good.

  82. I know people here are annoyed at how the media are writing off Mayo again and saying Dublin will never play as badly again. Let them. It will only serve to have us as underdogs again and have Dublin built up again. It’s there for us now!

  83. Ya I take your point Rochfords Brigade re the media. Dublin wont be as bad bext day out but I do think now they are going to be under pressure to put in a huge performance. I still think we can do it more so than going into yesterdays game

  84. Did any one here the mid west radio commentary on Midwest radio when cillian put over the levelling score it was funny what a game.

  85. There’s no problem with the media writing us off.. they can do a tap dance on our coffin for all I care between now and the next match. Where I do have a problem is media persona using their positions of influence on national broadwaves to try and infuence an audience on the behaviour of opposition players, ie, targeting Lee Keegan for referees to give him an early yellow.. advantage Connolly advantage Dublin. This should be called out for what it is.. Dublin propaganda to influence a result. Mayo national media people need to call this out for what it is.. we are only half way through this game.. the smallest margins mean everything.. we need to fight for everything.. every ticket every flag.. we need to get back there.. start shouting from where we left off.. give everything to get across the line.. we will have the whole winter to rest up. So start making plans.. make phone calls.. don’t leave it to others to be there.. get those tickets and get back there to shout and roar this team on if your very life depended on it. We will win this

  86. Imagine if you had a euro for every time today someone said the dubs won’t be that bad again..says who??!Met a friend of my sister before the game..mayo woman but has been living in Dublin for years..”Wait til the 2nd half “she said.” The Dubs will take off like they always do”she said..Think she’s been brainwashed. .

  87. haha Catcol, I hear you. Believe me, I was a bag of nerves all the same. All our previous All Irelands are a blur to me as I was so worked up. I took much more in yesterday. I was in some state for the Tyrone match and was determined yesterday to stay as relaxed as possible, difficult and all as that was.

  88. Hi Willie joe. At about 3.29 yesterday the man sitting next to me….said he was from ardnaree…said he would like to apologise in advance for the foul and abusive language he was going to use over the next hour and a half. No problem I said. I gave him a similar apology. He was great. All. Mayo people in section325 were brilliant. Mr brolly said in yesterday’s paper that our team were celebrity losers. Well mr brolly I’ll tell you something. We have celebrity supporters and I feel so proud of them. Hopefully they’ll help bring Sam home on October 1st. Come on Mayo.

  89. Fb in a shui, yes I was in lower hogan 324. I’m sure you saw me and heard me. I’m a different supporter this year. I’m not going to lose. I’m already onto something else for the chant. If I manage to get it done it should make it more attractive to people than kids singing it and give people more of an idea of what it could be like if we all do it. I’m not sure I’m able to do it though. Or how to do it without attracting tricksters pretending to be Mayo supporters.
    My friend told me the chant was done 2/3 times in the hill and she reckoned to keep pushing it, that it helped over there. My mother asked a few girls in the toilets of ‘the auld triangle’ did they hear the chant and they said they were doing ‘Mayo Mayo Mayo’ then straight into ‘stand up for the Mayo men’. I heard it towards the middle of lower hogan before players got to bench for photo. Heard it later from the Davin. I sang it in my section but there were a lot of dubs and it was so noisy I couldn’t work out if anyone joined me. I had kind of lost the need to push it when I saw how good our supporters were yesterday. Best ever. But maybe I’ll keep going with my new idea for it. Then send it to MWR etc. But I’d need to get it done this week.

  90. I believe a Radio na Gaeltachta reporter yesterday described Mayo as cíochrach, which translates as ravenous.

    Should be a good mantra for the team to continue with for the next day.

  91. The reason Carney, Brady and Casey are “misinformed” is because the squad are water tight, nothing is leaking out. They’re living off scraps. Anyway, Brady came out with a fair bit of shite over the last year or two that wasn’t helpful. We must keep the eyes on the prize, no distractions. Focus on getting as many Mayomen/women/childers in to Croker because there will be a backlash from the Dubs in terms of numbers. They assumed their victory, that’s not the case now.
    Keep the heads and keep them down. Store all the disrespect, the anti-Mayo media angle, (anyone read John Kellys racist article in the Indo at the weekend?) the hurt, the years and years of condescending sympathies, the frustration, the heartbreaking soul crushing defeats and keep them within. Then, on Saturday Oct 1st between 4:55 and 6:35 release every bit of it with all the belief, drive, desire and anger you can muster. A sort of primal outpouring that let’s them all know that WE’RE MAYO AND WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.
    Remember FUCK EM ALL.

  92. Can somebody please tell Martin Carney to stop announcing to the fucking planet who is and who is not carrying a knock in the Mayo camp!? Holy shit Martin just stop!!!

  93. Not to be contradictory or pedantic for the sake of it Pebblesmeller but we need to keep our eye’s on the ball, not the prize!

  94. It was great to be surrounded yesterday by Mayo supporters who shouted and roared as loud and as raw and as wild as they did. Can’t ever remember it being like that at a Mayo game before. Right from the get go when the lads ran onto the pitch. Let nobody tell you that level of support doesn’t have an impact on the players below! If we as supporters can bring that same intensity with us the next day in tandem with the teams efforts on the pitch then we’ll be half way there before a ball is kicked in anger. We are all one and the same – team, management and supporters.
    Rest now everyone! We need to be at the top of our game mentally and physically for the 1st.

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