Master fixtures schedule for 2023 published

The GAA published its Master Fixtures Schedule for 2023. The link for it is here.

The finalised schedule confirms all the major (and minor) dates for fixtures next year. For example, the All-Ireland football final is fixed for the final weekend next July, with the Connacht final scheduled for the first weekend in May and the first All-Ireland round-robin matches involving the Connacht finalists on the weekend of 20th/21st May.

Of more immediate interest, of course, are next year’s National League fixtures. Mayo GAA this evening published two handy graphics, setting out all match details for us in the NFL and NHL.

First the football:

Then the hurling:

So, to paraphrase the song, although the weather outside tonight may be frightful, the prospect of matches, loads of them, over the coming months is truly delightful. 2023 can’t come soon enough.

4 thoughts on “Master fixtures schedule for 2023 published

  1. Thanks for the update, Willie Joe. Looking forward the league now! I know, I know…club games need to be given time and space….but the All Ireland final being played before July is out with half the summer yet to come just doesn’t feel right to me.

  2. Other than the lock down years I can’t remember when we were as fortunate re the road-trips. 4 home games, a local Derby in Ros and 2trips to Ulster…….could’ve been much worse. We used to look forward to the away games when we could afford to make it an overnighter and meet many other fans doing the same.
    I know we often tend to predict results for league games based on championship strength but the truth is it’s impossible to see how teams and management’s will plan their season and as we’ve seen before some big-hitters can get caught against so-called weaker teams who are ahead in preparation. Personally I’d like a league where we get our injured players back and no fresh setbacks. 2 or 3 new faces putting in strong showings and comfortably staying clear of relegation.

  3. Seamus, I agree,we are going to lose out badly to other sports.
    Also it will be very difficult to sell premium seats and boxes when renewal time comes.
    They are a big source of revenue.
    Only plus is August for holidays.

  4. Joe. G, with the new structures i can see managers taking different approaches depending on what division they are in. Div 1 teams will be concentrating on team development/introducing new players etc, building up to the championship. Div 2 will be very competitive as relegation or even finishing in the bottom half of the table means exclusion from Sam McGuire the following year. Div 3 will also be competitive with teams looking to peak in the league, aiming for promotion and a chance of getting into the Sam McGuire series. Div 4 might be similar to Div 1 where managers look more to the summer and a run in the Tailtann cup.

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