Mark Moran our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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The votes are in and counted on our first Man of the Match poll in over seven months. We had several strong performers in Tuam yesterday but most votes in the poll went to debutant Mark Moran. He’s our MOTM from yesterday’s game, an accolade he was also awarded by TG4 yesterday.

The Westport clubman came out on top in the poll with 35% of the votes cast. Other prominent players for us yesterday also polled well, with Oisín Mullin (21%), Aidan O’Shea (11%), Tommy Conroy (9%), Paddy Durcan (8%) and Conor Loftus (7%) all attracting strong support.

Congrats to Mark on a debut to remember and well done to all the lads who contributed so much to yesterday’s morale-boosting win.

28 thoughts on “Mark Moran our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Congrats to Mark Moran. Well deserved. A few others were very close including Mullin, AOS, PaddyD and Loftus. Hope fully those guys especially the younger newer ones can keep this form going for next weekend and beyond. One big plus for me was the performance of Cillian. He was rock solid in corner fw and took all his scores well. As well as that he setup at least another 1-01 before being rested. A great afternoons work by all the team in fairness. Well done again all.

  2. Super Mark… congrats. Well done to him and all the team. Keep focused now for the real test. Tyrone love rattling the Mayo cage…

  3. Well done Mark Moran did ye see his tik tok? He’s some operator not short of confidence exactly what we need in a Mayo forward

  4. DOD ye see Aido rise above yer man”s shoulder with a lep for the ball……Stunning – If Aidan can hold that FF line position without wandering back (as he managed to do yesterday) and leave it to the rest to feed him high ball, he’ll always be a threat…….

  5. So that’s job done in tuam. Very impressive it was too. Great forward play. Both teams fairly depleted and it was clear which one had more to lose. We applied ourselves very well. Mark moran was outstanding. Tommy conroy also top class.

    Instead of dissecting Clarke’s kickouts we now have the aiden o shea positioning to talk about. He played hell on sunday and was unplayable. But a more organized tighter defence would pose different propositions. Using him as a decoy. Playing it in front of him and pop passing to on runners are plans of attack we undoubtedly will be working on. Time will tell how it works out.

  6. Any word on Paul Towey is he still on the panel he is a class forward that can win his own pall and do serious damage

  7. Well done Mark Moran. Great to see a new forward topping the poll. Other forwards polling well too like Loftus and Tommy “goals” Conroy as well as old heads like Cillian. A rare thing in our County.

  8. Hi,
    Yesterday someone posted that Tommy Conroy of the Neale is not Tommy ‘Goals’ Conroy of Kilmaine a minor of years ago.

    Hope I got that right.

  9. That’s correct, Ciaran2, but the moniker looks like it has transferred to him now. There’d be no debate about this had he buried that goal chance late on against Galway!

  10. Ciaran2 – The original Tommy “goals” was from Kiltane, not Kilmaine. Sorry to be pedantic!

  11. This is the 2nd year in a row galway and Tyrone played a major part in our league destiny. Last year Tyrone beat galway on the final day (coming from 7pts down at half time to win by 7)to catapult mayo into the final and this year galway hammered Tyrone hence their minus score difference and we hammered galway to help our score difference and we play Tyrone on the last day. Just a thought… Maybe that’s too much obsessing

  12. Wide Ball, Should have checked. Don’t worry about being pedantic as it does matter to the people of a locality. Might as well get it right.

  13. Re Tommy the goals…sure aren’t there two goals in every game…. I can live with two TG’s with the same nickname as long as they’re scoring goals.
    Did anyone listen to Off the Ball last night? Am I the only one fed up with Covid debates and politics being discussed when there was actually plenty of sport to talk about? I tune into sports programmes to hear discussion and analysis about sport. I can listen to debate and discussion on Covid all day every day….but I don’t. I try to do the right thing. Take care of myself and take care of ppl around me. Anyways, rant over.

  14. Mo direach
    Yes, I was listening and agree with you. Joe Molloys needs to stick to sports analysis.

  15. What a great win that was. Have to say I got it totally wrong in the build up, really felt Galway would take us handy enough…..delighted to be wrong!!!!!!!.

    Felt we were playing with ferocious championship intensity, and Galway didn’t seem that interested or were totally under prepared or a mixture of both. They’re definetly not that bad and will use this as a real motivational tool, i bet they’ll go out and beat the Dubs on Sunday. That performance is on the same shelf as Salthill ‘13 Donegal ‘13 and Roscommon ‘17. It was relentless, top class stuff.

    I think the Tyrone game will be a far better barometer of where we’re at. Theirs no way we’ll get the amount of space to run through their defence untouched, like Moran and co had on Sunday. Moran could a tied his boot laces before sending in that quality pass for Loftus, such was the space and time given. Tyrone will also be fighting for their D1 life on Sunday, so I guess Sunday we’ll be where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

  16. Bit of good news about next Sunday – Mayo GAA tweeted a short while ago that as well as being shown in full deferred on TG4 it’ll also be streamed live on the TG4 Player. I hope they do their bandwidth calculations in advance on that!

  17. JP2, you’ll be able to watch the game live online, and then the deferred coverage on your telly afterwards.

  18. Just wondering if cian Hanley is still involved with the mayo team showed signs of getting back to his best in the club this year

  19. Great to see Cillian back on Sunday and a lovely score from play in the first half where he produced an Andy Moran sidestep/swivel to lose his man and shoot over. Hopefully there are plenty of miles left in him yet.

    There is a picture of AOS in the Independent today with 4 Galway defenders around him. He will take some marking and it should free up space for the others. Aido looks in great shape and will benefit from the heavier pitches.

    Great to see the performances of the younger players and I was particularly happy for Conor Loftus who I always thought had great ability. He reminds me a bit of Jason Doherty. He will take great confidence from Sunday.

    Onwards and upwards.

  20. I worry about Tyrone – we conceded 17 pts which would win most games – I suggest we bring keegan to centre back and K Higgins in the corner to tighten things up

  21. Is there a restriction on the size of a championship intercounty panel this year, remember reading somewhere it is limited to 32 with matchday panels at 24 unlike the 26 for the league. If so spots will be very tight based on last weekends matchday panel. I seen that Mike Finnerty listed 12 players in this weeks Mayonews that were either injured or didnt make the cut, That 12 didn’t even include Mikey Murray, Ciaran Treacy, James McCormack, Brendan Harrison. From the weekends matchday panel only 15 were named on last years 35 man championship panel from last May. Massive turnover this year and a great injection of youth, credit has to be given to James Horan and his team.

  22. I love Keith Higgins JJ and he’s one of the all time greats for mayo but his best position is half back breaking forward or playing as a sweeper but not corner back. He is far too loose as a man marker at corner back as has been exposed numerous times against the Kerry’s and Dublin’s of this world

  23. Mark has been so good with Westport, glad he was able to extend that form to county level. Great to have a new scoring threat.

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