Mary McGinty RIP

I happened to bump into PJ Monaghan down at our local club on Saturday morning – he coming off U9 duties, me heading towards our U8 match – and then later on over the weekend he emailed me to let me know of the passing of Mary McGinty, wife of Christy McGinty. Christy was originally from Achill but has for many years been a member of Tallaght’s Thomas Davis GAA club. As PJ pointed out to me, Christy is a man who would be well known to the many Mayo lads who have played their club football in Dublin down the years. Christy’s brother, Packie McGinty, is currently President of Mayo GAA.

Mary, who herself hailed from Glenties in Donegal, died on Saturday and details of her funeral are here. May she rest in peace.

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