Match-day mood swings

Here’s something that will give you a laugh, at my expense. I did some audio with Rob Murphy last Saturday that has now found its way into this week’s Mayo News podcast and it features some incoherent squawking on my part with Rob prior to throw-in (upbeat), at half-time (we’re doomed!) and then after the final whistle (hoarse but happy). Who ever said that sports analysis should be sober and considered?

Aside from my in-the-moment bleatings, the podcast features James Horan, Oisin Langan from Newstalk, Mayo News podcast regulars Ed McGreal and Danny Carey as well as Billy Joe Padden (and special guest Abigail). The whole show expertly stitched together by Rob Murphy and it’s available to listen to here:

16 thoughts on “Match-day mood swings

  1. I think you have lots of company with the mood swing on Saturday last, optimistic to dejected to relieved. All within 90 minute spell.
    From here on in it will be hopeful more than expectant for me and no tears if it all goes pear shaped.

  2. Maybe sports broadcasting should be sober and considered but have you never heard Willie Hegarty on Shannonside Radio? Or innumerable other broadcasters on local radio who have their hearts very close to their voice box. Did you ever have the good fortune to hear and see the video of a Tipp U21 football final of the early 1990’s between Aherlow and Nenagh? It was copied and recopied, often not professionally, until it had made its way around the world and was often just watchable and listenable, but always hilarious.

  3. Listened to it Willie Joe on the Mayo news it was good … But stick to the blog ha

    A question who beat Kildare this year in the Leinster championship ?

  4. Thanks Mayo51! You need to pay closer attention to what’s in the blog: I did a piece yesterday on Kildare, mentioning in it their Leinster defeat this year to Westmeath.

  5. Does anyone remember Willie Hegartys commentary on Midwest Saturday game Mayo Tipp in the qualifiers around 2002. There was a classic line.
    “Put the Kettle on. Don’t go anywhere, not to the shop, not even for a jam sponge”
    After a lot of excited talk he dropped a calm bullet on his co-commentator “and…. A great game”
    The blonde is on the ball he’s like a bee round a honeypot.

  6. Listened to podcast while doing a spot of weeding Wilie Joe excellent ! 🙂 I trust and believe in our team but at half time I honestly thought our goose was cooked couldn’t talk with the lump that was in my throat but when they came out for the second half I roared as if my life depended on it I honestly believe the supporters got them over the line this time and I seriously hope that we all circle the bandwagons even more for Sat evening ! Maigheo Abu!

  7. Hahaha, sure at half time we were wondering aloud if Rochford would hold on to his job! And by full time we were singing his praises! A fickle bunch

  8. Don’t think anyone was singing Rochford praises, must neutral commentators have being far from impressed. The general feeling is if we keep playing the same way it will be a short season. Now 11/1 for All Ireland bookies not impressed either

  9. Nah only having the ‘bants’ with ya WJ. Christ I hate that term!

    Completely agree with you in relation to Dillon. One of my favourite players ever and he showed some real composure and guile when he came on. I’m one of the many supporters you referenced that believed he was the man to come on in the drawn game against Dublin to bring us home.

    The booing at half-time was pathetic. I had my four year old twins with me and had to bribe them with a confectionary bomb not to repeat my response to the boos.

  10. Well done Rob Murphy. Well done all. I particularly enjoyed BJP with his analysis of the incident.BJ knows whats in his mind before he lets it out.There was contact and indeed there was … accidental trip a foul or not? He said there was contact whether it warrented a free was another thing!

  11. Joe Irwin,

    Where did you see them at 11/1?? PaddyPower has them at 8/1, behind only Dublin-Kerry-Tyrone.

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